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Finding God in Video Games

Finding God in Video Games

By Finding God In Video Games
A collection of thoughts, anecdotes, and reflections on themes from our favorite Scriptures and our adventures in the world of video gaming!
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Breaking the Game?: The Beating of the Donkey (Numbers 22)
I can’t quite put my finger on why this is true, but for as long as video games have existed gamers have been committed to finding a way to “break” them. Not in a physical sense of smashing them (with the exception of Two Worlds, which I contend truly deserved to be smashed), but in terms of pushing beyond the boundaries of the game to explore what lies on the other side… typically in the hopes of finding a secret level or additional unexplored content. Escaping the walls that the developer created to keep the game on its’ designed narrative path is often part of the fun for many gamers, even if the rewards may not always be very “rewarding”. To be clear, there is a large difference between artificially trying to “break” the game as opposed to fully exploring a game to unlock all of the developer’s intentionally hidden “easter eggs”. Finding all the warp pipes in a Mario game or the hidden skulls in a Halo title? That is designed to be part of the fun as well as a reward for those who search them out. Finding a way to glitch outside of the playable space of the game and getting trapped in some horrible video game “limbo” that doesn’t allow you to either move forward OR return to the original path? That can feel exciting at first… until you realize there is no way back. Join us as we take a look at Balaam as he attempts one of the most notorious "game-breaking" glitches of all time... and learn a little bit more about why sometimes the donkey knows best.
May 23, 2022
When the Purpose Disrupts the Plan: Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Mary (John 19)
Star Wars fever may be even higher now than its’ original inception, and as gamers we have been getting some canonical Star Wars games that add to this bounty. Star Wars Battlefront 2 may have been released back in 2017, but thanks to a plot development in the second season of The Mandalorian a key moment from the game has thrust this title back into the limelight. Spoilers lie ahead for those who have not yet finished season 2 of The Mandalorian… and also, what have you been waiting for? Join us as we take a deeper look at Iden Versio, the playable antagonist/protagonist of Star Wars Battlefront II as well as Mary, the mother of Jesus... and along the way we will reflect on how dramatically the plan they thought they were following diverged from their ACTUAL purpose.  And this truth is the same for us as well...our lives may have diverged from our plans, but that doesn’t mean we have been shifted from HIS purpose. He knew where we would be right now, and we are still in a position to fulfill the destiny that He placed inside us. So don’t lose faith in His plan… even if where we are currently at right now isn’t exactly where we thought we would be. 
May 16, 2022
The Master Chief Collection is STILL Getting Updates?!!: Choosing What We “Download” (James 4)
Many developers “say” they are going to continue to support their game after launch, but what they really mean is they will provide a couple of bug patches and throw some DLC content against the wall to see if it sticks before tossing in the towel. If we are REALLY lucky, they will add some additional content on the game’s anniversary date that probably should have been part of the original game in the first place. But that is clearly NOT the case with the Halo: Master Chief Collection… it has been nearly EIGHT YEARS after the release of this title, and we are STILL getting brand new content and free updates.  Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful for all of this extra Halo goodness… I really don’t. It just feels like every time I get a hankering to dust off the ol’ MCC for some classic Halo action, my console always seems to think NOW is the PERFECT time for a 30gb update that renders my game unplayable until it has finished installing. I appreciate the extra content… I truly do. I just wish the timing of these updates didn’t always seem to find a way to coincide with the incredibly small portions of time I have available to play a game. Join us as we take a deeper look at this “warzone” of automatic updates vs. intentional downloads... and deal with the reality that it runs deeper than just our gaming preferences. It is at the heart of many of the deepest problems that can plague our lives, and I am not talking about our video game installation decisions. What we choose to “download” into our lives is of far greater significance than we may often realize… and if we are not active gatekeepers of what we allow our eyes to see, our minds to ponder, and our souls to ingest, we can unintentionally open ourselves up to harmful content that can damage those things that we value the most…our faith, our relationships, and our commitments.
