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Fermented Adventure The Podcast

Fermented Adventure The Podcast

By Rich Shane
Welcome to Fermented Adventure The Podcast. Meeting and talking to the creators of distilled spirits, beer, mead, cider and other fermented delights.
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Tadmore Distilling - Natasha Vitale

Fermented Adventure The Podcast

Obscurity Mead Hall & Cidery - Luke Goucher and Carson Souza
This episode features Luke Goucher and Carson Souza of Obscurity Mead Hall & Cidery. Obscurity started with friends getting together and having a passion for beer.  Carson had already been in the brewing industry for 10 years as a commercial brewer at a vegan brewery.  Luke and Carson decided to get a little wild and play with mead as well.  A adventure was born in the cornfields of the far west suburbs of Chicago.  Mead was a challenge for Carson so he jumped right in.  Luke and Carson flew around the country to check out some of the best mead makers and learn from their successes.  This episode is a master class on brewing, fermenting and business.  Obscurity is creating many tremendous expressions.  Enjoy as we sample through their story.   21 S Main St, Elburn, IL 60119 - 630-320-2255 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Meadcon 2022 Braggot Viking Braggot Company Rabbits Foot Meadery B. Nektar Meadery National Honey Board Charm City Meadworks
September 28, 2022
Proof and Wood Ventures - Dave Schmier
This episode features Dave Schmier of Proof and Wood Ventures. Dave co-founded Redemption Rye in 2010.  In 2015 he sold the company and within a short time he started Proof and Wood.  Presently he doesn't distill, however, he does source some incredible whiskey and barrel aged spirits.  A huge part of what they do is blending of whiskey.  The have recently added rum to the mix.  Dave's been developing boutique craft brands for over 20 years.  The Proof and Wood library includes international whisky too.   Dave's experience in the beverage industry and working in bars shines through on the expressions that he has created. - Instagram Highlights from our discussion: Redemption Rye Whiskey MGP Seagram's Distillery Bar Convent Brooklyn Widow Jane Sidney Frank Leopold Bros Distillery Dad's Hat Rye American Craft Spirits Association Indie Spirits Expo
September 21, 2022
Redwood Empire Whiskey - Lauren Patz
This episode features Lauren Patz of Redwood Empire Whiskey. The story begins not with whiskey but, with wine.  Derek Benham started a wine company over 20 years ago.  He built the brand and sold it in 2013.  He then set his sights on starting a distillery.  White spirits flowed from the still and they began laying down barrels in 2015.  Redwood Empire is located in the heart of Sonoma, California.  Lauren grew up in a wine making family.  Her journey into distilling started with the study of history (Not the history of spirits)  and she learned how to make candy while in Japan.  It was when she was pairing chocolate and spirits that it opened her world to spirits.  Learn more about the amazing whiskeys that Redwood is producing and we are certain that you're sure to become a huge fan too.  It will be love at first sip. - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Trees For The Future Adams Grain Admiral Maltings Spirit Works Distillery Chuao Chocolatier Benham's Gin Mark West Wines Bar Convent Brooklyn
September 14, 2022
Michael Juergens - Bhutan Wine Company
In this episode we speak with Michael Juergens of Bhutan Wine Company. Michael grew up in Southern California.  He was a punk rock skateboard kid.  His origins were not in wine.  His dad came home from a business trip to Italy with a bottle of wine.  He suggested that they drink the wine and smoke cigars.  At his mothers insistence, off to the garage they went.  The first sip flipped a switch.  This led him to being interested and curious about wine.  That was 30 years ago.  Our discussion of wine and Michael's experiences was fascinating and entertaining.  You will learn about the "worlds leading wine influencer".  Discover how The Bhutan Wind Company, SoCal Rum Company and Drinking & Knowing Things, got their start.  Plus, so much more. - Instagram Highlights From our Discussion: Silver Oak Somm Drinking & Knowing Things JCB Wines SoCal Rum Company San Francisco World Spirits Competition Sip Awards The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bar Convent Brooklyn Master Sommelier Master of Wine
September 07, 2022
Ovo Vodka - Anthony Packwood
In this episode we speak with Anthony Packwood of Ovo Vodka. Anthony and John Dunnington are from Liverpool.  Their studies in grad school were around the alcohol industry.  They focused on the branding and marketing.  The more that they saw others creating, they began to get curious on making their own product.  It was important for them to have a cause conscious mission from the start.  Why Vodka?  They like it!  In 2019 they partnered with Clear Blue Sea to help clean the oceans.  Listen and learn about the fascinating story of this wonderful vodka. - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Misunderstood Whiskey Tito's Bar Convent Brooklyn Liberty State Park Micha McFarlane
August 31, 2022
Bar Convent Brooklyn Recap - Jackie Williams
In this episode we speak with Jackie Williams of RX Global about Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022.   In 2018 BCB was launched.  In 2022 BCB celebrated it's new Brooklyn home at Industry City.   Bar Convent Brooklyn took place on June 14th and 15th.  Over 3,700 attended the event over a 2 day span.  The event provided an amazing opportunity for the bartending and spirits industry to come together and network, see new products, and discover the latest trends.  136 booths offered something for everyone.  Featuring... spirits, liquors, aperitifs, ready to drink cocktails, barware and mixers.  The education offerings highlighted over 3 dozen classes that provided a wide variety of information.   Jackie and I recap the event and discuss what you can look forward to at 2023's 5th anniversary extravaganza. - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Industry City Barr Hill Gin Chilled 100 Spirits Awards Bar Convent Berlin
August 24, 2022
Laws Whiskey House - Barb McDonald and Crystal Barrios
This episode features Barb McDonald and Crystal Barrios of Laws Whiskey House. Laws is a local distillery in Denver, Colorado.  They began distilling in 2011 and sold their first drop of whiskey in 2014.  Their focus from the beginning was to make, age and sell their own juice.  For Al and Mary Ann Laws, whiskey is the passion and whiskey is the goal.  Since day one... Whiskey Above All!  Today, everything that goes into the bottle represents Colorado terroir.  Barb and Crystal take us through the fascinating world of Laws Whiskey House.  We learn about how the grain makes it to the glass.  We have the pleasure of tasting and discussing 2 of their amazing expressions.  Enjoy the episode and try this whiskey for yourself.  It will quickly become a favorite pour.  Laws is craft at its finest and it is destined to only get better.    1420 S Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223 - (720) 570-1420 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Independent Stave Company Bar Convent Brooklyn Thomas Kinkade San Luis Valley
August 17, 2022
Glen Moray - Brenden Raulerson
This episode features Brenden Raulerson  of Glen Moray. Glen Moray Distillery has been in operation, off and on, since 1897.  The distillery originated out of the Elgin West Brewery in the heart of Speyside. In the early 1900's they were "mellowing" whisky in Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc barrels.  The philosophy of experimenting with cask finishes still exists today.  120 plus years of experience resonates in the amazing whisky that is being produced.  This Speyside style whisky provides a depth of flavor and character.  Brenden shares the rich history of Glen Moray.  He takes us on a tasting journey and shares his insight and knowledge of the expressions that we had the pleasure to enjoy. - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Porto Cruz The Presbyterian Bar Convent Brooklyn
August 10, 2022
Absinthia - Absinthia Vermut
This episode features Absinthia Vermut of Absinthia. It all began in 1996 when Absinthia attended a San Francisco Cacophony Society party.  There was a crystal bowl on the table with a green liquid.  At that very moment absinthe was still illegal.  She tried absinthe for the very first time.  To her it was delicious.  She was drawn to it so much that she decided to produce it.  The first night that she served her neon green absinthe her friends started calling her Absinthia.  Of course the name stuck.  Our conversation is fascinating and full of absinthe education.  You most certainly want to pick up her absinthe and special cocktail mixers.    4200 Park Blvd #513 Oakland, CA 94610 - - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Bar Convent Brooklyn Holy Ghost Distillery Burning Man Womens Cocktail Collective Absinthe Murders Industry City Bar Convent Berlin Kentucky Peerless Distilling Tails of the Cocktail Jared Hirsch World Honey Exchange Meadcon
August 03, 2022
The Whiskey Rebellion Festival - July 8 and 9th, 2022
This episode features a brief history about the Whiskey Rebellion.  On July 8th we took part in the Whiskey Walk festivities.  Spirit producers were set up throughout the town of Washington, PA.  We got to sample and speak with them as they introduced their products to the masses.  On July 9th we got to witness the amazing retelling of the rebellion.  The actors that portrayed the key principles were sensational.  There were food trucks, activities for the kids and craft vendors.  This was an opportunity to taste what it was like for settlers back in the late 1700's.   The parade in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  The tarring and feathering is always a crowed favorite.  The entire festival is is a chance to be immersed in a major historic event that most of us have never heard of.  Oh yeah, and you get to enjoy some wonderful spirits and tasty food.  Put this event on the calendar for 2023.   Producers That we met: The Washington Winery Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka Distillery  Excise Distillery Old Overholt Crooked Creek Distillery Whiskey Smash Quantum Spirits
July 27, 2022
Holy Ghost Distillery - John and Janice Sepcoski
This episode features John Sepcoski and Janice Sepcoski of Holy Ghost Distillery. Janice and John enjoyed visiting distilleries, breweries and wineries.  After visiting a distillery 7 years ago John said, "I can do better then this".  This led them to looking for land and a building to host their vision.  What they've set out to create is a total experience.  Not just buy a bottle or purchase a cocktail, but the experience to make new friends over a cocktail.   They have left their full time careers to live out a dream.  As Janice puts it, "Now I do Bourbon".  We had a wonderful time experiencing their chocolate and bourbon pairing.  The final part of our podcast journey was the absinthe extravaganza.  It was all a fitting tribute to celebrate our 100th episode. 990 State Route 940, White Haven, PA 18661 - (570) 990-2673 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Stave and Thief Society The Bard Distillery Harvest Hosts Mitch Abate The Absinthe Murders Moonshine University Old Forester East Coast Barrels
July 20, 2022
Revel Spirits - Micah McFarlane and Juan Carlos Gordillo
This episode features Micah McFarlane and Juan Carlos Gordillo of the Revel Spirits. Ten years ago, Micah was helping out Matt Hector Ruiz, who was starting a tequila company.  The went to Morelos, Mexico where Micah began bringing back the juice and sharing it.  His role became helping to bring the agave spirits to the United States.  The next step was to create a business plan and raise funds. There is so much to the rich history of distilling in Morelos.  The connection to the technology goes back generations.  It's a family product.  What they produce is not tequila and it's not mezcal.  They create Avila.  This episode is an amazing education and discovery of agave spirits and what makes Revel special. - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Justin Hartley Bar Convent Brooklyn
July 13, 2022
Tommy Bahama Sparkling Vodka Traveler - Date Night Chronicles
We haven't done a date night Chronicles in a while.  This provided a little bit of a break to catch up and update you on where we have been an what we are going to be up to.  This provided the perfect opportunity to try and share a ready to drink cocktail. Tommy Bahama Mango Citrus Sparkling Vodka Traveler was delicious.  Crisp, refreshing and thirst quenching.  Hints of mango sweetness, coconut and citrus goodness. Highlights From our Discussion: Revel Spirits Laws Whiskey House Absinthia Holy Ghost Distillery Whiskey Rebellion Festival Stagg Party At Roger Wilco Meadcon 2022 Ciderfest PA Bar Convent Brooklyn Kane Brewing Company Dragons Head Cidery
July 06, 2022
Winely - Jacob Manning and Abbe Hyde
