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FintechFlow podcast

FintechFlow podcast

By Linda Sallai
This is a show on fintech in the CEE region and beyond.

Welcome to Fintech Flow, where we deep dive into the depth and complexity of successful start-ups, explore the ways to new capital and draw in the points of views from the incumbents.

From Budapest Hungary, Linda Sallai will explore the odd angles, sit down with bright Fintech minds and bridge together the gap in mind-set between the legacy players and today’s innovators.

We will learn from each other, learn with each other, link up and connect through our common passion for easier, better and cheaper solutions,

We’ll seek for user c
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The Four Waves of Insurtech with Roger Peverelli

FintechFlow podcast

Match Made in Heaven - Further Merges Trustedoctors with Frank Ahedo and Greg Jarzabek
If one thing became clear in 2020, it is that at the end of the day there is nothing more importante than the life and health of you and your loved ones. In this episode of FintechFlow we will take a deeper look into how technology can help us achieving that goal. We will get to know two companies that are working on making the leading medical expertise available for the widest possible audience. I will talk to them about how technology changes healthcare and healt insurances and how customers can benefit from it. It is a special episode for me as one of my guests is a long-known business partner. We - together with our colleageues - created the insurance product that I consider my most important product in my own insurance portfolio (even today). He is Frank Ahedo, CEO of Further which is a global leader in the design and development of cross-border insurance solutions for serious illnesses.  My other guest is Greg Jarzabek, CEO of Trustedoctor, the award-winning digital healthcare platform specialising in access to world-leading international medical expertise.
January 13, 2021
4 Most Important Post-Covid Trends For Insurers with Roger Peverelli
In 2020 Covid-19 fundamentally reshaped our world and our lives. Where we work, how we shop, what we wear, how we celebrate, how we greet each other, how much lipstick we use, where we do/do not go on holiday, how and if we go to conferences. Basically it really has impacted everything from micro to macro. Not just every person but every industry also have to face a different future. In this episode we will look into the most important post-covid trends that will reshape the insurance industry. I am honoured to have a returning guest, Roger Peverelli. Roger is a sought-after speaker, a best-selling author, an expert in digital innovation and customer engagement strategies. He is also the co-founder of the Digital Insurance Agenda, which is the best organized insurance-related even I have ever experienced. Roger is listed on the global top 50 insurtech influencers. Purchase your ticket with a 200 EUR discount using the code: DIA200FTFLOW
November 12, 2020
AI in Insurance ft.Tractable and Zelros
This is the 33rd episode of FintechFlow where we dive deep into artificial intelligence. AI is one of the most used buzzwords these days, and now we will look deeper into it to see how an insurance company could really utilize it. I have two guests representing two very different AI driven insurtech startups today. Both are trying to tackle a concrete business case on the insurace value chain and to prove that their AI solution is a complete game changer. One of the startups, Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident & disaster recovery. Their AI looks at photos of damage and predicts repair costs.12 of the top 40 motor insurance companies worldwide are amongst their clients and they have raised $55m in venture capital from world-leading VC funds. The other company is Zelros. Their mission is to enable insurance players to revolutionize and re-enchant their relationship with their customers by letting them take ownership of AI. This episode is brought to you by the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA), the best run insurance related conference I have ever experienced.
September 13, 2020
A Covid-19 vezeti a bankszektor digitális transzformációját? Bartha Lajoss (MNB), Gáborjáni Szabó Ákos (, Mudri György (FintechX, Wyze, Aggreg8, Fintechblocks), Szabó Balázzsal (CI
Ez a FintechFlow podcast 32. epizódja, amelyben arra a kérdésre keressük a választ, hogy valóban a koronavírus vezeti a bankszektor digitális transzformációját? Eddig az látszik, hogy a pénzügyi szektor inkumbens szereplői, a bankok és a biztosítók elképesztő gyorsasággal zárkóztak fel a digitális létre, s a járvány első két hónapjában eddig megugorhatatlannak tűnő akadályokat döntöttek le, az eddig jellemzően csak fintech-ek által használt eszköztárak segítségével. A távmunkának köszönhetően az agilitás ha nem is szervezett formában, de ösztönösen megjelent a legnagyobb pénzintézeteknél is. De kitartha-e ez a lendület, és valóban komolyan megkezdődött most ennek a tradicionális iparágnak a digitális transzformációja? A mai epizódban erre a kérdésre keressük a választ. Ez az epizód egy különkiadás, hiszen a kerekasztal beszélgetés eredetileg a Startup Safari keretei között zajlott, és most ezt hallgathatjátok meg podcast formátumban is. Ha tetszett az epizód, iratkozzatok fel a FintechFlow podcastra a kedvenc podcastmegosztó platformotokon, vagy a oldalon. Külön köszönjük, ha értékeltek is minket ugyanitt.
