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Fika with Fanny

Fika with Fanny

By Fanny Tulloch
Fika is a Swedish word for 'Taking a Break'. It means hanging out with loved ones for 'Kaffe och kanelbulle' (Coffee and cinnamon scroll) to talk about the important things in life.

My name is Fanny ('Funny'). I'm from Sweden. I have just moved to The Hague in the Netherlands. I enjoy teaching humans physical training with the intention to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Join me for 'Fika'. With a cup of coffee in your hand listen to me, sometimes with friends, talk about how we can consciously improve ourselves as human beings.

Thanks for listening :)
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14) Cherie Seeto on being able to Change & Appreciate little things
In this final episode, number 14, of FIKA with Fanny for 2020 I converse with my friend Cherie Seeto.  Cherie and I met at Emmet Louis first Mobility workshop in Australia back in 2016. Since then we’ve attended several of the same workshops so we have had many opportunities for getting to know each other.  When I did my Stretch therapy teachers intensive with Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt, Cherie was also the assisting teacher there. In this conversation Cherie shares many little lessons that she’s learnt over the years. For example how she sees beauty in everything, how she simplifies her teaching so her students can chew one bite of it at the time and how she brings people together to connect with one another, especially in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic happening. I think you’ll find this episode quite encouraging and positive. A good note to end 2020 I'd say!  I hope you enjoy this conversation with me and Cherie, / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training If you'd like to connect with Cherie Seeto you can find her here: If you want to reach out to me, my links are: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
December 19, 2020
13) Noor Kyle George on Spirituality & Singing from a Sufi perspective
In episode 13 of FIKA with Fanny I sit down for a chat with my friend and teacher Noor Kyle.  Noor and I came in contact with each other a couple of years ago when I started to listen to, then later attended live, the Nine sided circle talks she was doing together with another one of my teachers- Mushtaq. These talks still continues, pretty much on a weekly basis on Sunday 6.30pm PST (Join their mailing list below to receive updates for that!) Noor is currently teaching me how to vocalize/sing and all that is included in that so we inevitably get into a conversation about that in this episode. Noor also shares many layers of wisdom and perspectives on Spirituality from the lens of Sufism and how singing can be a part of this.  There is a lot of impressions to digest in this episode - Brew yourself a cup, sit back and listen in! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did, and if you've got questions or would like to share anything with Noor or myself, please contact us via the links below! / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training If you'd like to connect with Noor Kyle you can find her here:  Nine sided circle Youtube Channel Nine sided circle FB forum Nine sided circle FB page Nine sided circle Email If you want to reach out to me my links are: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
December 08, 2020
12) Miloo Ronkainen on Having kids early & Climbing mountains
In episode 12 of FIKA with Fanny I converse with my beautiful mum, Miloo! I have a special bond with my mum, and sharing the same birthday might have something to do with that as well as our frequent catch ups where we knit and talk whether we are in the same house or in different countries.  In this conversation I ask her what it was like to have kids at 19, renovating and building houses over the years with small kids and how she dealt with the firstborn (me) moving to the other side of the world. Mum also shares some of her experience going on adventures with my dad climbing mountains and sleeping in tents; both the tough times and the rewarding times.  If this sounds interesting to you I hope you'll listen in! Enjoy :) / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training If you want to connect with Miloo or myself you can do so via the links below: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
November 22, 2020
11) Julia Ronkainen on Stress & Panic attacks
In episode 11 of FIKA with Fanny I chat with my sister Julia! In a phone conversation recently Julia and I became aware that both of us have had one or several experiences of overwhelm, which you could refer to as anxiety or panic attacks. Even as close sister it is not always obvious that your everyday life 'stuff' or harder to talk about-things makes it through the phone, but this time it did.  When Julia came to the Hague for a visit recently we decided to sit down to talk it through to learn from each others experiences and record our it for others to take part of as well. With that we'd like to say two things:  1. Disclaimer: Please listen to this podcast and hear the stories of how we experienced having panic attacks and how we've dealt with it for ourselves. If you experience any symptoms related to stress and/or panic attacks please seek out a medical professional for help. 2. I had received the consent from my husband Luke to talk about my own experience of having a panic attack publicly.  In this conversation we tell the stories of how stress has affected us in our lives and how we have and are working through it. Julia and I share many interests and contemplation is one of them so in this chat we inevitably got onto how different practices has helped us or not, in living a life to the fullest. I think many of you will recognise yourself in what we talk about at one point or another in this podcast. If you have friends you think will recognise themselves too and could benefit from listening in, please send it onto them. Thanks for listening, / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training If you want to connect with Julia or myself you can do so via the links below: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
