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Build Authority

Build Authority

By Fergus Matheson
This is a podcast to help you understand how professionals built their authority what was the process and what they did to accomplish it.

Season one focus is on Non fiction Authors.
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EP14 -Keith Blakemore Noble - The Masks We Wear

Build Authority

EP22 - Jimi Fritz - Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer
About your book PRESS RELEASE.  May, 2021. SmallFry Press, BC. Canada.  The recently published, Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer by Jimi Fritz, is a psychedelic travelogue and memoir now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Apple Books and Kobo.  The book is a witty treatise on a life based on individuality, creativity and virtue. Jimi Fritz takes us on a journey both geographical and philosophical, while sharing a half-century of adventures in buying, selling and consuming psychedelic drugs. Along the way we learn the difference between smart drugs and dumb drugs, the truth about religion, and how to make a perfect cup of tea.  The book is available for review and the author is available for interviews.  Here’s what people are saying:  “This book has rather blown me away. It’s the best thing I’ve read in quite a while. Confessions is full of wonderful anecdotes and some truly eye-opening philosophy. I know that many people will love reading it.” - Tatiana Wilde, Literary Consultant, UK.  “Totally absorbing. Creative non-fiction at its best.” - Trina Woods, Writer and Therapist.  “This book is a marvel. Fast paced, action packed, and a thoughtful exposition on the intrinsic human need for meaningful social connections.” - Abby Pollen Worth, MA. Marketing Specialist.     “I can’t wait to read your book. I just dipped into a few passages and not only are you an incredibly strong writer, but you’re a great storyteller too.” - Rachel Cone-Gorham, Literary Agent at RXD Agency in New York.
July 27, 2021
EP21 -Heather Vickery - Grow Grateful
About your book I have two books about about Gratitude attached to guided journals. One for professionals  and one for kids and families. And I have a new one coming out in the fall that’s called F*CK FEARLESS - Making the Brave leap where I break down The BRAVE Method  it’s part memoir, case study, inspiration, self-development and guided work. links to the book . Shift Your Focus: Grow Grateful: Website
July 27, 2021
EP20 -Josh Carey - PodMax (podcasting Authority)
Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding! That’s right. He was hiding every aspect of himself and showing up with a ‘mask’ on in all areas of life trying to gain the approval of everyone else. At 19, he changed his name and entered into, what would become, a 15-year career as a professional actor and filmmaker. The applause and external accolades didn’t completely heal his feelings of anxiety and insecurities and he found himself more isolated than ever. Today, Josh is the co-founder of PodMAX (an On Air Brands company), a podcast production and media company that provides training and events catered to entrepreneurs who have a meaningful message to share
July 27, 2021
EP19 -Don Sevcik -MathCelebrity
About your book My latest book shows the process behind anybody getting 30,000 LinkedIn connections and vaulting into the top 1% of LinkedIn users links to the book . Website Social Handles  @MathCelebrity
July 11, 2021
EP18 -Michael kalisperas -Unleash Your Inner Spartan
About the book I want to share with you that sometimes, it’s okay to feel weak, it’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay when some days are better than others. More importantly to help you understand that there will be slow days, days when you may not be as motivated to do all you can do for your disabled loved one. I need you to understand that it’s okay to feel that way sometimes, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them enough or you are a bad parent, it just shows that you are human, and it’s okay to be “human” sometimes. The aim of this book is to help you to see laughter in the midst of the overwhelming pain and chaos, and to come out of such situations, scarred but victorious, branded indeed but with new layers of faith, hope and love which no one can ever remove. As you read this book, expect to experience, from the perspective of parents and siblings, the true effects that being disabled can have on both the affected ones and their care-givers. Prepare yourselves to read with great emotion the unabashed pages of Elenas’ diary and from the perspective of Vasilis young siblings of living day to day in the world of disability and all that it brings to a family unit. This book is majorly about my brave son, my little Spartan; Vasili Kalispera, the one who keeps teaching me life lessons through all of his challenges and to him, it is dedicated. I hope you find inspiration in it, and strength to overcome all of your troubles. - Michael V Kalisperas Links to the book Website Social Media Handles
July 10, 2021
EP17 -Samantha Houghton - The Invisible Girl