May 02, 2022
Kingdom Hearts 4: The Birth of a New Arc (John 20)
Well, mark this down under news that NOBODY saw coming… devoid of all of the usual hints and teases that accompany a blockbuster announcement of this magnitude, during the 20th anniversary event Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced this week to a worldwide audience of fans who are already in an uproar over a game that we didn’t even know was in active development. I was anticipating some more remasters, maybe another cellphone game that will be super-confusing and weird, and if we are REALLY lucky maybe they will announce some DLC that is actually worth buying (out of all of those, we actually DID get a cellphone game announcement. And I am sure it will find a way to be super weird). In a business in which it is hard to keep ANY surprise under wraps, the announcement of KH4 is a BIG one… and for a lot of reasons. Join us as we unpack this news about not only a NEW Kingdom Hearts, but reflect on the importance of moving on to the next arc in OUR journey during this walk of faith that we are on.  The Kingdom of Heaven is looking for willing hearts who are here for more than just the consumption of what has already been done… it is time for us to add our hearts to the story. To seek and to save those who are waiting to be set free, one heart for His kingdom at a time
April 25, 2022
The “Updated” PlayStation Plus: Holding Back the Best? (Genesis 4)
With Microsoft’s combination of Xbox Live and the Game Pass continuing to set the bar for online console gaming, it was only a matter of time before Sony finally decided to provide an equivalent solution for their loyal fan base… and Sony has finally answered that question. Well… kind of… and also not really. Sony’s long-awaited answer is to merge the current benefits of their online multiplayer service with their PlayStation Now game library into one platform… with three separate price points based on your interest in their back catalog and the additional games available from other publishers. To be honest, that sounds a LOT like Game Pass so far. But there is ONE major difference between these two services that may impact your decision to pick up the highest cost version of PS+ available… while Microsoft includes ALL of their first-party releases (Halo Infinite, Gears, Forza, Flight Simulator etc.) on Game Pass the very first day they are released, Sony will not be doing the same thing. Join us as we take a deeper look at the issue both Sony and Microsoft are facing and the identical conundrum that most of us struggle with in life... are we giving our very best to God?  Or just the rest of what we have left of our time, energy, and abilities?  Let's dive in! #Sony #PlayStation #Microsoft #Xbox #PlayStationPlus #GamePass #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
April 18, 2022
Dealing With the Duck Hunt Dog: Adding Insult to Injury (Nehemiah 2)
It was HIM… it was always him. Long before I was taunted by villains like Sephiroth and Liquid Snake, and years prior to the first time I had someone troll me over my headset while playing Halo, there was this DOG. This dog was the first character who ever damaged my gaming self-esteem and made me actually TALK BACK to the screen. Bowser and Ganon may have been the first “big bad bosses” that I ever faced, but they never hurt me the way that this dog did. It was that LAUGH… that painful act of betrayal from man’s best friend as he popped up from the bushes to mock my failure after missing the ducks flying across the screen. I was supposed to be there hunting ducks… but they never felt like the actual enemies I was trying to defeat in the game. It was always the dog. I highly doubt that I am the only person who wanted to keep shooting at the screen when the original gaming “hater” popped up with his scornful laugh after a failed level. You know you did too… and we both know he had it coming. Join us as we take a deeper dive into our very first "trolling" experience and learn a powerful lesson through the process.  Engaging in pointless battles with the “Duck Hunt dogs” in our lives is more than just a waste of our time and energy… it pulls us off of our mission and gives them their only path to victory. Don’t allow the laughing images of those who hold our past against us and mock our present attempts at change to steal our future… their insults are hollow and in time they will only be remembered as a footnote in your story. #Nintendo #DuckHunt #Dog #DuckHuntDog #Trolling #Trolls #Nehemiah #Haters #Hater #GamePass #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
April 11, 2022
Revealing the Master Chief – The Face Behind the Helmet (Isaiah 53)
