First Year Married

First Year Married

By Kayla Levin
The podcast where we get real about building the marriage of your dreams. Marriage coach Kayla Levin takes newly married and engaged women from anxious and insecure to confident and connected through practical tips, real life inspiration and more than a little self awareness along the way.

Whether you are newly married, considering marriage, or have been married for years, this podcast will share with you a powerful framework to help you get the most enjoyment and fulfillment from your relationships--and ultimately, your own growth.

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Ep. 44 - Getting Yourself Out of Victim Mentality
I was looking through some of the requests that I’ve received for topics to cover and I wanted to address the one that would give us the biggest room for growth, the most potential. And so this question “how do I get out of victim mentality?” really stuck out to me. Because as long as we see ourselves as a victim, we are BY DEFINITION powerless. Before we go further: November 10 is the first call of our Kallah Cohort, a specific LIVE First Year Married course for women in the Orthodox Jewish community! The first class is free and no-obligation, but you need to sign up to get a spot! See you there! An important note about this whole episode: this material, like all of my material, does NOT apply to unhealthy or abusive relationships. We all have ups and downs--as individuals and in our marriages--but I encourage anyone who is unsure if their relationship is abusive or dysfunctional to seek out a qualified couples therapist. Here is one great resource. We all fall into victim mentality sometimes, whether it’s a story about our relationship or our abilities at work or with our physical health or self-discipline… Here are seven steps to help you leave victim mode behind. Identify the feeling.  Knowing the feeling, viscerally, will help you “red flag” it for the future. How does it feel in your body? What are your habitual thoughts? What’s the story? Anything with a story is optional. Beware of boundaries set to control. If you are frustrated that you set a boundary and it wasn’t followed, you didn’t set a boundary you just told someone what to do and they didn’t do it. Listen to learn how to set boundaries that don't leave you in victim-mode. Articulate the thought. You guys getting used to me saying this? You can’t question a thought until you articulate it. So what’s the story? “I’m not the happily-ever-after type.” So write it down. Look at it. Feel it. Be with it. Don’t be in such a rush to get rid of it. What we tend to do is we half-articulate it then we try to jump to another thought so fast because this one is so painful. Don’t be in a rush. It’s not urgent, it’s just feelings. Notice the results of your thought. Here’s where we want to focus on the present instead of, as is a natural tendency, to go past-focused. It’s interesting to question where your story came from. You for sure have reasons for why it’s true. But right now just look at WHAT THE THOUGHT IS DOING. How does it make you feel? What kinds of things are you capable of with this thought? What aren’t you? Live with your thought. Now that you’ve gone scientific and cerebral, gather some field research on how it’s playing out for you. Watch it in action. Write it down or send a voice memo to your podcast buddy if you have one (if not, time to get one!) Now you can start to jiggle it loose. How is the opposite true? How do you always get happily-ever-after? (Going into the holidays feeling so low from everything that happened with my health this year… then realized the opposite is equally true.) Advanced skill: Go all-out play and pick a new amazing thought! This ONLY works if you’ve really spent time in your current thought, with awareness and mindfulness! Thanks so much for the question and I look forward to seeing you back here next week! In the meantime, have you checked out my FREE class at Well, here it is!
October 13, 2019
Ep. 43 - Listener Tips for Running the Home
WOW. You all sent in some awesome tips for running the home! More than that, I love how you all came out to support and help one another! At the end of the day, we're all in this together if we want to be... and the FYM community keeps proving that you are women who look out for one another. I love it. First, an announcement: I will be hosting a special Kallah Cohort of First Year Married targeted specifically to women in the Orthodox Jewish community. Lots of details at the end of the episode! I broke down your tips into three main categories: Vision and Appreciation, Food and Groceries, and General Household Management and Time Management Tips. Have more tips to share? Please send them to @firstyearmarried on Instagram and I will share them over there! All the best, Kayla
October 6, 2019
Ep. 42 - Practical Tips for Running The Home
I love sharing tips with other women (and sometimes men) about what makes running the home easier for them. In a way, our personality comes out in our hacks. And so this week we're keeping it light and I'm offering you my favorite tips and tricks that help me run the home. I look forward to hearing yours and sharing them on next week's episode! 