November 08, 2020
10) KaSandra Mitchell, behind a Lens & written Words
In episode 10 of FIKA with Fanny I chat with my friend KaSandra Mitchell, the humble lion! Kas and I met in Sydney last year for a night at the pub thanks to our husbands (Austin and Luke). We found that we could relate to one another on so many things and this conversation was about us diving deeper into some of those things.  Kas runs her own business called 'The Humble lion'. Her focus is on creating images for bold and modern brands so they can attract the costumers they want. She takes absolutely stunning photographs! I'm talking about the one's you stop scrolling on Instagram for, to just absorb! I know it sounds like a cliché but she really does have a magical way of capturing moments and stories with her photos. In our conversation we talk about structure, or the lack thereof, when writing blog posts, and what Kas process for taking photos and editing them is like. Kas also shares what it's like to be her on this planet, a woman living in America, in 2020.  I found it greatly inspiring to listen to Kas perspective on the different topics we got into.  I think you will too :) Enjoy! / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training If you want to connect with Kas you can find her here: @thehumblelion_ If you'd like to reach out to me you can find me here: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
October 24, 2020
9) Zeinab Fard on Adopting new & Maintaining old Traditions
In episode 9 of FIKA with Fanny I converse with my close friend Zeinab Fard! We reminisce on the time when we first got to know each other in Sydney a few years back, which was certainly different to any other friendships I've  ever started. We get into the topic of living in different places and whether we can call it 'home'. Zeinab tells us how she has adopted some of the western culture while still maintaining her old traditions from Iran, where she was born. We also touch on the art of making and selling rugs, and drawing.  Zeinab is a brave and wise woman and she inspires me every time we talk. I have no doubt that you will find this conversation interesting and thought-provoking.  Enjoy this FIKA conversation with Zeinab Fard! / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training You can find Zeinab's beautiful rugs and art here:  The Bo Fig Facebook page The Bo Fig Instagram If you'd like to reach out to me you can find me here: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel
October 10, 2020
8) Nicole Alicastro on Awareness & Communication in Physical training
I'm very excited about this first episode in the series of FIKA conversation with wonderful women in my life where I sit down with one of my best friends Nicole Alicastro.  Nic is a creative, thoughtful, and caring soul. In this conversation we talk about how important exercise technique and awareness is in physical training and how to communicate well teaching in the physical training realm. I also ask her what it’s like to be Nicole in this world and what her favorite chocolate is! I draw a lot of inspiration from Nicole’s spontaneous and creative side and I think you will too, listening to this conversation. If you’d like to get in touch with Nic you can find her via the following links: Facebook Instagram If you'd like to reach out to me you can find me here: @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training Facebook Mobility Training YouTube Channel Enjoy this FIKA conversation with Nicole Alicastro :-) / Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training
September 27, 2020
7) 2 ways - Take a break from your computer
In this episode I am sharing a couple of my favorite ways to take a break from work aka. break from sitting by the laptop.  Firstly I speak about how I ease the strain on my eyes with Palming.  The video I'm mentioning is this one by Nathan Oxenfeld called: "Bated method 101: Palming" Secondly I speak of a standing practice I like to do for relaxing my hips and lower back. I made an Instagram post about this not long ago which you can find here.  *Note that I am saying to think that someone is pulling your hair from the *Back* to elongate through the spine in this episode. The *top back* of the head is a better way of describing it. I also mention the 'Washing machine' , rotation through the torso that helps with relaxing the lower back, that my friend Craig Mallett taught me. You can find it here.  This episode is the first one I am doing "improv"-style aka. without a manuscript, what did you think of it?  I liked the improvisation and will aim to speak more from the heart in the coming episodes instead of preparing them in great detail as I did for the first few episodes.  If you liked this episode please consider sharing it with your friends. Thanks for tuning in!  Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training FaceBook Mobility Training YouTube
September 10, 2020
6) Q&A - Nutrition & The Female body in Training
