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Five Minute Warning

Five Minute Warning

By Ruben L Brown
You will take a journey of the world through my eyes. This experience will be delivered by the words and experiences of what society shows us through their actions and deeds. This will also allow the listener to ride this rollercoaster through my own life experiences and knowledge. This journey will be captained by myself, AG, MoeB and other guests on the show. Come on. Get on the ride. I can simply advise that it will at least be interesting.
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Episode 24 B - Six Months of craziness...

Five Minute Warning

Episode 24 B - Six Months of craziness...

Five Minute Warning

Episode 101 - The storm after the storm?
After celebrating 100 episodes, the guys get back in sync talking about someone who was part of their own search party, someone talking about some else's blackness, and the question of the day is talking about BET and is it good or bad for 'the culture;?
October 17, 2021
Episode 100 - Still can't believe it...
Episode 100! Wow. did not think we would make it here, but we did! This week along with celebrating, we talked about a homecoming invite, maybe gone wrong, the new Wonder Years show and how some people hate it, a new segment and on the My5, some of our funniest segments of the first 100 episodes.
October 7, 2021
Episode 99 - Going to film (middle) school...
This week, we talked about paying for other people's funerals and and awesome (fake) ad for a funeral home, defrosting 40 year old food out the freezer, tv coverage for missing black people, and making porn movies in middle school seems like a problem. Also, 007 a black man, possible?
October 3, 2021
Episode 98 - End of the summer, Enter: Crazy.
MoeB and I talked about Desantis cutting school money in Florida, children getting their hair cut in school, kids dressing as dogs in school now, and for the end of the summer, the My5 top 5 summer cookout jams. Party time!!
September 24, 2021
Five Minute Warning Best of #2
To catch you up from our time off, listen to the another "Best Of" compilation compiled by AG. This stuff is too funny!
September 16, 2021
Episode 97 - MoeB TakeOver
This week on FMW, MoeB took over the show, then Ruben jumped in and they talked about positive HBCU support, Larry Elder (and his views) and adult teachers having sex with children...again. 
September 16, 2021
Episode 96 - Ramen, Oodles of Noodles: What is your flavor?
This week on FMW, karma comes for the former President, Pfizer is FDA legal now, baby suing Nirvana, someone built someone's house on the wrong land, and Ramen for shots, and how do you eat your oodles of noodles?
September 2, 2021
Episode 95 - It is our business
This week on the Five Minute Warning, we talk about the continuing battle between schools and the Governors. one University took a stand, R. Kelly, how did having sex cost a paramedic their job, a woman still thought that you get points for hitting children with a car, and can we truly 'check' ourselves at the door of life?
August 26, 2021
Episode 94 - Schools vs COVID-19 vs Politicians
This episode, we talk about another airplane-duct tape incident; schools fighting for in-school participation against the politicians that seem to be fighting with COVID-19; why are 14 year old children getting married and going to North Carolina to do it, and our memories of road trips when we were young.
August 19, 2021
FMW Special - COVID-19: My Truth and My Battle
This is a special interview by Marcus J (Host of Aint' No Half Steppin' with Marcus J - with Ruben in his experience with getting and recovering from COVID-19 earlier this year.
August 14, 2021
Episode 93 - Sometimes, it is just a 'you' problem
This week, we talked about how the Florida school system is ignoring their governor, the Boston interim mayor bringing up slavery, the lying of people to make news, and we are debuting a new segment called: Why is Ruben It is worth the listen.
August 14, 2021
Episode 92 - Toys with a side of Politics
On this episode, we talk about the US fencer who may or may not should have been at the Olympics, a parent taking some revenge at their kid's soccer game, Texas laws on sex toys and why are anti-vaccinated people the loudest? We also talk about crazy things that happened when our families get together. Very Crazy!
August 6, 2021
Episode 91 - Keepin' it going...
In this episode, we speak on the possible repeal of Roe vs Wade, SNL complaints, Car Dealerships out here on Facebook, the return of the 'Karens' and when did we realize that we were adults?
July 28, 2021
Episode 90 - 12
Education is something we should be proud about. However for some people, 12 is the magic number. We also found time to talk about Britany Spears. What to do if someone steals your car. What to do if someone wants to get off of a plane, while it is in the air. Be on the lookout! 'Karens' have returned! And of course, the question of the week is about whether you need and NDA or a consent form to frolic in our world today.
