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The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Show

The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Show

By Lawrence Mitchell
Everything in life is a balance.
When we’re in balance, everything flows, we have inner peace, we’re more creative, more productive, more decisive, and everything feels easier.
The Finding Equilibrium Show hosts guests from the worlds of health, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, science and ancient wisdom.
Our goal is to share their stories and to inspire you to Find EQUILIBRIUM in your own life.
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Mental Health at Microsoft with Steven Worrall, MD of Microsoft Aust. & NZ
Today our special guest is Steven Worral – MD of Microsoft Australia and Chair of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance (CMHA).   He’s shared with us his approach to mental health, for himself and his employees, throughout Australia and New Zealand, and also via the CMHA, representing the interests of 13m working Australians.   In this episode, we cover:  - How a tech company manages with the stresses that tech itself can bring!  - The interaction of work and personal life, and how each impacts the other  - How to ensure psychological safety is engendered and leaders adequately prepared  - How to ensure that healthy habits and practices are actually acted upon on a daily basis, especially post pandemic  - Some apps and tools used to help with mental wellbeing  - Ways to change the stigma around mental health that still exists  - The role the CMHA is playing   Links : - Corporate Mental Health Alliance - Microsoft Australia
January 10, 2022
Create Psychological Safety with Bill Carson, Inspire Learning Australia
How do you create a psychologically safe environment?  Bill Carson takes us through the steps to take to create an environment that works for all, giving us new and interesting ways of dealing with life experiences like losing someone you love, starting a new job, and so on.   He has a refreshing take on fight or flight, which takes the concept to a brand new level.   What you will learn:  - The difference between anxiety and depression  - The 4 different types of safety that you can provide for team members  - The best way to onboard a new member of staff, to best create a feeling of inclusion safety  - The best way to have one to one catchups, to make people feel psychologically well  - How to help people who are going through hard times / crisis situations   Links:
January 10, 2022
Perform at Your Best with Craig Johns, CEO Speaker's Institute, Elite Athlete
Craig Johns has been an elite athlete, performance coach and CEO.   He tells us his story and then draws on his broad experience base, to help us perform at our best.   In this interview you’ll learn:  - The learnings we can take from the world of elite sport, that we can bring into our personal and professional lives  - The role mindset plays in our levels of success  - How pressure relates to performance, and the optimal levels for peak results  - What habits you can bring into your day to ensure the most successful, healthy outcomes  - The difference between rest and recovery  - How to influence the business C-suite    Links:
January 09, 2022
Avoiding Burnout with Dr Georgi Toma
Why do people feel disempowered and suffer from mental disorders like depression, anxiety and burnout?     Coming from a place of deep personal pain and suffering, Dr Georgi Toma embarked on a quest to cure herself of depression and burnout and in doing so has created a protocol for others to empower themselves and create lives that are fully empowered and free.  This interview provides real clarity on why people suffer from mental dis-ease and gives practical tips on how to live life on your terms.   You’ll learn:  - What burnout is  - How your brain interprets common stressors like preparing to give a work presentation  - The no. 1 thing you MUST do to avoid burnout  - Why it’s important to build a relationship with YOURSELF  - How to take back the power of your own worth    Links:
January 09, 2022
Combining Performance & Wellbeing with Dr Adrian Medhurst, Benny Button
How can you aim for peak performance, whilst still maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing?  Dr Adrian Medhurst started life as an elite athlete and had a profound experience that taught him to use his own mindset to pull him through an impossible situation, allowing him to compete for his country.   In this interview you’ll hear his remarkable story and discover:  - How to reprogramme your brain to turn a bad situation good  - Where the learning from this experience can be applied to organisational wellbeing  - How to foster a culture of wellbeing  - How to deal with the negative connotations of perfectionism  - How work-life balance works in practice  - The resources needed to help an organisation harness the performance of its employees, whilst at the same time building their wellbeing  - Where to get started to get on track to grow   Links:
January 09, 2022
How to be an Emotionally Strong Man with David Pointon, The Men's Table
