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Blog For Another Planet - A Podcast by Nadja Raabe

Blog For Another Planet - A Podcast by Nadja Raabe

By findQ
Corona is dominating the headlines right now which is diverting some attention from strong women at this moment. Is the comparison of the emergency situations during the global pandemic to the Second World War really justified? the successful businesswoman Nadja Raabe covered these topics and other issues in this blog and podcast for posterity – ‘for another planet’.
Get involved with exciting information and be a part of the observational journey!
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Blog For Another Planet - Making Of with Nadja Raabe

Blog For Another Planet - A Podcast by Nadja Raabe

Podcast 12 - mit Dr. Julia Kropf interviewt von Nadja Raabe
Moderatorin – Beraterin – Business Coach Dr. Julia Kropf ist universal, facettenreich und unglaublich lebendig- dabei hat sie schon schwergewichtige Konferenzen moderiert, z.B. zu den Themen Digitale Transformation, Arbeitswelt 4.0, Mobilität, Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz, aber auch Diversity und Equal Pay. Ihre Auftraggeber sind z.T. schwergewichtige Playern unserer Gesellschaft, u.a. Bundesministerien, Verbände, Gewerkschaften und Stiftungen, aber auch Unternehmen. In ihren Moderationen vertraut sie auf die Kraft des guten Gesprächs und auf das Zusammenspiel von Interesse, Zuhören und Resonanz. Ihre Beratung folgt dem Motto "Gemeinsame Denkräume eröffnen". Ihr Coaching steht ….ganz im Zeichen der Analyse und des wertvollen Blicks aus der Vogelperspektive. Was sie bewegt: Menschen ins Gespräch bringen. Mit Fachlichkeit, Humor und Leidenschaft. Die Vogelperspektive habe ich mit Dr. Julia Kropf an einem Donnerstag im November 2020 eingenommen, trotz Pandemie und chaotischen amerikanischen Wahlen. Julia ist promivierte Soziologin, war bis 2015 in der Kommunikations- und Politikberatung bei ifok und ist seitdem als Moderatorin und Business Coach selbständig. Der Erfolg gibt ihr recht. Julia hat inzwischen ihr eigenes Podcast-Format mit den „Küchengesprächen“ und „Nachfragen“ entwickelt und ist gewohnt selbst zu moderieren, bei mir war sie in der ungewohnten Rolle, selbst einmal interviewt zu werden und das hat fantastisch funktioniert. Aber hören Sie selbst.
November 22, 2020
Podcast 11 - with Blanche Elliz interviewed by Nadja Raabe - English-Edition
Blanche Elliz has developed her own coaching format "SINGING OUT LOUD"- in fact singing makes you happy "What cats are purring for, humans need humming and singing. The whole body gets into vibration - it works like the body's own ultrasound therapy. That is however not the only one side of this multifaceted woman and female entrepreneur from the Netherlands, stay curious and hear more about and from BLANCHE with our Podcast this SUNDAY. #11, #podcast, #podcastforanotherplanet, #artisessential, #weloveart, #artislife, #singingoutloud, #blancheelliz, #femalelead, #femaleentrepeneur
November 8, 2020
Podcast 11 - with Blanche Elliz interviewed by Nadja Raabe - German-Edition
Diesen Sonntag bei uns zu GAST, die wunderbare Sängerin BLANCHE ELLIZ bei unserem Podcast "blog for another planet" Blanche Elliz hat Ihr eigenes Coachingformat entwickelt "SINGING OUT LOUD" und meint "tatsächlich macht Singen glücklich" "Was für Katzen das Schnurren ist, ist für Menschen das SUMMEN. Der gesamte Körper gerät in Vibration- es funktioniert wie eine körpereigene Ultraschalltherapie." Das ist aber nur eine Seite dieser facettenreichen Frau aus den Niederlanden, lassen Sie sich überraschen und hören Sie mehr beim Podcast diesen SONNTAG. Das Taschenlampenkonzert #11, #podcast. #podcastforanotherplanet, #artisessential, #weloveart, #artislife, #singingoutloud, #blancheelliz, #femalelead, #femaleentrepeneur, #findQ, #FindenstattSuchen, #stayhealthy, #staystrong, #staytuned Wir haben vor 9 Folgen mit dem spannenden Abenteuer begonnen, die wunderbare Astrid Bassler mit ihrem Motto "Let kids rule the world" war unser erster Gast. Neugierig? Die nächsten zehn Gäste werden spannend.
