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Fish and Scripts

Fish and Scripts

By Jack and Phil
The all things web development podcast by two Brits with opinions and puns. Join Phil and Jack for a relaxed chat as we sprinkle some salt and lavishly apply vinegar to a variety of topics from the world of frontend web development.
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Episode 1: Welcome to Fish and Scripts

Fish and Scripts

Sites and apps and games and Googlers
For this episode of Fish and Scripts Phil and Jack happily welcomed special guests Jake and Surma, from the HTTP 203 podcast. Together we talk about the computer games and activities which have been keeping us busy. We discuss the differences between web sites and web apps. We explore developments in browser resource caching with Safari's double keying. And lots more. Mostly, you'll want to play along with "Not or Not", the cruel quiz which Jake and Surma brought along in an attempt to humiliate us. As always you'll find links to everything mentioned down below in the show notes at and you can follow @FishAndScripts on Twitter.
June 18, 2020
Learning a large codebase and live coding on stage
It's been a while and we're truly sorry about that - real life reared its head and left us both a bit busy for recording and editing - but we are back! In this episode Jack talks about settling into a new role, Phil discusses the pros and cons of live coding and we dive into onboarding yourself into a new codebase and tips for how to get familiar and productive. We promise the next episode will be out sooner than three months, and hope you're all keeping well in these current uncertain times. As always you'll find links to everything mentioned down below in the show notes at and you can follow @FishAndScripts on Twitter.
April 8, 2020
Svelte, Rollup and being proper adults
It's a new year but the same pod as we're back talking in more detail about Svelte and Rollup after Jack tried rebuilding the Fish and Scripts site over Christmas. Phil has been merging his favourite tools - Eleventy and TailwindCSS - into a new fancy starter template on GitHub and we dive into our 2020 resolutions which largely centre around us being better adults and taking responsibility for our lives... Thank you again for the amazing support in 2019 and we're so excited to see what 2020 brings for the show. We love all your comments, feedback and suggestions so do feel free to get in touch. You can find show notes and more details on and you can follow @fishandscripts on Twitter.
January 20, 2020
Fish and Christmas special!
After a spell of Phil being the grump, this festive episode features a grumpy Jack who has had his feathers ruffled by Twitter tropes. Meanwhile Phil shares some of his opinions and observations after starting to use Tailwind for utility-first CSS, we talk about what excites us in 2020. Thanks so much for your support in 2019 as we launched the podcast - it's been fantastic to hear that people enjoy the show and find our ramblings amusing and even informative every now and then! We wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year. We'll be back in 2020 with more podcasts, more names for Phil's cats, and more quickly invented, poorly thought through games. Head to for all the show notes, and you can follow us on @fishandscripts on the Twittersphere. Merry Christmas!
December 23, 2019
Untangling TypeScript and onboarding new developers
Today we're diving into a variety of topics including _other podcasts_ that we like (although we're sure Fish and Scripts fills your entire podcasting needs) before Jack shares a frustrating story of TypeScript which lead to him _actually removing it_ from a project. Phil shares his delight in the Vue community and enjoyment of recent Vue conferences and we talk about onboarding developers into a new team: what do you team them and how do you make that process as smooth as possible? As always you'll find links to everything mentioned in the show notes which you can find at
December 16, 2019
CSS Grid, React Suspense and AirPod page weight frustrations
Today Phil is sharing what exactly has got him down with Apple's latest marketing site, Jack reflects on the growing complexities in React and we struggle with CSS margins and padding like the two amateurs we really are. More details and links to the show notes at
December 2, 2019
Fast or finished? Balancing speed and quality in software
In this episode we reflect on how much fun it was to both be at the lovely Fronteers conference in Amsterdam and talk about some of our highlights from the event. We also wax lyrical about that tricky balancing act between shipping features fast and agonising over achieving high enough quality. And we swoon over the delicious walnut veneer and other features of Garageband. More details and links at
November 11, 2019
Utility CSS, teaching beginners and flashy PCs
Today we dive into working on Windows and building outrageously flashy gaming PCs before moving onto discussing utility CSS frameworks like Tachyons and Tailwind and how they compare to other approaches out there. The highlights reel today poses an interesting question: What are the first things you'd advise a new web developer to learn about? Finally we round off with a game that tests how truly British Mr Hawksworth is... As always you'll find links to everything mentioned and more about the show at or on Twitter as @FishAndScripts.
October 21, 2019
Flamboyant fans and getting things done
We're a day late but just as great! Today we reflect on the English summer and the London heatwave that had all us Brits sweating profusely. Phil shares his tips on criteria for buying cooling devices, Jack talks about a great experience using the VSCode Remote plugin before we move onto our productivity tips: our tools and techniques for feeling productive and keeping track of all the things we have on our plates. To round off Phil throws Jack into the game hotseat and tests Jack's templating knowledge in a game that will have you on the edge of your seat.. As always, head to for more info and all the links to things mentioned in the show.
October 8, 2019
Backpacks, conferences and GitHub templates
We're back with another episode of Fish and Scripts! Today we're slightly less technical than normal and talking about investing in gear to make conference and other trips abroad more productive. Phil talks about his adventures at Smashing Conf Toronto (including the local cuisine he didn't manage to sample) and Jack goes full programming geek and talks about his new programming font... As always, head to for more info and all the links to things mentioned in the show.
September 23, 2019
Misconceptions about programming
Thank you all for the kind words and support on our first episode, it's really appreciated and it makes us even more excited to share episode 2 with you. Today we talk about life away from the keyboard and Phil's love for basketball, utility based CSS, JAMstacks, developing on Windows 10 and much more. Phil challenges Jack to name the founding dates of tech companies in this episode's game and our Catch of the Day discusses things we had wrong about programming at the start of our careers and what we've learned since. For more info, links to all the things mentioned in the show, and to get in touch with us, head to
September 8, 2019
Episode 1: Welcome to Fish and Scripts
Is this thing on? Hello? One two three... Welcome to the first episode of Fish and Scripts! Today we're getting our feet under the table and making ourselves at home. We introduce ourselves as your glamorous hosts before diving into things we've been finding interesting on the internet recently including GraphQL, Lazy loading of images, Svelte 3 and a game so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel. If you are after any links from the show or details on how to get in touch, head over to our website at for all the info you need.
August 23, 2019