July 21, 2021
Episode 89 - Gettin' it!
This week on FMW, we talk about the year old situation with Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor. We address the Navy player finally being allowed to realize his possible NFL dreams, NCAA players now can make their own money and with the My5, we talk about challenges and places. 
July 15, 2021
Best of #1
So, AG decided to put together the best, funniest part of the last batch of episodes and made a 'Best of' episode. Worth the listen. I could tell you about it, but I do not want to diminish the funny...
July 12, 2021
Episode 88 - The Oppression of Old Math
MoeB and AG talked about the meal at IKEA for Juneteenth, how math has gotten harder but they call it the "new math", Houston workers get their notice, nine year olds getting offended by posters, and more on this episode. Yes, I am not in it this week. You know that the craziness ensues with these two.
July 3, 2021
Episode 87 - A beat down, a hit, and sprinkle in some vaccine drama makes an interesting cake.
This week, we talked about another fast food beatdown (hint: do not go across the counter), someone may be putting on a professional hit on a possibly elected State Congresswoman, the Navy protecting their interests and here comes the vaccine/anti-vaccine drama!
June 24, 2021
Episode 86 - All you need is love...
This week, we talk about the rights of a teacher, even though their opinion may not be agreeable; 4 Valedictorians and Salutatorians, for real? We also talk about how black exploitation helped or hurt the black community and how a couple's love changed the way we all have the ability to love, legally.
June 18, 2021
Episode 85 - Come on Tyler, really?
This week on the show, we speak about mental health and Naomi Osaka and are they two different things; the hiring of people in both college and pro basketball, and does/did the movie series "Why did I get Married" hurt the black community? Come join us for this rousing discussion that you are not going to believe...
June 10, 2021
Episode 84 - Family Matters
This week E-Money joined us on the show to verify MoeB's story about the kid running into the tree that he spoke of a month ago. But, we also had time to talk about a hospital requiring their employees to receive the Covid vaccine and other fun items. There is even a special appearance from someone special in this episode.
June 4, 2021
Episode 83 - How much is that house worth to you?
In this episode, houses were the topic of conversation. Someone couldn't get her house appraised high enough, seeming to be based on her race, and someone couldn't have their grand wedding at a home that they didn't own, but was going to do it anyway. In Chicago, the mayor has chosen not to give interviews to everybody anymore, and in the My5, we talked about how we spent our summers 30 years ago to now. It is getting hot out here!
May 28, 2021
Episode 82 - Do you really need all that gas?
On this episode, we talked about the craziness of the East Coast when gas was 'about to be gone', our theories of love, hate and a SUV being pushed into a home at 3:30 in the morning all came together and it is Ruben's time with the My5 'Five Questions'. The seat was pretty HOT!
May 21, 2021
Episode 81 - Sometimes, a rock can determine your future...
This week, AG, MoeB and I talked about someone working, but never getting paid, another shooting and choosing between a rock and your child custody rights. This episode, MoeB is on the 5 question hot seat. EN FUEGO!!!
May 13, 2021
Episode 80 - The Hot Seat: many visitors to it...
This week, we talked about a naked woman arrested while behind the wheel of a car, Tim Scott again, and the My5 is all about AG in the new My5: My Questions segment.
May 7, 2021
Episode 79 - The world keeps spinning...
MoeB and I talked about another chapter of the My Pillow saga, was justice really served, and our My5 talks about the experiences in our lives that made us who we are today.
April 29, 2021
Episode 78 - Fake money from Zamunda...
This week MoeB and I talked about Usher making money with his face on it and paying people with it, what happens when you pick on the wrong person and a neighborhood rises up against you and the My5 things that they used to say, "back in the day"...
April 22, 2021
Episode 77 - The Clapback!
This week, we had a family clapback to stay out of there business, another politician bring back the Trump rhetoric, they, and what movies changed our lives? The My5 will tell all!
April 16, 2021
Episode 76 - Die Hard Christmas
This week we talked about the rats who live at a Target, measures in Texas which changes voting in that state, Georgia's voting issues as well, and simply "hate" changes everything.