This episode features Jacob Manning and Abbe Hyde of the Winely. Winely was created from biotechnology research by Jacob.  He has always been passionate about fermenting and the fermentation industry.  Winely is a technology solution that monitors fermentation in real time.  Jacob believes that fermentation will change the world.  Abbe works to bring the technology to the forefront of the wine producers.  Winely is the worlds leader in fermentation analysis.  This interview is extremely fascinating and insightful into the complex world of fermentation.  Abbe and Jacob helped to change our view of fermentation and what is possible. - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Neeley Family Distillery University of the Sciences
June 29, 2022
World Honey Exchange - Brian Woerner
This episode features Brian Woerner of the World Honey Exchange.   Brian is a huge honey fanatic.  Brian travels the world meeting with bee keepers.  He facilitates getting their products into new markets.  His company sells wholesale to breweries, meaderies, ice cream and chocolate companies.  Just about anyone that will include honey in their product.  Honey is a food that never goes bad.  Join us on this fascinating journey as we learn about bees, bee keeping, pollination and taste some amazing honeys. Highlights From our Discussion: Triple Bottom Brewing Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin Follow The Honey Peace Corps Meade Drinkr Tysen Deschutes Brewery Lamplighter Brewing Company Forested Foods
June 22, 2022
Flying Deutschman Food Truck - Stirling Sowerby
This episode features Stirling Sowerby of The Flying Deutschman Food Truck.   The Flying Deutschman Food Truck represents German food culture.  Stirling comes from a chef and restaurant background in Germany.  So he knows what he's speaking about.  8 Years ago Heidi was created.  It's a "Disneyesque" pirate themed culinary extravaganza.  His initial interest was to put a real restaurant that serves high quality food from a food truck.  "It's about flare", Stirling shared.  There's an emphasis on customer service.  We enjoyed sitting down and interviewing the chef owner of one of our favorite food trucks.   Media, PA - (610) 333-7908 - - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Liquid Alchemy Gordon Ramsay
June 15, 2022
BONUS: Dalmore Whisky Tasting at the Wilco Whiskey Club
We had the pleasure to attend the Dalmore Whisky tasting at Roger Wilco.  This was an event that was held for the Wilco Whiskey Club.  Dan Loeser led a spirited discussion and education of 5 expressions in the Dalmore line.  We also got to sample some feedback from the attendees.  We found out what they like best and what it is about whiskey and the club that they appreciate.   Highlights From Our Discussion: NJ Bourbon Barrel Club Wilco Whiskey Club Philadelphia Whiskey Society American Whiskey Convention Moonshine University Executive Bourbon Steward Pappy Van Winkle
June 10, 2022
Iron Clad Distillery - Owen King
This episode features Owen King of Iron Clad Distillery. Stephen King purchased the building, a dry goods warehouse built in 1913, approximately 15 years ago.  To best utilize the space, the decision was made to try to store bourbon barrels.  This led to acquiring a 26 gallon still.  From there, they began to get more serious and bought 5 more 26 gallon stills.  This expansion gave them the opportunity to fill one 53 gallon barrel a week.  This slow process encouraged Stephen and Owen to seek advice from other distillers in the industry.  Conversations and experiences brought them to their next step which was to upgrade the entire operation to a 500 gallon still.  Now they had the keys to their own system of producing high quality bourbon in larger batches.  Owen shares that the vision has been to use Virginia based grains.  Their base is a 4 grain mash bill.  The King's have always been big fans and lovers of bourbon.  So, opening a distillery made sense that this was the direction that the family was headed.  You will hear and understand how the bourbon gene is a part of the families history.  Acknowledging history is in the forefront of how they communicate the Iron Clad story.  Today they make history with their many expressions.  They plant their own flag by creating unique and one of a kind bourbons.  Also, paying homage to the well established distilleries out there too.         124 23rd St, Newport News, VA 23607 - (757) 245-1996 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Affordable Distilling Equipment Kings County Distillery Delilah's Bardstown Bourbon Company Evan Williams Bourbon Wild Turkey Ferm Solutions Four Roses Bourbon Neeley Family Distillery Stoll and Wolfe Distillery Silver Hand Meadery Redwood Smoke Shack Bill Savage Big Thirst Marketing
June 08, 2022
Deep Creek Distilling - Royall Ferguson and Dave Emmons
This episode features Royall Ferguson and Dave Emmons of Deep Creek Distilling. Dave and Royall have known each other for 20 plus years.  The discussion of distilling came up at a Greek festival in Norfolk.  They began step by step to understand the whole process.  "Doing it the old fashioned way", as Royall puts it.  Grind the local grain, make the mash and then ferment it.  A lot of their early experience came from trial and error.  They refined and honed their spirits to what have become the amazing products that they offer today.  They are the first licensed legal distillery in the Chesapeake since prohibition.  801 Butler St Unit 12, Chesapeake, VA 23323 - (757)675-3250 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Deep Creek of the Chesapeake Ketel One Vodka Tito's Vodka
June 01, 2022
Ben Wenk - PA Ciderfest and Ploughman Cider
In this episode we sit down with Ben Wenk and discuss the upcoming PA Ciderfest and catch up with all that has been happening with Ploughman Cider.  Ben was our guest for episode 39.  So much has been happening with the growing orchard and farm.  The taproom in Gettysburg is fully set up and open.  We can't wait to see everyone at Ciderfest PA.   Highlights From our Discussion: Ciderfest of PA Headhouse Farmers Market Project Gettysburg Leon Cidercon 2022 Manoff Market Gettysburg Adams County The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg National Apple Museum Napa Valley Mason Dixon Distillery
May 25, 2022
Roger Wilco - Jamie Arking
This episode features Jamie Arking of Roger Wilco Wine and Spirits. The legend is that in the 1950's there was an airport close by.  There was a pilot there that had a small liquor store at the airport.  The business grew to the locations that you can find them today.  In 1984 Jamie's father and uncle purchased the business.  A great explosion took place.  His first job , at 11 years old, was bagging ice.  He took off, explored the United States, to blaze his own path.  Until one day in 2009 his father called him back into the store.  Jamie shares that the customer service has always been the most important focus.  The other goal was to have a huge selection and variety of products.  In this episode, Jamie shares how he is working to source products through the supply chain issues.  We talk about the Wilco Whiskey Group and discuss the day to day challenges wine and spirits business.   1001 Rte 73, Pennsauken, NJ 08110 - (856) 665-3456 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Castle & Key Distillery Corona Hennessy Wild Turkey WTSO - Wines 'Til Sold out Whyte & Mackay, LTD The Dalmore Whisky Knob Creek - Rogers Knob Barrel Bourbon Blanton's Bourbon Esslinger's Beer
May 18, 2022
Manoff Market Cider - Amy Manoff and Ellie Brehme
This episode features Amy Manoff and Ellie Brehme of Manoff Market Cidery. We had such a fantastic tour of the orchard and farm.  Amy gave us so much insight into the earth to market to bottle concept that they have designed.  Their 37 acres feels more like a budding garden estate.  Gary and Amy graduated college in 1983.  The proceeded to explore the opportunity of starting a winery.  They land they had found didn't provide for growing grapes.  Although, fruits, vegetables and apples in particular fit in perfectly.  Over time, Gary began experimenting with cider.  In 2018 they got their license to produce and sell their cider.  They have been focusing on grafting and planting apple trees specifically for cider.  The result is wonderful flavorful cider that is full of character.  You want to add this destination to your calendar.   Pick up a bottle, relax enjoy all that Manoff Market Cidery has to offer.   3157 Comfort Rd, New Hope, PA 18938 - (215) 297-8220 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Cidercon Vinoshipper New Hope Dad's Hat Rye Gold Rush Apple Ploughman Cider Calvados PA Cider Guild Pommeau Bucks County Cider Fest PA
May 11, 2022
Brewery Tours - Glenn Smith
This episode features Glenn Smith of Brewery Tours. Brewery Tours is the ultimate craft beer experience.  This started with Glenn creating something that he would like to go on.  Going back 30 years he has enjoyed traveling around the country and experiencing small craft breweries.  He enjoyed hearing the stories behind the beer.  He found their stories to be powerful and unique.  Brewery Tours was created in 2017 as a way to shine a spotlight on the amazing craft beer scene that was developing in South Central Pennsylvania.  Grab your favorite beer and listen to how Glenn and his team do what they do best.  And remember... Support your local brewery! - (717)660-0767 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Dunderbak's York, PA York County Ale Trail Hanover, PA Utz Snyder's of Hanover Martin's Potato Chips Northern Central Railway What's Brewing PA Joe Sixpack Pennsylvania Bus Association Maryland Motorcoach Association Good Libations Trail Adams County Pour Tour Collusion Tap Works Winding Path Brewing Harris Family Brewery Cincinnati's Beer Barons Ploughman Cider Jack's Cider Old Republic Distillery
May 04, 2022
Two Broads Ciderworks - Maggie Przybylski and Morgan Murphy
This episode features Maggie Przybylski and Morgan Murphy of Two Broads Ciderworks. They are bootstrapping their way into the cider world.  Like many Maggie and Morgan started home brewing beer.  15 years ago the cider experience took hold in Sea Canyon.  They picked apples, made pies and fermented apple juice into cider.  The whole journey from apple to glass appealed to them.  They love cooking and sharing what they produce with friends.  Today, the focus is on locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  These two broads began building their tasting room in January of 2020.  Just in time for the world to be shut down.  The pieces of the cidery continue to come together.  They are producing incredible, complex and flavorful ciders in a region that is full of wineries.  Listen and learn more about Maggie and Morgan and what Two Broads Ciderworks is all about. 3427 Roberto Ct Ste 130, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - (805) 292-1500 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Cidercon 2022 Sea Canyon Saison Dupont Yeast Tilted Shed Reverend Nat Chill Hour Sybil Lamb GleanSLO VinoShipper Calvados Ballast Point Brewery
April 27, 2022
Mead Drinkr Tysen
This episode features Mead Drinkr Tysen. We met Tysen at Cidercon 2022.  Tysen and his brother-in-law Alan wanted to do something different.  They decided to make mead instead of brewing beer.  The passion is all about mead making and wanting to do it better.  He loves going on road trips and visiting meaderies and of course, drinking mead.  Tysen made his first mead in November of 2013.  He enjoys learning from other people doing it and the science behind it.  He's a mead advocator and a fermentation educator.  Enjoy this fascinating episode that discusses all things mead.    Highlights From our Discussion: Joe's Agent Orange Mead Tej Cidercon Caledonia Spirits Mazer Cup American Mead Makers Association Monks Meadery Aquafaba Black Heath Meadery Southern California Mead Club Honey & Hops Brew Works Funktastic Meads Liquid Alchemy St. Vrain Cidery Tiffanie Barriere Sugarbelt Mead Festival 2022 Manic Meadery Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery Meadcast
April 20, 2022
Alma Cider - Dave Klawer
This episode features Dave Klawer of Alma Cider. Dave moved to the Pacific Northwest with his wife Heather.  They are both registered nurses.  His passion in the 90's was to be a professional snowboarder.  An accident in the Andes changed the trajectory of his life.  He knew of the lore of Mount Baker and it called to him.  He fell in love with the greenery and has made the Skagit Valley his home.  It wasn't long before he and his wife were being introduced to home craft cider.  Dave was familiar with brewing beer from his days in college.  His first attempt at cider was a success.  Our in depth discussion covers the many ciders that Alma produces and the the production of fruit and apples at their orchard and farm.   425-312-5734 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Press Then Press Tulip Valley Winery Bitters & Sharps Orchard American Cider Association Northwest Cider Club Northwest Cider Association Earth Day Cidercraft Magazine Sip Magazine Compass Wines Renaissance Orchards Ragged and Right Cider Cidercon
April 13, 2022
Maker's Mark Toasted Marshmallow Review - Date Night Chronicles
In this episode we review Maker's Mark Private Selection Toasted Marshmallow.    Highlights From our Discussion: Northwest Cider Club Munchy Machine Food Truck The Bard Distillery Beach Bee Meadery Northeast Barrel Company Green Bench Brewing Co.
