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First Aid Chats by Dr. G

First Aid Chats by Dr. G

By Adanna Grandison
This patient medical education forum provides the public with a unique opportunity to talk with medical professionals about various medical topics. It is done in the format of a call-in program so that you have the opportunity to enrich your listening experience by being provided with uptodate information, asking your questions and having them answered on the spot.
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COVID-19 Update: Testing & Vaccines
During this episode, Dr. G is joined by her co-host Dr. Broome- Webster as they have a robust panel discussion on COVID-19 featuring Dr. Brendan Larder- Virologist, Dr. Lynda Williams- Epidemiologist, Dr. Lauren Linton-Genomicist, Dr. Marquita St. Hilaire. They take an indepth look at the role and suitability of testing modalities as well as vaccines and the role these two areas of interests play in the pandemic response.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
March 10, 2021
Dengue Fever: The Barbadian Endemic
During this episode , Dr.Arianne Harvey provides a detailed look at Dengue Fever, an illness endemic to Barbados caused by Dengue Virus. She discusses from symptoms to serotypes, diagnosis to management and certainly a special piece on prevention. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
February 06, 2021
Bush Teas: Better or Busted
During this episode , Dr. Elliot Douglin discusses some historically used bushes or herbal teas that have been used and proven to have medicinal benefit. He also discusses some that are unique to the Caribbean. One thing that must be emphasized is that although are known to be good they should all be used with caution and most importantly under the consultation of your doctor to avoid any drug to drug interaction and certainly to avoid any adverse response on physiological parameters like blood pressure, blood glucose levels and kidney function. SAFETY IS KEY.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
February 06, 2021
Demystifying Dietary Fads: Healthy Eating
During this episode , Dr. Elliot Douglin discusses common dietary fads such as the Atkins, Ketogenic, Vegan, Mediterranean and also low calorie recommended to reverse diabetes. He also disccusses the benefits of wholegrain foods, nuts, vegetables, grapeseed oil and lycopene. Tune in next week as we speak more about nutrition to close out the month of January. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
January 20, 2021
During this episode, Dr. G is joined by her co-host Dr. Broome- Webster as they have a robust panel discussion on COVID-19 featuring Dr. Brendan Larder- Virologist, Dr. Lynda Williams- Epidemiologist, Dr. Adrian Waterman- Anesthesiologist,Dr. Dawn Alleyne- Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialist and Dr. Maisha Emmanuel- Psychiatrist. They discuss viral transmission, symptoms, testing, treatment method taking a closer look at critical care interventions and preventative strategies like vaccination as well as other non-pharmaceutical interventions like mask wearing, hand washing etc.   Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
January 19, 2021
You Are What You Eat: Nutrition & Longevity
During this first episode of the long-anticipated Season 2, Dr. Elliot Douglin discusses the basic tenets of proper nutrition. He dissects macro and micronutrients and then finishes of speaking about the important undisputed role that vitamins and minerals play in keeping the body healthy. Next week, he will return to further discuss Dietary Fads. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
January 16, 2021
Man Know Thy Prostate
During this final episode of Season 1 Dr Jonathan Noël - Urological Surgeon discusses pathologies associated with the prostate inclusive of prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as prostate cancer. He also highlights the benefits of robotic surgical intervention. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
December 04, 2020
What's Wrong With My Breasts
During this episode Dr Alex Doyle - General Surgeon discusses breath pathology, highlighting the differences in benign and malignant breast disease based on age and sex. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
November 17, 2020
Breathing Life Back Into Palliative Care
During this episode Dr Lesley Reece - Palliative Care Specialist breathes life back into Palliative Care, demystifying this highly misunderstood and infrequently discussed area of medicine.  She defines this field and then clarifies some of commonly misconceptions surrounding this life enriching field. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
November 08, 2020
Pathology: The Staircase to High Quality Medicine
During this episode Drs. Alain Reid & Corinthia Dupuis- Consultant Pathologists explores the vast but underrepresented world of Pathology, explaining the process of Autopsy and the importance of Histology and Surgical Pathology. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
October 15, 2020
Our Children...Our Future...Their Health
In this episode Prof. M. Anne St. John - Consultant Pediatrician weighs in on the impact of childhood obesity on the health of our future generation. She delivers some staggering statistics on the current status of our local childhood population as well as some beneficial tips and resources on how we can curb this challenge. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
September 30, 2020
The Exploding World of Headaches
In this episode Dr. Melvin Parasram - Resident Neurologist  deconstructs for the listeners primary and secondary headaches, differentiating cluster, migraines and tension headaches from the medical emergency of the headache associated with a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
September 23, 2020
Our Precious Kidneys
In this episode Dr. Nerissa Jurawan - Consultant Nephrologist discusses Chronic Kidney Disease . She speaks specifically about CKD on a background of Hypertension and Diabetes, making special mention of the Barbados' Screening Program and the benefits of renal transplantation to both the donor and recipient. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
