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FIVE12 FM mixes branding and business with pop culture and current events. Owner, Clarissa Nash, digs into living in this crazy world while trying to juggle sanity and pursuing your dreams. FIVE12 FM brings you interviews with other creatives and small business owners, giving their advice on topics that impact brands daily. Subscribe and rate below and make sure to share with every. It's what Beyoncé would do.
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You're Doing Too Much


Where’s My Third Arm?
It’s been two years? Well heck. Let’s catch up on Adam Levine, NyQuil Chicken (????), Roe v Wade, Sister Wives, and send love to the Italian Roma people and our Iranian fam. Love you, mean it. TIME STAMPS: - 1:45 Catch Up and Pop Culture (Possible Trigger Warning: Roe vs Wade, abortion mention) - 10:51 Pop Culture Wrap Up, Southern Charm Chat, & Sister Wives introducing Christine J Blige (TW: mention of Meri's Miscarriage, Kody's gaslighting) - 1:00:08 Paedon stans Mama Christine J Blige - 1:00:08:59 Romani/Roma People (TW: Holocaust mention, talk of Anti-Romani Sentiment) - 1:15:43 Iranian Protests (TW: Violence against women) Links: - NyQuil Chicken - NASA interfering with God - Go love Paedon Brown loving his mama: - Far-right councillor Alessio Di Giulio films video of himself with Roma woman in Florence: -Iran Protests: Death toll rises to 76 Follow me and everything is alright: FIVE12 STUDIO: @Twitter @Instagram
September 30, 2022
Everyone is Cancelled
There’s a lot of debate about the effectiveness of cancel culture. Some argue it’s deserved, while others believe it doesn’t allow a person to grow. In today’s episode we’ll talk through the two because it is not easy. ***Just a heads up. There will be mention of transphobia, homophobia, sexual assault. Please protect yourself and skip the episode if you are easily triggered *** Questions: email Follow @FIVE12STUDIO 
July 10, 2020
You're Doing Too Much
It’s been a month since the social uprising started. While talking about White Fragility and White “Guilt” is fine, the movement is becoming too much about that and not about the injustice of Black people and POC in the US. A mud mask episode of Golden Girls is now offensive, Mad Men has a disclaimer about Blackface in an episode, and actors are in their feelings about voicing cartoon characters. It's honestly way too much. Things are getting too nit-picky and we need to stop. ---- Follow FIVE12 STUDIO on all the platforms Email for questions/comments/concerns
July 03, 2020
Brands and Black Lives: Why Now?
Black Lives Matter has been a movement since 2012. Black people have been around and dealt with injustice for 400 years. Today though, brands are jumping on board that Black lives actually matter. ***I said Daddy's Girls in reference to Beyonce and The Chicks. I meant Daddy Lessons. It was late. Forgive me. ----- Follow @five12studio on all social media platforms.
June 26, 2020
Let's Talk About Race: Allyship
Welcome to the first episode of season 2 and Happy Juneteenth! In this episode, we'll catch up on what in the world is going on in our world (it's a lot), and I talk about how White people can be good allies. Notes for this episode:  Anti-Racism Resources: Violence against transgender people: What is Juneteenth?  Kimberly Jones: How Can We Win? ----- Follow FIVE12 STUDIO everywhere @ five12studio
June 19, 2020
Talking 'Bout My Generation
Why do Baby Boomers react differently to the same ads Generation Z celebrates? Is it fair to call Generation X the forgotten generation? Are Millennials really entitled or are they breaking the rules set by those before them? Why do Baby Boomers prefer Facebook to the likes of Instagram or Snapchat? Why are Millenials and Gen Z are in love with inclusive and diverse branding? How did Gen XD set marketing trends that we still use today? Keep your ears out for new episodes of “My Generation,” coming to you VERY soon.
