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Fempreneur Talk

Fempreneur Talk

By Loran Elise
A Podcast for Female Entrepreneurs in the Service Provider space. We’ll talk about systems, productivity, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a Fempreneur in the online space. This will be a space for you to come to hear from a Service Provider turned Coach who can actually relate to you. We’ll talk about the not so easy things that come with entrepreneurship and the amazing things that come with it. Welcome to Fempreneur Talk!
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The Road to a 5-Figure Launch
In this episode I take you though the money mindset blocks I had to overcome to have a 5-figure launch. I take you through the journey of what I had to overcome to understand that I’m success regardless of the outcome of this launch. This is a vulnerable episode for me. Enjoy!
June 08, 2020
Let’s Get Uncomfortable
In this episode, I go over 6 things that you need to get comfortable with when you’re an online entrepreneur. It’s hard and it’s uncomfortable, but we have to accept these things or we’ll be stressed and a hot mess lol. From being ok with being copied to understanding that your biggest fans will work with other people, it’s all part of the territory. So, listen up and let’s get uncomfortable.
May 24, 2020
Get to know Loran!
Welcome to episode one of Fempreneur Talk. In this episode, I give you a behind the scenes look into who I am and how this whole thing started. Before we jump into the juicy part, I wanted to introduce you to Loran and tell you my story. Enjoy!
April 01, 2020