April 8, 2021
Episode 75 - Strolling down MoeB Lane...
This week, kneeling for "The African Way" and kneeling for audibles in football had different results, but similar negative meanings. VA has decided that the death penalty is done and MoeB took over the My5 with his childhood/teenager mistakes. Trust me, it is worth the listen.
April 1, 2021
Episode 74 - Are you raising your kids off Cardi B?
This week, we talk about why PR departments are necessary at Police Departments, waxing Trump all the time, and is WAP raising your children? If so, we have some information for you. The My5 comes to you this week about songs that changed you and the course of music itself.
March 25, 2021
Episode 73 - Words can hurt, whether you mean to or not...
This week, we talk about words that can change everything. Whether you want to come back to the cookout, talking that crazy stuff, or just throw out words that you have no idea what they are, but you may thought that it was cool (It wasn't at all). Then we talk about the one word that people just seem to have a different opinion on. The My5 simply talks about comments from socially tone deaf/racist people. Could be interesting...
March 18, 2021
Episode 72 - 3 out of 4 (years) is pretty bad...please help.
This week, we spoke about the purpose of political grandstanding, a teen who passed 3 classes in school in four years, and in our My5, learn about us through the music that interprets us the best. 
March 11, 2021
Episode 71 - Covid-19, Cancun and your boy Rafael Edward Cruz
This week, Ruben drops knowledge about his fight with Covid, Ted Cruz ('nuff said), and in today's My5, we talked about what we miss about grade school. 
March 5, 2021
Episode 70 - What is milk?
AG and MoeB talk about exactly what milk should be called, how many times are people going to do stupid things with their hair, and the State of Play in Texas.
February 27, 2021
Episode 69 - Cultural Differences, Black History Month Removal and yes, Gorilla Glue for your edges.
So, Gorilla glue can be put in hair, a black governor candidate wants to remove Black History Month, Utah parents voted to remove Black History Month this year and in this episode's My5, we talk about cultural differences.
February 26, 2021
Episode 68 - Diamonds, Peeps and Pillows
This week, AG, MoeB and I talk about why someone would put a 24K diamond on their forehead, the return of Peeps, and the My Pillow saga, part 3. And this week, I just have one question...
February 15, 2021
Episode 67 - Sometimes, Petty rules the day...
Petty was in full effect in this show. MoeB and I talked about some of the pettiest news of the week. Home renter talks about the Mayor of a town squatting in his home, the state of Utah possibly being petty on their House of Representatives floor, Spinderella not really in the Salt N Pepa bioptic, Tom and Gronk, and we talk about bodyshaming on the Bachelor tv show. Never thought we would talk about that show up here. We also found time to talk about our favorite Marvel characters in the My5.
February 5, 2021
Episode 66 - A million and a laptop gets you...
Wow. AG, MoeB and I talked about someone attempting to sell Pelosi's laptop, someone stealing almost 1 million dollars for Kroger, what texts NOT to send to keep your job and once again, the My Pillow Guy. Sigh...
January 31, 2021
Episode 65 - The symbol, the women, and the My Pillow guy...
So, what if I told you, that AG and I would be talking about misrepresentations of a symbol, crazy women (yes the return of Karen), and the MyPillow guy? I hope you would tell me that it is par for the course for our show. We also talk about our favorite movies in this episode of My5, but who cares. The MyPillow guy!!!
January 22, 2021
Episode 64 - We fight, for our right, to...
This episode, we talk about the craziest thing in, possibly, all of our lives. We also find time to talk about a kid's show about a giant penis, how you should watch what you are saying, especially if you are delivering something to someone's home with a camera on their door, and our My5 is about our 5 favorite snack foods. Little Debbie for the win!! 
January 16, 2021
Episode 63 - Pole Dancing for Jesus?
Yes, we talk about a video that shows some pole dancing in front of children...for Jesus. Yep. Didn't mistype that. We also talked about some other stuff like Tyrese, the college football brawl, vaccine issues and we had a My5 about goals for the upcoming year. 
January 8, 2021
Episode 62 - 2020 is gone, but before it left... gave us one last reminder of how the year went: Shooting at a Wendy's because of lack of sauces. legalization of a church for ONLY one group of people, and yes, one more last shot a the election, but this time, someone else called their lawyer. Moe B hit us with his brilliance for the last time of 2020, and yes, we went out with 2 My5s for the year. Definitely not worth the miss...