Men have historically had to be tough. The breadwinner. The rock. The strong one. But that has come at a massive price, where men are unable to be able to show vulnerability or have any outlet for expressing the multitude of feelings that they feel.  As a consequence, men are 3.5 x more likely to commit suicide than women.  Fortunately, times are changing and men are starting to be able to fully be themselves.   This interview with David Pointon tells a fascinating story of how he joined a group of men in order to have a safe space to share the things that are happening in their lives, and how that is now growing into a national movement, with groups all around Australia.   You will learn:  - Some of the reasons why the suicide rates in men are so high  - Some positive things that men can do to be able to find emotional support  - How a Men’s Table works, and some of the ground rules  - How people can set up their own local table   Links:
January 09, 2022
Build Mental Resilience with Alan Cox, EverYellow
What happens to you if you get caught up in an earthquake?  Alan Cox was in the epicentre of the Christchurch earthquake and was left to deal with the emotional aftermath of that unexpected and deeply harrowing experience.  He talks us through what happened to him that fateful day and the things that he went through on his path to emotional healing.   In this inspirational episode, you’ll learn:  - How he recovered from a complete mental breakdown  - The glimmer of hope he gleaned from watching a TV documentary  - The amazing results achieved from trying out a daily experiment on himself  - How to build true mental fitness, rewiring your brain to be resilient to all that life throws at you  - How to react to negative experiences in preferable ways, with a sense of calmness and life satisfaction  - What to keep in your EQUILIBRIUM toolbox, to be able to find true EQUILIBRIUM, whenever you need it   Note: Akimbo is now called EverYellow  Link to:
January 09, 2022
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health with Mark Bunn, Ayurvedic Expert
How do you optimise your health?  What are the best elements in your life that will give you the best route to a healthy life?    Mark Bunn, keynote speaker and Author of "Ancient Wisdom For Modern Health" shares his extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, to help us live our best possible life.
January 09, 2022
Doing Work That's Meaningful with Nikki Beaumont, Beaumont People
"Look after your people, and your people will look after you.” This is Nikki Beaumont’s motto and how she managed to get through both the Global Financial Crisis and the 2020 lockdown with her company intact.  This resulted in many loyal staff who have stayed with the company for years.  Nikki has always run her recruitment business differently. She helps people find out what work is actually meaningful to them before helping them find it.  She also supports the leaders in the companies she recruits for with mentoring programmes and working groups.   Listen to Nikki’s story and the extraordinary work she does, including supporting many charities in their recruitment endeavours.
November 04, 2021
Learn How to BE: Tradition Meets Science with Simon Borg Olivier, Physiotherapist & Yoga Practitioner
Traditional meets Scientific in this fascinating interview with Simon Borg-Olivier, Molecular Biologist, Exercise Physiotherapist, Physiologist and international Yoga teacher.   Simon teaches us how to BE, on the most fundamental of levels. How to control the very nature of our blood flow, heart rate and parasympathetic nervous system. Yes, this is all in our gift. He posits the idea that we can all be supernatural, if we learn the techniques. You may need to listen to more than once to truly grasp a fraction of the learnings that Simon has blessed us with.
October 26, 2021
The 5 Stages of Tribal Leadership with John King, Author (Top 20 Business Book of All Time)
John King is author of "Tribal Leadership", one of the top 20 best selling business books of all time.  In this wonderful conversation, we dig deeply into the critically important topic of leadership and its importance for the collective wellbeing.  In this episode learn: The five stages of Tribal Leadership  Why 75% of people are stuck at stages 2 & 3  How you can personally experience stages 4 & 5  Why great leaders are really ecologists!  The difference between management and leadership according to the Tribal Leadership philosophy  Why strength, balance and flexibility are key  What Inside Out Leadership means  The four critical questions that leaders must answer   Find out more about John's work and The Conscious Accelerator here:
September 28, 2021
Tap Into the Limitless with Stephen Altair, Conscious Accelerator
Stephen is the Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator, a mystic and entrepreneur. "When we are living in Conceptual Mind, we simply don't see what is limitless.  If we are living in limited mind, how can we access the limitless?..It's like alchemy, like a truly deep transformative process, turning the lead of our conceptual stress into the gold of the non-dual limitless nature of being." In this episode learn: How to bring a sense of calmness to your daily life  The importance and impact of open heart leadership to create transformation   The Importance of Stability, Resilience and Compassion   How to find inner equilibrium in the chaos   How to drop out of your head and into your heart   How science, especially neuroscience and ancient wisdom knowledge can collaborate to create harmony  How to have a productive relationship with the unknowns and allow things to unfold  How to deal with external crisis events You can find out more about Stephen's amazing work:
September 27, 2021