January 06, 2020
The Creative and Mental Health: Live at Alt Summit (2019)
For any creative, mental health should be a top priority, however, it tends to be the one thing we neglect during our process. On this special episode, I talk about why it's OK to take care of yourself. Happy 2020 everyone!  ---- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
December 31, 2019
Solopreneuring It Solo, and Other Things (Season Finale)
Being a solopreneur solo, or single, is a beast in and of itself. For some reason we don't talk about it. Well, I'm changing that and opening myself up about running a solo business and being your own cheerleader. I also tell a story of something that happened while reaching out that taught me to practice my inner Southern "Bless your heart."  Some people won't understand your vision and that's fine--they don't have to and you don't need to waste your time (or in this case, fingers) explaining it to them.  Also, gun reform now. Thanks. --------------------------------------  FIVE12 FM is going on a brief hiatus so I decided to call this the season finale episode. Don't worry, it'll be back sooner than you can binge listen to all twelve of the episodes of FIVE12 FM and the bonus episodes focused on The Hills. ;) -------------------------------------- Be like Beyonce and rate this podcast five stars, leave a glowing review, and follow FIVE12 STUDIO on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 
August 08, 2019
The Hills New Beginnings: In This House Linda Thompson is a Queen w/Rachel Moffett
This recap of THNB is a bit late for so many reasons, but before we go there: Ms. Linda Thompson, is not only mama to two handsome men, Brandon and Brody Jenner, but has co-written on one of the best soundtracks of all time, including one of the best songs in history, Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing." Besides that, she's such a supportive parent, encouraging and rooting the guys in their endeavours. Because of this, we have no choice but to stan.  Alert: this is the last weekly recap of The Hills. We discuss why, but honestly, there's only so much Justin Bobby/Audrina drama we can take. We've covered it already during seasons 3-6 of The Hills. By the way, we also talk Teen Mom OG and Degrassi, especially that episode that made us clear our throats...a lot. Remember to rate and subscribe to be blessed. __________ Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
August 02, 2019
Eff Your Beauty Standards w/Kayla Greaves
FIVE12 FM is lucky enough to welcome fashion and beauty editor, Kayla Greaves to the podcast. Kayla is not only a 90 Day Fiance fan, but a writer kicking down doors and breaking beauty standards one post at a time. From celebrating 4C hair in the  natural hair community to erasing gender bias that plague the industry, her work has reached millions of readers over her tenure, and she's not slowing down. Listen to how she got started, and why she's not stopping any time soon, thank God. _____ Must read pieces by Kayla - "Good Hair" - "It's Time to Acknowledge That 4C Hair is Good Hair, Period" Follow Kayla on Twitter and Instagram _____ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
August 01, 2019
Instagram Baby, What Is You Doin? w/Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal
Does the change in Instagram have you down? Same. Clarissa welcomes back friend to show, Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal as we  discuss Instagram's decision to remove viewers seeing likes, how that impacts marketers, the woes of not being able to swipe up in stories, and the justice for having the music option in our stories. We also talk about business truths and lies and our thoughts on The Cats trailer.  **** Make sure you follow Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal Social Butterfly Gal: Instagram: https://instagram.comthesocialbutterflygal/ ***** As always, rate the show, leave a comment, connect with me via email at and follow FIVE12 STUDIO: Instagram ( Facebook ( Twitter ( Pinterest (
July 24, 2019
Yes the World Sucks, and That's OK
Let's face it: the world feels like it's imploding on itself and it's...a lot. It's OK to acknowledge that things suck right now, and it's OK to take a breath and find your joy in the simplest of things. ____________________ Connect with FIVE12 STUDIO: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email:
July 18, 2019
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 3: Get it together
On the third episode of the season, Spencer tries to get his friendship back with Brody because squad goals are his goals, Brody and Kaitlynn discuss kids, Justin Bobby sings, Audrina is still confused about her and JB after 10 years, and there's major mistreatment of Ashley and Jason Wahler that I do not stand for. A little message to MTV: get it together! __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
July 12, 2019
What does "Body Positivity" Mean?
Ah, body positivity. A movement about loving and accepting your body as is, right now, in this moment. But what if you want to change it? Does that make you more or less part of the movement? And who makes the rules of said movement? So many questions, but I have my answers in this episode. ------- Connect with FIVE12 STUDIO: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email:
July 10, 2019
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 2: A Boulder of Crystals
Stephanie and Speidi will never be family, Justin Bobby is a real superhero in combat boots, Mischa Barton sees right through the Who of Whoville's bs apology, Brandon Lee is an unsung hero, and Brody misses his single life (maybe a little too much). Plus we finally meet Ashley and Jason Wahler!  __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
July 03, 2019
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 1: Out with the Old, In with the Old
The Hills: New Beginnings debut last night and it was...something. While some people have grown up, some people never change. MTV wants us to buy into the JB/Audrina storyline again and it's exhausting. Stephanie Pratt is indeed a queen and I will go down on that ship. Also rooting for a Brody Jenner and Justin Bobby spin-off of them surfing and talking. That's it.  --- For questions, comments, and concerns email and follow FIVE12 FM on Instagram!
