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By Pemo Theodore
FinTech Silicon Valley podcasts are focused on educating & highlighting the Blockchain, Crypto & STO domain to the global community both through video & audio. These podcasts are short & fun one on one interviews by FinTech Silicon Valley journalists with experts on how they are contributing to the community & what their perspective is on the future of this domain.
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More places to listen

Scaling the Blockchain
Scaling the Blockchain @Wayne Vaughan CEO @Tierion @Rosario Ingargiola CEO @OTCXN @Christian Ferri President/CEO @BlockStar @Locke Brown CoFounder/CEO @NuID
October 9, 2019
Credit Innovation
Learn about Credit Innovation @David Blumberg Founder/Managing Partner @Blumberg Capital @Vilash Poovala CoFounder/CEO @Oyster Financial Inc @Ashish Gupta Chief Credit Officer @Prosper Marketplace 
September 26, 2019
Digital Identity
Learn everything you need to know about Digital Identity & how to protect it! #digitalidentity @Kevin Trilli CTO @Onfido @Phillip Shoemaker Executive Director @Pierre-R. Wolff Senior VP Bus Dev @InCountry @Nuno Goncalves Pedro Founder/Managing Partner @Strive Capital @Mark Straub CEO/CoFounder @Smile Identity 
September 21, 2019
Facebook Libra Centralization? #facebookcentralization
Jeremy Almond CEO PayStand, Shouhei Ichimiya Principal Global Brain Corporation, Rahul Raina CoFounder/CTO TRM, Miko Matsumura Founder Evercoin, Phil Jeudy Journalist
August 27, 2019
Protect Yourself from Sim Swaps
Learn how to Protect yourself from Sim Swaps inspired via @Sean Coonce 'The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack' panelists @Guido Appenzeller CPO @Yubico @Lance Vick Security Researcher @Michael Terpin CEO @BitAngels NOTE: wins legal battle with AT&T for $24m  #simswapprotection
August 12, 2019
Cannabis Business
Learn about all the potential & challenges of Cannabis Business #cannabisbusiness @Erin Johnson Gore Founder/CEO @Garden Society @Jamie L. Pearson COO @Bhang Corporation @Isaac Dietrich Founder/Chairman/CEO @MassRoots Inc
August 7, 2019
Future of Real Estate
What is the Future of Real Estate? #futurerealestate @Raghu Bala CoFounder @PropertyList @John Kang CEO @Reasi @Jason Kumpf @Accelerate Growth Partners @Mary Jean Koontz CEO @InclusiveInvesting
July 18, 2019
Blockchain Music & Media
Learn about the possibilities of Blockchain for Music & Media @Tatiana Moroz Founder @Crypto Media Hub Advisor @Ryan Klaus CoCEO @Matter Music @Mike Johns Founder @Digital Mind State @B-Legit CoFounder @Sick with It Records 
June 27, 2019
Whats New in Insurtech?
 Gopi Rangan Founder/General Partner Sure Ventures;  Vivek Krishnamurthy Investor Commerce Ventures;  Simha Sadasiva CoFounder/CEO Ushur;  Sidd Gavirneni CEO/CoFounder Zeguro;  John Doppke VP Product Management Trov 
June 4, 2019
Banking Innovation
Learn about the new possibilities in Banking @Steve Kirsch CEO @Token @Jeremy Kaufman Principal @Scale VP @Ram Palaniappan CEO/Founder @Earnin @Addi Regev Product Leader @Varo Money
May 6, 2019
Surviving the Bear Market: Women in Crypto
 Daisy Ozim Founder @Resilient Wellness;  Olga V. Mack VP Strategy Quantstamp;  Cindy-Anne Lewis Dir Marketing & Comms Dispatch;  Harshitha Kilari General Partner Decipher Capital;  Karen Salay CEO/Founder Startup Roll Call 
April 21, 2019
Crypto Exchanges
 Joe DiPasquale CEO BitBull Capital;  Clay Robbins Ecosystem Development Lead 0x;  Lindsey Maule CEO/Managing Partner Luna Capital and  Daniel Edwards Partner AngelRush Ventures weigh in on Crypto Exchanges.
March 28, 2019
Crypto Games & Digital Collectibles
 John Linden CEO Mythical Games;  Rui Zhang Vice President gumi Inc;  Randy Saaf CoFounder/CEO Lucid Sight;  Mickey Maher Head Revenue Dapper Labs;  Mike Jones, Helmsman 8 Circuit Studios;  Sam Englebardt Co-Founder/Partner Galaxy Digital;  Yiseul Cho, Venture Partner FBG Capital 
March 21, 2019
Blockchain Investment
Cherie Liu Managing Partner @Outpost Capital and Jeff Dorman Portfolio Manager @Arca speak about the Blockchain
March 1, 2019
Digital Securities Post Regulation
What are the Regulations for Digital Securities? Jamie Finn CoFounder @Securitize & Josh Stein CEO @Harbor & Mason Borda CEO @TokenSoft 
February 18, 2019
Crypto Custody
Why Does Crypto Need Custody Solutions?  The main utility of cryptocurrency custody solutions lies in the safeguarding of cryptocurrency assets. Private keys, which are used to conduct transactions or access crypto holdings, are a complex combination of alphanumerics. They are extremely difficult to remember and can be stolen or hacked. Online wallets are a potential solution but recent events have demonstrated their susceptibility to hacks. The same is true of cryptocurrency exchanges.  Matt Zimmerman CEO @Base Zero and  Benedict Chan CTO @BitGo
February 8, 2019
2019 Blockchain & Crypto Predictions
2019 Blockchain & Crypto Predictions Robin Verderosa VP Product Marketing @BitGo Miko Matsumura Founder @Evercoin Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner @Keiretsu Capital Jamie Finn CEO @Securitize Jeremy Almond CEO @Paystand JP Bedoya VP Product & Design @Civic Tim Swanson Founder @Post Oak Labs Pierre Wolff VP @Tierion 
January 27, 2019
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