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Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars

Flipping Genius - THE Car Flipping podcast #CarFlipping #FlippingCars

By Randy Lee
Learn to Flip Cars for a significant profit! Hear money Making and Saving ideas from expert guests and our host, Randy Lee. Become a Flipping Team Member and benefit even more! Access it all at The Flipping Genius podcast serves as your companion to car flipping success!

About Randy: He's been flipping cars for most of his life, with over 12 years as a licensed dealer.
Our guests come from all areas of business.
Our #1 goal is to help our listeners make more money!

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EP 81: My 5 Favorite Things About The Car Business. (Hint - money didn't make the list)
In episode 81, we learn Randy Lee's 5 favorite things about the car business. A short talk with one of his favorite people, caused Randy to reflect on what he loves about Car Flipping. It is likely NOT WHAT YOU'RE EXPECTING. In the end, we invite you to share YOUR TOP 5 either by email at or via the Car Flipping Forum or at our web site: - we bet there will be some terrific insights! #Car Flipping #Car Dealers #Independent Auto Dealers Association
August 4, 2021
EP 80: WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR? PLUS Answers for Chris in FL, Joey in AL, David in AZ, Cameron in TN, Philip in MO & Morrice in OH
Realizing that you need to be sure you are "chasing the right rabbit", Randy asks us (and himself) the question "what are you doing this for?" Next, Randy shares his answers from listeners and members of the Flipping Genius CAR FLIPPING FORUM - that are likely to be questions many other listeners have on their mind as well. (Thanks to Chris in FL, Joey in AL, David in AZ, Cameron in TN, Philip in MO & Morrice in OH). Be sure to check out to learn more and benefit from the Flipping Genius Resources page. Send questions, suggestions and requests to Randy Lee at #DealershipScaMS #Flipping Sportscars #Facebook Marketplace #YouTube podcast
July 28, 2021
EP 79: Money Making Discoveries and Our 12 Point Pre-Purchase Inspection
Back from a road trip, Randy Lee shares some money making ideas he discovered on the way. In addition, we share some insights from Alabama master Dealer KJ Howard and Flipping Genius Car Flipping Forum member Ken Lay. Next Randy shares his 12 point Pre-purchase inspection that has produced over a decade of consistently profitable car flips!  Be sure to check out to learn more and benefit from the Flipping Genius Resources page. #Car Flipping #Flipping Cars #Inspecting Used Cars #The Legends of Branson #Ryan Pelton
July 21, 2021
EP 78: Flipping Family Reunion Special!
Like so many Americans, the Lee family gathers together each year to reminisce and reunite. This is Reunion week and Randy didn't want the Flippers of America to miss out!  In honor of all that we have put out on audio, video and otherwise in the past year and a half - we take time to make sure you are all aware of everything we are doing to help our listeners make more money! Be sure to listen - and Randy recommends you take notes so you know what to do next. However - if you miss anything or want to know or share anything - just email us at and Flipper's Promise - Randy Lee will write you back himself. And remember too - you can click on the button on the page or RIGHT HERE and schedule a FREE 20 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Randy to determine how he can help you make more money in your Flipping Business! Happy Reunion Week!!
July 14, 2021
EP 77: Answering More Listener Questions...and Sharing my Auction Analysis insights...
The tremendous response to our invitation to schedule 1 on 1 FREE 20 minute consultations with Randy - combined with some terrific questions sent to resulted in Randy deciding to put this week's topic on hold so he could answer YOUR Questions. Big thanks especially go out to Dale from Montana, Vincent from Florida, Garrison from Oregon and Tony from Alabama. We hope all of our listeners will benefit from Randy's answers to your questions. After lots of chatter this week about auction prep - Randy decided to take the camera to the Dealer Auction and share his successful process both on this week's episode - AND on our YouTube Channel AND on DAA Radio too!  PLUS - since you are here - watch the video right here. Hear more, See more, Learn more - visit us now at
July 7, 2021
EP 76: What I do when I buy a vehicle. to make good buying decisions when everyone else isn't
As of this recording date - there is a shortage of new cars, driving prices up on used vehicles.  Flipping Genius host, Randy Lee uses real examples from the 23 vehicles he had tried to purchase "so far this week", to demonstrate how he "MAKES HIS MONEY WHEN HE BUYS".  Randy talks about a variety of buying situations and how to buy profitably in each one. Along the way, we also introduce our new one-on-one coaching system that's designed for the purpose of helping our listeners make more money! Listen until the end. Tell a friend. Be sure to come back again and again. To arrange a FREE 20 minute consultation to determine how we can best help you, email us at Learn more about us and all we offer - including our YouTube Channel and our Resources Page at 
June 30, 2021
EP 75: More Car Flipping Lessons: A B L
Refreshed from a fun round of golf with his son Tony; Randy Lee shares some of what he taught and some of what he's learned. It includes the insights of 3 brilliant women, the plans of 2 possible superstars AND some FREE items that you likely won't hear about from any other podcast on this (or any other) planet!! (Be sure to visit to gain access) This episode is all about planning to make more money and following through with that plan!  We give you the RESOURCES and the guidance on Flipping Genius. And - Randy Lee INVITES you to reach out to him at to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to determine how he can better help your business. ... Always be learning!
June 23, 2021
EP 74: Cheating May Really Be OK.
Master Car Dealer, Randy Lee, explains how being threatened with bodily harm led him to a potentially life altering solution. ALONG the way, he shares how following the opposite of the direction he was provided in his school years is directing him to Flipping Riches in the real world! In addition to all of the benefits that the Flipping Genius system provides our listeners, viewers and members - we are excited to announce one on one opportunities for you to literally improve your money making abilities!  Reach out to us at the Car Flipping Forum or by email at Please be certain to subscribe and/or like us wherever you are listening. Please share us on social media and with your friends. Find our Flipping Genius YouTube channel to watch over 100 videos for FREE! Search FLIPPING GENIUS on Facebook groups and find our Car Flipping Forum. And learn more about MORE at
June 16, 2021
EP 73: BIG Changes that could EFFECT YOUR Bank Balance!
In addition to sharing the SMARTEST THING HE DID THIS WEEK, Randy shares other BIG CHANGES that we are implementing at Flipping Genius to HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY.  Be sure to visit to learn more and keep informed.
June 9, 2021
EP 72: Answering YOUR Questions!