May 26, 2020
Innovation at a major insurer, Generali - with Bruno Scaroni director of strategy at Generali Group
This is the 31th episode of FF, and I am really happy and honored to talk about innovation in insurance with Bruno Scaroni, who is director of group strategy and innovation at Generali. It is really interesting to see how a big insurance company sees its future and the directions it should navigate itself. This episode is brought to you by the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA), the best run insurance related conference I have ever experienced. #insurance #insurtech #innovation #strategy #generali #lifetimepartner #dia #diamuc #fintech #fintechflow #followtheflow #podcast
January 29, 2020
A robot is my guest! Interview with David Chen (Hanson Robotics, AngelVest) and Sophia, the robot.
This is the 30th episode of FF, and I promise this will be a special one. I am going to have two awsome guests today. A person and a robot. Thanks to the Digital Insurance Agenda, the best run insurance related conference I have ever experienced, I had the chance to talk to David Chen, who is co-founder of AngelVest, with whom he is focusing on invest in early-stage businesses. He is also CFO and board director at Hanson Robotics that is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. Their most advanced human-like robot, Sophia is my second guest today. She is basically a celebrity, definately the one who were on most selfies at the DIA conference. . As a unique combination of science, engineering, and artistry, Sophia is simultaneously a human-crafted science fiction character depicting the future of AI and robotics, and a platform for advanced robotics and AI research.
December 11, 2019
Üdv neked, conversational banking! MI Koalíció Hetényi Márkkal
Ahhoz képest, hogy a bankszektor milyen hatalmas adatvagyonon ül, erősen a Big Tech cégek mögött kullog, és még csak most kezdi felfedezni az AI-ban rejlő potenciált. De melyek azok a területek a pénzügyi szektorban, ahol a leginkább hasítanak az AI-alapú felforgató use-case-ek, és hogyan alakulnak át ennek hatására a terepviszonyok? Hetényi Márkkal, aki a Mesterséges Intelligencia Koalíció elnökségi és az MKB Bank igazgatósági tagja, robotizált banki tanácsadásról, valamint a tömeges testre szabás és a conversational banking korszakáról beszélgettünk.
November 27, 2019
Reinventing Insurance Sales with Dr. Robin Kiera
When we talk about selling life and health insurances in the CEE region we still imagine it the old fashion way: agents are calling possible clients trying to awake demand for the product they would like to sell to them. This is the 28th episode of FintechFlow where I will talk to one of the top 10 insutrech influencers about how to conquer the heart,  mind and  homescreen of your customer.  We will discuss how sales agents could leverage technology, and what changes this should bring to their managers and even to the C-suit.  My guest today is dr Robin Kiera, who is a recovering sales agent himself, so he has first hand experience on selling insurances. Robin is, founder, thought leader at which is one of the hottest consultancy agencies in the insurtech scene. This episode is brought to you by te help of Magic of Innovation conference (MOI). 
November 14, 2019
The Four Waves of Insurtech with Roger Peverelli coupon code: DIA200FTFLOW This is the 27th episode of FintechFlow and we continue our journey on the insurtech field. Today we will have a historic overview on how insurtech has developed in the past years, and we will also look into future trends. Thanks to the Magic of Innovation conference, I have an awesome guest to discuss all this, he is Roger Peverelli. Roger is a sought-after speaker, a  best-selling author, an expert in digital innovation and customer engagement strategies. He is also the co-founder of the Digital Insurance Agenda, a global conference connecting insurance executives with insurtech leaders. Roger is listed on the global top 50 insurtech influencers.