April 06, 2022
Beach Bee Meadery - Curtis Blodgett
This episode features Curtis Blodgett of Beach Bee Meadery. Curtis began his journey by considering opening a distillery.  He and his wife Madeleine met with distillers to understand the process and what was needed to get started.  They completed a meeting with a rum distiller and to decided to visit a meadery that was close by.  They never had mead and they were totally blown away.  Curtis was familiar with making wine and brewing beer, but he wasn't familiar with mead.  He looked at Madeleine and said, "this is what I want to do".  The whole experience was life changing.  We got to talk mead, cider, yeast, barrels and so much more.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 589 Long Branch Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740 - (732) 403-3558 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Melovino Meadery Long Branch Distillery Long Branch, NJ Green Bench Brewing Co Cidercon Black Heath Meadery Buskey Cider The Veil Brewing Company Armageddon Brewing Company Mermaid Spirits Caledonia Spirits Texas Mead Cup The Mazer Cup Meadcon Dutch Gold Honey Cidercraft Magazine
March 30, 2022
The Munchy Machine - Ralph Kane, Sean Saccomandi, Steve Regosch
This episode features Ralph Kane, Sean Saccomandi and Steve Regosch of The Munchy Machine Food Truck Ralph started the Munchy Machine Food Truck in July of 2018.  Prior he worked on the Eat-a-pita Food Truck.  He left the food truck life to become an instructor of Culinary Arts at a local high school.  The excitement and the life called him back when he was able to purchase his old food truck.  Sean is retired from the Navy.  During his stint he cooked on naval vessels.  Ralph and Sean grew up together and when he had an opening he called on his high school buddy.  Sean got thrown into the fire.  He positioned himself at the grill to cater and Octoberfest.  He has been on board ever since.  Steve met Ralph in 2009.  They became instant friends.  Steve got a call from Ralph because during Covid their business was taking off.  Steve rounds out the Loose Noodles cast of characters.  He brings his vast cooking expertise and creativity.  Make sure you ask him for extra sour cream.  On this podcast we discuss their food truck story, enjoy their amazing food and sample and discuss a few beers and a cider Fermented Adventure style.  Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 267-980-3424 - - - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Ship Bottom Brewing 2SP Brewing Company von Trappe Brewing Grandma's Perogies Leidy's Smoked Kielbasa Awestruck Cider Hi-Wire Brewing FireFly Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival Levante Brewing Love City Brewing Company
March 23, 2022
Northeast Barrel Company - Pat Tramontano
This episode features Pat Tramontano of Northeast Barrel Company Pat started his journey as a homebrewer of beer in 2014.  He and a buddy started to look into opening a brewery.  "Living the dream as all homebrewers have", Pat explained.  His high school best friend was dabbling with buying barrels and repurposing them into furniture.  Matt asked Pat if anyone was selling barrels to breweries.  Through research and time they discovered a niche.  An opportunities to obtain and broker barrels.  They purchased their first truckload from Kendall Jackson Winery and have not looked back.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 751 Maple Ave, Lansdale, PA 19446 - (215) 402-7700 - - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Epic Brewing Kendall Jackson Free Will Brewing Sotol Pappy Van Winkle Amburana Tree Busky Cider Rack and Maintenance Dad's Hat Rye
March 16, 2022
Green Bench Brewing Co - Brian Wing
This episode features Brian Wing of Green Bench Brewing Co. For Chris and Brian the partnership began as home brewers.  The brewery opened in 2013, all along, mead and cider was in the plan.  They honed their craft and built up a following with their beer.  They enjoyed drinking cider and mead so much in Florida.  However, craft mead and cider was not common.  They introduced mead and cider to the Saint Petersburg faithful in 2015.  We had a lively and spirted discussion about Cidercon 2022, apples, orchards and all that is Green Bench Brewing.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 51133 Baum Ave N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705 - (727) 800-9836 - - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Cidercon Tampa Bay Beer Week VinoShipper Community Saint Petersburg
March 09, 2022
The Bard Distillery - Kim and Tom Bard
This episode features Kim Bard and Tom Bard of The Bard Distillery. It all started in 2005 when tom walked into Kim's race shop.  In 2006 they found themselves in Kentucky and decided to go to visit a distillery.  The chose to check out Maker's Mark.  They loved the tour and afterwards they were fueled by what they saw.  They couldn't stop talking about it,  The smells, the sights, the sounds and the people. They were not able to shake the idea.  In 2015 they took the plunge and purchased Tom's old school, creating The Bard Distillery, which opened in 2019.  We had a fantastic experience at the distillery.  We got to see the vision of what it all will become.  Their spirits are wonderful and creative.    Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 5080 Highway 175 S, Graham, KY 42344 - (270) 338-6543 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Bardstown, KY William Bard Muhlenberg, KY ACSA Convention John Barleycorn Awards Neeley Family Distillery George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery The Drinking Coach Whiskey Business Grand Rapids Fred Minnick UNK's Barbecue Clucks and Pups Log Still Distillery John Prine The Everly Brothers Merle Travis Muhlenberg Music Mission Harvest Host
March 03, 2022
Tiffanie Barriere - The Drinking Coach
This episode features Tiffanie Barriere, The Drinking Coach.   We met Tiffanie at CiderCon 2022 in Richmond Virginia. As you will discover, Tiffanie has amazing energy.  She has a vast knowledge of cocktails and cocktail history.  We discuss her beginnings as a bartender all the way to present day where she is dazzling internet audiences with her creative and flavorful concoctions.  Tiffanie is also incredibly knowledgeable on the spirit history and the role that Black Americans have played and impacted what we are drinking today.  I learn so much and wish to learn more each time that I talk with The Drinking Coach.  Make yourself a mixed drink of choice and enjoy our lively discussion.   Highlights From our Discussion: CiderCon One Flew South Mermaid Spirits Uncle Nearest Kindred Spirits Ten to One Rum Bees Knees Black Heath Meadery
February 23, 2022
A. Smith Bowman Distillery - Out and About
In this episode we compare and contrast a bottle of Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey Small batch from 2018 to a new bottle from 2022.  We do a tasting at the distillery and offer our tasting notes and experiences from our visit.  The people at Bowman Brothers are welcoming, friendly and knowledgable about their whiskey.  We had a great time and look forward to visiting again.