January 1, 2021
Episode 61 - Festivus for the Best of us
We celebrated (very loosely) Festivus! We had dinner and talked about a child running up a 16K bill and a child being abandoned. We talked about how much is your family worth to you and drug running frats in North Carolina. We aired our grievances (disappointments) of 2020 and 5 things that were good in 2020. 
December 24, 2020
Episode 60 - Marcus J came through to visit...
On this episode, Marcus J came to visit us at FMW and he didn't disappoint. Someone also bought a brick, instead of a PS5, Coach putting his hands on a player, and in our My5 segment, we discussed what songs defined our childhood.
December 18, 2020
Episode 59 - Trademarks, weed, and lying. Yes, there is a connection.
On this episode, we talked about King James taking back his namesake, Mike Tyson smoking weed, and lying to your wife about you buying a Playstation 5, is not necessarily a good idea. And we tell you what our opinion of what the best tv comedies are.
December 12, 2020
Episode 58 - An evening with the author JD Cunegan
This episode, we welcome author JD Cunegan to the show. He spoke about his books, and the pathway he walked to get his current 7 books published. We also found time to talk about the air assault from a man to two women, Silver Spoons helping out Kyle Rittenhouse, and what we do not like about the holiday season. 
December 5, 2020
Episode 57 - Mouths are working, not getting anything done...
So we talked about what exactly is Rudy G. doing; what is Matt Stafford's wife talking about; Mo'Nique wants an apology (because someone else got one); what do we like to eat on Thanksgiving, and as always, Moe B has something to say. Trust me, you are going to love it. 
November 29, 2020
Episode 56 - Rock and roll, hoochy koo!
This week, we spoke about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions for this year and an interesting conversation happened. We also found time to talk about Cancel Culture attacking Star Wars, and the necessity of 'Self-Lacing Jordans'. Yes, it wasn't a mistype. FJVdpdaJVAPttxOYi9qg
November 21, 2020
Episode 55 - The Aftermath of the Election and the Fixin's
On this episode, we briefly go over our thoughts about the election, and then we cook our way to school lunches, cooking at Yellowstone National Park and the things that we love/hate about Thanksgiving. Yes, there are things to not like about Thanksgiving. (We all did agree that eating was the best - Spoiler Alert!)
November 13, 2020
Episode 54 - One Year Anniversary
So, this podcast has been going one for a year now, and we celebrated it by going LIVE for the first time! Just in case you missed it, AG and I talked about "Trump in a Dress", Mom Code, Halloween maybe gone too far (had to call the cops, a couple of times), and in our My5 segment we brought back our musical "Guilty Pleasures". Please do not forget to vote!!
November 3, 2020
Episode 53 - Fails, fails and what is going on with that?
We talk about the final presidential debate, the NFL player that looked like he got sniped, Mike Tyson making music, crazy upcoming shows and pet chickens. Sigh. And also our My5 for the week.
October 30, 2020
Public Service Announcement - We are going LIVE!!!
We are going LIVE for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Catch us on Twitch - fiveminutewarning25 and on our facebook page - Five Minute Warning on Friday, October 30 at 9pm EST. It should be the same crazyiness, just live now. Join us for the party!!
October 30, 2020
Episode 52 - Sometimes other conversations are just more important (or interesting or fun)...
We had our normal list of things that we were going to get into like: covid-19 killing lights installed in a restaurant, and the thing hiding in a Subway trash can or people just wanting to get covid-19 on purpose. However, we did talk about the STIFF ARM heard around sports and our My5, in which we talked about the best television shows before the year 2000. And we talked about music, which took over the episode.
October 19, 2020
Episode 51 - Can I get my doctor's note so I don't need to get tested for COVID-19?
This week, we talked about someone getting a doctor's note, so they don't have to take a COVID-19 test, a nurse, with two different names, shooting someone, a new bank was introduced and our underrated artists and groups, that we could think of in our My5.
October 18, 2020
Episode 50 - I guess we should apply for AARP? We didn't get our letter in the mail...
