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FIX Marketer

FIX Marketer

By Jason Weaver
The 7-Step Plan To 10X Marketing R.O.I For Local Businesses. Most marketers focus on one tactic like SEO or Facebook ads. We cover those and more in a holistic marketing strategy. I distill what you need to know into a simple framework that you can add your unique business identity to. Take control of your online marketing and enjoy listening.
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Part 7 - Effective Facebook Advertising
I’ll be covering making your Facebook ads effective. I’ll show you some restaurant ads and walk you through want makes them work or not work.. Get all tools and bonuses at
January 21, 2020
Part 6 - Making Websites Awesome
I tear apart websites and reveal the 1-page checklist to make your websites awesome. Get all tools and bonuses at
December 13, 2019
Part 1 - Review Strategy
Your small business needs a plan for getting reviews consistently and barring those bad reviews with good ones. In less than 25 minutes make a winning plan. 
December 10, 2019
FIX Marketer Framework
Why digital marketing is broken and what to do about it with the FIX Marketer framework. To build a successful business, you need to start following a reliable 7-Step, 1-Page marketing plan for rapid growth. 10 years & 200+ businesses later, here is the proven playbook. Marketing has never been so refreshingly simple for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Web Design, Referral Marketing, Direct Marketing and more... On this podcast I hope you start looking at marketing just like investing. There is risk involved, but you can mitigate it, measure success, and improve your returns over time by having a winning strategy.
November 25, 2019