September 29, 2019
Ep. 41 - A Vision For Your Home
We’re back to housework this week, believe it or not!  This week we’re discussing how leading with your values and vision can make even the most basic kinds of housework more meaningful. I’ll be showing you how to determine your values within your home (and sharing mine) and realize what things DON’T make the list (so you can stop stressing out about them)! I’ll also give you a clear formula for having a vision-led discussion with your husband to enlist the help you need without bringing negativity into your marriage.
September 22, 2019
Ep. 40 - Being Hurt
This week we’re going to revisit a familiar topic and take the work further. What is happening when you are feeling hurt? Take the last time you were hurt (or disappointed, angry, frustrated…) with your husband and try to remember the specific details. Consider that the reason that you were upset was that he wasn’t doing what you wanted him to be doing. Try to identify what you DID want him to do. What was your plan or rule book for how he should behave? But here’s the model. You’re crying and he’s texting. If he loved me, he’d be hugging me and taking care of me. So you feel hurt, rejected, and maybe angry (much safer) Here’s the reality: Him texting when you are crying says nothing about his love for you. So why are you hurt? ONLY because of the thought you had about it. We’re going to figure out this week how to find an alternative, how to clarify our vision, and how to experience the relationship we want. Unconditional love is on YOU. Leave him out of it! You want a loving relationship? LOVE HIM. And not when he’s adorable and considerate. Love him when he’s a bear. Love him when he’s obnoxious. Here are some thoughts that have really helped me with this... --I love being in love --I love being surprised by him --He’s so different, so foreign to me, just when I think I know him he surprises me Get a buddy, share this episode, and help each other use this information. It can be hard to observe our own brains sometimes. To work with me on-on-one, you can email me at or fill out the form at and I’ll send you my booking calendar. For more ideas about the "rule book" (or the "manual") check out Brooke Castillo's podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast.
September 16, 2019
Ep. 39 - Critical Parents
A listener asked me to discuss critical parents and what to do about them.  In this week’s podcast we discuss the difference between explicit criticism and subtly undermining your relationship. The key to dealing with criticism is to maintain responsibility over your emotional reaction. When we allow these criticisms to upset us, we have to realize that it’s because we became attached to what they said--that they might be right or that they “shouldn’t” have said it. The easiest way to deal with critical parents is to remember that they “get to” feel and say whatever they want, and you’re FINE. From that place, we can move forward to create healthy, effective boundaries that aren’t an attempt to change them or their behavior. Resources: Brook Castillo on Boundaries: Brook's Boundaries 2.0:
September 9, 2019
Ep. 38 - Your Sister-in-Law
One place I especially like to work on is charged relationships. Partly because this is an area where I have had my own work to do, so I know how important it is, but also because we really discover our own thought processes here and they are funny and surprising. Several of you wrote in asking me to discuss sibling relationships. When I put out a request for specific scenarios, they were almost all about sisters-in-law, so we'll focus on that but these tools really can be applied to any relationship. I have a question about my sister-in-law. I desperately want to become friends with her but every time we do something she is constantly on her phone or gossiping about people from her home town that I have no clue who they are. How can I become friends with someone who doesn’t take the time to talk? There are two parts of to any relationship: how they feel about you and how you feel about them.  Which is in your control? We will never know how someone feels about us, and even if we could know, we can’t control it. So I like to have a few thoughts that help me: I get to feel however I want about you. I am going to learn something very important from you.  I’m good.  