They say you should never meet your heroes… I guess we are about to find out if that is true. Move over Mando… there is a brand new “helmet removing” controversy brewing. In a move that is quoted as being “twenty years in the making”, the new Halo television series is taking the incredibly bold step of removing the helmet of the Master Chief, allowing fans to fully see this iconic character’s face for the very first time. Since the part will not be played by the actor who has provided the voice of the Chief in each of his previous gaming adventures, our view of the Master Chief will be changed permanently (and literally) the moment his ever-present helmet is removed. Is this really a big deal? You know, to see a face… and a fictional character’s face, at that? What does it really change?  And how much does it matter if our hero looks the way we expected?  In many ways, mankind’s struggle to accept the reality of Jesus Christ as the physical representation of the living God has been mired in this exact same predicament… for a period of approximately 33 or so years, God came down, took off his helmet, and let us see Him for exactly who He truly is. And He did it as a human… with a face we could see, with a heart we could break, and with hands we would scar. The face that He showed us certainly surprised everyone living at the time… and it might surprise you, too. And we may find that we are able to relate to the face He revealed under the helmet much more than we realize. #Halo #Xbox #MasterChief #Microsoft #Chief #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
April 06, 2022
Dinosaurs in Crisis: The Exoprimal Bait and Switch (1 Kings 22)
Dino Crisis fans, it looks like our looooooong wait is finally over and Capcom is finally giving us the sequel we have been asking for… wait. WAIT. Ummmm… that’s not a new Dino Crisis. What is this… EXOPRIMAL? What is an Exoprimal? How is it that Capcom finally pulled the lever marked “make a dinosaur video game” and something other than a new Dino Crisis is being made? It kind of feels like a cruel bait and switch, as I along with my fellow long-suffering fans of Dino Crisis kind of feel a bit misled. I know that it is unfair to think that every dinosaur-based video game has to be a new Dino Crisis, but COME ON. This is from Capcom, the studio behind the Dino Crisis games, it has random dinosaurs appearing for no real good reason, it features a red-headed protagonist with a hair cut that bears at least a little resemblance to the main character from Dino Crisis… there is even a former producer from Dino Crisis on the Exoprimal team. I can’t help but feel that this new game is willing to give me a few of the pieces of what I am looking for from a Dino Crisis sequel/reboot… but just enough to remind me that what I was really asking for isn’t happening. Join us as we reflect on this as well as that reality that we are more prone to “Dino Crisis” substitutions in our lives than we may care to admit… most of us have prayed to the Lord for some specific requests, but all too often we accept the very first “answer” that comes… a response that may not have come from Him and does not have our best interests at heart. #Dinosaurs #Dinosaur #DinsoaurGame #Exoprimal #DinoCrisis #Prayer #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
March 22, 2022
“The Batman” and a Multiverse of Inevitability (Exodus 2-3)
There is an ancient and wise proverb that reads, “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman”. But if I am being honest, being Batman seems like a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, you get some amazing perks like the money, the cool car, the suit full of gadgets, and that whole brooding super-hero gimmick… but this whole “Batman” experience comes with some pretty gnarly side-effects that seem to exist in EVERY incarnation of the caped crusader. And I’m not just referring to the physical and emotional scars that come with the being “Batman”… I’m talking about the incredibly complicated destiny that Bruce Wayne has to live with. Join us as we take a deeper look at our lives and the reality we may have more in common with the world's greatest detective than we realize.  All of us endure unique trauma and drama during the course of our lives… experiences that are undesired, may feel unfair, and seem completely unnecessary. And many times, we may perceive these painful origin stories as events that not only negatively impacted our emotional and physical well-being… they redirected the course of our lives in ways that prevented us from achieving our original goals, cost us our dreams, and maybe even prevented us from feeling like a fully functioning member of society.  But the traumas we endure in life either unfairly define us or powerfully refine us… and we choose which of these two occur.    #Batman #TheBatman #Inevitable #Multiverse #Pain #BruceWayne #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
March 14, 2022
Content Wars - Nintendo Stays the Course: Commitment Confirmed (Part 3)