October 28, 2019
The Most Interesting Man in Insurance - Rob Galbraith interview
This is the 26th episode of FintechFlow which is brought to you by Magic of Innovation, which is a conference about insurance and innovation. On this episode I will be talking with Rob Galbraith, the most interesting man in insurance, who came over to the conference from the US. I am in Wien at the MOI conference and talking with Rob Galbraith, author of the book: The end of insurance as we know it. Rob was names as “the most interesting man in insurance by Nick Lamparelli and he has been ranked as high as ne 6 on the insurtech london top 100 influencers. In your book you talk about the fact that regulation, reams of customer data and brand recognition make insurance harder to conquer for insurtech startups. But you say this time is different, and now the industry will be disrupted. What makes you think that? You also say in your book that insurance leaders are undeprepared for the size, scale and speed of the change that is to come. How do you think we should prepare? Thank you for listening! If you liked the show, please subscribe so that you never miss an episode, and if you really loved us, please rate the show. Next time I will have another awsome guest from MOI, and we will be talking about how to conquer the hear, mind and homescreen of your customer with dr Robin Kiera. Unitl than stay tuned and follow the flow.
September 25, 2019
Magic Of Innovation in Insurance Promotion code: FintechFlow – get 40% discount Az innováció ma már az egyik legtradicionálisabb iparágban, a biztosításban is elkerülhetetlen. Míg a fintech vállalatok a banki megoldások terén kínálnak gyors, , olcsó, kényelmes és fogyasztóbarát megoldásokat, az insurtech cégek a biztosítási iparágat forgatják fel. Ma már a biztosítók sem versenytársakat, hanem potentciális partnereket látnak bennük, és az együttműködést keresik. Ez a FintechFlow 25. Epizódja, amiben arról fogunk beszélni, hogyan lehet ez az együttműködés minél sikeresebb a biztosítók és az insurtech vállalatok között. Mai vendégem, Krizsán Erika az Insurance Factory alapítója, a Magic of Innovation konferencia szervezője. Erika évek óta azon dolgozik, hogy kreatív és innovatív biztosítási megoldásokat alkosson partnereivel, segítve az együttműködést a nagy biztosítótársaságok és a fiatal startupok között. Az idei Magic of Innovation konferenciára szeptember 18-19-én Bécsben kerül sor. A FINTECHFLOW promócios kóddal 40% kedvezménnyel tudtok jegyet vásárolni itt:
August 28, 2019
Startup Collaboration - The HR Angle
  According to KPMG's report on The future of HR, 4 in 10 HR leaders state that workplace culture remains a top barrier to digital transformation and 70% of HR executives recognizes the need for workforce transformation.   If we look into the financial scene, this need of cultural change could be considered inevitable in order to compete with fintechs and bigtechs. The task-oriented work culture should be turned into a more innovative and experimental workforce.     This is the 24th episode of FintechFlow and today we will discuss the HR angle of collaborating with start-ups. We will try and  discover how HR could help to make these collaborations successful and what are the additional benefits these could bring to a big financial institution and to a startup.  For this episode I partnered up with Nestholma , an international organization that helps startups and large corporations to work and build businesses together. They have organized more than 25 collaboration programs so far in 10 countries.   I have two amazing guests for todays topic. Virpi Jalonen is here with us who is Renewal Strategist of Nestholma, coach and entrepreneur with background in various HR and development roles both in big corporations and startups. We also have Rudolf Vogl with us, who is former head of corporate HR at Raiffeisenbank International, now independent HR advisor for connecting business and people. e-mail:  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Instagram 
July 24, 2019
Insurance 2.0 - Cherrisk, the Spotify of Insurance
The insurance sector is facing similar challenges as the banking sector. Insurtech companies  are ready to enter the insurance market and use technology to disrupt it. The big techs are also knocking on the door of this multi-trillion dollar industry. That makes insurance companies opened to the idea of open innovation, embracing the outside in method. In this episode of FintechFlow we will look into an interesting model of open innovation on the insurance field.    My guest today is Krisztián Kurtisz, CEO of Uniqa Hungary, who strongly believes that insurance could be made much better. The startup that was born for this task is CHERRISK, the insurance platform of the future. Krisztián is also CEO of CHERRISK. Krisztián, welcome to FintechFlow!  And thank You for listening! If you enjoyed this topic, please subscribe so that you do not miss another episode.   Next time we will again talk about open innovation, but from human resource point of view. Until then, stay tuned and follow the flow!   website:  e-mail:  Facebook URL  Twitter handle  LinkedIn URL  Instagram   
July 03, 2019
Business of Design with Family Finances - interview with Ivan Muck