How do I deal with a jealous sister in law who wants to make every moment about her? She wanted to know when I was pregnant, when I gave birth, and gender of baby (I’m assuming she means during the pregnancy) and got jealous of my relationship with my MIL. I don’t have involved parents. Let’s break down what’s happening and how we’re interpreting it. Because our interpretations drive our emotional reaction, so we have to have really high standards about what we’ll allow as “fact.” What happened: she asked if you were pregnant (or asked you to tell her when you were) Thought: She needs every moment to be about her. Feeling: Resentment, annoyance, disgust, sadness… whatever Action: Don’t tell her, maybe try to convey with your tone or body language that you’re offended Result: Less closeness, no pairing of you two, so it remains all about her--there isn’t a relationship instead.  What if you tried on other thoughts here? How would you feel and behave differently? Have some fun with it. I had my son 9 months ago and my SIL got married 6 weeks before us. Lots of tension. I had a great pregnancy and she is now pregnant and I am extremely happy for them. But at the same time I all of a sudden feel a shift in my MIL since hearing the news. I understand it is her daughter and she is pregnant with her second grandchild, but she is seemingly colder towards me… it may be my own insecurities but what if somehow it could be my SIL stirring it up? She is very insecure with my husband and MIL’s relationship. How do you want to show up in the relationship? Create a clear vision for yourself before any family interaction with your in-laws. It is very normal to feel uncomfortable with your in-law relationship. What if you allowed that? What if you didn't try to make it more comfortable, but just went to a place of observing yourself and your reactions and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable? Want to take this work further? Watch the free video at to learn how to coach yourself.
September 2, 2019
Ep. 37 - That One Bad Emotion
This week we're talking about negative emotions in your marriage. It is so common for newlyweds to feel extremely vulnerable and surprised at the number of negative emotions they may be experiencing in their marriages. The trouble with anger, resentment, frustration, and any negative feeling isn't the feeling itself--its the way we react to it. In this episode, we review our understanding of how emotions work, how to have an authentic emotional life (and how it's not all about "feeling all the feels"), and how to allow negative emotions. Many times, we resist negative emotions either by pushing it away with distractions or by switching to a more comfortable emotion like anger or disappointment. I'll take you through this process and give you an exercise to apply this work to your own marriage. (The thought work here is based on the Self-Coaching Model by Brooke Castillo.)
August 25, 2019
Ep. 36 - Your Husband's Phone
Hey newlyweds, What do you do if your husband is spending more time on his phone than communicating with you? What will this mean when kids come along (if they haven't already) and how he's going to be able to connect to him? What if he's getting defensive when you ask him to put away his phone? How much are phones supposed to be used in a healthy marriage? This week we're talking all about the "other wife"--your husband's phone  This topic can make us crazy--I get it--but we're going to focus on a practical framework to work on this area in your home.  Because let's face it... you probably have a phone, too... Check out this week's episode for a four-step solution to unhealthy phone usage in your new marriage. Here are the steps for you to review when you come back to implement this material! Step 1. The Brain Dump (and analyze) Step 2. Your Vision Step 3. Self-Work Step 4. Pick Your Timeline.
August 18, 2019
Ep. 35 - Getting Your Needs Met
I love hearing your questions and I recently got two questions that deserved a better answer than I could give in a quick online chat. Both women were asking about getting what they need from their husbands. Our first question deals with not feeling connected to a husband who travels a lot and doesn't help out when he's home. Our second question is about not getting validation when she needs it. Thank you so much for sending in your questions! If you'd like to send in a question, you can do so @firstyearmarried on Instagram.