After the incredible blockbuster acquisition announcements that started this year from Microsoft (acquiring Activision Blizzard) and Sony (buying Bungie), one could be forgiven if they forgot that there is a THIRD hardware company on the playing field… Nintendo. And true to form, Nintendo responded to all of this “content war” madness in a manner that is as “Nintendo” as anything they have ever done… by reminding us that they made Wii Sports ONCE, and they can do it AGAIN. Soooo, let me get this straight… Xbox makes one of the largest entertainment purchases of ALL time with a deal that will change the landscape of gaming forever, Sony punches back by picking up the studio that made Xbox’s greatest hit, and Nintendo breaks out an old copy of Wii Sports, cleans it up a little, and brings it to the party? Well, to be fair they are also digging up a few other old gems like bringing more tracks to Mario Kart, rebooting Advance Wars, and giving us fresh games in the Mario Strikers and Kirby franchises… but make no mistake, they are staying the course and continuing to do what they do best. Nintendo marches to the beat of its’ own drum and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Join us for the final part of our series on the "Content Wars" as we explore the actions that Nintendo DIDN'T take.  Nintendo didn’t need to buy or acquire ANYBODY to remain competitive in the market… they simply needed to stay committed to the course through the hard times and remain true to who they are. They used what they learned from those experiences to shape their future, embracing those hard-earned lessons to build a better mousetrap. And the lesson from both Nintendo and Joseph are the same… the hardest part of our commitment to the Lord is not simply making the commitment but KEEPING it when the times get hard. Let’s not allow these pits and prisons to weaken our commitment, shake our faith, or lead us to believe that we have been forsaken… these cocoons are designed to reinforce us in ways that can only happen in these challenging environments. We WILL victoriously emerge from these lonely, dark and dreary circumstances… and when we do, we will have a powerful story of the Lord’s provision to tell, a deeper strength to share, and a fully developed pair of wings to carry us to the higher places He has promised. #ContentWars #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Switch #Sony #Microsoft #Xbox #PlayStation #WiiSports #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 22, 2022
Content Wars - Sony Strikes Back and “Buying Bungie”: Commitment Confirmed (Part 2)
At first, we thought this was a joke… like maybe someone high up in Sony was trying to perform a micro-transaction purchase to buy more in-game “glimmer” for their Destiny account, they inadvertently clicked the wrong button, and now they have accidentally purchased the entire company and are too embarrassed to admit it was just a mis-click. But no, this really did happen, and these content wars are escalating QUICKLY. A matter of days after reports came in that Sony lost an estimated 20 BILLION dollars in value when Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and their massive portfolio of studios and franchises, Sony struck back with a little purchase of their own. For the much lower price of $3.6 billion dollars, Sony has picked up Bungie, the studio that is currently producing the Destiny series and was responsible for creating a little franchise that is virtually synonymous with the Xbox… Halo. So, this begs the question… is this an actual acquisition or merely an incredibly expensive act of asset denial on the part of Sony? Join us as we try to answer this question and grapple with how this reflects on our walk with Christ... we choose each day which part of our selves we feed… our flesh or our spirit. Feeding both equally is a fool’s errand… as Christ so clearly pointed out, none of us can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). So, what will we make “provision” for in our daily life? And what assets will we deny to our flesh in order to ensure our spirit receives the top priority? Denying our flesh is not something we do to EARN Christ… it is something we do to LEARN to be like Him. #ContentWars #Microsoft #Xbox #PlayStation #Destiny #Bungie #Sony #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 19, 2022
Content Wars - Xbox and the Activision Acquisition: Commitment Confirmed (Part 1)
Love them or hate them, Xbox has done the unthinkable this week by making one of the largest acquisition decisions in entertainment history… Microsoft is purchasing Activision Blizzard, a group of development studios responsible for some of the largest and most recognizable franchises on the planet. From the venerable Call of Duty series to fan faves like Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch, the exclusive rights to the original titles in these series, the teams that create them, and all their future games will now fall under the Microsoft banner. And this massive power-play is coming at a cost that clearly demonstrates Microsoft’s long-term plans to remaining a major player in the game industry for years to come… over 68 billion (with a capital B) dollars.  