Listeners of the Flipping Genius podcast, viewers from the Flipping Genius YouTube channel and members of our Car Flipping Forum have asked questions - and we know others could benefit from the answers too. So, in this episode, Randy Lee takes time to share his answers and also invites others to participate.  Just for fun, we give a shout out to 12 new members of our Car Flipping Forum, as well as to a few others who have been contributing to the success of others. To access all that Flipping Genius has to offer and become a Flipping Team Member or Flipping Partner visit  Please LIKE, SAVE and/or SHARE us wherever you listen.  #Car Flipping #Side Hustle #Legal Car Flipping #Making Money
June 2, 2021
EP 71: Turning TITLE TROUBLE into OPPORTUNITIE$ (with Serena Martin of Signature 1 Titles)
HAVE YOU EVER thought that the STATE just doesn't want you to sell a car? Has the word IMPOSSIBLE come to mind when you were trying to navigate the bureaucratic quagmires of BONDED TITLES, rebuilt and SALVAGE vehicles, MECHANIC'S LIENS and ABANDONED vehicles?  This week we had the pleasure of talking with someone who knows this stuff inside and out!  Serena Martin helps her clients turn potential nightmare situations into profit centers! In what may be the most valuable episode of Flipping Genius yet, Serena shares the steps involved in securing approval from the State. Serena Martin is the Operations Manager of one of the most important Vehicle Title firms in the Southeast United States. Serena's clients include the entire gambit of the automotive world. Her firm's knowledge, professionalism and contacts is bringing opportunities to clients coast to coast.  Randy Lee's conversation with Serena also reveals major changes and concerns facing all of us in the coming months.  A highly successful auto dealer herself, Serena has insight and knowledge that can only come from years of hands on experience. Consider this episode an investment. Learn more about Serena and her company's operation at the Flipping Genius Resources page at #Car Titles #Bonded Titles #Used Car Titles #Abandoned Vehicles #Car Flipping
May 26, 2021
EP 70: 10 FREE (or nearly free) Tools* that will HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY! *that you possibly don't even know exist!!
In this episode we share some 10+ of our favorite MONEY MAKING tools that can help you take your Car Flipping Business to the next level! As promised during the episode, following are links to every tool that Randy mentioned during #70: Find either of Pat Flynn's podcasts (SPI or Ask Pat 2.0), by searching Pat Flynn anywhere - or better yet just visit Hear "Inspire To Engage" at The Aworkening is found HERE The Independent Dealer Podcast is found HERE Just search KBB on your phone's APP program to find it OUR RESOURCES PAGE is HERE and it has EVERYTHING! (just about) is at Learn more about ITEX at Learn more about Tradebank at Learn more about IMS at Click HERE to learn more about Square Click HERE for the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) Click HERE for the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.) Click HERE to learn more about The National independent Auto Dealers Association is HERE WIX is found at (surprisingly enough) Find Flipping Genius Facebook Groups HERE Find Facebook Marketplace HERE Find Nextdoor HERE Become a Flipping Team Member or Partner HERE Here's the link to that restaurant w/the great staff. It's called The Lion's Den in Sardis, AL Be sure to also WATCH Flipping Genius on our YouTube channel. Be sure to save us ad a favorite, so you never miss a broadcast! Share us EVERYWHERE! Send your questions, comments, answers, suggestions, war stories and anything else to us by way of the Car Flipping Forum or by email at
May 19, 2021
EP 69: Making More Money Flipping Cars! Halftime adjustments and Coaching opportunities
You HAVE to keep learning and growing to achieve success in today's FLIPPING world!  In episode 69, Randy talks about some adjustments we are making that will MAKE ALL OF US MORE MONEY!  From new partnerships with growing technology to reuniting with a giant international leader - the Flipping Genius is not satisfied with the status quo - and neither should you be!!  Learn about our new radio partnership and how you can benefit directly by sharing your opinion. Hear about our new plans to directly improve our listener's/viewer's businesses with one on one and group coaching opportunities!! Be prepared to be better prepared by joining with the best in the business and making your business even more profitable! We are investing in new systems that will bring you even better savings and informational opportunities. Don't miss out on an ACTUAL buyout and/or partnership opportunity that Randy has uncovered for the right person. Are you that right person?! Randy shares information about business practices that have paved the way for him to potentially earn millions and can do the same for you. This is exciting stuff Flippers!  Remember to join the Car Flipping Forum Group on Facebook and start working together today. And, if you are interested in the improvement opportunities Randy mentions in this episode, be sure to email him directly at  Learn more about everything at  And - check us out at YouTube HERE or just search Flipping Genius. #Car Flipping #Flipping Cars #Barter Exchanges #America
May 12, 2021
EP 68: Should I get a Dealer's License? If so, how?
Flipping unregistered vehicles without a Automobile Dealer's License is a FELONY. But, states are making it more difficult than ever to obtain a Dealer's License. Today we answer the questions WHO SHOULD get a Dealer's License? Who SHOULD NOT? And HOW DO YOU do it in the current restrictive environment?  Randy's answers are SURE TO SURPRISE and maybe even INFLAME some listeners (and viewers), but in the end we hope all can see that the number one goal of this episode is to HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY - and stay out of trouble with the law!  Be sure to also WATCH Flipping Genius on our YouTube channel. Be sure to save us ad a favorite, so you never miss a broadcast! Share us EVERYWHERE! And to get FULL BENEFITS of the Flipping Genius, be sure to visit the RESOURCES PAGE at where you will be amazed! AND to support the mission of Flipping Genius - please become a Flipping Team Member today. Send your questions, comments, answers, suggestions, war stories and anything else to us by way of the Car Flipping Forum or by email at #CarFlipping #FlippingCars #DealersLicense #SideHustle #3HourCarFlip
May 5, 2021
How To Flip Cars - #67 - Know who you ARE and who you ARE NOT.
Your limitations extend beyond your wallet and abilities. In episode #67, Randy Lee helps car flippers uncover TRUTH of their strengths and weaknesses to put YOU on a path to success! We go into areas that other car flipping gurus don't, won't or can't discuss. Along the way Randy shares a few personal stories, as only a guy who is actively - and successfully - flipping cars can do.  In the end, this is less about limitations and more about growing through knowing.  ...We encourage all listeners to JOIN our Car Flipping Forum at Facebook Groups - just search Flipping Genius.  ...We also ask that you consider supporting the Flipping Genius by becoming a Flipping Team Member either at or at www.Patreon/FlippinGenius - Also search for our Flipping Genius YouTube channel to SEE the most recent episodes in video along with dozens of others. And remember to check the RESOURCES PAGE at where there is a tremendous bank of savings and information to help our listeners MAKE (and save) more money. #Car Flipping, #Flipping Cars, #How To Flip Cars
April 28, 2021
EP 66: How to BUY when Everyone is OVERPAYING
When STUPID MONEY hits the street, it is important to know how to deal with it! It is TAX TIME plus the Federal Government has given FREE MONEY to Americans to "stimulate the economy". This free stimulus money combined with the regular tax refund bonanza is driving record wholesale prices in the car business.  Randy Lee lays out some concrete strategies for coming out on the winning side of all of this. Remember you can also watch Flipping Genius on our YouTube channel. And find links to it all - including the Flipping Genius RESOURCES PAGE at #Car Flipping #Flipping Cars #Stimulus Money
April 21, 2021
EP 65: The Principles of Successful Car Flipping.