Episode 50 is a landmark for us and we really didn't leave much on the table. This episode started coming out hard and fast and we (MoeB, AG and me) talk about the last 7 days from debate to almost debate. COVID is cancelling high school football games, getting people kicked out of planes (wait a minute, I think it was just them) and we talk about the music that is either waaaay overrated, in our opinion, or the fact is, we just don't like it. (Someone went over their quota, just sayin'.)
October 9, 2020
Episode 49 - Sometimes the message is good, but the messenger...
This week, we spoke about the true equality in sports via Jason Whitlock, the importance of the Breonna Taylor indictment and what we miss about 2019, because we all know how we feel about 2020...
October 2, 2020
Episode 48 - Top 5 Special!! Best music a whole...
This week, AG, MoeB and I have a Top 5 Special: Our Top 5 Music discographies!! We agreed on some, and we talked about why the most obvious ones, were not on our Top 5. Give us a listen!
September 25, 2020
Episode 47 - Partying with Covid
AG, MoeB and I talked about the COVID party in Ohio with students who have COVID-19, Trump wanting a third term, and the movies that we can't turn from if they show up on our television screen (we love them). MoeB has more promising words for us as well.
September 16, 2020
Episode 46 - Batman is going to tell you where to vote...
On this episode, Batman will now be telling you where to go on your GPS, was songs motivate us, police in schools and doing more bad things, and Trump telling people to test the system and try to vote twice. Sigh...another week in America.
September 7, 2020
Episode 45 - As the world turns around and around and around...
AG and I talk about what some police talk about on social media, karma statues, and yes, we talk about abortion and how one person truly feels about it. 
September 4, 2020
Episode 44 - Mosquitoes and Politicians
This week on FMW, we talk about Disney enforcing things, China restaurant weighing people before they order, the man made mosquito infestation soon coming to Florida (shocker), and our thoughts about the DNC and the RNC (so far).
August 27, 2020
Episode 43 - I just wanted a burger, but I got a VP running mate...
This episode, AG, MoeB and I talked about Biden's VP running mate, tweeting from the grave, still partying in COVID times, our most embarrassing moments and the person who just wanted a burger, but almost got way more than that. 
August 18, 2020
Episode 42 - Horrible movies and Fast Food joints
AG, MoeB and Ruben talked about our thoughts on the most horrible movies created, attacks at fast food restaurants and a family handcuffed face down on the ground.
August 10, 2020
Episode 41 - Houston, do we have a problem?
On this episode, AG, Moe B and I speak about the validity of the Houston doctor's claims  about the cure for COVID-19, the death of Herman Cain, why are people sending their kids to camp,  the Thunder vs the Congressman, a beatdown and how people want social distancing rules to be followed, but may have taken it a bit too far...
August 5, 2020
Episode 40 - 9 months down, and you are still listening....
Moe B, AG and I talked about Kanye and Harriet Tubman, the Karen urination, 15 year old stuck in juvenile detention, Trump's kid is virtual, but everyone else has to go to brick and mortar school and our Top 5 Animated shows (all opinion).
August 1, 2020
Episode 39 - Everyone talking that crazy...
AG and I talk about the craziness with Kanye, Nick Cannon and even that lady from Starbucks. Then people beating up hotel workers, anti-trump statues, masks becoming the necessity on private property, the Washington Football Team and our Top 5 funniest movies of all time. 
July 23, 2020
Episode 38 - No sleep till...Kanye?
This episode, AG and I talk about the beginning stages of Kanye running for POTUS, the birdwatcher is not cooperating with police, they still want schools open, and what should you NOT do in a public national park.
July 23, 2020
Episode 37 - Boom, Boom, shaking the world...
AG and I had some more 'Karen' conversations, people making sure that everyone knows what side they are on and Virginia updated some laws. 
July 10, 2020
Episode 36 - ABCs and 123s
AG and I talked about more Karens in the country, apologies from saying and doing things that the probably meant (par for the course), getting your first negative police experience at 9 years old, and yes, talking about why people who are "possibly" racist can't spell. I just can't make this stuff up.
June 29, 2020
Episode 35 - 'Karens' and other stuff
In this episode, AG and I talk about the current influx of 'Karens', Towne Bank attempting to give only their African American employees off, police attacking people on social media and why the Resident Evil video game has a place in life.
June 24, 2020
Episode 34 - And a new entrant in the battle royale...