While their role as either the hero or the villain in this emerging “Content War” is a matter of perspective, there is one thing that cannot be denied… Microsoft is fully committed to being part of the story all the way to the endgame. Xbox has clearly demonstrated what a recklessly devoted level of commitment looks like… all their chips have been pushed to the center of the table. They are ALL IN, and their actions have left no doubt that they are fully dedicated to the world of gaming both now and in the future. And when it comes to our relationship with the Lord, we have to be honest and ask ourselves… are we prepared to do the same?  #ContentWars #Microsoft #Xbox #Activision #Blizzard #ActivisionBlizzard #CallofDuty #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 15, 2022
Plot Twist: Mountain or Stronghold? When the Mountain Doesn’t Move (Part 5 - Daniel 10:12-21)
The concept of spiritual warfare may seem a little abstract or even frightening to consider, but much like an ice glacier example what exists below the surface is far deeper than what we can observe from above the water. We have an adversary (1 Peter 5:8), and he is committed to our destruction. The enemy forces against us are highly organized and disciplined, but they are NOT to be feared. They are to be FOUGHT. Our victory is not just assured… it has already HAPPENED (Colossians 2:15). Christ is not at war with satan… He has already vanquished that enemy and is greater than him in EVERY way (1 John 4:4). But until that final judgment day, we FIGHT.  Perhaps your narrative seemed designed to make you fear the evil villain of the story like in Fable, and to fall under his power until you submit to him. But that is NOT the ending we have to choose. Our enemy may seem scary, with powerful strongholds that we can’t imagine defeating. But we have forces fighting for us that are just waiting for your prayers to release them to do their work… through our dedicated prayer and fasting these mountains won’t just move. They will RUN. #Fable #MovingMountains #Stronghold #SpiritualWarfare #satan #Prayer #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 14, 2022
The Return of Indiana Jones and Asking the Wrong Questions: When the Mountain Doesn’t Move (Part 4 - James 4:1-3)
In this fourth episode of our series on "When the Mountain Doesn't Move", let us prayerfully consider our TRUE motivations for each mountain we are trying to move. While some mountains exist in our lives for a very specific reason, and other mountains require a deep period of reaching out to God and holding on until the entire mountain moves, there are some mountains that have ALREADY moved in response to someone else’s prayer. And if we are willing to allow the Lord look deep down inside of our hearts and reveal our deepest intentions and motives to us, we will have the wisdom to tell the difference.  #MovingMountains #Prayer #IndianaJones #Motivations #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 07, 2022
Super Mario 3D World and a Second Touch: When the Mountain Doesn’t Move (Part 3 - Mark 8:22-25)
How much of God do we really want? And how little will we settle for? Luke 11:9-10 is a very well known piece of Scripture in which Christ tells us to “Ask and it will be given to you, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened to you.” Why all three of these? Why not just “Ask and it will be done for you”? Because not every prayer is going to be answered that simply. Sometimes we get what we ask for from the Lord with a simple prayer of faith… and sometimes we have to seek Him a little bit more. Sometimes after asking AND seeking we find ourselves in front of a locked door that is blocking our path. At any point along this journey that we choose to stop, we will leave with a lovely selection of parting gifts and all the prizes we have already won, but not the FULL VICTORY that lies on the other side of that door. We will still be surrounded by “tree people”. But if we press on for that second, third, or however many “touches” it will take before our full prayer is answered, He WILL open that door. It took over SEVEN YEARS for Super Mario 3D World to finally get that second touch, but it will be well worth it when everyone who missed out the first time finally gets to see what all the fuss was about. Hopefully He doesn’t make you wait seven years in between touches for your miracle… truth be told I am just now seeing the full answers to some of my prayers that were MANY YEARS in the making. But He has been faithful to His promises and He has never failed to move a mountain that He promised to move… as long as we are determined not to settle for less than His very best. #MovingMountains #Prayer #Nintendo #SuperMarioWorld #Mario #SuperMarioWorld3D #NintendoSwitch #SecondTouch #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 06, 2022
Talking "Mando" - Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Reactions and Finale Predictions (SPOILERS!!)