Whether you are flipping $120,000 classic Chevy's or building a BHPH lot around 18 year old imports (or somewhere in between) - there are key Principles that will lead to success. DON'T let the guys flashing wads of hundreds at their cell phone cameras fool you - THERE IS A RIGHT WAY and a wrong way to flip cars.  Randy Lee lays it out in this episode and invites you to participate after. Come JOIN US on the Flipping Genius Car Flipping Forum and share your insights, questions, stories and more. Just search Flipping Genius in Facebook Groups or go to
April 14, 2021
EP 64: Answers to a couple Listener Questions AND a BIG announcement that could MAKE YOU MONEY!
In Episode 64, Randy Lee takes time to answer a few listener questions, TELLS THE TRUTH and introduces a new benefit that will help a lot of our Listeners earn a LOT more money.  ...Remember that the podcast is now available in VIDEO as well at the Flipping Genius YouTube channel.  For all the links to everything discussed on Flipping Genius, visit and to ask questions, make suggestions and/or get on the list for the groups that Randy announced on this episode, email us at
April 7, 2021
EP 63: Are you achieving your "Highest and Best Use"?
Money seems to drive everyone's train. Today's guest helps us consider whether we are on the right track.  In Episode 62 Rachel Eubanks helped us understand the value of an organized, professional communication strategy. In the second half of Randy's conversation with the Host of the wildly popular "Inspire To Engage" podcast, he is schooled on the benefits of adding team members in areas of weakness.  Having created one of the most universally needed digital courses available, Rachel shares messages that should reach flippers of all experience and asset levels. Even though we have a lot of fun in this episode, don't miss the meaning here guys. This lady can help us all increase our bottom line. Learn more at where you will find links to Rachel's site, course and podcast. Be sure to click on the Team Member button to take your Flipping Business to a whole new level. And remember to become of the Flipping Genius Car Flipper Forum too.
March 31, 2021
EP 62: WORDS that FLIP CARS! ...Rachel Eubanks is a Flipping Genius!
Our guest brings a while different set of tools to our Flipping Business! One of Randy's favorite podcasters ("Inspire To Engage"), Rachel Eubanks makes her first of two appearances on Flipping Genius.  Rachel's insights come from real world experience. Following her advice will MAKE all of us MORE MONEY!  ...Along the way Randy shares the details (and fun) of an ACTUAL "3 Hour Car Flip" (just like in Jeremy Fisher's course!) AS WELL AS the way that he SAVED about $1,600 this week!... Listen until the end or you will miss it. Remember - to join in the fun, come to and become a FLIPPING TEAM MEMBER and get BONUS MATERIAL, including the conversation with Randy and Rachel in it's entirety - PLUS over $250 of Team Member Rewards when you join and our Success Pack every month to HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!
March 24, 2021
EP 61: Guaranteed Money Making! (Take notes)
We welcome the CEO of one of the largest Dealer Organizations in the United States to the Flipping Genius. Randy Jones has decades of money making experience in every capacity from the bottom to the top of the Car business. Today, he frequently has the ear of Senators, Congressmen and Governors - trying to protect us all from excessive regulation - and, truth be told from ourselves. Randy Jones is the CEO of the AIADA and an important contributor to the NIADA. And with the systems that he and his cohorts have in place - they can guarantee us a profit on our investment when we join their organization.   Flipping Genius's Randy Lee and Mr. Jones discuss a variety of other benefits to working together in this 61st Episode of Flipping Genius. To learn even more and interact with the both Randys - you are invited to join the Flipping Genius Car Flipping Forum on Facebook. It is FREE. Remember we want you to become a Flipping Team Member as well - and when you do, you will be blessed with the Flipping Team Member Reward program that will also put you on the path to more profit. Learn more about the NIADA and your local IADA at the Flipping Genius Resources Page at
March 17, 2021
EP 60: 220% Return in under 4 weeks!
This week we talk about the results from a few simple flips; 2 are big winners. 1 is a probable loser. And another no-deal has lead us to more opportunity down the road.  We look at the effect rising fuel costs, increasing professional liability premiums and changers in regulations are having all across the Flipping Nation. During the 60th episode of THE Car Flipping podcast, consider the effect that FREE MONEY will have on earned money. Being prepared is important for more than just boy scouts! As Flipping Genius reaches out to create partnerships with #Barter Boom Barter Bing and #Profit Through Trade podcasts, becomes the endorsed Car Flipping podcast of the #AIADA and #DAA Radio network - our ability to provide greater discounts and opportunities for our listeners also expands! Randy Lee introduces the new Reference Network to be found on the Car Flipping Forum (FREE to join!) and on the RESOURCES page at  This is a revolutionary addition to the Flipping Genius network of benefits that are all targeted toward the #1 goal of the podcast; "to help our listeners make more money!". This episode it the 3rd full episode to be simultaneously posted on the The Flipping Genius YouTube Channel. So, if you really want to SEE our host while you listen - pop over there when you get somewhere you are able to watch. (He is spectacular!) Naturally nobody wants to work for free, so we encourage all of our listeners to become a Flipping Team Member. When you do, you will be enrolled in our new Flipping Team Member Rewards program. It is Flipping Genius. Truly!
March 10, 2021
EP 59: How to find deals on vehicles at a price that allows you to turn a profit.
