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Key interviews feature technology leaders in the blockchain, crypto and data security space. Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, tech pioneers and leaders, listed company CEOs, investors, and famous and infamous personalities on financial markets and innovation.
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Building Defi Services for the Financial System of Future
In this new episode of #FinancialFox, Steffy talks to Brian Kerr, CEO of Kava Labs about Kava's newest products and the DeFi disruption set to transform the financial system.   Kava is a DeFi platform aimed at financial institutions offering a fully integrated suite of financial products for crypto. Kava has been working on exciting products and updates such as Kava Lending platform, the Hard Protocol - the world's first cross-chain money market, coming soon Kava Swap, and the next generation RoboAdvisor.
May 13, 2021
The digital universe of fashion: Blockchain, NFTs & Metaverse with Dematerialised
In this new episode of #FinancialFox​, Steffy speaks with Marjorie Hernandez and Karinna Nobbs co-founders of Dematerialised, a marketspace for authenticated digital fashion, about innovation and digital technology in fashion.
May 5, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Web3 Foundation: Blockchain literacy, utility-based NFTs & Polkadot
In this episode of #FinancialFox​​​, Steffy speaks with Bruno Skvorc, blockchain developer, writer and technical educator at Web 3 Foundation, a Switzerland-based foundation aimed at allowing to create a non-intermediated communication ecosystem connecting all blockchain networks out there. Bruno is also working on a new  NFT project built on Kusama Network called Kanaria, which focuses on unlocking the utility value of NFTs.
April 28, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Crypto: Bitcoin is going to bankrupt nation states in this century
In this episode of #FinancialFox​​, Steffy welcomes back Robert Breedlove, Bitcoin advocate and CEO of Parallax Digital, to talk about Bitcoin, Gold, crypto and fiat currencies; to discuss the value of money, inflation and the problems with current monetary policy.    A must watch thought-provoking episode.    "Bitcoin is going to bankrupt nation states in this century" Robert Breedlove   Timestamps:   01:31​​ - Intro/Robert background   05:30​​ -  Peter Schiff  12:04​​ - Robert Kiyosaki   17:44​​ - Defi  23:00​​ -Jerome Powell & Federal Reserves   27:00​​ - Bitcoin to bankrupt nation states   33:05​​ -Robert’s What is Money Show  35:40 - Bitcoin pandora box & institutions   38:15​​ - Ray Dalio   41:08​​ - Where bitcoin is heading to / Bitcoin accumulation strategy
April 21, 2021
#FinancialFox​: The Upside of Institutionalisation and Regulation in DeFi
In this episode of #FinancialFox​, Steffy talks with Ajit Tripathi, Head of Institutional Business at Aave about financial institutions embracing crypto and regulation in the DeFi space.    In this informative talk, Ajit shows a positive perspective of having regulation in crypto and DeFi - a topic that can be controversial in this space. Regulation, after all, is aimed at improving services and providing better transparency.   Ajit believes in the power of customers to get financial institutions and banks to change their attitude towards new technologies and services such as DeFi. "Bitcoin was the first step towards DeFi" and the more mainstream adoption of Bitcoin represents a positive development for more growth in the industry.   He believes that more friendly regulation is on the way as more financial bodies realise the potential and benefits of cryptocurrencies, and that the "markets follow the technology," he says.  A key aspect is ensuring that institutionalisation and regulation in crypto are able to maintain user autonomy and decentralisation.
April 13, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Smart strategies for Investing in Cryptocurrencies with Crypto Michaël
In this episode of #FinancialFox​​​ Stefania speaks to Michael van de Poppe, trader and crypto analyst in Amsterdam.  This is an informative conversation, aimed at offering precious insights on crypto investing and explaining the basic strategies to identify opportunities. Michael emphasizes the value of Bitcoin as a 'savings instrument'; he is also quite averse to investing in  'hype' assets such as "spotlights coins" and  NFTs.  Michael's tip: make a plan, be critical, do your own research on projects that have potential (powerful use cases) without focusing on coins that haven't run so much yet. Comments and considerations on the future of DeFi, the evolution of trading from traditional finance into crypto, investing in commodities and stocks, and regulation in the space.
April 13, 2021
Discussing the next evolution stage in Defi: Uniswap V.3
Uniswap is a blockchain-based application powered by smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain; it is arguably one most important decentralised application on the top of Ethereum.  Uniswap has been the key innovator in Automated Market Making (AMM) space and still one of the most used decentralised exchanges making up 60% of the DEX market.  It has recently announced the launch its Uniswap version 3 to go live on L1 Ethereum mainnet  on May 5, with an L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after. In this episode of #FinancialFox Podcast, Steffy is joined by Hamzah Khan, Growth at Polygon ( formerly Matic Network ) and Oscar and Barney Chambers, co-lead developers and founders at Umbria Network.  Tune in to learn about everything that Uniswap V.3 is set to bring in the Defi ecosystem.  Umbria is on a mission to demystify and simplify DeFi and get people earning income on their crypto, learn more about the project: Follow us on Twitter for more such informative content that will keep you up to date with the new curves in the Defi ecosystem: @_FinancialFox Follow Stefania Barbaglio: @stefixy Follow Umbria: @NetworkUmbria Follow Polygon: @0xPolygon
March 31, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Crypto gaming & the secrets of pet blockchain game Axie Infinity (AXS)
In this episode of #FinancialFox​ Stefania speaks to Aleksander Larsen, co-founder and COO of Axie Infinity (AXS), an Ethereum-based platform that turns game players into asset owners.   Axie is the #1 Ethereum game universe, the platform has 24,000 daily players and 30,000 weekly players and it has generated over 6,400 ETH in revenue (2M+ USD) so far.    With Axie, users can play with digital pets and earn tokens from their skills. More than earning crypto, users are interested in collecting NFTs, those unique digital assets that could be worth up to thousands of dollars.    Axie also has a strong emphasis on governance, and with time Axie Infinity will gradually evolve into a community-owned decentralized organisation.    Among Axie's partners are Binance, Ubisoft and Samsung. WATCH THE FINANCIALFOX VIDEO:
March 29, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Dr. Julian Hosp: Bitcoin, Defi, the NFT hype.. & why fasting is good for your health.
In this episode, Steffy speaks with Dr. Julian Hosp, Blockchain expert and CEO of Cake DeFi. Cake DeFi is one of the pioneering platforms in the space, allowing users to get cashflow from their crypto. Unlike most of DeFi advocates, Julian is quite positive about Bitcoin, what he calls 'digital gold'. Given the recent economic impacts of covid, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be a store of value to hedge against inflation and falls in the stock market.  They also talk about the NFT hype, Julian says that while the real value of cryptocurrencies is freedom and financial independence, NFTs are about uniqueness and status to the user, proving an emotional connection to the asset.    Another topic of the discussion is the evolution of the crypto space and how financial institutions started to embrace cryptocurrencies.
March 22, 2021
#FinancialFox​ Innovation meets the Stock Market: A look into the blockchain strategy at LSE
In this episode, Steffy speaks with Dotun Rominiyi, Blockchain Architect at the London Stock Exchange about the initiatives to deploy technology with the stock market. LSE is committed to embracing innovation and at the moment the team is focused on building the foundations for the future uses of blockchain and crypto in the market. A must-watch for finance enthusiasts.
March 22, 2021