Live in your power | Affirmations & Entrepreneurship with Flex-N-Fly

Live in your power | Affirmations & Entrepreneurship with Flex-N-Fly

By Youmie Jean Francois
I want to be clear.

I created this space for people who know they are special but have been withholding it from the world. It's for people who know they are the exception to every rule and often pour into others, but at times forget the power that they hold innately.

This space is for entrepreneurs, artists, service providers, and freelancers who need to get fed when their spirits need a tune-up.

This space is where you enter to pick up your vibration. You will not leave the same way you came in. It's time to live in your power. You're ready? Let's go.

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"Self-Love" Affirmations
What does "Self-Love" really look like on you? It seems to be a major trend. People are preaching self-care and self-love. But do you know what love looks like on you? Today we tackle that through these affirmations. A reminder I'm not here to encourage you, I'm here to empower you.  If this episode served you please subscribe, share and leave a review.  Follow me @flexnflyofficial and check out my website,
May 8, 2020
"Gratitude" Affirmations
Gratitude is a spiritual currency. Many people think this is a hoax for being positive but being in a state of gratitude changes your life. Today we are discussing gratitude and why it's so important more than ever. There are so many things fighting for your mindset right now, let gratitude win.  If this episode serves you please subscribe, share and leave a review.  Follow me @flexnflyofficial and check out my website,
May 8, 2020
Building New Defaults| Entrepreneur Chat
I have a question for you, what is your default? What is that thing that you do every time you get angry? Every time you get rejected? Is it still serving you or is it time to build a new one? Today's Entrepreneurial chat is all about that.  It's time to build new defaults that's effective. A reminder I'm not here to encourage you. I'm here to empower you.  If this episode served you please subscribe, share and write a review. I appreciate you.  Follow my business @flexnflyofficial 
May 8, 2020
"Peace" Affirmations
Do you have a word of the year? Every year in late December, I receive a word that I should stand on. This year, I chose and was given "Peace" I had no idea why but I knew it was important for me to have. These last few months have been heavy for all of us. The world changed. However, I've been able to maintain my peace through the chaos of circumstances. I know that for many, your peace has been greatly impacted. So I hope today's affirmation will bless you, uplift, and offer you peace.  Remember, I'm not here to encourage you, I am here to empower you.  If this episode served you, please leave a review and comment.  Follow me on IG @flexnflyofficial and my business website 
April 22, 2020
"I am Confident" Affirmations
So many of us have an up and down relationship with confidence. It's amazing how circumstances in life will have us question our abilities. Today I wanted to focus on people that are struggling with their confidence and need a reminder that they are amazing and more! You don't need the world's validation. Who you are is enough.  Remember, I'm not here to encourage you, I'm here to empower you.  If this episode serves you please consider leaving a review and share it.  Follow me on IG@flexnflyflyofficial and my business website 
April 22, 2020
An honest look at Discipline| Entrepreneurial Chat
I want to have a real conversation about discipline. I think many people are ambitious and have dreams for their lives but it can be difficult to attain because they lack discipline. We need to talk about discipline, change, and failure for the entrepreneurs. How they are often connected. I hope you will listen with an open heart. I love hearing your thoughts so please feel free to send me a note or leave a voice message about it if you'd like.  If you enjoy this type of content and it has served you. Please leave a review and share. Follow me on IG @flexnflyofficial and check out my business 
April 22, 2020
"I am Vulnerable" Affirmations
I have to be honest this is an affirmation that many people need but it's hard for them to admit. If you're used to being the "strong" one in your circle and have found it difficult asking for help. This is an affirmation for you. If you find it difficult to express yourself because you're scared of opening up this is the affirmation that's going to help. I know it will serve you. Don't forget to repeat and be persistent.  If this served you, please subscribe, review and share.  Thank you all for your support. 
April 4, 2020
"Overcoming Fear" Affirmations
It's time to overcome your fears! These affirmations are for those of you that have been feeling anxious and nervous in any area of your life. I want to remind you that you have the power. Remember to repeat these affirmations daily. Repetition is the language of the subconscious. You got this.  If this served you please share, leave a review and subscribe. @flexnflyofficial
April 4, 2020
Fight for your Joy| Entrepreneurial chat
On our first entrepreneurial chat, we discuss fighting for your joy when everything in life is asking you to do the opposite. Many of us have been affected by the state of the world. I want to remind you that part of living in your power, is fighting for your joy when everything in you just wants to give up.  Take this time to prepare. This too shall pass.  If this chat served you, please subscribe, rate and share.  Follow me @flexnflyofficial
April 4, 2020
"Money & Wealth" Affirmations
This may be one of my favorites throughout the day affirmations.  I have to be honest with you, I love money but my relationship with it wasn't always the healthiest, so I changed it. Ever since then, even through hard, unexpected circumstances money has been loyal to me.   So many people have a poor emotionally unhealthy relationship with money, They think it's evil and that they shouldn't ask for too much of it, well I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Ask the universe for what you want when it comes to money. Really sit and asses your relationship with it. In this episode of "Live in your power," We focus on getting money and wealth to you and abundantly.  Feel free to add to the list and play it on repeat.  You know you can attract it, you know you're worthy of it, now claim it over your life.  If you like this episode and it has served you, please share and leave a review.
March 24, 2020
"I am Worthy" Affirmations
Today we are talking bout your worth beginning with  the two words, "I am."  Many people want to manifest things in their lives but they do not believe they are worthy of them. What would your life look like if you knew your worth? If you knew the value you carried? You are so worthy of everything you desire.  Today's affirmations can be repeated daily and in moments when you start questioning your ability.  There's a way that you move when you know your worth. Start today!  If this podcast has served you, please consider sharing and giving it a nice review. 
March 24, 2020
"I Attract " Affirmations
Many people speak about what they attract negatively. What if we started speaking about what we attract in a positive way? What kind of people and opportunities would we bring into our lives? In today's episode of "Live In Your Power," We are focusing on the things you attract. It starts with your words, feel free to add affirmations of your own to this list. I'm excited about the things you're about to attract in your life. You're so deserving.   A reminder to play this on repeat. Repetition has a way of lifting your vibration as well. Please feel free to rate this podcast and leave a review if it served you. 
March 24, 2020
This space was created specifically for you| Live In Your Power intro!
So we're doing this? Okay.  I'm ready.  This is an introduction to what to expect when you enter this space. Your vibration will be raised, your spirit will be full, your confidence will grow, your mentality will change, your bank account will increase, your love life will flourish, your peace will be protected. Are you willing to do the work? Good! Because I am not here to encourage you, I'm here to empower you. Welcome to Live in your power! 
March 23, 2020