In this episode, we provide some answers to this BIG FLIPPING problem - where to find good deals?  Remember to check for more information at and become a Flipping Team Member there - PLUS be sure to join the Flipper's Forum so you can get more details on the techniques discussed, the vehicles mentioned and the other input provided by likeminded flippers all across the Flipping Nation!! Our host, Randy Lee gives some more actual recent results of his efforts to solve this exact problem for himself. Randy's recent eyeball-to-eyeball encounters and shoulder-to-shoulder interactions have netted him some grand potential, so he shares specifics with us in hopes that Flippers everywhere can duplicate in in their corner of the Flipping Nation. Remember to check the Flipper's Forum for more details and fellow flipper's feedback on all that is discussed on Flipping Genius! And to see this episode on video, visit the Flipping Genius channel on YouTube.  Following are the links mentioned above:  -------------------------------------- Flipper's Forum:  -------------------------------------- Episode #58 via video:  -------------------------------------- The Flipping Genius YouTube Channel:  --------------------------------------- The Flipping Team Member program:  --------------------------------------- The Flipping Genius website:
March 3, 2021
EP 58: Sales & Marketing Tools that make you MORE MONEY FASTER
In Episode 58, we learn NEW school and OLD school ways to get the most for our flips! After millions of dollars in sales and heading up generations of marketing teams - Randy brings this one home. It is ALSO THE FIRST EPISODE TO ALSO BE AVAILABLE IN VIDEO on the Flipping Genius YouTube channel! Listen and learn how to maximize your marketing and expedite your sales process. Our host invites you to share in two favorite money making additions to the Flipping Genius program by joining our Flipper's Forum and becoming a Flipping Team Member. Following are the links mentioned above: Flipper's Forum: Episode #58 via video: The Flipping Genius YouTube Channel: The Flipping Team Member program: The Flipping Genius website:
February 24, 2021
EP 57: The Answer to Every Flipping Question!!
Randy thinks he has the way to answer every flipping question! Every single one!!  He's been burning the "midnight oil" to get to this point. Part of it is a redesign of to bring all we can to our listeners as easily as possible. Part of it is creating a way to REWARD OUR FLIPPING TEAM MEMBERS! This is sort of revolutionary thinking - a way to take the Flipping Genius podcast and all that goes with it to A WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL!  ...Be sure to listen until the end to hear an update on the "live flip" of the Acura MDX we talked about in episode 55.  And, remember - if you have s question or anything to share with us - email it to and expect a prompt response. AND remember too that we want you to join our FLIPPER'S FORUM - so go to and get involved right away. It is FREE.  ----------------------- Following are the links mentioned above: Flipper's Forum: ---------------------- The Flipping Genius YouTube Channel: ---------------------- The Flipping Team Member program: ---------------------- The Flipping Genius website: ----------------------- #Tom Brady, #Super Bowl Trophy, #Know Everything
February 17, 2021
EP 56: David Disbrow helps buyers find money they need to buy vehicles they want. Today he shows us how to find the money & the vehicles!
40+ year car industry veteran David Disbrow (Credit Approval Center in Arizona) talks with Randy Lee about helping our buyers find money to pay for our flips! Next he shows us how to find the vehicles our buyers want, when we don't have access to them - and still get PAID! ...AND THEN, these two "old dogs" discuss more "new tricks" they've learned to keep these deals coming in over and over!! Although David Disbrow is "technically retired", he continues to work in the business he loves. In addition to operating Credit Approval Center with his son Matthew Disbrow, he also serves as a vehicle broker for numerous clients who continue to rely on his expertise. And just for fun, David flips a couple dozen cars a year too.  David's strong relationships with buyers, dealers and other professionals make him an incredible resource for everyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area. His willingness to share his ideas with us is just Flipping Genius! David plans to have a book out soon! When he does, we will certainly invite him back AND share it with you on the Flipping Genius website at where you'll find the course that both David and Randy endorse in this episode: Jeremy Fisher's "3 Hour Flip Academy".  Be sure to visit the RESOURCES PAGE often for tons of information, recommendations and more - that will SAVE Flippers time and MAKE you more money! We strive to add more information and benefits each week. Send your questions, comments, stories and anything else you want to share to us at - or if you'd just like to be added to our communications list - send along your email address to us and we will make sure you are in the Flipping Loop! Join the NEW Flipping Genius Car Flipper's Forum. It's Free and as it grows it will become another resource that will make all of our listeners more money! That is the #1 goal! Randy gives an UPDATE on the "Live Flip" from episode #55 at the end of this episode - so listen all the way to the end!!  ----------------------- Following are the links mentioned above: Flipper's Forum: ---------------------- The Flipping Genius YouTube Channel: ---------------------- The Flipping Team Member program: ---------------------- The Flipping Genius website: -----------------------
February 10, 2021
EP 55: A "Live Flip" (Part 1) and Listening to the results of the First Flipping Survey!
After reading the input from our listeners regarding the First Flipping Survey - we knew it was time for a LIVE FLIP of an actual vehicle! Randy takes you along on the journey to what we hope will be a successful flip.  He starts at the beginning with his analysis of the vehicle and assessment of it's value. Next we walk through the buying process - this time at an auction. After that there is the post-purchase "discovery" session. And we end Part 1 with a trip to Dennis Johnson's Automotive on Old Railroad Bed Rd in Madison (who still doesn't pay us for advertising), where Garry, Dennis and the guys will give it at least a once over and let us know what kind of mess we got into this week. ...I'm feeling good about this one. Thank you to the hundreds of listeners from all over tarnation who took a minute to answer a few questions so we can improve our focus on exactly what you want to hear about in the future. If you'd still like to participate - just click here or, better yet - go to the Flipping Genius website at and find the link in the current episode notes. While you are there, be sure to visit the RESOURCES PAGE for tons of information, recommendations and more - that will SAVE Flippers time and MAKE you more money! OH - and come back to the website often to see pictures of this LIVE FLIP and other updates to boot. They will be in a special file on our Resources page.  If you would prefer to just have the updates emailed to you - send us a request at - and send your questions, comments, stories and anything else you want to share to that same address: If you are interested in interacting and growing with other likeminded Car Flippers - come join the NEW Flipping Genius Car Flipper's Forum. It's Free and as it grows it will become another resource that will make all of our listeners more money! That is the #1 goal!
February 3, 2021
EP 54: Questions from Tennessee, Michigan, California, Alaska, South Carolina and Oklahoma & answers that will help us ALL!
