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Fidelis Project

Fidelis Project

By Fidelis Project
Conversations surrounding integrated theological training for Christian leaders in a rapidly changing world.
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Episode #3 / Spiritual Formation
Dan discuss Spiritual Formation and its relationship with Scripture memory with Dr. Frank and Eric.   Learn more about or register as a student with Fidelis Project at:   Learn more about Zumé (the greek term for yeast) at:   Music by Josh White: "Only Your Presence" from the album Pilgrim, 2013:
October 21, 2021
Episode #2 / Metanarrative
Dr. Frank and Dan discuss the value of teaching the over-arching story of the Christian Scriptures as the foundation for knowing how to understand rightly the world God has made and His ultimate purpose in salvation. Learn more about Fidelis Project. Learn about the Firm Foundations material by Trevor McIlwain. Watch "Ee-Taow". Visit The Bible Project. Music by Josh White: "Only Your Presence" from the album Pilgrim 2013.
September 28, 2021
Episode #1 / Conversation with Dr. Frank Schattner
A brief introduction to the founder of Fidelis Project.
July 7, 2021