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Flawed Democracy

Flawed Democracy

By Manan Garg
Hi, I am Manan Garg your host, I am a high school student and I love to talk about politics and how political steps affect us. In this podcast in each episode, I would talk to some guests about what's going in Indian politics and what is the politics behind it. We'll not only talk about flawed Indian politics but we'll also discuss International Relations and understand how does world politics come into play.
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One Nation One Market- Part 1
In this episode, I discuss with you that why are the farmers protesting against the three recent bills passed by the Government. I also discuss how the agricultural sector was reformed post-independence and how will change after these bills. This episode has also has a second part which will be out soon.
October 2, 2020
Episode 2: Legitimacy of Political Parties in India
From giving freedom to taking freedom
August 27, 2020
Current situation of the migrant labourers in India
This episode will give you insight on the situation of the migrant labourers in India
June 6, 2020