About your book The Invisible Girl - A Secret Life (memoir)   A very honest and heartfelt true story of a girl's struggles with her mental health from her teenage years through to mid life.   Admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continuing to suffer throughout her adult life with Bulimia, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessions and Self Harm. Always struggling with her sense of self, searching for answers and the therapy that would make the big difference.   Fiercely determined to overcome adversities in her life during her journey through motherhood, divorce, relationships and employment through to her passion for personal development to launching her first business.   Sharing what helped her and the insights that developed throughout her life. An inspirational story full of hope, strength, tenacity and a huge desire to reach out to others in a dark place. links to the book . Website Social Handles
July 10, 2021
EP16 -Cindy Childress - The Experts Ghost Writer
About The Author Cindy is  a ghost-writer and book editor and Has helped 26 authors finish their book in the last 4 years. Cindy also lead Crank Out Your Book in 8 Weeks. This summer (2021) Cindy is  doing a live demonstration of cranking out a book in 8 weeks. Website Social Handles
June 30, 2021
EP15 -Divya Parekh - Expert Influencer Position Yourself Meaningful
About your book Land, Your Message, Build Your Marketing Platform and Grow Your Client Base (Without Having to Piece It Together!) What if you could grow your business with ease and get ideal clients? What if your clients come to you instead of you chasing after them? Imagine being recognized by others as an authority and a trusted leader who creates a lasting impact. Imagine having a brand that people get excited about, love, and share with others.  An award-winning authority builder, Divya Parekh, presents her proven and precisely structured process for empowering entrepreneurs and experts to connect with their patrons and establish a strong personal brand. With over twenty years of expertise building connections for Fortune 50 companies, professor, mentor, and motivational speaker Divya Parekh has guided thousands of people to become influential movers and shakers.  Parekh has developed a one-stop-shop for understanding the power within you, get rid of the obstacles that may show up, see things differently, uplevel your knowledge and create a community where everyone uplifts each other as everyone progresses.  In Expert to Influencer, you’ll learn:  Why you succeed when you help others achieve their vision and goals.  Why value and people-centric approaches cut through personal branding, authority positioning, sales, marketing, and business development like a knife cuts through butter.  How to gain clarity as to what you want your brand values and positioning to be, who do you want to show up for, who do you NOT want to show up for and how you want to show up.  How genuinely caring for people’s success is at the core to realize your desired outcome that you have visualized.  How to build your authority platform through transparency and trust to deliver joy to you, to masses, and grow your business.  How to build assets that are ready to meet opportunities regardless of the situation.   Insights and ideas for developing community-building content so you can resonate with your target market.  How to create course-corrections around unforeseeable outcomes, so your audience stays loyal.  How to maximize templates, case studies, insights, and much, much more!  BONUS: QUIZ - Discover Your Influencer Type Get started NOW to build your crisis-proof brand positioning and business, stop struggling, and feeling obscure! links to the book Website Social Handles
June 30, 2021
EP14 -Keith Blakemore Noble - The Masks We Wear
About your book We all wear masks throughout life.  * But what are they? * Where do they come from? * Why are they so dangerous? * And how can we get rid of them?  Using his own life’s journey as an illustration, UK’s #1 Fear Strategist Keith Blakemore-Noble takes you on a journey of discovery introducing your masks, helping you releasing your masks, and shares with you a life beyond your masks. links to the book .     Website Social Handles  Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn - Instagram -
June 30, 2021
EP13 -Dr. Canty - Life Divided
About your book My book is a true-crime memoir pertaining to the murder of my spouse and its aftermath. links to the book Website Social Handles
June 23, 2021
EP12 -Melanie Studer-College Bound
About your book In College Bound, you will learn:  - When to begin applying for schools, so your child stays ahead of the pack - The best times and places to start conversations to maintain a stress-free environment - School, military, and workforce options to suggest, so you can encompass all their interests - A companion blog with printable sheets and questions to keep your resources accessible - Helpful timetables so your student can enjoy their senior year and much, much more!  College Bound is an essential handbook for parents looking to prepare their children for whatever adventure tomorrow holds. If you like practical advice, easy-to-read guidance, and personal stories of trials and tribulation, then you’ll love this concise manual. links to the book Website hrrps:// Social Handles