Join us as we react to Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 with a spoiler-filled discussion of our thoughts as well as predictions for the finale! #StarWars #BobaFett #Mandalorian #TheMandalorian #Mando #Spoilers #Reaction #Predictions
February 04, 2022
Just Dance and A Predicament of Persistence: When the Mountain Doesn’t Move (Part 2 - Luke 18:1-6)
What mountain are you wrestling with that threatens to wear you out, causing you to become faint of heart? While some of these mountains may be MORE than mere mountains (you will have to tune in to our next podcast for THAT one), as we can see in the parable of the persistent widow that there are some mountains that can only be moved through the faithful, continual persistence of our prayers. The Lord rewards those who DILIGENTLY seek Him. This is a perpetual, continual, intentional action. It is not a STAND of faith, but a WALK of faith that we are called to. There are no moving sidewalks here, and the most important prayers can often take the longest to be answered. The coming of the Messiah was first recorded in the book of Genesis, but Jesus did not take on flesh and blood until THOUSANDS of years later. Now it is unlikely you will have to wait that long for the mountain YOU are praying for to finally move, but the more critical the burden/mountain, the more persistence we will have to show to take hold of the throne and seek and answer to our prayers.  I didn’t need to memorize every song to win on Just Dance… just one. And if you commit to praying that ONE prayer… holding on to that ONE verse… standing on that ONE promise… and singing that ONE song, you will claim your victory, too. You only have to pray one day longer than your mountain was prepared to stay. #MovingMountains #Prayer #JustDance #Persistance #Waiting #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
February 01, 2022
“Control Issues”: When the Mountain Doesn’t Move (Part 1 - Matthew 21:18-22)
As a young believer I had mental images similar to the concepts from Control as I read Bible stories about Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:29), or finding enough money in the mouth of a caught fish to pay taxes (Matthew 17:27). But as both the literal and figurative mountains in my life seemed to be quite content with remaining in place, I started to wonder if I was doing it all wrong. Sometimes the people I prayed for would still die… sometimes the situations in my life didn’t improve, and sometimes even got worse. So it’s time for some answers.  Join us for part one of our series, "When the Mountain Doesn't Move"! #MovingMountains #Prayer #Control #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
January 31, 2022
Sony’s PSVR2: Embracing New Horizons and Setting Ourselves Free (The Gift of Forgiveness Part 3 - Psalm 103)
We have been looking at ourselves through the broken and distorted mirror of that VR headset long enough… and we have fought enough battles against shadows that only we can see. It is time to forgive ourselves with the same level of forgiveness that Christ extends to ALL of God’s children. Jesus didn’t die the most savage death ever recorded so we could walk on eggshells through life in fear that His sacrifice wasn’t good enough to fully free us. It was enough for me, it was enough for you… it was enough for ALL of us (John 8:36). Let’s forgive ourselves today the same way Christ has forgiven us… without restrictions. #Forgiveness #Forgiving #Sony #PSVR #SonyVR #PSVR2 #Horizon #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
January 23, 2022
Unpacking: Forgiving When They Don’t Ask (The Gift of Forgiveness Part 2 - Luke 6)
This is not a call to go tracking down everyone who has ever hurt us and inform them that we have forgiven them… honestly, that may go very poorly unless His Spirit has specifically led us in that direction. This is about RELEASING them from what they have done… not because they are apologetic, because they may NEVER be. Not because they deserve it, because none of us do. But because the level of forgiveness we want from our Father is absolute mercy and grace for ALL of our sins, we must go and do likewise. Unpack that box today… not for them, but for YOU. If we want to be like Christ, we must remember that as He innocently suffered and die for the sins of others He had one thing to say about it… Luke 23:34 Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." #Forgiveness #Forgiving #Release #Unpacking #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
January 23, 2022
Pressing “Reset”: The Truth About Forgiving (The Gift of Forgiveness Part 1 - Matthew 18)
It is through the Christ-like act of forgiving others that we not only set others free, but we set ourselves free as well. There is a reason the power and reset buttons are connected… He gives us the power so WE can press reset for others. How many times? As many times as it is needed. Let’s use that power and press reset for someone today! #Forgiveness #Forgiving #Reset #PressingReset #Christian #ChristianLiving #Jesus #God #ChristianGamer #VideoGames
January 21, 2022