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Episode 22 - Why Your Personal Brand Will Be Your Secret Weapon with Hung Lee

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Welcome to the Firefish Software Recruitment Podcast. Our podcast focuses on recruitment industry trends, business development advice, marketing advice and what the future of our profession holds. Each month we interview a new recruitment industry influencer to get their thoughts on a specific topic. Subscribe and stay ahead of industry trends; be informed, challenged, and inspired.
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Episode 24 - LinkedIn Video for Recruiters: The Key to Transforming Your Brand?
This month we're extremely excited to be joined by recruitment agency founder and LinkedIn video legend, Mark Gaisford. If you’re not one of the thousands of recruiters already actively engaging with Mark’s awesome LinkedIn vids, I highly recommend you follow his page! Thanks to an initial push from his video marketing expert son, Jack, Mark threw himself into the world of LinkedIn video a couple of years ago, and it’s really amazing what this has done for his recruitment brand and business.  Today, he’s posting video content that tots up 170,000+ views and is so engaging even LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner himself finds the time to tell him so.  Mark will be sharing…  · His thoughts and experiences with LinkedIn video strategy: what works, what doesn’t, and potential mistakes to avoid.  · Insights on what LinkedIn video has done for Mark’s personal brand and his recruitment agency, RedSprout. · Mark’s top tips on how to keep improving your LinkedIn videos.
August 16, 2019
Episode 23 - 5 Awesome Social Media Hacks Recruiters Aren’t Using Yet
This month we're extremely excited to have Christina Robinson, Managing Director of Green Umbrella on the show!. If you’re unfamiliar with Green Umbrella, they’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in offering social media support and training to recruitment teams, so we really couldn’t hope for a better guest to talk us through the latest social media hacks for recruiters! We all know how crowded the market is at the moment, so anything you can do to stand out and get noticed on social media will put you at a real advantage. Christina shares her thoughts on… · Christina’s go-to hacks for recruiting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. · Tips for putting together a recruitment social media strategy that actually get you to your goals. · How to measure ROI of your social media efforts so you can identify what’s working and what’s not and learn from your results.
August 16, 2019
Episode 22 - Why Your Personal Brand Will Be Your Secret Weapon with Hung Lee
This month, we’re extremely excited to have Hung Lee on the show! Hung is CEO of and also the brains behind the hugely popular Recruiting Brainfood weekly newsletter. He joins me to discuss how to build a strong personal brand as a recruiter. As one of the biggest online influencers in recruitment at the moment, there really isn’t a better guest to give some insights on this subject!  Hung shares his thoughts on…  - Why building a strong personal brand is so important for recruitment  - How to build a loyal, engaged network for your brand. - How to measure the effectiveness of your personal branding strategy.
July 5, 2019
Episode 21- How to win recruitment retainers with Dougie Loan
 We’re kicking off this episode with a bang, as Dougie Loan from Odro joins me to discuss the topic of pitching and winning more retainers as an agency recruiter. I recently attended an event where Dougie lead a discussion group on this exact topic, and it was so spot on that I’ve decided to invite him on the show to share his insights with our listeners.  So expect lots of great insights, including: What’s stopping agency recruiters from pitching retainers? How to convince clients that a retainer is the right option for a role How to support a recruitment team to sell (and win!) more retainers. This one’s packed with actionable takeaways that you can start implementing straight away to win more retained business with clients – enjoy the show and please leave a review if you enjoyed it :)
June 3, 2019
Episode 20- The Secrets to Becoming a ‘New Rich’ Recruiter with Dualta Doherty
 Really excited to have recruitment agency owner and influencer Dualta Doherty on the show this month! He is dialling in to share his ideas and personal experiences regarding how to become a ‘new rich’ recruiter in the agency market. I (along with the rest of his 30,000 LinkedIn followers!) have been following a lot of what Dualta’s been doing with his recruitment agency the last few years and I’m a big fan of his podcast, Recruiter Startup. It’s really inspiring seeing what he’s achieved in this time and I know agency recruiters and business owners can learn a lot from this guy! So please join me and Dualta for what promises to be a really insightful and motivating chat around the following: What it means to be a ‘new rich’ recruiter and how it will make you more money How the likes of outsourcing and automation can help you achieve rapid business growth by using your recruitment time more intelligently The secrets to how Dualta manages to run a high-billing international agency with a very small team and still find time to be a content generating machine within the recruitment community.
May 30, 2019
Episode 19 - How to Use Facebook Advertising to Find the Perfect Candidate with Mr Gavin Bell
Our guest, Gavin Bell from shares his thoughts on how recruiters could and should be using Facebook to find the perfect candidate. Expect lots of actionable insights, including: How recruiters can laser-focus their Facebook campaigns to find the perfect candidates Where businesses are currently going wrong with Facebook Expert tips on Facebook retargeting and how to get started with it.
January 3, 2019
Episode 18 - Sean Anderson: Why your recruitment agency brand matters.