June 23, 2021
EP11 -Genesis Amaris Kemp- Chocolate Drop in Corporate America
What challenges in the workplace have you encountered that left you feeling as if you were mistreated?  Have others who were unqualified seemingly passed you by in the ranks?  In our daily lives, we are all faced with various trials—whether in the workforce or at home. However, when treated unfairly, it takes courage to stand and fight for what’s right. No matter your race, nationality, ethnicity, or background, you can rise to be the game-changer. When you use the power of your voice, you shake the atmosphere and cause a domino effect because others will choose to either follow suit or stand in solidarity.  On the pages of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America, Genesis has chosen to speak up for not only minorities but also anyone who has been slighted on the job in any way. From her personal testimony, you will learn how speaking up brought awareness so that long-lasting change could be made.  We do not win by remaining silent, overlooking injustice, and continuing to practice poor judgment. We WIN by standing together, engaging in those “difficult conversations,” and helping one another.   Let’s work together to create change for future generations to come! links to the book  2nd Edition of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From The Pit To The Palace Website Social Handles @GenesisAmarisKemp on IG and FB
June 23, 2021
EP10 -Allison Sutter- Accelerate Your Mojo Intuition Unleash
You're not doomed to repeat the past or hardwired to play out certain painful drama. The good life is not reserved for a select few. A new idea has surfaced in personal development which states: the only help you truly need is help from your total self.A masterful blend of logic and spirituality, Accelerate Your Mojo walks you through a seven step process uniquely designed to spark intuition, transform fear into ease, and inspire your authentic self to rise up from within and be celebrated.Inspired by real life events, Accelerate Your Mojo reveals the true purpose behind emotion, offers a powerful formula to fully realize desires, and teaches you how to use challenges for positive change in your life. This practical, easy-to-follow formula allows abundance and joy to be your most practiced states of being. Master the art of well-being as you learn to construct your reality in ways far better than you ever could have imagined. links to the book Website Social Handles  IG: allisonsutter3 Clubhouse: allisonsutter FB: Living 360, LLC
June 23, 2021
EP9 -Anne Bonney- GET OVER IT!
GET OVER IT! has 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomforts of Change and Get THEM Over It! Just came out (not available for sale yet.) has 57 tips for  Leaders to help their teams embrace the discomforts of change. links to the book Website Social Handles  @SpeakerAnneBonney (FB and Insta) and in/annebonney on LinkedIn
June 23, 2021
EP8 -Samantina Zenon- Joy:The Five Lights That Clarify Your Best Self Through the Pain
Joy: The Five Lights That Clarify Your Best Self Through the Pain. It’s a self help book, about living life after traumatic experiences and how to heal your wounds. links to the book Website Social Handles  @wildsamfierce
June 23, 2021
EP7 -Heather Prince- I'Am Indigo
Indigo children are those that have been prophesied, those that will bring with them a new understanding of life. This book aims to show you who you really are. Indigo children are intuitive, bright and strong-willed. Being a teenager is challenging anyway but being an Indigo is both wonderful and extra challenging. They are often misunderstood as they don't fit into the 'one size fits all' established rules and patterns. This causes problems at school and in the home. The book explains what an Indigo is and a questionnaire to discover if a person is an Indigo and which type. You'll be fascinated to discover why Indigos are here, what qualities they have and how to help Indigos using alternative solutions to improve self image, achieve their goals, and get along with parents/teachers. Website Social Handles
June 23, 2021
EP6 -Lauren Malone- The Expecting Entrepreneur
The Expecting Entrepreneur: Growing Your Business While Growing Your Baby When I was 8 weeks pregnant I wanted to start a business. I googled ‘starting a business when pregnant’ and received the answer ‘don’t’. I was called crazy for trying and even felt the implication I’d be a bad mother for doing so. So I quit my job and started the business. That was in March 2019 and I knew The Expecting Entrepreneur would be published to inspire and support other women in my position. It was published on Friday 16th of October, just before my son’s first birthday. The eBook edition is being released in July to mark the. 9 month anniversary of publication. links to the book . Website
June 23, 2021
EP5 -Erin Harrigan- Pursuing-Success-Gods-Way
