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Music Touching Lives

Music Touching Lives

By Five Senses Music
"Let's get together and create something bigger than us..."

Conductor Tom Seligman interviews musicians and other performing artists whose passion and creativity enable people of every age and background to share in something extraordinary.

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Original music by Lopesh
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... to the new podcast series from Five Senses Music. Introduced by Tom Seligman, artistic director
June 13, 2021
#5 Multi-Story Orchestra: Inspiring on many levels
When a full-scale symphony orchestra chooses a municipal car-park for its performances, it’s bound to create a stir. But for Kate Whitley and Christopher Stark, co-founders of the Multi-Story Orchestra, there’s another whole layer of possibilities to explore.  They – along with singer-songwriter Abimaro Gunnell – talk to Tom Seligman about how the Orchestra has become an essential part of the community and given young people new ways of making their voices heard.  Find out more at  Original music by Lopesh
June 13, 2021
#4 Mary King: "The human voice is endlessly fascinating"
Inspirational singer, coach and vocal animateur Mary King has spent a lifetime encouraging the voice in all of us to find its fullest expression. She tells Tom Seligman why classical musicians "shouldn’t be keeping music to ourselves." Find out more at  Original music by Lopesh Photo: Katie van Dyck
June 13, 2021
#3 Richard McNicol: “Music as a means”
Pioneering music animateur Richard McNicol helped transform classical music’s engagement with the wider community, bringing orchestras into schools and encouraging them to look well beyond the concert hall stage.  He tells Tom Seligman how it all began, and why he’s still happiest in the classroom.  Find out more at  Original music by Lopesh
June 13, 2021
#2 Music for Autism: “The simplest project on the planet”
Conductor John Lubbock and the Orchestra of St John’s bring live music directly to thousands of young people with autism and a wide variety of learning difficulties. He tells Tom Seligman why it has such a powerful effect.  With contributions from musician Richard Milone and teacher Karen Fourie.  Find out more at  Original music by Lopesh
June 13, 2021
#1 Royston Maldoom: Changing lives through dance
In a career spanning decades, renowned choreographer Royston Maldoom has brought the transformative experience of dance to communities across the world. He talks to Tom Seligman about his remarkable journey.  Find out more at  Original music by Lopesh
June 13, 2021