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By Fintock
A special podcast for all the early investors. After successfully introducing our deep well-written blogs and liked by so many people, we are coming up with something quick, easy and interesting way of discussions on personal finance and few important investing topics. This podcast is hosted by Sahib and co-hosted by Karan, Shivansh and Devansh and we will dive deep into the particular topic to give you a fully informed idea of not just about investing but all things personal finance. We are also available on youtube and all the podcasting platforms. Choose your comfortable platforms to listen
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Fintocks Season 1 Episode 2 : Stop Treating Your Money Poorly
In episode 2 of If You Want to be Rich.... we take a look at all those things which lead us to treating our money badly and how it affects our journey to becoming rich.  Hope you guys enjoy it. Links:
October 15, 2020
Fintocks Season 1 If You Want to be Rich... Episode 1: Start Thinking Like the Rich
Bringing to you the first season of our podcast where we accompany you on your journey to becoming rich and so, aptly titled If you want to be Rich... In the first episode we talk about the very first step towards becoming rich which is start thinking like the rich. Hope you guys enjoy it. Linktree:
October 15, 2020
Ep 00 | The Humble Beginnings
This is the very first episode of our brand new podcast 'Fintocks'. In this episode we discuss investing, its importance, and its need during these testing time. Hope you guys enjoy it. P.s. This is our very first attempt at something completely new to us so please go easy on us. Linktree:
August 11, 2020