February 16, 2022
OK Cider Company - CiderCon 2020 - Date Night Chronicles
In our first episode of 2022 we review OK Cider Company, Party Pic. A hopped cider from Oklahoma City.  We share our thoughts and observations from CiderCon 2022. This was held in Richmond Virginia. Highlights From our Discussion: Soul Taco The Drinking Coach Tiffanie Barriere Perly's Mama J's Northeast Barrel Company Liquid Alchemy Beverages Dressler Estate Ploughman Cider Beach Bee Meadery Tysen The Bard Distillery The Munchy Machine Food Truck A. Smith Bowman Distillery Buskey Cider Black Heath Meadery
February 09, 2022
Frankly Deep - Deep Kulkarni and Frank Schweitzer
This episode features Deep Kulkarni and Frank Schweitzer of Frankly-Deep Hot Sauce. These lifelong friends, who met at Penn State, began growing peppers roughly 10 years ago.  They grew lots of different kinds of peppers too.  It was about the time that the Carolina Reaper was growing in popularity.  That's where they transitioned into the hot sauce world.  Their passion for hot sauce comes from food.  They love to eat and they love to cook.  The ideas for different blends and different kinds of hot sauce came quickly.  They narrowed it down to the core five that they feature today.  There's a little bit of Frank and Deep in every bottle of Frankly-Deep.  We taste through the full line and you even get food pairing tips along the way. Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: The Artisan Exchange Duck Butts Meadery Valley Forge Beer and Cider Festival Starfish Junction Productions Cheesesteak Adventure Boyd & Blair
February 02, 2022
Blake's Hard Cider - Jennifer Wawrzyniak
This episode features Jennifer Wawrzyniak of Blake's Hard Cider. Blake's is cider with a story.  It began in 946 when Gerald came home from WW2 and decided that he no longer wanted to live in Detroit.  He and Lovely purchased 100 acres in Armada, MI.  Today it's a 1000 plus acre U-Pick Farm with wine, beer and cider.  In 2013 Andrew arrived back from college and saw an opportunity to expand into hard cider production.  The ciders base comes from a proprietary 5 apple blend.   Jennifer is a regional sales manager with Blake's.  In this episode she shares her experiences and also what she does best.  Introducing and creating new fans to Blake's.  Pick some up and enjoy while listening to this lively episode.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 17985 Armada Center Road, Armada, MI 48005 - (586) 784-5343 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival Starfish Junction Pommelier Pets for Patriots U.S. Cider Open The Union Craft House Bartari Beer Wall on Penn Cider Con
January 26, 2022
Triple Sun Spirits Co - Kris Kwant
This episode features Kris Kwant and Sara Stier of Triple Sun Spirits Co. 20 years ago Kris was watching the TV program "How it's made", with his father.  The episode featured Sam Adams Brewing.  From watching the program, the home brewing bug took hold of him.  He and his dad purchased a kit and it actually turned out pretty good.  The next adventure was to make a Barley Wine.  The intention for this would be to share with his son when he turned 21.  Kris explains that "making good whiskey starts with making good beer".  In 2016 Kris embraced the craft spirits movement.  Triple Sun is a cocktail bar that moonlights as a distillery.  They are very hospitality focused.  Enjoy this lively episode where we  discuss history, beer and all things Triple Sun. Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 518 Bank St, Emmaus, PA 18049 - (610) 904-8082 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Bicardi Jack Daniels Fetish Brewing Company Kelvin Cooperage Whiskey Advocate Discover Lehigh Valley Funk Brewing Monkey 47 Mike Rowe
January 19, 2022
Cheesesteak Adventure - 2SP Brewing Company
In this episode Jim Pappas of Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure joins us at 2SP Brewing Company. Jim was our guest on Episode 18.  Jim still eats cheesesteaks on his quest to review 1000.  Jim brought 2 cheesesteaks from On A Role in Media, PA.  2SP Brewing Company provided the venue and 5 incredible beers.    Highlights From our Discussion:  Goombas Pizzaria  Johnny Paisano's  West End Boat Club  English IPA  Charlies Roast Pork  Jim's Steaks 
January 12, 2022
Duck Butts Meadery - Carmel & Jonathan Senatz
This episode features Carmel and Jonathan Senatz of Duck Butts Meadery. It started like many other passions... with a home brew beer kit.  Which remained in the box, in the basement, for over 6 years.  Jonathan observed that the idea of home brewing beer presented as being very complicated.  This didn't appeal to him.  He and Carmel became inspired by a visit to Savannah Bee Company.  From there they began to dream about making mead.  The equipment in the kit would be perfect for what they needed to get started.  Covid provided an opportunity to begin experimenting.  Forced to stay home, they took the time to make their own mead.  They set off on their "maiden voyage".  We discuss where they are now with their hobby and passion.  We can't wait to see what the future has in store for this fledgling meadery.   Facebook Highlights From our Conversation: Pickering Valley Feed & Farm Store Les Brown Savannah Bee Company Exton Bee Company Dressler Estate Olde Bedford Brewing Company Caledonia Spirits BJ's Wholesale Club Swarmbustin Honey Hale & True Cidery Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Keystone Homebrew Wegman's Jersey Spirits Distillery
January 05, 2022
Mean Max Brew Works - Date Night Chronicles
In this final episode of 2021 we review Mean Max Brew Works, All Fluffed Up. A peanut butter and fluff porter from Glens Falls, NY.  We share some of the highlights from the past year too.   Highlights From our Discussion: The Bard Distillery PA Farm Show Duck Butts Meadery Valley Forge Beer and Cider Festival George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery West Overton Village American Whiskey Convention Puerto Rico Distillery Nelson's Greenbriar Distillery Old Line Spirits Painted Stave Distilling Chattanooga Whiskey Company Leiper's Fork Distillery Barr Hill Gin Christmas City Spirits Taconic Distillery Tennessee Hills Distillery   Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery - Cowboy Coffee
December 28, 2021
Pairings Cigar Bar - Julie Lanzillo
This episode features Julie Lanzillo of Pairings Cigar Bar. In 2014 Julie, Debbie and Gary dined at one of their favorite spots.  They were going to a show as they lamented that it would be nice to enjoy a cigar after dinner.  They longed for the summer and the opportunity to smoke on the back deck where they could savor a cigar or two.  It was December and there was snow on the ground.  They discussed the possibilities but there is nothing in the area.  "A cigar bar in the Media area, that's an interesting idea", proclaimed Julie.  As Debbie says, "the universe doesn't make mistakes".  On October 21, 2016 they opened the doors.  In that time they have created an anchor for the community.  A place for the seasoned cigar aficionado and the novice alike.  Enjoy a fine spirit and pair it with your favorite or something new.    Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 12 West State Street Media PA 19063 - 610-565-1895 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Retrohale Davidoff Limited Cigar Association Tupperdor Macanudo Hedgerow Theatre Company
December 21, 2021
Lockhorn Cidery/Thomas Hooker Brewery - Date Night Chronicles
In this episode of date night Chronicles we review Lockhorn Cidery’s, Boar Sight Bittersweet. It was one of the ciders that came to us in our quarterly box from the Northwest cider club. We also share a bonus interview with Thomas Hooker Brewery. We conducted the interview at the Valley Forge Beer and Cider Festival. Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.
December 14, 2021
Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival
This episode features our interviews with the Breweries and Cideries that were sharing their craft at the Valley Forge Beer and Cider Festival.  Over 40 venders got to introduce their products to 2300 plus guests that attended the event. Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. Highlights From our Discussion: Attic Brewing Blakes Hard Cider Phygit Foods Logyard Brewing Swig Event Staffing Brother Monk Ciderworks Duck Rabbit Brewery Bad Seed Brewery Stickman Brews Free Will Brewing Company
December 07, 2021
Keystone Rosen Rye Distillation Part 2 - Thomas & Kim Bard, Lisa Roper Wicker and Steve Bashore
On November 7, 2021 we were present for a historic event at George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery.  Keystone Rosen Rye was milled, fermented and distilled.  In part two we speak with Thomas and Kim Bard of The Bard Distillery.  They traveled all of the way from Kentucky share their skills and to be part of the experience.  Lisa Roper Wicker of Widow Jane has been an instrumental part of the distillery.  She provides insights into her experiences working with Rosen and the distillery.  Steve Bashore gives his own take on working with the Rosen Rye and discusses where they are in the process.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 5514 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309 - (703) 780-3383 - - Facebook Highlights From our Discussion: Stoll and Wolfe Distillery Good Deeds Whiskey Project American Craft Spirts Association StepUp Foundation NASCAR Starlight Distillery Limestone Branch Distillery Woodford Reserve Dave Scheurich American Whiskey Convention Kelvin Cooperage Speyside Cooperage Dean Norton Laura Fields Delaware Valley Fields Foundation Dancing Star Farm
November 30, 2021
Rosen Rye Distillation Part 1 - Robert and Sherri McDonald, Laura Fields and Erik Wolfe
On November 7, 2021 we were present for a historic event at George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery.  Keystone Rosen Rye was milled, fermented and distilled.  In part one we sit down with Robert and Sherri McDonald of Dancing Star Farm.  They grew the heirloom grain that went into the mash.  Next we discuss the development of the Rosen with Laura Fields of The Fields Foundation.   Erik Wolfe of Stoll and Wolfe joins us to share his thoughts of the days events, as well as, the legacy and impact of Dick Stoll.   Highlights From our Discussion: Penn State Agriculture Extension Manitou Island Distilled Spirits Council of the United States
November 23, 2021
West Overton Rye Whiskey Review - Aleasha Monroe and Sam Komlenic
This episode features Aleasha Monroe and Sam Komlenic of West Overton Distilling. Some familiar and many not so familiar faces filled the large room at West Overton Museum.  The sold out crowd of over 100 people showed up to talk, drink and learn about rye whiskey.  More specifically Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey was the focus and topic of conversation.  The distinguished panel included: David Wondrich who is widely hailed as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the history of the cocktail and one of the founders of the modern craft cocktail movement.   Lew Bryson who is currently a Senior Drinks Writer for The Daily Beast, and is also a columnist for Craft Spirits magazine. He is the author of Tasting Whiskey.  Steve Bashore who is the Director of Historic Trades and head distiller at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  Sam Komlenic who has been the copy editor for Whisky Advocate magazine for 15 years, led and navigated the evening's discussion.  Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey welcomed all in attendance.  Aleasha Monroe, head distiller, was introduced to the crowd.  As dinner was served talk began of the history of whiskey and more particularly rye whiskey in Pennsylvania.  For almost an hour an a half thoughts and facts were exchanged.  Breaks were taken to toast the featured rye whiskeys from throughout the state.  First Liberty Pole Rye Whiskey, followed by Stoll and Wolfe Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey and then Dad's Hat Monogahela Rye Whiskey.  For the first time West Overton Distilling Monogahela Rye Whiskey was tasted.  The discussion got the most heated on the topic of what defines the Monogahela style or brand.   Listen to this episode as Aleasha and Sam deconstruct the festivities.  We discuss some of the highlights and taste the 3 expressions that are now on sale only at West Overton Distilling.    Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 109 W. Overton Road, Scottdale, PA 15683 - (907) 229-7942 - - Facebook  Highlights from our discussion:  Distilled Spirits Council  Lisa Roper Wicker - Widow Jane Distillery  Vendome Copper and Brass Works  Leopold Brothers
November 16, 2021
Olde Bedford Brewing Company - Dave and Mary Heller
This episode features Dave Heller and Mary Heller of Olde Bedford Brewing Company. Mary purchased Dave a Mr. Beer Kit.  The first foray into home brewing was a success.  To Mary's surprise, it quickly developed from a hobby into an addiction to home brew.    She thought that this would entertain Dave for a couple of months and he would move on.  She had no idea that 7 years later that all of it would turn into a business.  Olde Bedford Brewing is their "retirement job".  They even grow their own hops on their ranch.  Quickly they developed followers of their beer and the brewery began to blossom from there.  Passion drives the grain to glass philosophy.  "Join the Whiskey Rebellion... drink beer" is their slogan.  We had a tremendous time sitting down with Dave and Mary on the podcast.  We learned so much about the history of Bedford, beer and the brewery.  Take a side trip off the PA Turnpike and go visit them.  You'll be glad that you did.   Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 109 Railroad St, Bedford, PA 15522 - (907) 229-7942 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Bedford Springs Resort PA Farm Show Dancing Star Farms Whiskey Rebellion Bedford County Business Development Bishop Guilfoyle Penn State Hops Program Mr. Beer Kit American Whiskey Convention Rosen Rye Wholesome Living Marketplace Fat Jimmy's Bike Shop Cannondale Bikes Bedford Jeep U.S. Navy George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery Delaware Valley Fields Foundation Full Kilt Band Big Spring Spirits
November 09, 2021
Wilson's Secret Sauce - Steve Wilson
This episode features Steve Wilson of Wilson's Secret Sauce. It all began with barbecue competitions that were sponsored by Gary Maddox of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The competition benefited Maddox's charity Compete 360. Steve took first place in chicken and second place in ribs.  Steve and Kelly met and they turned the BBQ passion into a thriving business.  Their little catering company started to get high praise.  As Steve puts it, "the secret to their sauce is love".  They characterize their style as Upper Darby Barbecue or UDBBQ.  They provide options for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free diets as well.  In this episode we talk whiskey and barbecue.  Steve has been working on a maple bourbon barbecue sauce which highlights local craft ingredients.  WARNING... this episode will make you hungry for what Wilson's is cooking up. Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 265 E Township Line Rd, Upper Darby, PA 19082 - (484) 453-8608 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Camp Out For Hunger Caledonia Spirits Cheat Day USA Robert Irvine Kru Coffee Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery Philly Grit Diners Drive-ins and Dives Taconic Distillery Preston & Steve Loch's Maple Syrup Linvilla Orchards Philladelphia Magazine Pennsylvania Distilling Co. 1675 Spirits
November 02, 2021
Caledonia Spirits - Sam Nelis
This episode features Sam Nelis of Caledonia Spirits. We met Amy Casale at the Philadelphia Flower Show in 2019.  Dressed in a Bee costume, she introduced us to Barr Hill Gin and we immediately fell in love with the spirits.  We finally made it up to Montpelier, Vermont the home of the Barr Hill lineup.  The distillery was founded by a bee keeper, Todd Hardie.  He is passionate about the land and agriculture, as well as, what bees were bringing to the area.  Todd partnered with Ryan Christiansen who had a home-brew store.  In the beginning they came together and produced mead.  Soon, they began focusing their attention on gin which began winning awards.  The honey takes center stage and leads the way to make their special spirits amazing.  Bees, as Sam explains, are the Angels of Agriculture.  We had a fantastic time sitting down with Sam and discussing all things Caledonia Spirits.  This is most certainly a destination that you want to put on your travel bucket list. We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 116 Gin Ln, Montpelier, VT 05602 - (802) 472-8000 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Philadelphia Flower Show Bee The Change Bees Knees Week New York International Spirits Competition Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition Montpelier, VT
October 26, 2021
Northwest Cider Club - Date Night Chronicles
We are on the road for this episode of "Date Night Chronicles".  We come to you from Montpelier, VT where we share our latest adventures and taste 2 great ciders that the Northwest Cider Club provided... Free Water Cider Company - Opal Dry Cider - Barrel Aged and Woodinville Ciderworks - Red Flesh Hard Apple Cider Highlights from our discussion: West Overton Village and Distillery Valley Forge Beer and Cider Fest Caledonia Spirits Whistle Pig Whiskey Taconic Distillery The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze Foam Brewers Stowe Cider Citizen Cider Smugglers Notch Distillery Prohibition Pig Oaks & Evelyn Von Trapp Brewing Whole Foods Market Mad River Distillers Brewscuits is sponsoring this episode.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in "Fermented Adventure" at checkout to get 15% off your first order.
