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Flightdocs InsightsPodcast

Flightdocs InsightsPodcast

By Flightdocs
Updates, Info and Stories from the Flightdocs Team.
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Fd | Insights Podcast #1 - Greg Heine - Textron Aviation, EBACE and Ops

Flightdocs InsightsPodcast

Fd | Insights Podcast #5 - The Reality of Change In Your Flight Department w/ Ed Duval, Lee Brewster & Rhiannon Silvashy
In this episode, Lee & Rhiannon sit down with Ed Duval, the Aviation Maintenance Manager at Clayton Homes for a live Webinar discussing the different facets of "change" within a flight department.  Earlier this year, Clayton Homes decided to make the move to Flightdocs for their 4 Embraer aircraft.  Ed gives a deep dive into the entire process, from start to finish, and highlights his concerns, how they were addressed, the process of making the move, and how the change has had a positive impact on his operation. Thanks for listening! If you're interested in watching the recorded video of the webinar, it can be found here:
September 3, 2019
Fd | Insights Podcast #4 - John Koci & Greg Heine - Customer Success, Mobile Technology in Flight Departments
In this episode, Greg sits down with John Koci from the Fd Customer Success team to talk about John's past experience and how he has been able to leverage his knowledge to help flight departments take advantage of new technology. 
August 1, 2019
Fd | Insights Podcast #3 - Greg Heine & Sam Wilson, Fd | Operations & Agile Development
In this episode, Greg Heine sits down with Sam Wilson, Product Owner on the Flightdocs Operations platform. We get an overview of Sam's previous experience and how he has helped in the development of Fd | Operations. The two also cover the impact of this new technology in flight departments and how agile development methodology leads to a better end product in the hands of the user. 
July 19, 2019
Fd | Insights Podcast #2 - June Webinar, "Identity" Release & Wichita Visit - Greg Heine
In this episode, Greg covers the latest Flightdocs Webinar, "The Reality of Change in Your Flight Department" -, the latest updates to the Flightdocs infrastructure for user management / security and the launch of a new Flightdocs location in Wichita. 
June 27, 2019
Fd | Insights Podcast #1 - Greg Heine - Textron Aviation, EBACE and Ops
Greg gives a quick update into the Textron Aviation announcement, Flightdocs upcoming trip to EBACE and a status update on Flightdocs Operations.  If you're a Textron Business Aircraft operator and would like more info on the new agreement between Flightdocs and Textron Aviation, please visit
May 17, 2019