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A bunch of pals who like parkour and like talking about it almost as much.
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The Fifthunit Podcast - EP.19 | Greece Gaps W/ @joebergine, @paceparkour, @joki_joka
A few of the boys managed to get out to Greece during the second lockdown, we talk about the training and scene out in Greece, as well as everything else we got up to and all the people we met.  BIG UP - @scruffyboys and @paceparkour SAFE FOR LISTENING xxx If you'd like to support the farm we helped at their website is - Vrouva Farm | Vrouvafarm | Greece. We'd really appreciate any help! 
February 22, 2021
The Fifthunit Podcast - EP18 | Contendunt catch up
A little while ago Chris, Markus and Ethan managed to sit down with Callun from Contendunt. Giving us a little insight behind the brand including their aspirations, mind set and the direction they want to push towards! Hope you guys enjoy XXX
February 8, 2021
The Fifthunit Podcast - EP.17 | SPICY CHILLI CHALLENGE?!?!?!
Join us in beans' yard for this poddy, stay tuned for a spicy twist at the end ;). Hope y'all enjoy this one :))
October 20, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - EP.16 | The bands back together
Some of the boys got together to talk training in groups again, sole destroyer, monetary value of parkour videos and scary jumps.
September 9, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - EP.15 w/ Verky02
MC Dell, Big Eff and Chris Cross jumped on a zoom call with Verky to talk about breaking down challenges, Verkylogs, possible new teams in the making and more. SAFE XXX
June 23, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 14 | w/ Charlie Havill
Couple of the boys hopped on a zoom call with Mr Havill and talk lockdown training, connections and some of Charlies experiences with parkour. SAFE XXX P.S please donate and educate your selves with the link below #BLM
June 8, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 13 | The Great Cereal Debate of 2020
Got all the boys together for a zoom call to discuss our individual solo training and experiences in lockdown with some cereal talk added in. P.S soz for bad audio we poor and can't afford mics xxx
May 20, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 12 | w/ Joel Larsson
a few of the fellas (and mr larsson) bundled into chris' living room to talk all things pk4eva and eat pancakes xxx
April 6, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 11 | Japoopy on the mic
Back before everyone in England was told they could leave their gaffs, MC Dell and Chris Cross sat down with new team member Japoopy to talk about his parkour experiences and general thoughts on the culture 🤘
March 24, 2020
The Fifthunit SHIRTcast - Ep. 10 | Would you like some pasta?
apologies for the lil' delay on this one, we talk about teams, recent trips and some general pk goss xxx
February 18, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 9 | (GHOSTS in the FIFTHUNIT GROUP???) NOT CLICKBAIT!!!!!
We recorded this a little before Christmas, don't care xxx
January 15, 2020
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 8 | w/ Kelan Ryan and Ed Scott (from the BLE)
We pulled Kelan and Ed away mid-scruffy party to talk sweet pk, love xx
November 30, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 7 | How to NOT do Parkour trips (+ some spiritual healing)
Chris and Markus got together at the CRACK of dawn to reminisce about some near-frostbite experiences, airport-spiritual-healing and #teamcorkboy luv xxx
November 4, 2019
The Fifthunit STRETCHCAST - Ep. 6 | Physical/Mental Balance and Style
This week a few of the boys got together to stretch and talk about athletes physical/mental balance and styles within the parkour of which we are all so fond, ENJOY XXX
October 15, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 5 | Chris' Scrap With IMAX and Introducing Ethan
A few of the boys got together and talked with newest member Big Eff about his progression in parkour and Chris' Scrap with the block at imax. SAFE xxx
September 26, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 4 | Scruffy Camp, Nova City and Man Like Ethan (feat. Edan Hoye)
Some of the boys (and a visiting scouse) got together to talk about Scruffy Camp, Nova City and competition in general. PEAAAACE XXX
September 26, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 3 | Injuries Schminjuries
The two most handsome members got together to talk about experiences with injuries, various tangents and closing with underated clips in videos so stick around for that PEACE OOOWT.
September 26, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 2 | Have Fun, Don't Quit, Keep Training
Round 2. Introducing Dennis, an OG FIFTHUNIT member, back to talk to the guys about motivation and mental attitudes towards training.
September 26, 2019
The Fifthunit Podcast - Ep. 1 | Origins and Obligations
The boys got together, sat down with a few bevs and started talking about the FIFTHUNIT origin story, social obligations within parkour and underrated athletes. Deep right?
September 25, 2019