October 19, 2021
Manatawny Still Works - Max Pfeffer
This episode features Max Pfeffer of Manatawny Still Works. Max graduated Penn State University with a degree in chemical engineering.  He began home brewing when he was in college.  This led to him discovering the UC Davis Master Brewing program.  His education and experience led him to a stint with Victory Brewing Company and then to Sly Fox Brewery.  One day, Owner John Giannapoulas, called Max into his office.  He approached Max about opening a distillery.  Max knew beer but not distilled spirits.  That was over 8 years ago.  Today, not only does Max know distilling, he excels at it on a high level.  He and his team are producing whiskeys that are incredible.  What is coming out of the barrels now are spirits full of character, flavor and complexity.  This is a must visit for craft spirit lovers.  When you do you will become a fan for life.   We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 320 Circle Of Progress Dr Ste 104, Pottstown, PA 19464 - (484) 624-8271 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Piper Project Whiskey Rebellion Trail Philadelphia Whiskey Society Kelvin Cooperage American Whiskey Convention Stranahans Old Line Spirits Moonshine University Makers Mark Sly Fox Brewing Company Victory Brewing
October 12, 2021
American Whiskey Convention - Part 2
This episode features our interviews from the American Whiskey Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It was recorded at the Independence Seaport Museum. Highlights From our Discussion: Copper Fox Distillery Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Catoctin Creek Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Gallows Hill Spirits Uncle Nearest Angel's Envy Middleton Mixology - Smoketop Toast The Trees Brown - Forman Jack Daniels Lehigh Valley Screampark Salem Witch Trials GWAR - Ragnarok Rye Robin Robinson Shenandoah National Park Sperryville, VA Williamsburg, VA
October 05, 2021
American Whiskey Convention - Part 1
This episode features our interviews from the American Whiskey Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It was recorded at the Independence Seaport Museum. Highlights From our Discussion: George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery Stoll & Wolfe Delaware Valley Fields Foundation Dick Stoll Lititz, PA A.H.Hirsch Pernod Ricard USA Jefferson's Bourbon Smooth Ambler MGP Contradiction Heaven Hill Distillery Evan Williams Small Batch Larceny Small Batch Rittenhouse Rye Old Fitzgerald Old Limestone Mixing Water
September 28, 2021
Christmas City Spirits - Michael "Woody" Dombrosky
This episode features Michael Dombrosky of Christmas City Spirits. It all began, when a group of 4 coworkers who were rugby players, got together to share their love of the history of Bethlehem, PA.  They formed the restaurant at Tavern at the Sun Inn.  The next step was to bring the spirits into the tavern.  Woody's family has a long history of distilling in the coal regions of Pennsylvania.  His great grandmother would create Laudanum and make house calls to those with a variety of ailments.  His family has a storied past of making Rye Whiskey.  The owners crossed paths with Woody and they brought him on to distill their incredible spirits and unique recipes.  We learned so much sitting down with Woody and we had a great time enjoying his craft creations.  We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 564 Main St, Bethlehem, PA 18018 - (484) 893-0590- - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Bethlehem, PA Laudanum Puerto Rico Distillery Good Food Awards MicroLiquor Spirit Awards Ascot Awards Easton Kuebler Lager Caves Tito's Vodka Gallows Hill Spirits Cold Springs Copper Works Lehigh University Steve Bashore American Whiskey Convention The Peoples Kitchen Lenni Lenape
September 21, 2021
Whiskey and Wood - Scott Wishart - Scott's Mini Woodshop
This episode features Scott Wishart of Scott's Mini Woodshop Scotts journey into woodworking began with him needing to fix things around the house.  He learned more about wood turning from watching YouTube videos.  His craft woodwork has become his therapy and his escape.  He connected his love of whiskey & wine with creating bottle stoppers, bottle openers and special wine goblets.  He even made unique tumblers for the podcast episode.  Our interview transforms into whiskey and woodworking with Scott.    We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. Instagram  YouTube Highlights from our discussion: Bimber Distillery Dalwhinnie Distillery Diageo Wegmans Whole Foods Market Freddie Johnson Blantons Bourbon Old Line Spirits Red Pump Spirits Mason Dixon Distillery Manatawny Still Works
August 24, 2021
Gray Wolf Spirits - Date Night Chronicles
We are back, sharing some more spirits that we picked up on a recent trip to Saint Michaels Maryland.  In this Date Night Chronicles we are enjoying Gray Wolf Spirits.  We share our tasting notes from these 4 amazing expression... Vodka, Gin, Agave and a Solera Rye Whiskey 605 S. Talbot St. #6, St. Michaels, MD 21663 - (443)339-4894 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: American Whiskey Convention Saint Michaels Maryland Northwest Cider Association Brewscuits is sponsoring this episode.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.
August 17, 2021
Northwest Cider Association - Emily Ritchie
This episode features Emily Ritchie of Northwest Cider Association The association was founded in 2010 to connect cider makers with cider drinkers.  Emily brings together and coordinates 100 plus producers of cider.  The large region covers: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, as well as, British Columbia. Emily focuses on growing the market for cider, helping to improve and increase the quality of cider and create community.  We sample 2 amazing ciders from the Cider Club.  Listen as Emily provides a sensational education in the world of cider.   We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. (360) 336-3727 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Northwest Cider Symposium Bushwacker Cider E.Z. Orchards Centre Ring Wenatchee Whole Foods Market
August 10, 2021
Dr. Brewlittles Beer Co. - Jack O'Connell
This episode features Jack O'Connell of Dr. Brewlittles Beer Co. The success of this new brewery is based on the concept of putting all if the right people in place.  Bringing on the right head brewer was th first step after finding the location.  It's the same formula as hiring a great chef to start a restaurant.  Joshua Caputo came on board.  Dr. Brewlittles opened on Labor Day Weekend 2020 and has been a sensation right out of the gate.  Co-Founder Chris Torre and jack continue to expand their brewing capacity, as well as, the space for enjoying their most excellent beer.  We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 108 E Main St, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 - (856) 406-5200- - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Samuel Adams Portland Kettle Works Untappd Moo-Duck Brewery Busta Rhymes Nearest Green Distillery University of the Sciences Band of Media Brewers Lallemand Logo My Way Arrested Development The Seed
August 03, 2021
Train Wreck Distillery - Aaron Diamond
This episode features Aaron Diamond of Train Wreck Distillery. The seed of entrepreneurship was planted by Arron's Grandfather, Norman Diamond.  At a very young age Aaron would help Norman make beer and wine.  After his grandfather passed, Aaron tried making his own beer and wine.  It just didn't turn out the same.  According to Aaron it was not very good at all.  That's when he thought it would be better to distill the bad product that he made.  He turned his sights to distilling.  He began taking classes with his father to learn how to distill.  Traveling all over the country and even London to gain the knowledge that the desired.  In 2014 they purchased a run down train station in Mount Holly.  Right on the banks of the Rancocas Creek.  In 2015 they started distilling and working on perfecting their recipes.  In July of 2017 they opened their door to the public.  Train Wreck is a vibrant distillery where people come for the spirits, the cocktails, the great entertainment and the lively banter.  From it's humble beginnings this is no longer a train wreck but, a rousing success.      We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 25 Madison Ave, Mt Holly, NJ 08060 - (609) 288-6300- - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Sipsmith Gin East London Liquor Company Beefeater Gin Spellbound Brewing Auburn Road Vineyard Little Water Distillery  Bluecoat Gin Stateside Vodka
July 27, 2021
Puerto Rico Distillery - Angel and Crystal Rivera
This episode features Angel Rivera and Crystal Rivera of Puerto Rico Distillery. Angel and Crystal opened the distillery in March of 2020, just as the Covid shutdown took effect.  The City of Frederick and the surrounding community has welcomed them with open arms.  It has been a great fit for everyone.  It wasn't an easy decision at first.  But, when the Rivera's made up their minds, they sold their home and moved to Frederick.  There is family and culture around Pitorro.  It is a Clandestine Rum that is Puerto Rican Moonshine.  This is the true Puerto Rican Rum passed down from generation to generation.  "Puerto Rican born and Maryland made."  So, what is Pitorro?  Listen to the podcast episode and learn all about it.   We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 1341 Hughes Ford Rd, Frederick, MD 21701 - (240) 457-4038- - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Pitorro Taneytown Liquors The Wine Source University of Maryland Honey Bee Lab Frederick, MD
July 20, 2021
Dragon Distillery - Ashley Perez
This episode features Ashley Perez of Dragon Distillery. Mark and Tania Lambert founded Dragon Distillery as a passion project.  The theme is inspired by the game Dungeons and Dragons.  However, when it comes to the spirits they are not playing games.  Mark's family settled in Frederick in the 1700's.  The moonshine recipes date back to before prohibition.  In 2015 the Lambert's opened Dragon and it is the first distillery to open in Frederick since after Prohibition.  Ashley shares the story of the distillery and we sample many of the amazing craft distilled spirits.  Like many craft businesses they support local farmers to create their products.     We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 1341 Hughes Ford Rd Suite 108, Frederick, MD 21701 - (301) 844-6416- - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Frederick, MD 4 The Love of Sweets Cutwater Spirits Dungeons & Dragons Maryland Renaissance Festival Linganore Wines Wassail Attaboy Brewing Company Carroll Creek Park Earthly Elements Flying Dog Brewery Isabella's Taverna Maryland Distillers Guild
July 13, 2021
Lyon Rum - Date Night Chronicles
We spent some time in Saint Michaels Maryland a few weeks ago.  We got to meet Jaime Windon of Windon Distilling who is the CEO and Founder of Lyon Rum.  In this episode we taste 4 of the expressions from our fermented adventure.   Windon Distilling - 605 S Talbot Street #6 (in the Old Mill), Saint Michaels, MD 21663 - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: American Whiskey Convention Saint Michaels Maryland Dragon Distillery Puerto Rico Distillery Train Wreck Distillery Brewscuits is sponsoring this episode.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.