Not one day passes by  in the financial industry without hearing/reading or talking about design. It has become a trendy buzzword, but in reality it is much more. McKinsey released an in-depth report in October 2018 on the business value of design.    This research revealed striking findings. They found a strong correlation between better design and superior business performance. The companies who were in top-quartile with their design increased their revenues and total returns to shareholders substantially faster than their peers over a five-year period.    It seems like design have its affect regardless on the industry, as the previously mentioned findings were true in all three of the industries they looked at: medical technology, consumer goods, and retail banking.    So we can say, that besides being a trendy buzzword, the potential for design-driven growth is enormous in both product- and service-based sectors.    Today we will take a deeper look at design. We will discuss the value of design, how it could be created successfully, how can we measure it and what impact will it have.    I have an awesome guest to discuss design with, as Iván Muck is by my side, who is co-founder and responsible for business development at Family Finances.    Family Finances is a fintech startup offering design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial institutions with a special focus on younger customers, including off-the-shelf solutions that are all easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation.  #design #designthinking #designmetodologies #UX #UI #familyfinances #fitnech #youthbanking #fintechflow #followtheflow #podcast #sg #sgalle 
June 19, 2019
Speed is the Best Risk Management - Nick Suhr (KASKO Insurtech) interview
  The insurance sector is facing similar challenges as the banking sector. While fintech companies are here to bring changes in  banking and in our everyday lives, insurtechs are ready to enter the insurance market and use technology to disrupt it. These tech savvy players are developing innovative products, which they deliver digitally and in a fraction of the time.   While a couple years ago insurtechs and incumbent insurance companies were considered competitors, and the question was who would win the race, today collaboration seems to be the key word.    In this episode of FintechFlow we will discuss what is the reasoning behind seeking this collaboration between insurers and insurtechs. We will also discover how a traditional big financial institution as an insurance company carryying all its legacy can work successfully together with the small, tech-savvy design thinking startups?   Today I have an awesome guest to discuss all this, he is Nick Suhr, co-founder and CEO of Kasko.   Kasko is an insurtech as a service company who desings, distributes and runs digital insurance products for any distribution channel. They enable big insurance companies to create value proposition to their customers in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the costs, or as they put it: "they enable oil tankers to move like speed boats." Not only their work but their list of awards also show that they are really here to make an impact. Just to mention one: Kasko was selected as best outsourced partner of    2017 at Digital Post's Digital and insurtech Awards. So I am sure Nick is the best person to help me get around how a cooperation between insurers and insurtechs can be successful. 
May 29, 2019
360 View on Corporate Innovation at the Biggest Hungarian Bank, OTP
How to bring innovation in a big  financial institution is always a difficult issue. Nowdays if we talk about corporate innovation we have to think about the activity conducted inside the organization and beyond its borders as well.     On today's episode of FintechFlow we will dive into the world of corporate innovation searching for the way how it could be most successful, discuss the Dos,the  DONTs, the WHYs, the HOWs and even trying to define success.     My guest today is András Fischer, head of  Innovation at OTP Bank. He is the manager of OTP LAB, which is OTP Bank’s innovation hub, where expert colleagues, startups, businesses based on innovative technology and educational institutions are working together on developing the banking products and services of the future.   Thank you very much for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please give us a review! Next time I return to my homefield talking about insurtech with one of the most promising insurtech startups in Europe, who happens to be a startup OTP has also selected in their startup program. Until then stay tuned and follow the flow!  #fintech #corporateinnovation #openinnovation #finovation #otplab #fintechflow #followtheflow #podcast  
May 15, 2019
Blockchain Over the Hype
In today's episode of FintechFlow we will look into real blockchain usecases and we will try to imagine the impact these and other blockchain solutions can have to our lives.We will also take an international overview and understand how blockchain can help underdeveloped countries and how some not so democratic countries reverse blockchain's original purpose. We will also discuss where the EU stands in all this.
