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Think you could survive without your smartphone for 7 days? Hear stories from brave folks who have taken First Week Flip Phone: the smartphone detox challenge!
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November special
Laurence takes Flip Phone Diaries on the road - to Puebla, Mexico for the Fulbright conference Want to take the 7-day smartphone detox challenge yourself?
December 04, 2018
October pre-detox
Want to take the 7-day smartphone detox challenge yourself? October - the Chicago holiday edition
November 09, 2018
September post-detox Gray screen: iOS: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut (bottom) > Color Filters. This allows you to quickly triple-tap the home button to toggle grayscale on and off, so you keep color when you need it.
October 24, 2018
September pre-detox
Want to take the 7-day smartphone detox challenge yourself? On this month's episode we discuss how similar smartphones mimic cocaine addiction with a neuroscientist. "Huffington's post": Gamification app: Kick the habit strategies:
September 12, 2018
August post-detox w/ Zach Etahiri & D.Long
Why do we keep touching our pockets all the time? Are we like frogs in boiling water when we use our smartphones? New York Times piece: Adam Georgiou's ( call to action: You've heard him. Now go cop Zach's visuals:
August 29, 2018
August pre-detox
SPECIAL GUEST: Boulder photographer Do flip phones work at 8000 feet? Who is Flip Phone Diaries new James May? Is Facebook the new McDonalds? Links:
August 10, 2018
July post-detox
First Week Flip Phone: The Smartphone Detox Join the mailing list: Apps & rats! Smartphone detox... how about a data detox? (photo removed from Google search!) Smartphone meditation?!
July 19, 2018
July pre-detox
Laurence and Tushar end up making another challenge to each other Give the data detox a go: Nobide's meditative tunes:
July 19, 2018
June post-detox
Tushar finds this week particularly difficult without a smartphone due to a Flip phone Fail
June 16, 2018
June pre-detox
Where Laurence and Tushar discuss how things have changed now they're back in the world of smartphones like everyone else
June 11, 2018