With the email box at bursting at the seams - PLUS the NEW Flipping Genius Flipper's Forum catching on - Randy thought it best to answer some questions once instead of repeatedly. First off, PJ - who is moving from Tennessee to Michigan - asks HOW MANY CARS CAN HE FLIP in his new state BEFORE HE NEEDS TO GET A DEALER'S LICENSE.  Rhonda from California and Koquante from Alaska had asked pretty much the same question about their respective states.  PJ also wanted to know how much it is going to cost him in order to "make it so". ..So, Randy broke out the Google machine and started compiling data from the Interwebs. LOL   In addition to Randy's audio breakdown of these three states, we are also compiling a spreadsheet for all of the United States.  You can find that information under our RESOURCES PAGE at - and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated too - just send it along to or interact at the aforementioned Flipping Genius Flipper's Forum. Next when Barbie from Oklahoma asks about inexpensive alternatives to CarFax reports - Randy springs into action giving tips on what we use here at Flipping Genius HQ.  Naturally, you will find links to those resources at our RESOURCES PAGE at too. After that, we answer Antwan from South Carolina's question about succeeding when flipping vehicles with high mileage. Randy literally draws on past experience as he refers to his upcoming book for actual examples and recommendations that have worked in the past. Be sure to listen until the end, tell a friend and subscribe so you never miss an episode!
January 27, 2021
EP 53: What Coach Nick Saban, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods have taught me about Flipping Cars
In Episode 53, we discover the importance of a consistent process.  On the heals of the Alabama Crimson Tide's National Championship  in football (which Randy accurately predicted in episode #36 of Flipping Genius), Randy Lee shares insights from conversations between Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban and NBA Great Kobe Bryant - and how their mutual focus on the "process" is relative to what we are all attempting to build in our car flipping businesses. We share meaningful analysis of how the process of winning is a commonality between not only football and basketball - but in golf as well. With this in mind, Randy refers to the recent retrospective regarding golfer Tiger Wood's career.  The correlation between success in these games and success in our business is substantial.  This leads us all to the exciting resources and tools we are being (and have been) afforded with the Flipping Genius podcast, Flipping Genius Resources Page, Flipping Genius Forum, Flipping Genius Used Car Selling Groups, Flipping Genius YouTube Channel and more!  As we continue to develop and share these winning processes at Flipping Genius, we encourage you to become actively engaged.  The first step is to reach out to Randy at and request to be on our email list.  #Nick Saban, #Kobe Bryant, #Tiger Woods, #Alabama Crimson Tide, #Wisconsin Badgers, #Flipping Genius, #Randy Lee, #Toledo Rockets, #Rutgers, #Ohio State Buckeyes, #National Champion, #Earl Woods, #Kathi Kruse, #Jeremy Fisher, #NIADA, #AIADA, #Randy Jones, #Jeremy Hammond, #Garry Hargrove, # Rosie Gifford, #Melody Tholstrup, #Zach Pritchard
January 20, 2021
EP 52: Kathi Kruse Shares Insights Regarding Reputation Development and Profitability
Kathi Kruse of Kruse Control, Inc sits down with Randy Lee and shares her knowledge of digital marketing.  Kathi Kruse is an Automotive Digital Retail Advisor to Auto Dealers all across the United States. She is a Dealership Profitability Expert, Author, Speaker and Founder/CEO of Kruse Control, Inc. Kathi was born in the heart of Los Angeles to a family of "car People". Her passion for the business spans a 25 year automotive retail career, managing $100,000,000+ stores in Southern California.   Today Kathi's "Kruse Control Blog" is the leading automotive digital retail blog in the US. She is a regular contributor to numerous automotive industry publications and a featured speaker at many major automotive industry events globally. Kathi Kruse is the author of "Social Media In The Time of Coronavirus" (available for FREE at on our Resources Page), "Automotive Social Business" and "Automotive Social Business 2.0 - How to Captivate Your Customers, Sell More Cars & Be Generally Remarkable on Social Media" (both of which are also available at the Flipping Genius website's Resources Page.) Car Flippers of all levels will find Kathi and Randy's conversation beneficial to their future growth.  Kathi Kruse truly has the ability relate to the car business at all levels.  You will want to listen to this episode more than once and be certain to secure copies of her books while they are available.
January 13, 2021
EP 51: Overcoming Shortcomings - What to Fix. What to Ignore. What are Deal Breakers.
In Episode #51, "Coach" Lee brings to bear the knowledge that helps him maximize the strengths not only of the vehicles he flips - but of his team and flipping operation as well.  Just like his football team's were aware of their own strengths and weaknesses - he teaches us how he prepares each flip with "gameday" in mind. Randy breaks down a typical flip to consider shortcomings cosmetically and mechanically. Next he talks about the fixes that can be made inexpensively, which can be ignored and lastly what could be deal breakers.  Finally we take a look at our personal, team and operational shortcomings and how to over come those.  The goal in the end is always the same - to make more money flipping.  And - that, coincidentally, is the #1 goal of the Flipping Genius podcast. Be sure to listen to all of it! Randy Lee shares the outline for what loyal listeners can look forward to in this second season of the Flipping Genius podcast and all of its additional elements.  TREMENDOUS LISTENER BENEFITS that are on the horizon and many are already available at We invite our listeners to share their thoughts, suggestions, requests, questions, stories and other input by sending it to us at  And, if you want to be part of the new private Flipping Genius Forum - send us a request for that as well! It will be a FREE, invitation only group; where our listeners will be able to interact, share and learn with/from each other.  In order to get your invitation, please send a note to us at  (We encourage you to share a bit about yourself when you do.) Please be sure to: Subscribe to Flipping Genius wherever you listen to podcasts. Save us as a favorite so you never miss an episode.  Please leave Flipping Genius a 5 Star review whenever possible. Share Flipping Genius on social media.  Talk about us at parties & functions (with a glowing reverence that makes people think you are a financial backer of the podcast).   Become a "Flipping Team Member" (see the box at the top of the home page at Visit the Flipping Genius RESOURCES PAGE for the growing list of insights, information & referrals we provide our listeners.
January 6, 2021
EP 50: Be Prepared To Move The Damn Ladder - Get ready to go 100% toward the RIGHT GOALS!