May 01, 2019
How to Accelerate Your Startup
This is a special episode, which was recorded as a panel discussion about accelerator and incubator programs at Startup Safari Bp. I am happy to welcome my guests with whom we are guaranteed to get around all the corners,  as they collectively are representing the Big 4s,the startup scene and  the banking sector: Daniel Bognár, manager at PWC. Balázs Faluvégi CEO and co-founder of Blueopes. János Pereczes, managing director of MKB Fintechlab. fintechfl
April 18, 2019
The Blockchainsmokers at Startup Safari
This episode was held as a panel discussion at Startup Safari Budapest 2019. We discussed a lot of topics about cryptocurrencies and non-crypto related blockchain solutions. I had 3 experts on the field as my guests today: Barnabas Debreczeni (Shinrai), Gergely Gabler (MNB) and Daniel Szegő (DLT architecht).
April 17, 2019
Azonnali fizetés egyszerűen - Neked
2019. július 1-jétől 7/24-ben 5 mp-en belül valósulnak meg a fizetések. Ráadásul a mobiltelefonszám, e-mail cím, vagy adószám megadásával tudunk pénzt küldeni. Mindez komoly lehetőségeket rejt magában a bankok, szolgáltatási szektor és a lakosság számára is. Ezekről a lehetőségekről, és az új rendszerre való felkészülésről beszélgetünk Németh Mónikával, a FinTech Group társalapítójával.
April 08, 2019
The outside in method – the ingredients for successful open innovation with János Pereczes
Over the last decade organizations increasingly source innovation beyond their borders and search for new ideas outside their walls. With Janos Pereczes, Managing Director of MKB Fintechlab I dive into the world of open innovation to understand why it is a great concept, what could it bring to a corporation and how should a company approach it.
March 27, 2019
The return of the Fintech Jedi - Balázs Vinnai interview
I am thrilled to have a real fintech heavyweight as my guest. I’m joined by no other than Balázs Vinnai, the main character in one of the most inspiring Hungarian start-up stories. We talk about IND, Misys, Finastra, W.UP, Codecool, BNL Growth, startups, entrepreneurship, mentoring, investing, acquisition,success,failure,sports,foundation and much more.
March 20, 2019
The Finovate Story ft. Best of Show winners Dorsum and W.UP
In this episode of FintechFlow we will take you to Finovate. We will discuss what is the sectret souce to win Best of Show, as I have 2 presenters of the Hungarian winning teams by my side. Remco Veenenberg (W.UP) and Greg Csorba (Dorsum).
March 06, 2019
Do not go global, start global - Brokerchooser's international journey
Last week on episode 11 we explored the best strategy for startups who want to take their B2B business abroad. In this week's episode of FintechFlow we again dive into international business development, but this time from a B2C point of view. If you stay with us, you can expect some insights into one of the few Hungarian fintech startups that were brave enough to dream big and follow a global B2C strategy. The guys will give you some spot on tips and advice  that could help build your own startup. They will also open up about some emotionally difficult situations through their journey and share their success stories and some failures as well, for example how they almost destroyed everything with a tweet. My guests are the founders of Brokerchooser: Tibor Bedő, CEO and Gergely Korpos CPO. Brokerchooser helps independent investors to find the online broker best suiting their needs. Brokerchooser stands out from many startups in the Hungarian landscape in the sense of going global since the very beginning and having a B2C business model.
February 27, 2019
It takes two to tango (in the fintech world as well)
We explore how startups can take their B2B business abroad.   We analyze the best strategy, and discuss when, where and with whom to go global.    My guest is Barnabás Málnay, who has decades of experience helping startups develop their business abroad as business developer at EIT Digital. Dave McClure – 500 Startups Elad Gil: High Growth Handbook  Clayton Christensen: The innovator's dilemma
February 20, 2019
How to disrupt your disruptors? - Erste George Labs interview with Boris Marte
There are many forms of corporate innovation, and many ways to do that, but as Alan Kay put it: "The best way to predict the future is to reinvent it." And that is what Erste Group is doing in its George Labs trying to make banking simple, intelligent and personal again. Join me and Boris Marte, head of Erste George Labs to discuss how a big financial institution from the 20th century, that serves 17 million clients is reinventing itself.
