Figuring out Families

Figuring out Families

By Majellan Media
It's in the family we learn the skills of living together. We first
learn that we are loved, understood, wanted and cared for,
and in most cases it's in the family we are formed to be who we are.

But our biggest hurts, failures and tragedies can also occur
within the family.

For most of us we have to learn as we go!

For over 70 years Majellan has provided advice, shared stories
of family life and helped family members deal with the problems that arise.

We've helped thousands with their family issues.

Join us in this new podcast series. Together we’ll set about
Figuring out Families.
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Dr Robyn Miller CEO of MacKillop Family Services

Figuring out Families

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Christmas and the Holy Family
As we approach Christmas, we turn our attention to the holy family.  Mary and Joseph experienced problems as all couples do. We know that their marriage almost didn’t happen because Mary told Joseph she was expecting a child. After God’s intervention in a dream to Joseph, they did marry and then we hear little else about their relationship. However we can imagine that like any marriage, there may have been times when Mary and Joseph had disagreements and faced issues as parents as they raised their child Jesus. They probably would have dealt with those issues far more charitably than many of us would, but still, no family is completely free of difficulties. It is in the family that we learn the skills of living together. We first learn that we are loved, understood, wanted and cared for, and in most cases it's in the family we are formed to be who we are. So this Christmas we remember all families It’s sad that research has found that the Christmas period is a time of the year for a spike in anxiety, depression, social isolation, as well financial and time stress. Work-life balance, increased indulgence in food, drugs, alcohol and gambling.  Differing expectations, beliefs or values around Christmas are factors contributing to family stresses over the holiday period. Like Mary and Joseph who endured stress finding shelter for the birth of their son Jesus, this Christmas we remember all families experiencing stress, sorrow and hardship. Oh come Emmanuel We pause and reflect on our own family; we thank God for the blessing, and we pray for the healing of our families’ wounds and brokenness Oh come Emmanuel For all families in the world. We recognise the differences that culture and beliefs bring, and we celebrate the similarities that love and understanding bring. Oh come Emmanuel From the Majellan Family to your family: We wish you a blessed, safe and peace filled Christmas and new year as we pray , Oh,come Emmanuel  Christ the Savior is born.  He is "God Among Us"  - Emmanuel The musical accompaniment in this episode is a modern take on a Christmas classic by our mission partner Niamh O’Neill and performed by the Redemptorists Youth Oceania, in New Zealand. To hear the song in its entirety and view our Christmas Card video go to the Majellan YouTube Chanel Host: David Ahern Produced by
December 11, 2019
Gerald Bain-King, School principal speaking about families and school
In this Figuring Out Families podcast we talk to Gerald Bain-King, who’s about to retire after many years as a principal and vice-principal in the Catholic school system. Gerald’s time in education has given him tremendous insights into the types of issues that affect families. In this podcast he gives advice on how parents can help their children get the best from their time at school and talks about the issues affecting students and their families today, including the proliferation of modern technology and the consequences on a child’s learning and what schools can do to assist families in need. A must listen for parents of school-aged children. Looking for more information visit
December 4, 2019
Deacon George Piech Meat
Our special guest on this episode of Figuring Out Families is Deacon George Piech Meat.  After fleeing war-torn Sudan and spending two years in Egypt, Deacon George and his young family came to Australia as refugees in 2004. He has since gained a Bachelor of Theology degree and now works as a Sudanese Catholic community pastoral worker in Melbourne.  He speaks about his life in war torn South Sudan with his wife and children, his work with Sudanese youth, and his mission to raise money for a Catholic school in South Sudan.
November 20, 2019
Bronwyn Melville - Pregnancy Help Australia
Our special guest in this episode of Figuring Out Families is Bronwyn Melville. Bronwyn is on the Board of Newcastle Pregnancy Help. She provides advice to women who are pregnant either by choice, or whose pregnancy is unplanned. Bronwyn, the mother of seven children and five grandchildren, talks about the types of issues affecting pregnant women today: some are from broken families while others have to deal with violent partners. Bronwyn also speaks passionately about her presentation before the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the decriminalisation of abortion, prior to the Government passing new legislation.
November 7, 2019
Dr Robyn Miller CEO of MacKillop Family Services
In this Figuring Out Families podcast we talk to Dr Robyn Miller, Chief Executive of MacKillop Family Services. Robyn is a social worker and family therapist with more than thirty years' experience. She also worked as a consultant with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Her organisation provides numerous services in the areas of Disability, Youth Support, Family, Education and Out of Home care. In this episode, Robyn, who is the mother of five children, talks about the role that trauma plays in family breakdown and what is being done to better protect children at risk.
October 23, 2019
Episode 3 Juli Sharp from Genesis Pregnancy Support on the issues about sex young people face today
In this Figuring Out Families podcast we talk to Juli Sharp Executive Officer of Genesis Pregnancy Support.  Juli’s been with the organisation for 20 years and previously served on the national board of Pregnancy Help Australia. She has written 10 sex and relationship education programs for schools called beREADY. Under her leadership, the organisation has also opened second-hand baby gear shops named ‘Reborn’ and introduced post abortion healing retreat weekends for women who are suffering. In this podcast we speak to Juli about the issues facing young mothers and women expecting babies, the changing trend of abortion and how pornography is having an adverse effect on families and children. Juli is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother of four. Host:  David Ahern Producer: Tony Biviano. By
October 8, 2019
Episode 2 Michael Gartland Salesion Youth Camps
The Salesians of Don Bosco, a Catholic Order serves the young, especially the disadvantaged and marginalised.  They have organised holiday camps for children for many years.  In this episode of Figuring Out Families, we welcome Michael Gartland who talks about his involvement in the camps, firstly as a participant as a youngster and now years later as a camp leader.  Michael speaks about his family upbringing and the positive experience the camps have on the children, especially those from broken or abusive homes.
September 26, 2019
Episode 1 with Denis Fitzgerald from Catholic Social Services Victoria
In our first episode of Figuring out Families we are pleased to welcome Denis Fitzgerald, outgoing Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV).  Denis has been with CSSV for eleven years where he has been a staunch advocate for social justice and support for those most in need in our society. Catholic Social Services Victoria assists the Catholic Church in following the teachings of Jesus Christ to stand with and serve those who are poor, disadvantaged and marginalised; and to work for a just, equitable and compassionate society. As a peak body for Catholic community services in Victoria CSSV supports and enhances the work of service and justice of our member organisations.  Join us as we talk to Denis about the issues and challenges facing families today, the main causes of family breakdown, and how it’s contributing to an increased problem in local communities and society generally. Brought to you by Majellan.Media Presenter: David Ahern Production: Tony Biviano 
September 9, 2019
Figuring out Families Introduction
Here's a really short overview of Figuring out Families  The new podcast from Majellan Media.   Episode 1 will be out 7 September.
August 23, 2019