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The Final Fantasy Podcast

The Final Fantasy Podcast

By Final Fantasy Podcast
Worlds Upon Worlds. Created, hosted and produced by Australian artist Albert Chessa, The Final Fantasy Podcast features new, analysis, speculation, theories, discussions with the community and creators themselves, and much more. If you'd like to share your Final Fantasy story on the show, message us and we'll add you to our list of potential upcoming guests.
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Episode 3 - 20 Years of FFX
Albert speaks about his kinship with FFX, dives into some symbolism and anecdotes of playing it back in 2001-2003, and much more. Enjoy!  🔖  00:00:00 - Start (Timestamps In Progress)  🔗  An excellent (and my favorite-ever) FFX article  🎙  Albert Chessa is an Australian artist, media-maker and storyteller. He founded The Albert Chessa Podcast Network (ACPN) in 2015, with the ambitious goal of creating the most eclectic, in-depth, open-minded and comprehensive art/entertainment/lifestyle media collective ever.  Apple | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Pocket | More  ✅  Like | Share | Subscribe | Comment | Bell | Join  🪙  The Final Fantasy Podcast is entirely listener-supported and ad-free, so if you enjoy the show, consider a $1 donation, or joining the Council of Resonants — our immersive, interactive Patreon page, based on The Quantumyth: my Final-Fantasy-inspired lifelong storytelling endeavour 📚 If you're vibing that, become a Resonant today! Good vibes all round 🙌  Tipjar  Council  🌐  The Final Fantasy Podcast is active on these social outlets — feel free to reach out to us, and if you’d like to be on the show via Zoom/Discord/in-person, send us a message!  Instagram  Twitter  Reddit  Tumblr  TikTok  Snapchat  Facebook  Discord (Patron-Only)  📹  All ACPN shows including The Final Fantasy Podcast are available in video format as well! Head over to the following outlets for on-camera episodes, live-streams and more:  YouTube (consolidated) (dedicated)  Twitch  Vimeo 🛍  Want to rep your love for The Final Fantasy Podcast, Albert Chessa, or The Quantumyth? Visit! We’re also working on a brand-new, all-in-one, in-house outlet at too. Sign up to’s newsletter for updates!  ♾  Want everything in one place? Bookmark away:  📄  Albert Chessa, Albert Cedric William Chessa, ACWC, the ACWC symbol and all related symbols, Quantumyth, The Quantumyth, the QM symbol and all related symbols and all original patterns/artwork are registered trademarks of Albert Chessa and Chessa Creations Co. Ltd., All Rights Reserved ™ ®
July 1, 2021
Episode 2 - Kingdom Hearts
Albert, Val and a family friend discuss Kingdom Hearts. This is also Episode 70 of The Albert Chessa Podcast.
September 18, 2020
Episode 1 - Vagrant Story
Albert and Valentina discuss Vagrant Story. This is also Episode 53 of The Albert Chessa Podcast.
September 18, 2020