The world is noisy. Everywhere we turn we see what is expected of us, including in business. Messages about powerful women entrepreneurs bombard us: Boss Babe! Supermom! Mom Boss! We are taught to envision a life of prosperity, push ourselves to succeed, do whatever it takes, and strive for recognition. Those channels promise success and prosperity, yet what happens when the promise is unfulfilled? Not because we didn’t succeed, but in the midst of our success. When I found myself hitting this successful-yet-something-was-missing wall, I was left feeling like there must be something wrong with me. Was I not focused enough? Did I not want “it” badly enough? Was I not willing to work hard enough? Was I not cut out to be an entrepreneur? These lies are just what the enemy wants us to believe, as he seeks to distract us from God’s purpose by planting seeds of discouragement, doubt, and discontent in our minds. When some major setbacks led me to seek answers, I encountered Jesus. And that changed everything I knew about business. As you work to build a thriving business, do any of these sound familiar?  -I know I need to get back to prayer, but I hit the ground running every morning. I’m feeling lost. -I’m chasing the money but losing fulfillment...what do I do? -I want to keep Christ in the forefront of my business, but it’s challenging to tune out the world’s drive and strive mantra! If any of those thoughts resonate with you, this book is your roadmap for pursuing success God’s way! This is a great starting point for those new to bridging their faith and business, making God their business partner and learning to hustle with heart (and as a resource for our ongoing growth along the way!) I wrote this book to bring hope to women who desire to make an impact for God’s glory but aren’t sure if it’s possible (or even appropriate) to bridge faith and business. God gave us businesses to live out His purpose for us and to steward wisely. The only way to do this is with Him at the center, and that’s how we pursue success His way. links to the book . Website Social Handles
June 23, 2021
EP4 -Lesley Evans- DeFUNK YourSELF
"DeFUNK YourSELF; Tips To Guide You Out of the Funk You're In".  Lesley provides simple tips and strategies to meet you where you're at and start you on your path to balance and peace of mind. links to the book . Website Social Handles
June 23, 2021
LAUNCH YOUR ONLINE COURSE BUSINESS IN 90 DAYS OR LESS Launch your online course business in 90 days or less is a step-by-step guide on how to build your online course business. If you’re a freelancer, coach, teacher, or an expert in your field, or you simply have knowledge that you want to share with the world, creating an online course or membership will transform your life. Before you spend thousands of dollars creating a product that hasn’t been tested and validated, with this book, you’ll learn how to set up your future online course business for success. You can do this all within 90 days with minimal investment. Website Social Handles,, links to the book
June 23, 2021
EP2 -LaDondra Hervey-Powerful Beyond Belief
Do you feel you're being called into entrepreneurship, but you’re being held back by not knowing how to start a business? Or, maybe you can’t hold the vision of you as the powerful business owner God is calling you to be? This book will change all that. LaDondra Hervey wrote Powerful Beyond Belief with Christian Women in mind, offering a Biblically based framework, but it applies to every woman who longs to become a small business owner. This book not only will shift your mindset and motivate you to live your true purpose, it also:*Inspires you to step into the power of ‘I AM’ despite the inner voices that are keeping you small.*Helps you conquer the mindset triggers that keep you from shining in the light of your God-given gifts.*Offers strategies to overcome fear and overwhelm so you can confidently launch your business with what you know.*Shows you how to align your faith with your business and amplify your impact. Website Social Handles links to the book .
June 23, 2021
EP1 -Dawn Marcotte-Success Guaranteed 9 Lies Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know
Success Guaranteed 9 Lies Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know - The internet is the single best way for someone who doesn't have any business experience to create financial freedom.  It doesn't matter if you have health issues, young children to care for, no background in business, no college education, or no experience. The internet is the great equalizer.   But there are lies in the industry of building an online business that make us feel like failures. Marketing tactics that constantly highlight how well others are doing, when we are still struggling to find our first client. Unrealistic expectations of how fast our business will grow, even though we can’t seem to get a process that has worked for others to work for us. These are just some of the things new entrepreneurs struggle with the first year in business. It can feel so overwhelming, stressful and discouraging that many people just give up. This book addresses 9 of those lies and shares the wisdom and experience of more than 20 entrepreneurs who are living their dream today. We share insights and practical tips on how to overcome the mindsets these lies can create.   If you want to learn how to overcome the lies that cause so many entrepreneurs give up before they build their financial freedom then this book is a must read one for you. Website Social Media Platforms
June 21, 2021