In the 6th episode of FIKA with Fanny I tackle two massive topics that my newsletter requested I speak more of.  The first one is 'Food and Sugar' and the second is 'The Female body in training'.  I could go a lot deeper and talk for much longer on both of these topics, however there are people like my husband Luke Tulloch who already put out fantastic information on many aspects of these two topics so I wanted to come from a different angle with this talk. Instead of touching on things like what food does to our physiology and why we should eat X amount of gram of protein per day I am talking about our habitual behaviors around food and sugar and a few practical tips for how to move beyond that.  As for the Female body in training-topic, you will hear that I decided to share some of my personal journey of being a woman training as I think there are valuable lessons to be learnt from it for anyone. I also speak of the importance to not box yourself in and follow general recommendations for training as a woman, which you might find online... Luke's resources that I mention in the podcast are these:  Luke Tulloch podcast Luke Tulloch Menstrual cycle & Training Instagram post  If you liked this episode please consider sharing it with a couple of friends. As always - Thank you for listening!  Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training FaceBook Mobility Training YouTube
August 14, 2020
5) Textile Sustainability with Miloo & Julia Ronkainen
Episode 5 - Textile sustainability with Miloo and & Julia Ronkainen.  In this very special episode I got to sit down with my mum Miloo and my sister Julia for a conversation before my husband and I moved to the Netherlands. They both have a wealth of knowledge about the textile industry having both studied at university.  This conversation is different to my previous podcasts because this goes beyond the training and nutrition realm. Apart from the textile industry being a big interest of mine I can't help but think that it also has a part in the conversation about the health of our planet, and therefore our health too.  Our talk is centered around shopping behaviors, wasteful activities around textiles and how we can do better on an individual level, because that is mainly what we can control.  The resources we're mentioning are:  Fact movement  Project 333  Research paper on the environmental impact of different textile fibers We dearly hope that this chat will spark some interest to learn more and give ideas for how you can use, take care of or pass on your garments to someone who will continue to enjoy it. If you have a question, comment or feedback please send them to:  Thank you for listening!  Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training FaceBook Mobility Training YouTube
August 06, 2020
4) Calisthenics Strength Training Principles
It is the 6th of May 2020 today and in this 4th episode of FIKA with Fanny I am talking about Calisthenics Strength Training Principles.  I recently wrote an article on this topic which you can find here: In this podcast I speak about six important principles for getting results in your Calisthenics training, they are:  1. Body awareness and Breathing 2. Intensity and Volume parameters 3. Tempo 4. Moment arm and Body position in relation to Gravity (I recommend reading this section of the article to get a good understanding) 5. Equipment 6. Exercise selection and complexity If you liked this episode please share it with people you think would benefit from it and consider giving me a 5-star rating so people you may not know can find it easier too.  Enjoy you Calisthenics training :) Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training FaceBook Mobility Training YouTube
May 06, 2020
3) Body Awareness
In this episode I speak of the fundamental component for all physical training - Body awareness.  I speak from my experience improving body awareness for myself and students; the components I have observed helping to increase the sensitivity of our senses so we can use it for adjusting our physical training in the moment as well as programs and long-term plans.  I mention a few articles in the podcast which you can find links to down below: Body awareness False beliefs will hinder your growth Human vs. Machine in Physical Training If you enjoyed this episode please share it with your loved ones, thanks for listening :-) Stay well, Fanny Tulloch, Mobility Training @mobilitytrainingau Mobility Training FaceBook Mobility Training YouTube
April 04, 2020
2) Breathing, how to set up a daily practice
Hello! In this 2nd episode I'm talking about how you can set up a breathing practice.  I give you a brief introduction on breathing before I go through step by step the things I've found most helpful for starting a breathing practice.  The information is based on a rather long article I wrote last year (2019) called 'Breathing, the interface between you and your thoughts and emotions'. If you'd like to know more you can find it here. Via the link you'll also find a full audio recording of the article if you prefer to listen instead of reading.  If you have any questions, feedback or other inquiries don't hesitate to connect with me via email: Please consider leaving a 5 star review if you like it and share with your loved ones! Many thanks for listening in :) Fanny x
March 21, 2020
1) Introduction
In this first episode I introduce myself, Fanny Tulloch, and where I come from.  I explain what the word "FIKA" means to me as well as the use I'm intending for this podcast.  To start this podcast will serve as an audio library for sharing my work. In the future I can see myself having guests on the podcast but initially this will be a one woman show where I share my teaching in the physical cultivation realm including mental and emotional concepts I use for improving the human behind the student of physical practice.  I will speak from a personal point of view as well as sharing my students findings on the matters. You might find that it is very different to your experience. If you'd like to share or chat further about a topic please connect via email: I would love to hear from you!  If you'd like to follow my work you can do so via the following links: I'm excited to connect with you.  Be well,  FT
March 05, 2020