June 29, 2021
Moo-Duck Brewery - Mike and Kristen Brubaker
This episode features Mike Brubaker and Kristen Brubaker of Moo-Duck Brewery Mike received a home brewing kit as a birthday present.  The pale ale is what got things started over 14 years ago.  The science and the creativity part hooked Mike in.  Family and friends started clamoring for their brew.  Then they began brewing for big events.  The hobby turned into homebrew competitions and successful accolades.  Kristen and Mike then rolled up their sleeves, kept their day jobs and worked their butts off for the first year.  Moo-Duck is a community meeting place where friends can gather and enjoy sensational beer. We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 79 S Wilson Ave, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 - (717) 727-3791 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Blue Heron Coffee Pour Man's Brewing Company Masonic Village Elizabethtown Poor Richard's Ale Winters Heritage House Museum World Series of Birding Birdwatching Elizabethtown, PA Rotary Amtrak Lancaster Homebrew
June 22, 2021
Pennsylvania Libations - Art Etchells
This episode features Art Etchells of Pennsylvania Libations. Pennsylvania Libations is opening their Philadelphia Location in the Reading Terminal Market.  It will feature over 20 craft producers in the State of PA and will offer over 100 different products.  The soft opening is set for the weekend of June 19th and 20th.  Just in time for Father's Day.  PA Libations began in Pittsburgh just 4 years ago.  Christian Simmons is the brain child behind this incredible store that offers products created in Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia's own Art Etchells is managing the location here in the RTM.  We enjoyed our time learning more about Art's journey from Hockey Blogger to creating one of the most successful social media pages... Foobooz.  Art brings his vast experience in the craft wine and spirits industry and will help to showcase some of the best that PA has to offer.  Now locals and tourists alike have just one more reason to get to the Reading Terminal. We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 51 North 12th Street Space #439 Philadelphia, PA 19107 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Christian Simmons Manatawny Still Works Row House Spirits Philadelphia Magazine Artillery Brewing Maggie's Farm Rum Distillery The Italian Market Strip District Reading Terminal Market Thistle Finch Distillery
June 20, 2021
Artillery Brewing Co. - Mike Loveless and Sean Naughton
This episode features Mike Loveless and Sean Naughton of Artillery Brewing Co. Mike started as a home brewer in 2013.  His wife didn't enjoy the house smelling like a brewery any longer.  Mike had spent his early life in Europe and had become enamored with the cannon and history.  Paul Zippel is Mike's partner and they went looking for a place to expand their home brewing expertise.  Sean came on board in November of 2020.  He brought his beer and science background to Artillery.  The team has been satisfying beer fans since April 2021.  Their journey is fascinating and this episode provides insight into their young experiences.  By the quality and character of their beer, you'd swear that they have been opened for years.  We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 333 Granite Alley, West Chester, PA 19380 - (484) 999-5976 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: The Split Rail Tavern Schaefer Beer University of The Sciences Matt Farber Johnson & Wales University Saison Dupont Cannonball Run Yards Brewing Co. Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. Stolen Sun Craft Brewing and Roasting West Chester, PA Wrong Crowd Beer Brown Bess Musket Philly Sour Yeast
June 09, 2021
Four Fingers Brewing Company - Jack Fritz
This episode features Jack Fritz of Four Fingers Brewing Company. Jack has enjoyed craft beer from as early as he can remember trying his first beer.  He introduced craft to his dad Ross.  Ross began experimenting and brewing beer in his home.  He was getting really good at it.  So good in fact that they took the vacant space in a building that they own and opened Four Fingers Brewing Brewing Co.  They swung open the doors in late January of 2020 just before the Covid restrictions went into place.  The timing turned into a blessing in disguise.  It has given them the time to hone their beer and dial in the process.  This young craft brewery is producing some really fine beer.   We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 4500 Aston Mills Rd, Aston, PA 19014 - (610) 241-1212 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Manbroso's Untappd High Hopes Podcast Philadelphia Phillies Harry Kalas Paul Carpenter Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Victory Brewing Company Breweries in PA  What's Brewing NBC Sports Philadelphia Glen Macnow Joe Sixpack Rolling Rock
June 03, 2021
Our Stop in Iceland - Date Night Chronicles
In 2019 we had a stop over in Reykjavik, Iceland. In this episode we share and taste 3 of the bottles that we picked up on our short layover prior to sprinting through the airport to get to our next flight. Highlights from our discussion: Birkir Snaps Foss Distillery Crowberry Reykjavik Distillery Floki Eimverk Distillery Visit Iceland Chambord Brewscuits is sponsoring this episode.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.
May 28, 2021
Old Line Spirits - Mark McLaughlin
This episode features Mark McLaughlin of Old Line Spirits.   Mark and Arch got to know each other from their time in the Navy.  They didn't care for their civilian careers and sitting at a desk.  They were drawn to the romance of the craft spirits world.  Mark went to Seattle for a wedding a few days after quitting his job.  From there it was serendipity.  They went on a fascinating journey that took them to start and open Old Line Spirits in 2017.  Today, they are crafting some incredible American Single Malts.  Their whiskey is full of character and flavor with a story in each bottle. We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order. 4201 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21224 - (443) 218-9984 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Benash Liquor Store US Navy American Distilling Institute Seattle Middle West Spirits Rum Runner Press IPA Bimber Distillery American Single Malt Whiskey Commission Great Western Malting Finger Lakes Distilling Philadelphia Whiskey Society Drug City Pharmacy and Liquors Fisher House Foundation
May 18, 2021
Cellar Beast Winehouse - Matthew Check, Brian Crew and Karin Kozlowski
This episode features Matthew Check, Brian Crew and Karin Kozlowski of Cellar Beast Winehouse.  In episode 28 we interviewed Matt and Brian.  Now we sit down with them again at their new venture, Cellar Beast Winehouse.  Karin has joined the team bringing her wine and cider making expertise.  It was a rainy day in a most perfect setting.  We discussed and tasted 3 of their new releases. What you will learn is that they are passionate about what they do.  They are excited for guests to come and experience the winery.  For them, so much is about the education piece, along with having a really good time.  Go and visit.  Enjoy some amazing wines and ciders.   We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.      139 Ash Circle Andreas PA 18211 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Sutter Home Dan Johnson - ArtisticKnack  Galen Glen Winery Eight Oaks Distillery  Lehigh Valley Winetrail Auburn Road Vineyard Bad Mother Shuckers Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley Philadelphia School of Wine
May 11, 2021
Charm City Meadworks Review - Date Night Chronicles
This is the pre Salam and Main trip.  We discuss where we have been recently on our travels.  This episode we have the pleasure of sharing and reviewing 2 expressions from Charm City Meadworks.   Highlights from our discussion: Baltimore Old Line Spirits Cellar Beast Winehouse Charm City Meadworks Melomel
May 04, 2021
Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery - Scott and Julianne Donnini
This episode features Scott and Julianne Donnini of Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery.  "Growing grapes is an art." Scott and Julianne were both practicing attorneys in the City of Philadelphia.  They had reached a time in their lives where they did some searching about the life that they wanted for their future.  It was over a bottle of wine that the conversation of a winery took shape.  They had no idea how to farm, grow grapes or make wine.  They drew from their experiences in Italy to create a vision of what guided them to open Auburn Road.  When it opened in November of 2007 it was the 26th winery in New Jersey.  Today it thrives as a social hub, a mini vacation spot and a destination that transports you to experience some tremendously wonderful wines.   117 Sharptown-Auburn Rd, Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 - (856) 769-9463 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: St Joeseph's University Villanova University Old City Queen Village Home Sweet Homebrew Sylvin Farms Winery - Frank Salek Tomasello Winery Valenzano Winery Cape May Winery William Heritage Winery Vintage Atlantic Wine Region Reopenings Garden State Wine Growers Association San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Caroline Mortimer Campari
April 27, 2021
Gregg "Boog" Williams - Boogs Best LLC
This episode features Gregg "Boog" Williams of Boogs Best LLC. Gregg has become known as "The Lamp Guy".  His new endeavor started after finishing off a bottle at the Twisted Tale in Philadelphia, PA.  A few weeks later he made his first lamp out of an empty bourbon bottle.  This quickly spread into another bottle and even pendant lighting.  Today Boogs Best Llc is producing really amazing keepsakes and conversation pieces.  He takes used barrels and makes cabinets out of them.  Breaking down the barrels he is creating wall hooks and display shelves.  He even is making cigar holders.  Gregg's passion of bourbon and whiskey is touching lives and building long-lasting relationships.   Listen as he shares some of the experiences that he has enjoyed on his fermented adventure.   Facebook Highlights from our discussion: The Twisted Tale Art In The Age Greg Metze Old Elk Freddie Johnson Tahoe Blue Vodka Pops McCann Whiskey Jim Beam Denny Potter Maker's Mark Bardstown, KY National Bourbon Day Urban Bourbon Trail Buffalo Trace Blanton's Bourbon Wheaton Arts Boog Powell Philadelphia Whiskey Society Roger Wilco
April 20, 2021
Grand Illusion Hard Cider - Chad Kimmel
This episode features Chad Kimmel of Grand illusion Hard Cider. The name Grand Illusion Hard Cider was inspired by magic. Slight of hand if you will.  The inspiration for this cider comes from the tasting rooms that you find at breweries. Originally conceived to be a tasting room for wine, Chad made a serendipitous pivot into cider and opened his own vision for what a craft American cidery should be.  He draws his inspiration from his own experiences and and the ciders that he has tried.  Putting his own spin on the flavor profile.  Grand Illusion opened its doors on February 2018 and has quickly become an anchor attraction in downtown Carlisle, PA.      26 W High St, Carlisle, PA 17013 - (717) 462-4716 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Wyndridge Cider Co. Run It Like a Rock Star Tired Hands Brewery PA Libations Stone & Key Cellars Upper Reach Meadery Kingview Mead Pour The Core Kyle Purnell Harrisburg Area Community College Angry Orchard Woodchuck Hard Cider Carla Snyder Original 13 Ciderworks St. Vrain Cidery Ploughman Cider Big Hill Ciderworks Carlisle, PA Reverend Nat's Hard Cider Diners Drive-ins and Dives Finger Lakes Cider House Hook & Flask Still Works Penn State University
April 13, 2021
Original 13 Ciderworks - John Kowchak and Petra Manchina
This episode features John Kowchak and Petra Manchina of Original 13 Ciderworks. John's Grandfather Charles Steckel worked in apple orchards and learned how to make hard cider.  John's journey began as a home brewer of beer.  On a fateful day he had a conversation with his grandfather who shared with him that he made hard cider in his basement.  John pays tribute to has grandfather with the Sir Charles line.  John saw opening a cidery in Philadelphia as a continuation of his families entrepreneurial roots.  In 2013 Original 13 was born and at the time there were no cideries in Philadelphia.  In 2017 they opened the doors.  In this episode John and Petra share their take and vision on the cider and mead that they are creating.  The cocktail program, tasting room and restaurant.  They are producing some incredible and complex cider.  Full of flavor, character and some wonderful surprises. 1526 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 - (215) 765-7000 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Samson & Surrey 5:dirty Martinis Magners Irish Cider Atacama Dessert Blueberry Capital of the World PA Cider Guild Punch Buggy Brewing Company Capitol Cider Clint Holmes Hale & True Cider Co. Basque Cider Strongbow Apple Cider Peter Mitchell Cider & Perry Academy Arsenal Cider House Applejack