August 11, 2019
Ep. 34 - The Five Love Languages Trap
 I am a big fan of Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. However, I've been seeing some women use this powerful information in a way that actually hurts their relationship, not help it. This week I'll give you a quick overview of the 5 Love Languages, tell you the trap you want to avoid, and how to use this material to benefit your marriage the most. The 5 Love Languages Book*: *affiliate link
August 4, 2019
Ep. 33 - Bringing Home Baby (Part 2)
This week I’m following up on our Bringing Baby Home episode by answering the questions you sent in. 👶How do I set up healthy boundaries with my in-laws before baby is born? 🙅‍♀️ What do I do about an anxious partner? 😬 Does my husband need to have a good job before we have a baby? 👔 Have more questions? Send them in! @firstyearmarried on Instagram or email me at kayla at 👌
July 28, 2019
Ep. 32 - Bringing Home Baby (Part 1)
 Baby on the way? Or maybe just thoughts of a baby on the way?  The transition to life with a new baby is a major one and these five pointers are what we learned from our four children and what kept us sane--and our marriage healthy--during this phase.  Check out more podcast episodes and sign up for my free online class at You can also check out Ruchi Koval's podcast here:  Out of the Orthobox  Go to Audible to listen to Alison Armstrong's workshop, The Amazing Development of Men (affiliate link). 
July 23, 2019
Ep. 31 - What it Means to Give - Interview with the Husband Part 2
This week I had my husband back on the podcast to talk about a man's perspective about what it means to give. This is a follow up to "Episode 30 - Just Ask!". It's so helpful to hear a guys perspective on this topic. As I share in the podcast, this is my #1 challenge and something that I know shifts they dynamic of the relationship in a very positive way.
July 15, 2019
Ep. 30 - Just Ask!
What's the one thing you can do to transform the dynamic of your relationship? Start asking for what you want. Sound easy? It's not. For most of us, even identifying what we want is hard--it's not the things we're nagging him about, it's the deeper, more meaningful things that would truly light us up. It's the things we can't do on our own or get for ourselves--and it's so hard sometimes to admit that there's a limit to our independence. But when we lean into that vulnerability and offer him a real chance to win, the payoff in your relationship is unbelievable. By the way, this is an area I personally struggle with SO MUCH... so expect to hear more about it in the future!
July 8, 2019
Ep. 29 - You Are All Alone
Isn't this a nice, friendly-sounding podcast episode? Here you are, trying to feel connected and in love with your husband, and I go and get depressing on you. Don't worry. This week's episode will teach you a fantastic framework taken from Jewish wisdom that we can all use as a self-coaching exercise to clarify who YOU are in your relationship and your goals for yourself on the deepest level. When we learn to frame our marriages, and all of our relationships and life situations, in the context of personal development, it creates an entirely new context.
June 30, 2019
Ep. 28 - What if You Were Beautiful?
I was really excited about this episode when I recorded it, but after living with this work for a few weeks I'm convinced EVERY woman needs to hear it. Years of struggling with accepting my appearance just... over. It's a little bit advanced, but I think it will at least plant a very important seed, even for those who aren't familiar with thought work. Please listen and forward to the women in your lives, whether they are newly married or not.
June 24, 2019
Ep. 27 - Your Vision
This week we are talking about how to dis-overwhelm yourself (yes, I made that up). I'll teach you the few simple steps to clarify your vision for the most difficult areas of your life and how to pursue achieve it, including the surprising reason we often lose track of our vision.