In Episode #50, we talk about the importance of Setting Goals, Tracking Goals and ASSESSING OUR PROGRESS.  Knowing where you wanted to go, where you have been and how you got there - IS absolutely vital.  However, periodic HONEST SELF EVALUATION assures us that we are progressing in the right direction.  As Steven Covey said "...if the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster." Randy Lee gives an honest assessment of the progress of Flipping Genius as we come to the conclusion of Season 1 and plan for the second season of the premier car flipping podcast in America (and beyond).  Some revelations have surprised us this year.  We share some of the adjustments and adaptations that our team has already made - as well as the TREMENDOUS LISTENER BENEFITS that are on the horizon. We invite our listeners to share their thoughts, suggestions, requests, questions, stories and even their homework by sending it to us at  And, if you want to be part of the new private Flipping Genius Forum - send us a request for that as well! It will be a FREE, invitation only group; where our listeners will be able to interact, share and learn with/from each other.  In order to get your invitation, please send a note to us at  (We encourage you to share a bit about yourself when you do.) Please be sure to: Subscribe to Flipping Genius wherever you listen to podcasts. Save us as a favorite so you never miss an episode.  Leave Flipping Genius a 5 Star review whenever possible. Share Flipping Genius on social media.  Talk about us at parties & functions (with a glowing reverence that makes people think you are a financial backer of the podcast).   Become a "Flipping Team Member" (see the box at the top of the home page at Visit the Flipping Genius RESOURCES PAGE for the growing list of insights, information and referrals we provide our listeners. Remember to listen again to Episode #3 of Flipping Genius, for more discussion about "GOAL SETTING AND MANAGEMENT".
December 30, 2020
EP 49: "Santa" Randy's 10 Favorite SLEDS!
In this, the first season's Christmas episode; Randy shares some stories just for fun! Stories about his favorite "sleds" going waaaay back. ...These tales include his FIRST FLIP, the BEST VALUE, his TWO GARBAGE TRUCKS, the one that HIS DAD NEVER FORGAVE HIM FOR, one that GLOWED IN THE DARK, another that he PAINTED WITH A ROLLER...and more. This one's just for fun. If you have questions and/or stories to share - please send them along to Remember that you can hear all of our episodes any time AND access our RESOURCES at Please save us as a favorite, share us on social media, tell your friends and leave us a 5 star review. It all helps. And, if you'd like to become a Flipping Team Member - and help even more - just click on the yellow text at the top of the home page at
December 23, 2020
EP 48: 5 Best Bang For Your Buck Flip Tricks
In today's episode we talk about 5 of the best ways to increase your bottom line on your car flips! Randy keeps his promise (from this week's email and blog posts) and shares the rest of the details from one of these money making ideas AND THEN he adds 4 more to the meal!  You probably want to take notes - because our host was on fire with this one!   We learn about how important it is to find your "Big AL", why one of the world's largest retailers is often willing to help you with your flip FREE OF CHARGE, how a hair dryer can prove very profitable and why even when he is being lazy Randy can make a sweet profit. If there is anything you want more information about, or if you want to be sure to be added to future emails and be notified about future blog posts, just send us an email to and tell us a little about yourself. If you aren't doing this regularly already, be sure to visit the Flipping Genius RESOURCES PAGE for tremendous information, discounts and referrals that will make you more money!!  Check out all things Flipping Genius at our web site:
December 16, 2020
EP 47: The 4 Best Sources For Auto Parts
Saving money is the same as making money to me. And saving time – well that is even better. Today we will talk about both! In Episode 47, we talk about the 4 favorite sources for buying auto parts for your flip.  After decades of experience and hundreds of vehicles, our host and his team have definite and well reasoned preferences for securing replacement parts.  Used parts? Rebuilt parts? New parts? Body parts? Engine parts? Electrical parts? Randy Lee tells you where he goes and why. AND, after 47 episodes of the Flipping Genius podcast, we have even built some partnerships that can save you money when you make the right move and START your parts search - and just about any flipping search at our RESOUCES PAGE on We walk trough some real life comparisons that may surprise you.  Be sure to listen all the way until the end - because, like always, there's some important stuff at the end of this episode. We invite you to send your insights, stories, questions and anything else you want to share to - most likely Randy Lee will answer you himself. He is cool like that.  Please subscribe, favorite us, share us with anyone you think would benefit and do what you can to support the cause by visiting and participating at
December 9, 2020
EP 46: Four MORE Ways To Make EVEN MORE MONEY Flipping
Recognizing that Car Flippers are true entrepreneurs - and as we are recording this episode in the midst of what is nearly a year of Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis - we call out some true innovation of entrepreneurs as they survive and even thrive through these times. Keeping that in mind, we bring our listeners FOUR (4) MORE WAYS TO MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY FLIPPING!  Some of these may be ones you have thought of - but we have a feeling some will be brand new material - or at least an entire new approach.    Our host shares the GOOD STUFF here - ideas that can allow you to "take control of the deals and, therefore, control the money!  In Episode 46 Randy truly demonstrates how "Flippers are people who believe in the idea that through effort, energy and ingenuity we can turn something into something more."  Keeping Goal #1 of the Flipping Genius Podcast at the forefront of his thinking, Randy Lee shows you how to earn while you prospect, get to the front of the line, eliminate competition and, possibly, even get "money for nothing". Be sure to stay all the way to the end, as Flipping Genius explains "Kickapoo Joy Juice" and even pays tribute to the originator of that bit. ...We never forget that GOAL #1 of Flipping Genius is to help enable our listeners to earn more money - so we continue build relationships and benefits for our listeners through our RESOURCES PAGE at www.FlippinGenius com.  And - remember too - we value your input,  so if you have some ideas to add that will help us serve other Flippers, please feel free to send Randy an email at Please send your questions, comments, requests, stories, etc. to & visit the RESOURCES page at to share in the  benefits and information Randy and the team at Flipping Genius is building for your benefit. ​...Click the yellow text at the top of the home page at to become a Flipping Team Member!
December 2, 2020
EP 45: The Resources You Need to be a Successful Flipper
This week a listener asked "What resources will I need to be ready to successfully flip cars?"  Randy Lee took the time to answer her specifically and then realized he should share it with everyone. In Episode 45, Randy walks you through everything from finances to systems - and everything he can think of in between - in what is likely the most comprehensive guidance you will find in one episode. If you are new to flipping or are just wanting to take your flipping business to the next level - and beyond, you will want to listen - and re-listen - to episode 45.  After decades of business success and over twelve years as a licensed dealer, Randy draws on his virtual rolodex - as well as his experience to lay out a true roadmap to success - including a terrific outline for developing an inventory of wholesale vehicles from over a dozen different sources. Keeping in mind the goal of Flipping Genius is to help enable our listeners to earn more money - we have included much of what Randy refers to in our RESOURCES PAGE at www.FlippinGenius com.  If, after listening, you have some ideas to add that will help us serve other Flippers, please feel free to send Randy an email at Please send your questions, comments, requests, stories, etc. to and visit the RESOURCES PAGE at to share in the  benefits and information Randy and the team at Flipping Genius is building for your benefit. ...Click the yellow text at the top of the home page at to become a Flipping Team Member!