September 19, 2020
The Golden Years: Managing Dementia
In this episode Dr. Ambrose Ramsay - Consultant in Internal & Geriatric Medicine discusses The Golden Years speaking about the normal aging process vs dementia. Making quite a distinction between delirium and dementia, he goes on to speak about the different types of dementia with special focus on Alzheimer's Disease  and how can affect not just the patient but also the caregivers. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
September 09, 2020
Heart Failure: Can Alcohol Be Culpable
In this episode Dr. Aderemi Soyombo - Consultant Cardiologist breaks down the causes and symptoms of heart failure taking an indepth look at alcohol dilated cardiomyopathy.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246
August 28, 2020
COVID-19 & Beyond: The Barbadian Journey
In this episode Dr. Andre Lovell - Consultant in Internal Medicine takes us through the COVID-19 Barbadian Journey, breaking down complex topics within such as herd immunity, vaccines, testing, scope for new testing modalities and sample types all backed by evidence.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
August 20, 2020
Sex Matters: The Pelvic Floor Connection
This episode features Dr. Juan Michelle - Physiotherapist & Pelvic Floor Specialist . During this segment, she speaks about the impact that pelvic floor dysfunction can impact sexual function in both males and females. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246. Follow Dr. Martin via IG @thepelvicperspective FB: or contact her at
August 06, 2020
Coming Straight From The Heart
In this episode Dr. Andre Lovell - Consultant in Internal Medicine  takes a look at hypertension looking at some phenomena seen with this condition as well as the effects of Hypertension on the organs.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
July 30, 2020
Seizures in the Pediatric Population
This episode features Dr. Julianne Steel-Duncan - Pediatrician who takes a look at febrile seizures and then briefly goes on to discuss epilepsy from a pediatric perspective. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
July 22, 2020
Colorectal Cancer: From Polyp to Mass
This episode features Dr. Sahle Griffith- Consultant Minimally Invasive Surgeon. During this segment, he speaks about some of the findings of Colon Cancer research locally as well as a special focus on screening modalities that are locally available. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
July 16, 2020
The Effects of Saharan Dust on Respiratory Disease
This episode features Dr. Dawn Alleyne- Pulmonologist and Intensivist, Dr. John Charlery - Meteorologist and Dr. Edmund Blades- Microbiologist. This panel dissects the impact of Saharan Dust on Respiratory Disease. There is a special focus on the microbiological component of Saharan Dust. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
July 08, 2020
Doc, I Think I Have Poor Circulation
Dr. Maurice Walrond - General Surgery Consultant returns for this episode entitled "Doc, I Think I Have Poor Circulation" This episodes focuses on chronic venous insufficiency, a common presenting complaint that can cause significant disruption in quality of life if left untreated. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
July 01, 2020
Don’t Be Caught Stumped: The Peripheral Arterial Disease Journey
This episode features Dr. Maurice Walrond - Consultant in General Surgery. He provides some valuable insight on Peripheral Arterial Disease and how it can be prevented and managed. He notes the atherosclerosis in the lower limb and the greater importance of complete cardiovascular assessment in such patients. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
June 24, 2020
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Cholesterol Quandary
This episode features Dr. Khatija Mangera - Family Medicine Consultant. She provides some valuable insight on how cholesterol works in the body and what happens when there is too much in circulation. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
June 17, 2020
The Many Faces of PCOS
This episode features Dr. Carlos Chase - Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant. He discusses the many faces of polycystic ovarian syndrome. From presentation to treatment all in 1 hour. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
June 10, 2020
From A to Z: Medical Myths & Misconceptions
This episode features Dr. Russell Broome-Webster -Family Medicine Chief Resident. He discusses the importance of medical literacy and lends some clarity to some of the medical myths and misconceptions we often hear about. Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
June 10, 2020
Different Strokes for Different Folks
This episode features Dr. Lynda Williams- General Practitioner & Epidemiologist. She provides a holistic look at Cerebrovascular Accidents commonly known as "Strokes". First Aid Chats by Dr.G  is an arm of our Cornerstone Medical Education Alliance that allows the public to interact with the experts while having their questions answered.  You can follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
May 26, 2020
Sweet Tooth...Sour Truth
This episode features Dr. Tanya Sargeant -Family Medicine Consultant. She gives a refreshing take on Diabetes. First Aid Chats by Dr.G  is an arm of our Cornerstone Medical Education Alliance that allows the public to interact with the experts while having their questions answered.  You can follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
May 20, 2020
Affairs of the Heart
First Aid Chats by Dr.G  is the audio outreach component of Cornerstone Medical Education Alliance (C-MEA).This is our inaugural live podcast featuring Dr. Jeff Massay- Consultant Cardiologist (Barbados).  He gives a refreshing take on Cardiac Disease during this episode. You can follow us on Facebook at or Instagram @cornerstonemed_246.
May 13, 2020