November 8, 2020
Podcast 10 - with Fanny Zschau interviewed by Nadja Raabe - German-Edition
Fanny Zschau has given us the honour for a second podcast interview, have a listen! This week in her mother tongue German. This heralds the second series of the season, in which other illustrious guests share their view of the world with us. Wonderful snapshots from the year 2020, exciting and inspiring. #PodcastForAnotherPlanet #DigitalDivaDeluxe #Snapshot2020 #findQ #findinsteadofsearch #femaleentrepeneur #digitaldivadeluxe
October 25, 2020
Podcast 9 - with Val Racheeva interviewed by Nadja Raabe
I met Val Racheeva here in our TUESDAY Coworking space and she is a source of unbelievable inspiration and encouragement for women entrepreneurs. Founder of  She founded her own social business a little more than six years ago as she started organizing regular community events and workshops for female entrepreneurs. Among her network were Ida Tin (Clue) and Sophie Quidenus (SearchInk) as well as Lisa Lang, female entrepreneurs, and speakers.  Val is a change maker, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker.  She is a founder & CEO of Female Founder Space, which is a global supportive online academy & community for women who dare to trust their potential & start their own business. She believes with more powerful & prosperous women our world can become a better place. She holds degrees in Political Science and Global Economy.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she gained broad experience in international higher education projects, as well as start-ups and international business consulting Most important: She gives courage, practical knowledge, and an insight into how to live and breathe your own entrepreneurship as a woman. Her work is a continuous influence on small and bigger start-ups created by women, to embrace failure, stand on your own feet, take things with a grain of salt, and find your own happiness. 
October 10, 2020
Podcast 8 - with Nici Brückner interviewed by Nadja Raabe
Nici is a producer, director and has founded her own brand WORLDCOLORSTUDIO, a film production company, founded in 2008. Her film career started in Australia and has since taken her across the globe working on independent film productions. Nici returned to Germany, her country of birth in 2011 with her children after living in Australia for many years. She recently worked as a casting producer for clients like salt & lime media {Los Angeles} and Facebook. She is the executive chairman on Digital Diva Deluxe – the network, an international nonprofit organization of female entrepreneurs and she is a philanthropist whose focus lies in rural North Africa with women and their families. Upcoming Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin running from the 7th of October till the 15th of October 2020. Nici Brückner on LinkedIn
September 27, 2020
Podcast 7 - with Eileen Petzold Bradley interviewed by Nadja Raabe
This time Eileen Petzold Bradley is a guest at our regular podcast series, launching every second Sunday in 2020. Have a break: have a podcast moment! Have a listen to our wonderful guest, who is originally from Panama, brings the sun into your heart, has built a virtue around LISTENING and invites you to share her perspective on things. Eileen Petzold Bradley aka epbradley, consultant, cultural diplomat and coach, has been an entrepreneur in Germany for many years. She knows how it feels to be an expat and start your life in another country and has worked with many generations, and people with all kinds of background and professions. Listen this week to her story and check out her new website: EP Bradley coaching helps clients to remove obstacles and barriers to success, get down to the roots of conflict, and finally foster transformation and needed change. Company benefits include improved employee commitment, performance, and efficiency, reduced workplace conflict, new leadership abilities to manage difficult situations and personalities, and better cross-cultural understanding and communication skills leading to a healthier workplace atmosphere. Listen to our podcast this Sunday and tune into:  #strongwomen #femaleentrepeneurs #nosmalltalk #strongmindsvision #getogether #findQ #findinsteadofsearch
September 13, 2020
Blog For Another Planet - Making Of with Nadja Raabe
After her first five podcasts of the series of "Blog For Another Planet" with female entrepreneurs, Nadja Raabe gives a little insight into what`s to come and what are the next themes and news of findQ. Stay tuned and stay healthy and give us a "like" and thumbs up,  if you like our series.  And do not forget to register for the newsletter, since we will have more digital services for you in the future.   Nach ihren ersten fünf Podcasts einer Podcast-Reihe  "Blog For Another Planet" mit Unternehmerinnen gibt Nadja Raabe einen kleinen Einblick in das, was kommen wird und was die nächsten Themen und Neuigkeiten von findQ sind. Bleiben Sie dran und bleiben Sie gesund und geben Sie uns gerne ein "Gefällt mir" und Daumen hoch, wenn es Ihnen gefallen hat.  und vergessen Sie nicht, sich für den Newsletter anzumelden, da wir in Zukunft noch mehr digitale Services für Sie im Angebot haben werden.