April 06, 2021
Punch Buggy Brewing Company - Patrick Coyne, John Riley, James Baker
This episode features Patrick Coyne, John Riley and James Baker of Punch Buggy Brewing Company. This brewery finds its origins as many breweries do.  The foundation of home brewing, making beer and sharing it with friends.  The idea was born out of a slightly different path.  Attending beer festivals and becoming interested and excited by beer.  Well, once you attend a beer festival you must try home brewing.  Of course the first beers are hit and miss.  But, eventually you begin to dial in the recipes and procedures.  Punch Buggy is thriving because of the "not going to quit" attitude of its founders.  They just about ran out of beer on their opening weekend.  They realized they needed larger and more productive equipment.  They collaborated and learned from other local breweries in the region.  They have experienced growing pains.  Now, every beer that they make is better than the last.  Their beers have character, flavor and complex notes.  All of the people behind Punch Buggy are determined, humble and hungry to offer the best beer possible. 1445 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Double Eagle Malt Schmidt's Beer Levante Brewing Company Stable 12 Brewing Co. 2nd Story Brewing Co. Free Will Brewing Co. Philly Home Brew Outlet Tree House Brewing Company Archbishop Ryan High School Cannstatter Volksfest Verein Nodding Head Brewery
March 30, 2021
5:dirty - Melissa and Kyle Reed
This episode features Melissa and Kyle Reed of 5:dirty. Melissa has a love for dirty martinis.  For her and her mom Maria, it's their everyday go to cocktail.  The search was on to make the perfect dirty martini.  Kyle and Melissa's reputation grew and their friends and family would encourage them to bring their dirty martini concoctions every time that they would come over.  By batching the martini it would allow them more time to spend with their guests.  The idea came to them... wouldn't it be great if we could actually bottle this so everyone could have it?  5:dirty has become a hit.  They make 2 versions, the Dab of Dirty and the Double Dirty.  Pick up a bottle or two, pour yourself a martini and enjoy the episode. - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: 717 south restaurant Premier Innovations Group The Gypsy Saloon Fox 29 Jennaphr Frederick Sex and the City Spring Mill Cafe Little Water Distillery More Than the Curve Leonard Mountain Big Spring Spirits Pops McCann Whiskey
March 23, 2021
Fetish Brewing Company - Aaron Risser
This episode features Aaron Risser of Fetish Brewing Company.   Fetish can trace it's roots to a backyard creation, flourishing into what it is today.  In 2005, Aaron brewed his first beer, which was most likely a dark pumpkin ale.  Like many he brewed for the experience and to give his beer away to other people.  It evolved into a monthly brew session which led to a lot of happy beer drinkers and meeting his partners.  He learned from the professionals at Weyerbacher Brewing Company on how to grow and scale his home brewing fetish.  Today, Aaron brews what he likes to drink.  He has a background in fine arts and graphic design.  This experience finds its way into the flavors and complexities of the beers that he creates.  Fetish sources fresh ingredients from the farmland that surrounds the brewery.  It's some of the best farmland in the world.  He even grows the ghost peppers for the ghost pepper stout.  Fetish opened on January 24, 2021.  This 3 years young brewery is turning out some incredible beers.  Go ahead, listen, and make this your new beer fetish.    201 Rock Lititz Blvd, Lititz, PA 17543 - 717-629-2465 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Russian River Brewing Cantillon Brewery Stoll & Wolfe Triple Sun Spirits Ambergris Hershey's Chocolate Fraktured Hot Sauce Rock Lititz Lititz, PA
March 16, 2021
Pops McCann Whiskey - Jason Fogg
We welcome back Jason Fogg of Pops McCann Whiskey.  There are now 4 new expressions of Pops McCann Whiskey to tell the story.  I got to sit down with Jason and we talked about family and heritage.  Each individual bottle represents an adventure.  He weaves the heritage of his family and the Irish immigration story into the whiskey that is put into the bottle.  It has been a spiritual and educational journey to get to where Pops is today.  Jason proudly says "Bet on Pops".  Take the tour with us as we taste each whiskey.  Become part of the "Pops Gang" yourself. - Facebook -  Highlights from our discussion: Wild Bill Guarnere Jacquin's Kevin McCloskey Band of Brothers Good Intent Cider Civil War Cider
February 16, 2021
Sourland Mountain Spirits - Ray and Sage Disch
This episode features Ray and Sage Disch of Sourland Mountain Spirits.  "Be a maker, not a taker." We truly had a fantastic time sitting down with Ray and Sage.  Back in the early 90's Ray was inspired by a story that he heard on the radio about a husband and wife who worked as commodity traders in Chicago.  They left their high paying jobs to open a craft brewery in Chi-town.  Leading the charge and laying the groundwork, Ray helped to sponsor legislation to help to change the laws for New Jersey breweries.   In 1995 Triumph Brewing Company introduced craft beer to the masses in Princeton, NJ.  Fast forward to 2015 Ray along with his wife Erica made the decision to open a craft distillery in their hometown of Hopewell.  It is a family affair at their farm distillery.  What you hear is that Ray brings people together.  He builds teams and develops an environment of creativity and excellence.  He shares the fascinating journey to create their award winning Gin and their portfolio of first class spirits.  Sage discusses what's next for the distillery and how he is helping to guide them onto a bigger stage.   130 Hopewell Rocky Hill Rd, Hopewell, NJ 08525 - (609) 333-8575 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Zeng Farms Terhune Orchards Jeremy Myers Corgi Spirits Barr Hill Gin American Distilling Institute Heriot Watt University Cornell University  Brick Farm Tavern Troon Brewing Camden Winkelstein Hopewell, NJ
February 09, 2021
George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery - Steve Bashore
This episode features Steve Bashore of George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery.  "The best whiskeys we've made have yet to be bottled  ." Steve has worked in the museum field for over 30 years and is a miller by trade.  Add to that resume being the head distillery at a place where he keeps history alive.  Being a distiller using 18th century equipment isn't easy.  He is a problem solver and he has learned to adapt with the equipment that he has.  Steve joined Mount Vernon in 2007 as head of the department of historical trades where he oversees the living history element.  Steve was there when the first barrel was filled in 2007.  With the help of some incredible people the distillery is now producing some much coveted spirits.  His stories, experiences and knowledge are fascinating.   Steve's focus on education, pride and the connection to history keeps the spirit of George Washington thriving.   5514 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309 - (703) 780-3383 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Nearest Green Maggie Campbell Privateer Rum Scotch Whisky Association Alexandria, VA Starlight Distillery Ferm Solutions Lisa Wicker Widow Jane Distillery Jack Daniels A. Smith Bowman Jimmy Russell Jim Beam Mike Sherman Vendome Copper & Brass Works American Whiskey Trail Dr. Peter Cressy Dave Pickerell Distilled Spirits Council of the United States Bourbon Pompeii Esther White
February 02, 2021
Jefferson's Bourbon - Emily Lader - Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits
In this episode we sit down with Emily Lader of Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits.  Emily is back with us on the podcast.  We discuss the impact Covid has had on the Philadelphia restaurant and bar scene.  We talk about how people are enjoying their spirits at home and that Tequila sales are up.  We have the pleasure of tasting and reviewing Jefferson's Bourbon.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Manhattan ready to drink cocktail, Jefferson's small batch, Jefferson's Reserve and Jefferson's Ocean.   All four of these were excellent pours.  Unique in nose, flavor and character.     Highlights from our discussion: Bushmills The Martinez Cocktail Manhattan Cocktail Thomas Jefferson Whiskey Whiskey Rebellion Philadephia Whiskey Society Black Hog BBQ Jane Bowie Maker's Mark Manchester United Chivas Manatawny Still Works Varga Bar
January 26, 2021
Devil's Creek Brewery - Kathy Ganser
This episode features Kathy Ganser of Devil's Creek Brewery.  "Wouldn't it be cool to start a brewery?" The seed was planted in 2015, Kathy and Anthony decided to open a brewery.  Kathy went for it and dove right in.  Doing site planning and drawing from her background in graphic design, she made the branding come alive.  The name pays homage to a Jersey Devil sighting in Collingswood.  At the creek right behind where the brewery sits.  Like many breweries Anthony and Kathy began as home brewers.  Early on Anthony was winning awards for his home craft beer.  They put their heart and soul into building out the local neighborhood place.  Today Kathy is creating recipes that are winning awards in national competitions.  The beers are strong in flavor and character.  This women owned brewery is doing Collingswood proud and has quickly become a hot spot for the community. 1 Powell Ln, Collingswood, NJ 08108 - (856) 425-2520 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Collingswood, NJ Jersey Devil Erik Dickersbach River Horse Brewing Company Great American Beer Festival Beastie Boys Buffalo Trace Distillery Cream Ridge Winery Revolution Coffee Roasters Cape May Brewing Company Village Idiot Brewing Company Atlantic City Beer Festival
January 19, 2021
Old Republic Distillery - Bill Mathias
This episode features Bill Mathias of Old Republic Distillery.  "We distill for flavor baby... It's all about the flavor."    The distillery started with a passion.  Bill's grandfather and great grandfather made home made wine.  They made dandelion and watermelon rind wine.  They made alcohol from what was readily available.  Bill was curious about how they made what they did.  At 18 Bill brewed his first beer and learned all about fermentation.  He runs three stills.  He's making the mash and fermenting to put out some exceptional and flavorful spirits.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.  330 Town Center Dr York, PA 17408 - 717-870-1792 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Old Republic Distillery Tavern - Ephrata Jack Daniels Mojito Recipe Explore York Keystone Craft Spirits Trail Grappa Dickey's Barbecue Allegro Winery Troegs Beer
December 01, 2020
Pine Tavern Distillery - Bill Cox
This episode features Bill Cox of Pine Tavern Distillery.  Bill and his family love to go camping for their vacations.  They pack up the campers and check out places on the East Coast.  On one of their trips they visited Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, Virginia.  Later they pondered, "Why is there nothing like this in NJ?"  Taking the next steps they met with now defunct Cooper River Distillers in Camden, NJ.   This gave them the information and structure that they needed to get started.  Cooper River helped them put things together.  New Jersey is a "Right to Farm" State and they determined that the families farm was the perfect setting to get their distillery dreams going.  Already growing corn on the land it was perfect.  On February 3, 2016 they fired up the still and began to distill their Muddy Run Corn Moonshine.  Now the 8th oldest distillery in NJ they continue to grow and expand.  This camping trip inspired distillery is producing spectacular spirits which pay tribute to local history.  They emphasize a spirit of collaboration with their neighbors and the local community.   149A Pine Tavern Rd, Monroeville, NJ 08343 - (856) 358-1076 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Copper Fox Distillery Salem County Historical  Society Mood's Farm Recklesstown Distillery Gino Pinto Tadmore Distilling Ciroc Vodka U.S. Barrel Independence Spirits Distillery Two Bridges Wine Trail Rabbit Hill Farms
November 24, 2020
Ship Bottom Brewery Mexican Stout Review - Date Night Chronicles
This is our "Date Day" Chronicle episode of The Date Night Chronicles.  We discuss our trip to Baltimore where we check out some new places and grab a limited release or two.  This episode we get into Ship Bottom Brewery's Mexican Stout. Highlights from our discussion: Ship Bottom Brewery Linvilla Orchards Old Line Spirits Brewsquits Barley Wine L.P. Steamers Guiness Open Gate Brewery Bulleit Bourbon Diamondback Brewing Co.
