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FITLETE Radio | Real talks about the world of Personal Training and the Industry Surrounding It.

FITLETE Radio | Real talks about the world of Personal Training and the Industry Surrounding It.

By George Pagan III
FILETE Radio is born out of George's desire to connect with like-minded professionals, share stories from current members of FITLETE nation, create a dialogue around fitness industry cultures, bridge gaps within specialties, and share updates to FITLETE's products and services. FITLETE Radio will consist of short episodes and streamlined interviews so you can access the content you want when you need it. Visit to sign up for a free for life membership!
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Test #5: Superfoods Are A Waste Of Time
Superfoods are not a real thing, so let's not waste our valuable time with them. A Superfood is simply a marketing strategy used to try and get you excited about certain foods you might not be eating
October 3, 2017
Test #4: A Great Point By Greg Glassman
Greg Glassman Is 100% RIGHT | A Podcast episode recommendation on Crossfit Radio
September 15, 2017
Test #3: Don't Watch Food documentaries
Don't Watch Nutrition Documentaries on Netflix. Top 3 Reasons: #1 They're Movies • Reason #2 To Not Watch Nutrition Documentaries on Netflix : Heavy Bias • Reason #3 To Not Watch Nutrition Document...
September 5, 2017
Test #2: Dont buy Tom Brady's book TB12
Tom Brady Has a Fitness and Nutrition book coming out...Why? • Tom Brady is Great, but his guru business partner is a snake oil salesman.
August 8, 2017
Test #1: Most People Wont: A Quote On Life
Most people wont. A message about life, goals, struggles & your journey. originally appeared here: Find & rate us on Apple Podcast & Play Music under FITLETE Radio thank you
July 29, 2017
Test #0: An introduction to FITLETE Radio
Introduction To FITLETE RADIO • I'm rooting for you! 🙌🏼
July 8, 2017