August 29, 2020
Podcast 5 - with Fanny Zschau interviewed by Nadja Raabe
Fanny Zschau, queen of content and founder of Digital Diva Deluxe I Media Services, in 2007, and the initiator and Member of the Board of Digital Diva Deluxe I The Network e. V. She is a highly trained journalist and sinologist worked during various university semesters in Boston and Taipei. From 1989 on, she worked as a freelance journalist for the German newspaper Tagesspiegel and one of the largest publishing groups in Europe Gruner + Jahr and volunteered at the economic magazine Wirtschaft & Markt. As a corporate communication and corporate publishing specialist, In addition to various print and online publications for companies from A – such as Audi and Z – such as Zed Germany, she also developed and reevaluated internal publications. As Editor in Chief for the magazines of DeTeWe and ImmobilienScout24, she relocated to Berlin in 2001, many digital adventures later she is now head of sales and business partner at EXBERLINER and working with digital platforms on many different levels. Have a listen and have fun with our fifth podcast!
August 23, 2020
Podcast 4 - with Serena Pompei interviewed by Nadja Raabe
Serena Pompei Fashion Editor and Stylist of (INDIE MAGAZINE) and Cofounder of TBC has given us an insight into the fashion world and shows us, that fashion is so much more: Taking frequently part in the now-a-days discussions about sustainibility, digitalisation and #metoo. Fashion has become a statement, not only of style and life style, but of philosophy. Individualism, bodyshaming and bodypositivity, the gender discussion are only three issues out of a trillion interesting and controversial themes. Covid-19 situation seems to be like a magnifying glass. Topics like the issue 62 „your dreams and hopes will kill you“ and Kylie Jenner being the first woman on the FORBES list for billionaires have been controversially discussed by INDIE magazine and show a new self confidence in fashion, especially from independant labels, which is political, intellectual and fun. But here: Lend us your ear and get to know Serena for yourself… More about Serena Pompei
August 8, 2020
Podcast 3 - with Mary Bruder interviewed by Nadja Raabe
In her third podcast Nadja Raabe interviews Mary Bruder, founder of BruderHilfe. BruderHilfe is a charity organization located in Nigeria and Germany, dedicated to improving the health and education of children, men, and women,  Mary Bruder has already bravely started this social development initiative in 2017 and she has realized such core values as women empowerment and education for children by many effective events in the past three years. She succeeded in offering this active help and core values to her homeland.   The events she has organized so far took place in both urban and rural areas as well. Her efforts are geared towards community projects, infrastructure projects, and the likes, thereby creating opportunities for the community. Her new project is also a scholarship project here in Germany, helping Nigerian students to succeed in Berlin. But have a listen and discover more: Here!
July 26, 2020
Podcast 2 - with Astrid Bassler interviewed by Nadja Raabe
Today Astrid Bassler from Urban Art Kids is our guest. Art is as important as the air, we breathe and the bread, we eat. During these times, it shows even more so. Have an insight into an interesting female entrepreneurship concept and a gallery space, which is more than a gallery: Urban Art Kids. In her podcast series "Blog For Another Planet," Nadja Raabe introduces the second of ten podcasts: Astrid Bassler is a guest at our Tuesday Coworking podcast studio. Introducing the theme to empower kids and young adults to be creative. And another great example of how a network of female solo entrepreneurs can work together. For example our collaboration with Astrid and NorgeBerlin. Our theme is also to encourage people to look at our world from a different perspective and show another point of view on women and from female entrepreneurs in this period.   #digitaldivadeluxe #femaleentrepeneurship #staystrong #stayindependant #startup #womeninberlin #femalefounders #malisastiftung #malisafoundation
July 6, 2020
Podcast 1 - with Nadja Raabe interviewed by Richard Edward Clark
Corona is dominating the headlines right now which is diverting some attention from strong women at this moment. Is the comparison of the emergency situations during the global pandemic to the Second World War really justified? Nadja Raabe covered these topics and other issues in this podcast and blog for posterity – ‘for another planet’. Get involved with exciting information and be a part of the observational journey! See the blog at: 
July 6, 2020