November 25, 2020
EP 44: How I made a 348% return on investment this week! And 5 things I am avoiding doing ever again. Maybe YOU can learn from MY mistakes!
We are hoping it IS possible to learn from others mistakes... Randy Lee shares 5 Things he is trying to avoid doing anymore. Next, after "exposing himself", the Flipping Genius host shares a BIG MONEY VICTORY that put a smile on his face. And learning this secret may do the same for you too! Remember that mistake he made back in Episode #41?  Randy tells how he turned that into a 348% profit! Next, we make a recommendation we feel certain will generate a minimum of a 10 to 1 return on your investment, if you do the work. As a reward for your loyal listening to the end of the show, Randy shares something he is very proud of that far too people have ever experienced. Be sure to save Flipping Genius as a favorite, subscribe too so you will be notified when new episodes are posted. Please share Flipping Genius wherever you can and be sure to check out the RESOURCES PAGE at and take advantage of discounts, offers and information that we have lined up for the sole purpose of completing our #1 goal: "To help our listeners make more money!" If you have questions, comments, suggestions or just want to share a Flipping Story, please email them to and we will respond promptly.  Thanks for listening to Flipping Genius.
November 18, 2020
EP 43: TWO Money Making Lessons, AN important Introduction & a Song!
Randy draws from Chicago influences and even words of wisdom from President Ronald Reagan to share two money making lessons he re-learned this week!  During his early years, Randy Lee was lead to battle by a gruff voiced Chicagoan who's words still ring in his head more than 30 years later! Randy shares how that lesson effected 3 "live" flips he worked THIS week! Next, we consider Russian influences that lead Randy to walk away from a bad deal!  After that we introduce the most valuable ally we have line our Flippers up with so far!  ...And Randy Lee closes out the Episode with the powerful performance of his most requested original song - "H R Lady", in honor of his bride Terri.  ...This one is worth 3 times the price of admission! At least!  Send your questions, comments, requests, stories, etc. to and visit the RESOURCES PAGE at to share in the wealth of benefits and information Randy and the team at Flipping Genius is building for your benefit.  ...Click the yellow text at the top of the home page at to become a Flipping Team Member!
November 11, 2020
EP 42: Jeremy Fisher, author of "3 Hour Flip", host of "The Aworkening" & "Pick The Brain" joins us!
Jeremy Fisher discusses his successful history and strategies for Car Flipping. Jeremy shares his best, worst and more wisdom from inside this top Flipper's history!! Randy and Jeremy discuss Jeremy's premier digital training program: "3 Hour Flip" and how it can help us build our own success. Jeremy even provides Flipping Genius listeners a generous discount on 3 Hour Flip! For just $49, he will allow us lifetime access to the entire video course, as well as his detailed written guide!! Just click on the RESOURCES page at to take advantage of this opportunity!! Next, Jeremy Fisher talks about the new season of the Aworkening podcast! With nearly 110 episodes available or on their way - this is truly a treasure trove of entrepreneurial inspiration!! ...Before departing, Jeremy introduces us all to the podcast he co-hosts with Erin Falconer - Pick The Brain. Jeremy and Erin have garnered over 2 million downloads!! With over 280 episodes, this will definitely help us all open doors!! You don't miss a second of Episode #42 of the Flipping Genius!
November 4, 2020
EP 41: With THE Election a week away, Randy talks about new ways & ideas you probably don't know.
If the year 2020 has taught us anything - it is that change IS coming. Change IS inevitable. How YOU adapt to that change is crucial. Not adapting could even be fatal!  This week on Flipping Genius we explore how making the right changes can make you a lot of Flipping Money! Send your Questions, Comments, Stories, Requests, etc. to and look for discount offers and other money making and money saving recommendations on the Flipping Genius RESOURCES PAGE at
October 28, 2020
EP 40: 5 More Ways To Make More Money Flipping Cars!
Randy Lee has made a small fortune flipping cars over the years. In the 40th Episode of THE Car Flipping podcast - Randy shares 5 MORE ways to Help Our Listeners Make More Money! ...After all, that is the #1 goal of the podcast! Remember to send your questions, comments, requests, victory stories, etc to us at ...And definitely go to the Flipping Genius Resources page to be sure you are getting the full benefit of our podcast and all the work Randy is doing on all our behalfs! Just visit ...and share this with everyone!!
October 21, 2020
EP 39: Partnerships? Eric Wise, Lisa Welch and THE Garry Hargrove help Randy weigh the benefits.
Three highly successful guests bring the wealth of their knowledge and experience to the conversation with our host on the subject of PARTNERING WITH OTHER FLIPPERS. ...Eric Wise, a successful car dealer, makes his first appearance - and shares how he built his business and helped others get started in theirs via partnership arrangements. ...Lisa Welch, co-owner of one of the Southeast's oldest and most successful public auctions makes a return visit with Randy (Lisa was also on EP 16). Lisa has seen just about every angle of partnering and brings an informed opinion that will no doubt open some eyes ...Garry Hargrove (EP #24) makes another visit too. As you'll recall from Garry's highly entertaining and informative conversation last time, the man can see the reality in all situations! ...and that brings us to a true Reality Check that ought to help all of us Flippers increase our bottom lines by adjusting our EXPECTATIONS with reason and information. As always, those who stay until the end will be rewarded with a bonus that'll make you smile...and maybe even tap your toe a bit. Send your questions, comments, stories, requests, etc to and look for SHOWNOTES (Including the 7 partnership tips Randy gives) and our RESOURCES PAGE at
October 14, 2020
EP 38: Zach Pritchard gives us a TEXAS sized dose of Debt Management in a great 1-on-1 conversation with THE HOST of the All Around Wellness podcast
Zach Pritchard is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, the principal at All Around Financial Coaching (Dallas, TX), as well as the Host of the All Around Wellness podcast.  Zach sat down with Flipping Genius host Randy Lee to discuss the use of debt in building your Flipping Business.  We discuss Debt Management, Debt aversion and Debt elimination.  Naturally, along the way, Randy and Zach discuss just what kind of ride a Financial Guru drives - and we hear the latest milestone Randy's Suzuki has blown past!  Stick around until the end to learn how Zach can work for you and your Flipping Business no matter what corner of the earth you are doing your flipping.  And - Randy invites you to send NOT ONLY YOUR QUESTIONS - BUT SEND YOUR ARGUMENTS AS WELL to ...Oh - and look for the links to Zach's site, mention Flipping Genius when you speak with him and qualify for a 20% discount on his services!  For more on this and tons of other benefits, tips, discounts and references - visit the RESOURCES PAGE at  ....AND, at the end of this episode - for this week's "reward", you will get to hear Randy sing his R&B original "Love Detox" - it is worth the price of admission!!