November 17, 2020
Fraktured Sauce - Cheyne Geverd and Fiona Palumbo
This episode features Cheyne Geverd and Fiona Palumbo of Fraktured Sauce.  Cheyne characterizes the start Fractured as a mid life crisis event.  Cheyne's father determined that he couldn't taste food anymore and they started growing hot peppers in the backyard.  Spicy food stuck with the family.  Fiona grew up in Brazil where her father would bring home hot peppers local to the area and she would make her own hot sauces.  Cheyne and Fiona met on an organic farm and today they combine their passion, family traditions and love of the spicy to make some tasty hot sauces.   These are all natural hot sauces containing no gums or thickeners.   Goshenhoppen Run Farm - 1151 Faust Road, Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania 18074 - (215) 486-4038 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Fraktur Fiery Food Show Steve Seabury - High River Sauces Moqueca RADS Hot Sauce Brewscuits Tabasco Pipicha Hot Ones Varga Bar
November 10, 2020
Tadmore Distilling - Natasha Vitale
This episode features Natasha Vitale of Tadmore Distilling Co.  "This is passion and the passion gets you through the hard times".  It started with a discovery of bourbon and loving bourbon.  Steve and Tasha were high school sweethearts.  They continue to do everything together.  They took a trip to a liquor store.  The bottle of Woodford Reserve spoke to them and they have been hooked ever since.  In 2016 they visited Kentucky and experienced the Bourbon Trail.  Woodford and Makers Mark inspired them to start and open a distillery of their own.  Today they are part of the story in the rebirth of Salem, NJ.         90 W Broadway, Salem, NJ 08079 - (856) 485-0750 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Salem , NJ Mason Dixon Line East Coast Barrels Jim Beam Bicardi Atlantic Sweetner Rabbit Hill Farms Jimmy Red Corn Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon Trail Woodford Reserve
November 03, 2020
Levante Brewing Company Revibe Sparkling Seltzer Review - Date Night Chronicles
This is the pre Halloween episode of The Date Night Chronicles.  We discuss our halloween memories and what's going on with Halloween 2020.  This episode we have the pleasure of sharing and reviewing Levante Brewing Company's Revibe Sparkling Seltzer. Highlights from our discussion: Levante Brewing Company Revibe Sparkling Seltzer Old Republic Distillery York, PA Tadmore Distilling Salam, NJ Franks Soda West Chester, PA Hotel Chocolat Snickers Bar 3 musketeers Bar Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Rice Krispies Treats Hershey's Chocolate Bar
October 30, 2020
Newground Hard Dutch Latte Review - Date Night Chronicles
This is the first installment of The Date Night Chronicles.  We share our date night with you and tell you a little about our story on how Fermented Adventure got started.  This is our first opportunity to do a review.  This episode we have the pleasure of sharing Newground Hard Dutch Lattes. Highlights from our discussion: Newground Hard Dutch Latte Palmer Distilling Manayunk  Hook and Flask Still Works
October 27, 2020
Hook and Flask Still Works - Mark Farrell and Devin Flickinger
This episode features Mark Farrell and Devin Flickinger of Hook and Flask Still Works.  2 friends with a 15 year relationship decided to open a distillery.  Devin was home brewing beer and making wine before entering into the world of distilling.  They took off doing market research by visiting other distilleries, asking a lot of questions, taking classes and shadowing other distillers.  The result is a fire themed establishment that pays homage and honors their roots.  They are refining their craft one bottle at a time.  Creating a delicious mix of cocktails, food and fun.  We discuss their growth during cover and the development of their brown spirits program. 137 N Hanover St, Carlisle, PA 17013 - (717) 601-2770 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Grand Illusion Hard Cider Five Saints Distilling Fireball Brewscuits Deer Creek Malthouse Adirondack Barrel Cooperage Big Hill Cider Works Sunday's Mill Company Black Button Distilling Davis Valley Distillery Cumberland County US Army War College
October 20, 2020
Tenth Ward Distilling Company - Amanda Boroughs and Kachentha Bennett
This episode features Amanda Boroughs and Kachnetha Bennett of Tenth Ward Distilling Company.  In 2015 Monica Pearce took all of the money that she had and opened a distillery.  The next step was to open up a cocktail lounge and tasting room.  There is also an event space that is perfect for weddings and celebrations.  At Tenth Ward there is a purpose, a plan and a mission.  They don't just do ordinary.  They put their own creative stamp on their creations.  Thinking out every last detail.  What they create are some of the finest spirits which are the base for the amazing cocktails that they produce.  This women owned distillery has a dedicated team that is committed to making craft spirits that are unusual, unconventional and sensational.  Amanda and Kachentha take us behind the scenes and behind the bar and we get to learn what makes it all come together. 55 E Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701 - 301-360-5888 - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Rockwell Brewery Visit Maryland Visit Frederick McCutcheon's Apple Cider National Museum of Civil War Medicine Jack Daniel's Honey New York World Wine & Spirits Competition  Orchid Celler Meadery San Francisco World Spirits Competition Attaboy Beer Chesapeake Watershed Absinthe Domino Sugar
October 13, 2020
Dressler Estate - Brian and Olga Dressler
This episode features Brian Dressler and Olga Dressler of Dressler Estate.   "An exceptional dry cider made from modern apples is possible. "  It all started in a one bedroom apartment on the Main Line just outside of Philly.   Brian needed a hobby and decided to homebrew cider.  His roots are in apples.  Olga didn't think that it was a good idea at first but she quickly change her toon.  Making cider became a shared hobby, something they could have together.  A trip to New England sealed the deal for their passions for cider making.   email: - - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Leaf Peepers Robert Mondavi Downingtown, PA Manatawny Still Works PA Cider Guild Vino Shipper American Keg Company East Branch Brewing Company Kauffman's Fruit Farm Main Beer Company
October 06, 2020
Brewscuits - Petrina DiOrio and Kimberly Triol
This episode features Petrina DiOrio and Kimberly Triol of Brewsquits.   "If it's not fun then why do it?"  Kim and Petrina rescue dogs, foster dogs and take care of military family dogs. They are also home brewers.  After brewing up a batch they took their spent grains outside for composting.  This time all of the dogs started devouring it.  They considered what they witnessed and said why not make a dog biscuit.  They started from their home with a little oven.  What they make is deliciousness for dogs.  All Natural... Hand Made... No Preservatives... All made from spent grains from local breweries and distilleries.  They are certainly having fun and doing it for good causes too.   100 Emlen Way, Telford, PA 18969 - - 215-723-0378 - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Pour the Core Breast Cancer Survivor  Joeys Paw Shark Tank Northampton Borough Police Department Outcast Rescue Piper Project Manatawny Still Works Free Will Brewing
September 29, 2020
Ploughman Cider - Ben Wenk
This episode features Ben Wenk of Ploughman Cider   "Greetings From Adams County".  Ben's family has been farming the land here since the 1820's.  After selling produce at a farmers market in Philadelphia, Ben decided to try a Strongbow.  It was different.  Not sticky sweet like other ciders.  He went home and tried making his first batch of cider.  From there he was hooked.  Adams County is considered Apple Capital USA.  On this episode Ben and I discuss cider, apples and fruit tree farming.  "Cider is not a value added product", Ben explains.  We enjoyed this fascinating look into Ben's families heritage and his passion for cider making.      1606 Bendersville-Wenksville Road, Aspers, PA 17304 - - (717) 677-7186 - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Strongbow Cider Luckyleaf Musselman's Dornick VinoShipper Three Springs Fruit Farm Ploughshares Cider Club John Bunker Big Hill Ciderworks Jack's Hard Cider Reid's Cider House Gettysburg Farmers Market Ploughman Cider Taproom Pour The Core Pennsylvania Cider Guild Philly Cider Week The Botany of Desire Farnum Hill Ciders
September 22, 2020
Mason Dixon Distillery - Yianni Barakos
This episode features Yianni Ba