June 25, 2019
The Hills OG Season 6: Seems Fake, But OK w/Rachel Moffett
Season 6 gave us Heidi's new face, one of the craziest blow ups ever, Kristin's broken heart, and Stephanie's happy ending (thank God). We also give props to Audrina for standing her ground with Justin Bobby even though her break up with Ryan seemed like an overreaction. Mostly though, we connect deeply with Game of Thrones fans because this finale was...the pits. __________ Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
June 21, 2019
The Hills OG Season 5: A Shock to No One, w/Rachel Moffett
A shock to no one seems to be the ongoing theme with this show. In season 5 we see nothing has changed as Audrina and JB are on again/off again, Speidi is planning their epic wedding in which we all wondered if Lauren is going to show up, our girl Kristin returns, and the season drags on to show how scripted this really is. Bonus, Stacie the Bartender is secretly the winner in all of this. __________ Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
June 21, 2019
The Hills OG Season 4: Truth and Time Tells All w/Rachel Moffett
We recap season four with a Justin Bobby classic because unlike season 3, season 4 didn't give us iconic one-liners and I don't want to let a good one go to waste. We meet a new guy, praise Stephanie for moving along the plot, and get really angry at a stupid rumor no one asked for and no one fully believed. Who the hell is Dino anyway? Rate, subscribe, and be blessed. ------- Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
June 18, 2019
The Hills OG Season 3: I Want to Forgive You, and I Want to Forget You w/Rachel Moffett
Season 3 of The Hills is the peak season. This is an opinion. Scientists who studied the series have concluded that season three's introduction to Justin Bobby, unfortunate run-ins, and iconic one-liners make for this season the best season of not only the series, but reality television. __________ Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
June 18, 2019
The Hills OG Seasons 1&2 : I Knew You Were Trouble w/Rachel Moffett
With the sun shining, rooftop down, and oversized glasses in place, Lauren Conrad drives from her home of Laguna Beach to start her career in fashion in Los Angeles. On today's episode, we look back on how at how it all started, including Heidi's hilariously terrible interview with FIDM, Jason's return, Lauren's decision not to go to Paris, and the start of Speidi. Plus, we chat about how The Hills changed a generation of Millenials, what  Jordan and Brian are up to now, and how we feel the reboot will be. I know it's a long one, but you won't be disappointed. Remember to rate and subscribe to be blessed. __________ Follow Rachel at: __________ Follow FIVE12 STUDIO at:
June 07, 2019
Your Brand + Politics
Should your brand get mixed in with politics? Let me ask a better question: what's the best way your brand can be more connected with humanity. On the podcast we discuss why being political isn't politics, it's humanity. Plus: Announcing something fun that will appear on the podcast soon!  ______ Connect with FIVE12 STUDIO: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email:
June 06, 2019
The Rest is Still Unwritten: Recapping The Hills (Intro)
Well hell hath frozen over and The Hills will be on MTV June 24. The show that, in my opinion, changed everything, deserves a recap treatment, so here we are.  Join me and few friends as we talk about the show that changed and shaped our generation, one drama-filled episode at a time. 
May 31, 2019
Guess Who's Back? Business and Life Update
Well guess who's back on your airwaves. Some current events including the GOT finale and Robert Pattinson maybe being Batman (fingers crossed) and what has gone on in FIVE12 STUDIO-land. ____________ Watch my Mental Health and The Creative at Alt Summit Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ____________ Need help developing your brand? Check out The Brand Base and get 12% of your order using code FM1212
May 22, 2019
Can the KonMari Method Work for Your Business?
Can the KonMari method work for your business? Think about it: is your business sparking joy? Are the services you're providing making you feel miserable about your business? If it doesn't work, throw it out.  Also--did I use KondoMari throughout the podcast? Also yes. I'm not editing it out. Love me through this, OK? ------ As always, rate the show, leave a comment, connect with me via email at and follow FIVE12 STUDIO on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 13, 2019
No, you should not just quit your 9-5
Why do you want to be purposely broke? That’s silly. Quit your job and pursue your goals and dreams right now, because passion and dreams are the new currency. On this episode, I call bull on the quit your dreams and follow your passion BS and give you the most common sense thing to do instead.  ------ References for the show:  Yes You Should Side Hustle:   Liz Navarro Millennial Women are Dominating the Side Hustle   As always, rate the show, leave a comment, connect with me via email at and follow FIVE12 STUDIO on social media:   Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 
February 06, 2019
Fyre Influencers? Not quite.
Is it time to "fyre" influencers? No, not even close. We'll take a look at Fyre Festival, whether Caroline Calloway's "creative workshop" was an embarrassing failure as opposed to a scam and where influencer marketing stands today. PS I will not be addressing the water bottle incident, but my God. ----- Check out "Fyre Fraud" on Hulu and "Fyre" on Netflix. They're both worth the watch. Read Caroline Calloway's interview with Buzzfeed News: ------ As always, rate the show, leave a comment, connect with me via email at and follow FIVE12 STUDIO on Instagram (, Facebook (, Twitter (, and Pinterest (
January 30, 2019
Getting Social with Social Butterfly Gal
Christina of SBG chats about Social Butterfly Gal, how to deal with never-ending Instagram and Facebook changes, trolls, and cat cults.  **** Make sure you follow Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal Social Butterfly Gal: Instagram: https://instagram.comthesocialbutterflygal/ **** Email comments and praises, follow FIVE12 STUDIO on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
January 23, 2019
Well, This is It
The first episode of FIVE12 FM is here. What is this podcast all about? A lot of things. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. Email comments and praises, follow FIVE12 STUDIO  on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
January 14, 2019