June 16, 2019
Ep. 26 - The Dreaded Housework (Part 2)
This is part 2 of a hot topic for many of you ladies, and I can completely understand why. This week I'll be sharing my paradigm shifts that have saved me from years of frustration and resentment when it came to partnering on housework with my husband. I'm sharing how we can use thought work (a la Brooke Castillo) on our house work (see what I did there?) and also some powerful insights from the research of Alison Armstrong.  I highly recommend Alison's two books as a great starting point for her research. They are written as fiction so they are an easy and fun read, but packed full of information.  Keys to the Kingdom - How men change over time and why it's so confusing. The Queen's Code - How we can bring out the best in men (and often bring out the worst) Episode 12 - Mind Management - For an introduction to thought work
June 10, 2019
Ep. 25 - The Dreaded Housework (Part 1)
This is part 1 of a hot topic for many of you ladies, and I can completely understand why. This week I'll be sharing my paradigm shifts that have saved me from years of frustration and resentment when it came to partnering on housework with my husband. I'm sharing how we can use thought work (a la Brooke Castillo) on our house work (see what I did there?) and also some powerful insights from the research of Alison Armstrong. I highly recommend Alison's two books as a great starting point for her research. They are written as fiction so they are an easy and fun read, but packed full of information.  Keys to the Kingdom - How men change over time and why it's so confusing. The Queen's Code - How we can bring out the best in men (and often bring out the worst) Episode 12 - Mind Management - For an introduction to thought work
June 2, 2019
Ep. 24 - There's Something Wrong With His Model
How can we get our husbands to cheer up when they're so down? How do we get them to see that their thoughts and the way they see the problem is really the issue? How do we get them to show up the way we need them? I'm so excited to share an advanced episode with you this week! On episode 24, I'm answering a really common question... "what if the problem is HIS model?" I'll be giving you three tools to deal with this. You'll learn how to examine your own thoughts, separate from the rules in your mind that are actually making you crazy, and get yourself into his corner.  It's totally counter-intuitive, but it's so transformational. Additional resources: Watch my free video on how to use the self-coaching model to improve your marriage. Episode 12: Mind Management (this will give you the foundation of this work) The Life Coach School podcast by Brooke Castillo, who originated the self-coaching model. Learn about the First Year Married course.
May 26, 2019
Ep. 23 - Interviewing The Husband
Guess what I did?? I interviewed my husband for the podcast! How fun is that? Noah and I talk about the ups and downs of our first year of marriage, learning to be adults, our mistakes with finances, and how we manage running a business together. He has some awesome advice... both for the husbands and the wives. Reach out on Instagram @firstyearmarried after you listen and tell me what you thought--and please don't forget to rate and review the podcast!
May 20, 2019
Ep. 22 - There's Something Wrong with Him
We may not like to admit it, but we tend to have some opinions about our husbands. Whether he's too messy, bad with money, or not taking his job seriously enough (or too seriously!), it's very common to forget that these are only our opinions and not a true fact. In this episode I'm going to teach you how to coach yourself when you are getting frustrated with your husband. 
May 12, 2019
Ep. 21 - Zero Based Budgeting with Jenn Neilson of @willsavefortravel
This month we are diving into the topic of your money. How do you create a budget as a newlywed? What do you do if you fight with your husband about money? How can you travel when you're tight on funds? Jenn Nielson of @willsavefortravel has some amazing resources and fantastic tips on how to manage your money when you're just starting out--even if you have student loans. Enjoy! 
May 6, 2019
Ep. 20 - Your Marriage Mentor
In this episode I walk you through the 7 factors to look for in finding a mentor for your marriage. Having a coach, mentor, and really taking advantage of all of the resources you can get your hands on is so important for building a solid foundation to your marriage. As I discuss in this episode, you may have 4-5 careers in your life but you hope to only have one marriage... isn't it odd how much more we often invest in mentors for our careers? Listen and jot down these 7 things to look for and then go get yourself a mentor! Also, if you haven't already, check out Episode 14 where I first discussed having a marriage mentor. You can also sign up for my course starting in May here and get free access to the first class immediately.
April 28, 2019
Ep. 19 - Intuitive Eating with Rena Reiser
Meet Rena Reiser, Intuitive Eating Coach at Mind Over Munchies. I had so much fun interviewing Rena and hearing about the tools she uses as an intuitive eating coach to help her clients. So many of us struggle with our relationship with food, and Rena is knowledgeable and relatable, so I know you will love hearing from her!
April 22, 2019
Ep. 18 - Submission vs. Self Knowledge
 "If I learn to ACCEPT my husband's behavior, aren't I just letting him walk all over me?" This week we are talking about when we don't like our husband's behavior. If you work on your thoughts and you come to accept his behavior, are you expecting less of him? Are you just accepting an unfair, unbalanced relationship? Check out this week's podcast. 
April 14, 2019
Ep. 17 - And... We're Moving to Israel!
This week I’m going to fill you in on our big move, how we use thought work to make major decisions, and how you can live a bigger life... without leaving your home. To learn more about the model and thought work, originated by Brooke Castillo, check out earlier episodes of the podcast!
