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Fintech Fridays

Fintech Fridays

By Office of Fintech Bermuda
The Office of Fintech posts weekly episodes to educate and inform the Bermuda public on matters pertaining to the Fintech industry growing on the island.
3rd Episode of Fintech Fridays
Today, we interview Kevin Richards of Bermuda Asset Management, Fintech Advisors.  Kevin talks about Bermuda's fintech ecosystem and how he and his company are working with blue ribbon tech companies to grow the economic activity in Bermuda with financial technology. 
August 12, 2022
2nd Episode of Fintech Friday
We interview Karee Luna a Bermudian artist and business owner of Hai Tyde. We talk about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the planned event surrounding NFTs and local art. 
August 05, 2022
1st Episode of Fintech Friday
The very first episode in a series, the staff of the Office Of Fintech introduce the office to the Bermuda listeners. 
July 21, 2022