Moe B joined AG and I this week to announce a new development in my life. Oh yeah, NASCAR joined the battle by banning the confederate flag from events. Plus, a renouncement of white privilege, 'colored' people, negative kneeling and licorice.
June 17, 2020
Episode 33 - Attack by a deadly burger?
AG and I spoke about Drew Brees and his comments, all of them. People are failing their city, cities are moving money from the police to the communities and yes, someone called the police because they were attacked by a burger. I can't make this stuff up.
June 14, 2020
Episode 32 - Things are happening everywhere...
For this episode, AG and I spoke about the events in Minnesota, the "hanging" in Kentucky, and the President who has other things to do than help the current situation.
June 3, 2020
Episode 31 - Enjoying TV during a pandemic
AG and I talk about what is on TV to watch during the 3rd month of the pandemic in the US. We do talk about politics from DeVos to Biden and that other guy. Yep, still talking about him. Sigh.
May 26, 2020
Episode 30 - All around the block
AG and I talk a lot about women on this episode. Women reporters vs Trump. Women's credit scores are on par with men. We also had time for some hackers, #stronganswerwronganswer, and more conversation about women. 
May 19, 2020
Episode 29 - What the $$$$ is going on in our country? (The abridged version)
This week AG and I talk about the senseless death in Georgia, crazy people at public establishments (like they just woke up from a 3 month slumber), and yes, that guy who we put in charge of our country and his crazy talk. Sigh...
May 13, 2020
Episode 28 - Another week in America - Taking money, jiu-jitsu, and cat tossing
Another week in which AG and I talk about the country that we live in. Protests, Demos still taking your money, jiu-jitsu classes and yes, the best way to toss your cat. Also, #stronganswerwronganswer.
May 7, 2020
Episode 27 - Bruh...
AG and I talk about the winners and losers of the NFL Draft, the new drink to cure the COVID-19, and a new segment to the podcast. Bruh...
May 1, 2020
Episode 26 - When will it all end?
This week AG and I continue to talk about the craziness of our world surrounding COVID-19. What we should be doing and what we are doing. The future of the world after this event will forever be changed, and we are going to talk about how.
April 23, 2020
Episode 25 -Is it really that serious?
AG and I got serious for a moment on this episode. We spoke about crazy people messing with food (again), life in this covid-19 world, and the sad close of the XFL.
April 15, 2020
Episode 24 B - Six Months of craziness...
AG and Boo Love (yep, no Ruben in this one) do a Five Minute Warning Takeover for the second part of the Six Month Anniversary of the podcast. They do an old school FMW and then take my most interesting moments of the first six months and well, Boo Love gives her point of view. A nice jumping on point for those who are just listening and a reminder, for those are currently listen, of the craziness that goes through my mind on Five Minute Warning. Enjoy!
April 14, 2020
Episode 24 - Six Month Anniversary: The Peep Revolution
AG and I talked about visiting the supermarket to what is not there, no more Corona, and Easter candy, and why the list we had was garbage.
April 8, 2020
Episode 23 - With so much time, what can I watch?
AG, MoeB and I talk about the coronavirus and things that you can watch on tv during this time. Also, a university thought that it was cool to reopen as well. Smh.
April 3, 2020
Episode 22 - What kind of world will it be like tomorrow?
AG and I talk about the world as we know it, right now. The coronavirus, taking away laws and a stimulus package. Our world is changing everyday, every minute, every second. But more importantly...
March 25, 2020
Episode 21: Laying down on the couch...
The coronavirus is around, but we talk about what you can watch on streaming apps, police with a bad experience at McDonalds and the difference of being petty and being a hater.
March 16, 2020
Episode 20 - Rollin' Dolo...
On this episode, I am by myself talking about the new "progressive" Virginia, Olive Garden, scrap shoes, and a nice dose of politics.
March 14, 2020
Episode 19 - Breaking in is Pretty Relaxing
This episode, AG and I talk about a break in with Pop Tarts, fired TAs, a change n my life and more.
March 5, 2020
Episode 18 - Half Court
This week, Q and I talked about half court shots, 911, the Black Batman, the Astros and their scandals and of course, a carb nightmare.