April 7, 2019
Ep. 16 - Self Image
The way you think about yourself might have more of an impact on your marriage than you realize. Join me this week as we talk about self image and how it applies to how we show up in our marriages as well as some practical tools for what to do about it.
March 31, 2019
Ep. 15 - Money & Debt
How do you agree on finances when one of you wants to save hardcore and the other wants to spend more?   This week I'm answering a listener question about how to manage differences of opinion between her and her husband when it comes to MONEY. Money and debt are such hot-button issues in our marriages, and I want to share with you a few things to keep in mind to keep these conversations useful, productive, and connecting. 
March 25, 2019
Ep. 14 - It Gets Better
I'll say it... the first year of marriage can be HARD! Being a newlywed is such a tremendous adjustment, and it can create a lot of insecurity and anxiety for some people. This week I'm talking about the ways in which our marriages get better with time (and the right focus) and how to find a mentor who will guide you and inspire you in improving your marriage. 
March 17, 2019
Ep. 13 - He's Not The Man I Thought He Was
Let's talk about disappointment. Whether you went to premarital counseling and made a bunch of agreements that haven't come through or he seems different from the guy you dated, feeling like your husband isn't "what you signed up for" is so common. This week we talk about where this comes from and what to do about it.
March 10, 2019
Ep. 12 - Mind Management
This week we're diving deep into managing your mind. While it feels like we should be able to "set it and forget it," really our brains are always at work and if left unsupervised, they can get into a little bit of trouble. This week we'll be talking about how often to do thought work and why, and how this is going to benefit not just your marriage but your entire life. This is where self-improvement and self-development kick into super-speed and your marriage truly transforms.
March 3, 2019
Ep. 11 - When is the Right Time to Start a Family?
This question came in from a listener on Instagram. There are several factors to consider before starting a family, but I (of course) want to talk to you about your mind. Start HERE before you move onto the checklist of "must haves" and "to dos." 
February 24, 2019
Ep. 10 - Going on a Trip
Traveling together… there is so much to say and I hope we’re able to come back to this topic more over the course of this podcast. Is this a vacation or a family trip? If it’s a family trip, who is being prioritized? If it’s your spouse, what does your husband need to be supported and what will you need to be able to give that support?  What might come up? What is the goal of the trip? Asking your brain the right questions can take any trip and evolve it to deliver far more value to your life and your marriage. If you have an upcoming vacation with your spouse, listen to this one now and maybe even once more before you leave. Enjoy!
February 17, 2019
Ep. 9 - Newlyweds... All Over Again!
This episode is for my listeners and clients who have been married longer than a year but are still wanting inspiration and improved connection with their spouses. Here are my tips on how to bring the "newlywed vibe" back to your marriage, why the 4-7 year phase can be tricky, and some tips on setting up your marriage for the long haul.  (By the way, newlyweds, you should listen too and gain some tips for what's to come!)
February 10, 2019
Ep. 8 - Shame Won't Make You A Better Wife
Do you have an image of your mind of how you wish you were showing up in your marriage? Do you come down hard on yourself when you don't? If so, you MUST listen to this week's podcast. You CAN be a better wife (or husband), but beating yourself up or criticizing yourself is not the way to do it. More than that... you'll actually harm the authenticity of your relationship. Your partner chose YOU, flaws and all. This podcast will teach you how to align your thinking with the result you want in your marriage.
February 3, 2019
Ep. 7 - Baseline Self Care
 Sometimes all the coaching in the world isn't going to cut it. And that's because you're just too tired. When I was first married, I loved staying up late... but my marriage was paying the price. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that the zombie my husband was married to wasn't the one he signed up for!  In this episode, I'll walk you through my system called "baseline self care" that will allow you to identify what keeps you up and running. This isn't the deep meaningful spiritual retreat or even wine and bubble baths. This is just about having clarity about what's on your list that needs to be done, at a minimum. I'll also teach you my ten second check-in and help you identify when it's time for self-coaching and when it's time for self care. 