February 13, 2019
The legal point of view – Cristina Reichman interview
Thanks to Fintech Camp Hungary and the Beyond Banking Budapest for the first time on the show I had the opportunity to talk to someone working as a lawyer in the fintech field. This means a different approach and point of view and it was exciting to hear that. Join me and you can learn how someone who is a partner at a legal firm sees PSD2 or the need of regulating big tech companies.
February 06, 2019
Hungary's Best Incubator: CEU Innovations Lab
I welcome the first female guest on FintechFlow, Andrea Kozma, director of the CEU iLab, which was voted Hungary's best incubator at the Central European Startup Awards.   We try and give you a 360 view of this special world where academia meets business. Explore with how startups can exploit the students, the researchers and the alumni of the university and in the meantime support it by lecturing or opening up their entrepreneurship journey for academic research.
January 30, 2019
Fintech-Corporate Collaboration – How to Get Better with Daniel Collado-Ruiz, CEO of Nestholma
Linda discussed strategies, tips, skills to develop in order establish a successful startup-financial institution cooperation. With Daniel Collado-Ruiz, CEO of Nestholma we analyzed both sides of the story, so we looked at how fintech startups and how corporates should and should not think, act and communicate with each other.
January 23, 2019
Luxembourg House of Fintech (LHoFT) Ft. Alex Panican
Linda talked with Alex Panican who is head of partnerships and ecosystem at the Luxembourg House of Fintech. Luxembourg is a country, where the Finance Minister launches the House of Fintech, the regulator is quite open for innovation, they have regulated crypto exchange platforms and they start teaching kids coding at the age of six. Alex shared me all this and much more. Special thanks to Hajnalka Bessenyei&Fintech Camp Hungary&Beyond Banking Bp!
January 16, 2019
Israel's fintech ecosystem - Equitech interview
Linda talked with Tal Sharon and Nir Netzer from Equitech. Equitech is an Israeli consultancy firm providing innovation scouting services to financial institutions and business development services to FinTech and Cyber Security ventures. They're also leading FinTech-Aviv community, one of the world's largest FinTech communities, consists of 6,000 members.
January 09, 2019
Chatbot startup meets Japan's tech mogul at Techstars accelerator - Talk-A-Bot interview
Linda talked with Akos Deliaga, one of the co-founders at Talk-A-Bot, a Hungarian chat-bot provider start-up. Akos talked about why is it a great strategy to embed your chatbots into superapplications.  Talk-A-Bot was one of the 10 start-ups that could participate in Techstars accelerator program powered by Rakuten. Akos talked about the program.  Akos revealed what is the goal with their recently announced 2M Euro investment and he talked about the interesting business strategy they choose.
January 04, 2019
Revolut - The seal team six of the financial sector
Linda talked with Andrius Biceika head of business development at Revolut. Revolut was founded in 2015,  now (2018 Dec) they have more than 3M customers worldwide.  Andrius walked me through Revolut's world beyond banking. We talked about new product developments at Revolut, but also went deeper to understand the secret sauce behind Revolut's success and to discuss the role of neobanks/challenger banks in today's financial world.  Special thanks to Hajni Bessenyei and Fintech Camp.
December 30, 2018
Why ESG Investing is a Win-Win
Linda is talking  with Balazs Faluvegi, who is one of the co-founders of Blueopes. Blueopes is a Hungarian wealth tech start-up, that is combining robo advising with ESG investing/social responsible investing.  Balázs talks about what is the reason why people choose ESG investing and he reveals why social responsible investing is a great financial decision besides being a nice and sustainalbe thought.  He also talks about the world's biggest fintech competition, the BBVA Open Talent Competition.
December 22, 2018
Happy Hacking at Junction X Budapest
In this episode FintechFlow, I smashed things up a bit and instead of having an interview I prepared a report about Junction X Budapest. Junction is Europe's biggest hackathon and the guys from Tech Embassy brought it to Budapest . Over 200 hackers were competing from 40 countries in an astonishing atmosphere. I hope you enjoyed the show. Don't forget to subscribe o you never miss and episode, and follow FintechFlow on Twitter or Facebook.  If you really loved it, please leave us a review.
December 13, 2018