Our guest from Hoxo Media, Sean Anderson, shares his thoughts on why your recruitment agency brand matters. Expect lots of actionable insights, including: · How to promote and amplify your agency’s brand online · How to find and tell your unique brand story · How to benefit and get a return from your agency brand
December 13, 2018
Iain Blair: The Journey from Corporate Giant to SME Recruitment Agency Owner
Iain Blair from Revoco joins Firefish Software's Wendy McDougall to talk about his entrepreneurial journey from founding and managing a recruitment corporate giant to starting up a specialist SME recruitment agency. With more than 20 years in the recruitment industry, Iain has loads of great tips and insights to share. Listen to the podcast for more on... • The main differences between running an SME recruitment agency and running a corporate giant • How to get to that critical mass stage with your business • The key milestones for growth • The benefits of being a smaller business over a larger corporate
January 24, 2018
Belinda Kerr: Preparing Your Recruitment Business for Partnerships and Mergers
In this month’s episode of the Firefish Software podcast, Wendy is joined by Belinda Kerr of Recruitment Garage to talk around the processes and lessons learned from managing partnerships and mergers in recruitment. Belinda has twenty years of recruitment experience under her belt, and in this time she’s founded, scaled, merged and sold on two successful recruitment businesses in Australia. She's now focussing her time on inspiring and supporting recruitment entrepreneurs keen to scale up their businesses, but took some time out to share some insights with Wendy on how she herself managed to do this. Tune in the podcast to hear more on: • The experience of creating a recruitment franchise • The process of formalising the international sale of a recruitment business and what it's like • Insights on managing recruitment mergers, including the process, lessons learned and advice.
November 27, 2017
Helen Haddon & Tricia Roberts: Your GDPR questions unpicked - for TEAM members
For this podcast, Firefish Software's Wendy McDougall, is joined by Helen Haddon of ComplyGDPR and Tricia Roberts of TEAM. With the upcoming changes to Data Protection legislation (GDPR), Tricia Roberts gets answers to TEAM members' top concerns about GDPR for SME recruiters. Listen to the podcast to hear Helen’s expert advice in response to the following questions: • What do recruiters need to do with old data under GDPR? • How will recruiters use LinkedIn and job boards after GDPR is implemented? • What steps can SME agencies do right now to prepare for the changes? Tune in to find out!
October 23, 2017
Ruth Forster: Growing your Recruitment Agency Sustainably
Ruth Forster from Wagstaff Recruitment joins us on the latest Firefish Podcast to talk about building and scaling a recruitment agency sustainably. With over 17 years of experience in recruitment plus seven running Wagstaff Recruitment, Ruth has plenty of insights, tips, and advice to share. Listen to the podcast and hear Ruth’s thoughts on: • Why you need to find a good business coach • How to monitor and manage your time effectively • How to find and retain the very best talent
June 7, 2017
Peter Gold: Harnessing the Power of Why to Scale Your Recruitment Agency
Peter Gold from Storifyd joins Wendy on the Firefish Podcast to talk brand storytelling and mysterious marketing. This is an excellent podcast for recruitment owners thinking about the reason behind their business. Listen in and learn: • What Mysterious Marketing is and how it could benefit your agency • Why running a marathon isn’t so different to running a business • How to identify your agency’s why and commit to it • Harnessing that why to help your business grow
March 16, 2017
Gareth Biggerstaff: How to Do Business Planning and Forecasting Right
With 20 years of experience in technology recruitment, Gareth Biggerstaff is a great guest for the Firefish Podcast. Starting out as an IT resourcer, Gareth is now the owner of Be-IT Resourcing, a recruitment agency with an enviable success story. Gareth has taken his company from £0 - £10 million in just 3 years. Drawing on his years of experience in recruitment, Gareth shares some excellent tips and advice on business planning and forecasting for recruitment agencies.
February 2, 2017
John O'Sullivan: What is Your Recruitment Agency Worth?