January 27, 2019
Ep. 6 - Zero Based Scheduling Update
I got so much feedback and questions and awesome stories about the episode, "Why You Don't Have Enough Time" that I wanted to run another episode--Part 2 on Zero Based Scheduling! Time Management can be one of our major stressors, and this tool has helped my husband and I feel so much more at peace with how we spend our time.  This episode addresses some of the more common questions I received and gives you an update on where we are with the tool ourselves. It's been great hearing stories from listeners about how this is giving you clarity and empowerment as you make decisions about what to do and what to cut. And while this isn't only about marriage, one of the main things newlyweds are navigating is learning to share all parts of life--finances, space, and time--with another person, and you want to do it successfully!  Please keep sending in your feedback, questions, and stories--I love to hear from you! 
January 20, 2019
Ep. 5 - Your Invisible Cape
You're ready to grow, you're ready to move on to the next level.... but everyone around you is struggling. What's a newlywed to do? How do we improve our lives without leaving those we love in the dust?  Budgeting for newlyweds can be tricky. You might struggle with getting your apartment organized, or your new home. Maybe for you what's hard is losing weight or drinking less... but sometimes we're ready to move on from these challenges and up-level our lives, but something surprising is holding us back. Check out this week's episode for a whole new way to look at overcoming your challenges. Finding your invisible cape means electing yourself the official representative who is going to break the trend... for the sake of yourself, and for others who need someone to look to. Those around you might be struggling with peer pressure or negative thinking, but you can be the example of what it's like to live life without that particular struggle. Sometimes we don our invisible capes to allow ourselves to buy a more modest home or post less about our fantastic marriages, so that we aren't putting pressure on those around us who might be struggling.  This is not only super fun to do, but it can allow us to get the motivation to make the decision we really felt was best for us in the first place.
January 13, 2019
Ep. 4 - Your Husband Doesn't Need To Tell You How He Feels
Communication is a hot topic when it comes to marriage and relationships. And while improving our communication is always a value, this class will help you challenge what you consider to be "good communication" and discover what major form of communication you may be missing out on entirely. Resources mentions: Why Gender Matters: Mating in Captivity: Why Gender Matters, Leonard Sax, 2005, p. 29 "In boys, as in men, the part of the brain where emotions happen is not well connected to the part of the brain where verbal processing and speech happens--unlike the situation in teenage girls and women. "  The above are affiliate links
January 6, 2019
Ep. 3 - Your Mother-In-Law
If you've struggled with your relationship with your mother-in-law (or ANY family member... or really any other human), this episode is for you. I'll be talking about what makes these in-law relationships uniquely challenging, what we do to make it so much worse, and some of my own experiences using self-coaching to improve my relationships with family members.
December 30, 2018
Ep. 2 - Why You Don't Have Enough Time
In today's episode, we're gonna talk about your time and why you don't have enough of it. It's not why you think. I'll share my tool for matching your priorities to your calendar and help you deal with those feelings of busyness and overwhelm that can suck the energy out of all of us.
December 23, 2018
Ep. 1 - Your First Year Married
Newlyweds... this is what it's all about. Using the early days of marriage to build a strong foundation so you can ENJOY your marriage for the long-run! In this episode, I'll be letting you in on why I focus so much on the first year of marriage, what you can do to maximize the potential of this time, the challenges many people face early on in their marriages, and how you can use this material even if you have been married a while!  What better way to start this podcast than to talk about that first year of marriage? That exhilarating, overwhelming, impossible, unbelievable first year of marriage. It’s the most amazing time to focus. Focus on building, focus on connecting, focus on prioritizing. I hope you enjoy. xo, Kayla
December 23, 2018
First Year Married - Trailer
The First Year Married Podcast lands THIS SUNDAY December 23rd. We are so excited to share it with you! Please subscribe and stay tuned for the launch.
December 18, 2018
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