February 26, 2020
Episode 17 - Sugar-Free Sabrina with extra sides
We had our first guest on the show! Sugar Free Sabrina talked to us about Keto and my personal journeys with it. We also spoke on the XFL, rude people on planes, and high school running.
February 21, 2020
Episode 16 - The one about the dog...and pony show...
This week, AG and I talked about the "Impeachment" proceedings, the State of the Union, dogs traveling by themselves and other fun topics. 
February 12, 2020
Episode 15 - Revisiting, Deer attacks, and a whole lot of me...
AG and I revisited the UFC issue with Stephen A Smith and Joe Rogan, also talked about Tennessee, deer attacks, a couple suing an airline and more Ruben than you care to want (at one sitting).
February 3, 2020
Episode 14 - Somber days...
Today, we recapped the Richmond event, talked a bit about the issues with the Grammys, who does the embreyo belong to, Tennessee is at it again, Smith vs Rogan and the sadness of the passing of Kobe Bryant.
January 26, 2020
Episode 13 - Triple Threat
I am joined by both AG and Tico and we talk about Guilty Pleasures in Movies, Fish Oil and sperm counts, finding money, taking over airports to play video games, a baby in a wedding and the protest in Richmond (before it happens), and more. 
January 20, 2020
Episode 12 - 3 Month Anniversary
We celebrate our 3 month anniversary by talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers coach, minority head coaches in the NFL, tales of law enforcement, Saved by the Bell is back, Virginia gun laws and the Second Amendment.
January 13, 2020
Episode 11 - A more controlled tangent episode
AG and I talked about my 5 things lists: wishes, snakes and other, Morris Chestnut (His win-loss record) and other things as well. 
January 6, 2020
Episode 10 - Resolutions, Taser, Chases, Church Security and Corrections
This episode gives Ruben's New Year's Resolutions, a 70-year old woman getting tasered, Church shooting that ended differently than most, a 14-year old high speed chase and WVA correctional pictures.
January 1, 2020
Episode 9 - Tangents All Night
AG joined me in studio tonight. We talked about a lot of things, other than what we were supposed to talk about. Enjoy the longest episode so far. 
December 25, 2019
Episode 8 - Lists, One Million Removals, Burrow's Platform, NDA and Breaking up isn't hard to do???
This episode gives the first 5 Things list, Hallmark removing ads, then undoing it, Joe Burrow's Heisman Platform, NDA and running for President may not mix and breaking up on TikTok is kinda rough.
December 18, 2019
Episode 7 - No wall for you, Bonus$, No Quan, Silver Kanye and Dirty Santa
This episode we talk about the president not getting the funds for the wall, a small company giving big bonuses, Kanye's project in the wild, Cuba Gooding Jr taking a cue from Bill Cosby, and how dirty can your Santa sweater get?
December 11, 2019
Episode 6 - Moe B Stops by, NFL, Peloton, Presidential Race, A.I.
This episode has guest Moe B joining the show. We talk about the best team and the worst division in the NFL, Kamala Harris dropping out of the Presidential race, the Peloton scandal and Allen Iverson being honored at his high school.
December 4, 2019
Episode 5 - Weather, Climate, Text Message/Twitter Gangsters
This week we talked about the holiday season with weather, a Climate Change protest, Dwayne Haskins, Mauro Ranallo, professionalism and text message/twitter gangsters.
November 27, 2019
Episode 4 - Hacked, Kap, Cali and that d*mn chicken again...
This episode talks about Disney+ hacking, Kapernick's job interview, shootings in California last week, that d*mn chicken sandwich and dunk equals drug testing in the NBA.
November 20, 2019
Episode 3 - Overtime, Kanye, Disney+, NBA and Blue VA
This is our first 'Overtime' episode. We talk about Kanye's gospel album, enter Disney+, NBA Load Management, and VA going Blue.
November 13, 2019
Episode 2 - Chicken, CFB, 6 Degrees, Cats and Princesses
Popeyes Crazy Chicken, College Football, a possible new Six Degrees of Separation, Cats and Football, and Sad Princesses
November 8, 2019
Ep. 1 - Shirts, Clowns & I miss Kanye
In this episode, I talk about WWE T-shirt issues, Halloween and Clowns, NCAA coming to current times, Sadness in Washington football and missing Kanye West.
October 30, 2019