In this episode of the Firefish Software Recruitment Podcast, John O’Sullivan joins Wendy to talk through how an agency owner can determine their business’ worth. John is an experienced recruitment leader, working as a Non-Executive Director for several carefully selected, high growth companies in the recruitment sector. As the Chairman of Elite Leaders, a membership organisation for forward thinking, ambitious recruitment leaders, John helps agency owners create and determine their business’ value. Tune in to our conversation with John and find out: • Why culture is important to investors • The value of branding and positioning • How to look at your business like an investor would
November 15, 2016
Tom Glanfield: How to Scale a One Man Startup into a Global Brand
Tom Glanfield, CEO of Lawrence Harvey, joins Wendy on this month’s episode of The Predictive Recruitment Podcast. Tom has a great, inspirational story about founding his company, Lawrence Harvey, from his girlfriend’s spare room with a £9K student loan, and taking it to its current multi million pound valuation. From small beginnings great things can come, and Tom talks us through the journey from a one man start up, to a global company with close to 100 employees and offices in the UK, Germany, and the USA. This is an excellent episode, full of great business lessons including: • Why Tom thinks naivety is important • Why businesses need to create a culture where sharing ideas is championed • How to attract and incentivise talent to a young start up
September 22, 2016
Mitch Sullivan: Making the Move From Contingent to Retained Recruitment
Our guest on this month’s episode of The Predictive Recruitment Podcast is Mitch Sullivan. Mitch spent the last 25 years working within recruitment, taking the normal contingency agency route from consultant, to manager, to troubleshooter. With his wealth of experience, Mitch was the perfect guest for the Firefish podcast. He joins Alan for a conversation on how recruiters can make the change from contingent to retained contracts. During the episode, Mitch and Alan discuss: • The benefits of a retained model • Why clients don’t like the traditional agency model • How recruiters can achieve a 70/30 split between retained and contingent contracts
September 1, 2016
James Osborne: Here's What Forward Thinking Recruitment Agencies Are Focused On
James Osborne is an award winning business consultant, advisor, and entrepreneur. He’s the founder and CEO of Innergy, a consultancy and training group. He’s an in demand speaker, both in the UK and internationally, so we were lucky to get him on The Predictive Recruitment Podcast. In this, the 8th episode, James and Alan discuss what forward thinking recruitment agencies are focusing on. James outlines his 3 key areas for agencies to consider: 1. Efficiency 2. Brand 3. Pride
August 1, 2016
Lisa Jones: How to Get the Most Value from Your Recruitment Database
Join us on the 7th instalment of the Predictive Recruitment podcast. In this episode our Chief Growth Officer, Alan Hiddleston, talks with Lisa Jones, from Barclay Jones, about how to get the most value from your recruitment database. Alan and Lisa focus on how to get the most value from your recruitment database. Lisa’s long term love of technology and its possibilities shapes the conversation, leading to an in-depth discussion on: • Why your CRM is an important business asset • Innovative ways to use data • Why ‘tech needs to talk to other tech’ or the importance of integration • Why recruitment is like dating Listeners can expect a wealth of actionable tips covering how to pick a CRM system, how to facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales, and how to plan for the future by purchasing the right technology.
July 1, 2016
Alex Moyle: Finding Your Agency's Purpose
Welcome to the sixth instalment of Firefish Software's Predictive Recruitment Podcast. In this episode, Alex Moyle of Elevated Recruitment, joins our Chief Growth Officer, Alan Hiddleston, for a conversation on spring cleaning your recruitment agency. From rethinking your goals and budget to considering how clear your agency’s purpose is, this episode is full of excellent advice to help you galvanise your recruiter’s efforts. Alex explains why it’s important for a company to build lasting relationships and review goals on a daily basis, alongside how a struggling business can be turned around in just 90 days. This episode explores: • Personalising KPIs • Creating shared goals for your team • Why leadership is easy but management is hard
April 27, 2016
Steve Ward: Getting the Most Out of Social Media for Recruiters
Social Recruitment Strategist Steve Ward joins our Chief Growth Officer Alan in the fifth episode of The Predictive Recruitment Podcast. Alan and Steve talk through social selling and the importance of inbound marketing in recruitment. Full of actionable tips, this episode covers: How to craft outstanding content for your blog, picking the right channel(s) to market your content, and how social media can bring relevant and better engaged interactions to a business Alan and Steve consider ideas of branding, alongside a discussion on transposing face-to-face charisma into a digital environment. Listeners can expect to learn how to: • Get the most out of social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn • Use social media as a tool for brand building and attraction • Create and market relevant branded content
March 30, 2016
Roy Ripper: 5 Key Areas for Business Success
Roy Ripper and Alan talk about performance, personal energy, and the importance of conviction in the fourth episode of the Firefish Predictive Recruitment podcast. Roy and Alan focus on how success leaves clues, the importance of high performance, and what recruitment consultants have in common with ultra marathoners. The conversation focuses on Roy’s five key areas for success: 1. Vision and Focus 2. Personal Energy 3. Conviction 4. Influence 5. 10x Productivity
February 24, 2016
Nicky Coffin: How to Overcome Common Business Obstacles
Nicky Coffin and Wendy sit down for a conversation on overcoming business obstacles in the third episode of the Predictive Recruitment podcast. In the episode, Nicky discusses: • The nature of growth and change in a successful recruitment career • Employee investment and the difference between coaching and training • The importance of having a support network as the business owner • How to push your agency forward
January 22, 2016
Kai Murray: Growing and Scaling Your Recruitment Agency
Kai Murray joins Wendy McDougall on the second episode of the Predictive Recruitment podcast for a conversation on growing and scaling your business effectively. Kai, a former recruitment agency owner, now a business coach extraordinaire, provides expert insights on how you can: • Identify what’s holding your business back • Break through that wall and scale with ease • Create a great multiplier when selling your business
December 10, 2015
Greg Savage: What Does the Future of Recruitment Look Like?
Today at Firefish HQ we’re proud to announce the pilot episode of our new podcast is live and ready for you to listen to! We are thrilled to have the brilliant Greg Savage on board for our maiden voyage, and we took some time to speak with him about his upcoming speaking events in the UK alongside discussing what he thinks the future of recruitment looks like.
October 13, 2015
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