October 7, 2020
EP 37: ...What to do when they want their money back?! ...Can I sell other people's cars? ...and MORE!
We got nearly 30 questions in this week at - and Randy answers a handful on the podcast and Introduces a NEW FEATURE to Flipping Genius - The ANSWER CHANNEL - where our listeners get the answers - even to questions they haven't thought of yet - FOR FREE! Stay for Randy's MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS IDEA ...and hear a song by Randy Lee and Nuck Menden at the end called "Enough About Me". ...send Randy a good bottle of Bourbon and he'll tell you the rest of that story. ...Remember to check out the RESOURCES PAGE at for great tips, references and discounts. Send your questions, comments, suggestions and anything else to
September 30, 2020
EP 36: Randy PREDICTS the Future of Used Car Prices AND The Champions of the NFL & NCAA Football!
This WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS FLIPPERS! Our host and KNOWLEDGABLE FLIPPER, Randy Lee goes waaay out on a limb and NOT ONLY tells the FUTURE of used car prices for the next 3 to 9 months, but - just for fun - "Coach Lee" also (accurately, I bet!!) predicts the teams that will play in AND the Score of Super Bowl 55 in Tampa next February. ...AND Randy also tells us which Football teams will win the SEC, B1G, ACC and Big12 conferences this season, as well as who will wind up being the NCAA Champion!! ...and, NEXT he SINGS his heart out for an added bonus with his original song "Sand Box Angel". So, be sure to listen to every minute! ...send questions to and be sure to check the information Randy refers to on the RESOURCES page at
September 23, 2020
EP 35: A 256% ROI, some Good Old Boys from Maine, a wealthy Texan & a dead Italian = the future?
In the best episode yet (according to all involved), Randy Lee breaks down 5 deals that netted him a 256% return on investment. Next he shares insights that he has learned from the professional FLIPPERS from the TV show, Down East Dickering - that might revolutionize his flipping practice! Weighing these thoughts with the teaching of both Gary Keller and Vilfredo Pareto; we conclude that we may really be on to something! SERIOUSLY! Randy closes the show with one of his audience favorites: "What I Can Do". Be sure to check out the show notes and resources at and send emails to Randy at
September 16, 2020
EP 34: Don't Allow Excuses To Become Roadblocks! YOU CAN Write Your Future!
Inspired by THE Pat Flynn, THE Josh Malone, THE Benjamin Franklin - and a few others - Randy gives a locker room talk any BIG TEN (or SEC) coach would be proud to give! Drawing on resources locally, Nationally and maybe even a little Supernaturally - this episode of Flipping Genius might be the one that gets you started, jump-started or over the hump! Questions and input from and also drive Randy to share motivation, inspiration and even some ways to ease your persperation on your way to improving your overall situation! And - if you are cool enough to stay until the end - you just might "FALL IN LOVE AGAIN". ...if you have questions, answers, comments or just want full benefits of the RESOURCES at - be sure to send an email to
September 9, 2020
EP 33: Questions, Answers, Information and a SURPRISE ENDING!
In episode 33 Randy shares questions that he received from listeners. ...Blake (OH) and David (AZ) both want more information about preparing for auctions. ...Matt (WI) wants advise on how to juggle a new FLIPPING biz with a life that includes a wife, two small children and a demanding career. ...Karen (AL), Brian (MS), Jorge (FL), Pete (FL) and Titto (FL) all are looking for ways to still buy profitably. ...Randy Lee drops some 60 year old wisdom on them all that includes some references to shoe leather and knuckles! Hopefully the GENERAL PUBLIC won't hear this one. Then we can all make some money! Talk about "old school"! ...AND THEN! Randy closes out the episode with something probably nobody saw coming!! SURPRISE!  To enjoy all of the fruits of Randy's labor, visit the Flipping Genius Resource page To ask Randy questions, send him your answers and suggestions or anything else, write him NOW.
September 2, 2020
EP 32: Resources I have worked to Develop AND NOW I am GIVING them to you FREE!
Over the past 12+ years, Randy Lee has fought, scrapped and worked his tail off to build a Flipping Business. Through trial and error - and success too - Randy has developed a CADRE of GO TO resources for everything from CHEAP PARTS to AUCTIONS to FREE WEB SITES to low cost tools to the best way to build YOUR FLIPPING business and grow into where you want to be. Randy tries to be efficient with YOUR TIME, so he's not throwing out a bunch of web addresses and phone numbers at you while you are listening. SO AFTER you listen to the podcast - go to the RESOURCE PAGE at for links, contact details AND SOME DISCOUNTS where he can get them for you. ...And if you have more to ask - or more to share, send Randy an email at and he will answer you personally. He's cool like that. 😆
August 26, 2020
EP 31: Coach Melody Tholstrup takes us to the NEXT LEVEL!
Randy is joined by his Coach - Wonder Woman - Melody Tholstrup for a fun, information filled conversation on how we can grow our Flipping Businesses! Melody has been a big Wonder Woman fan since she was a little girl - and she is a SUPER HERO to her clients all across this great nation! She discusses how the same down to earth strategies she's helped clients like Randy install - can get other business owners flying high too! Up, up and away we go! Be sure to listen until there very end! ...And if you'd like to SEE a video of this episode, just email us a request with the title VIDEO to and we will send you the private link at the Flipping Genius YouTube channel. ...and if you want more information on anything - visit
August 19, 2020
Randy Lee delivers two of his best FLIPPING MONEY MAKING secrets - and we seriously doubt most of you are doing these! SERIOUSLY! Randy has built over a dozen businesses - including his current enterprises. He lays out the plans he used to build much of those profits. ...Then he offers our listeners the OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN HIM as we grow this FLIPPING THING! Be sure to listen to every second and share this one with your friends. ...and if you have questions, suggestions, requests and/or stories to share - please send them to
August 12, 2020
EP 29: Rosie Gifford shares her Flipping story and the opportunities of the Latino market in the US
Rosie Gifford tells about her the many facets of her Flipping career. A native of Mexico, Rosie's mastery of both Spanish and English allows her to help others in more ways than most people could imagine. BUT ROSIE IS NOT MOST PEOPLE! Rosie truly helps some doors open and helps keeping others from closing! And her "Favorite Flip" story will almost certainly surprise you as much as it did us. Be sure to listen until the very end! And to get more information, email us at - and for the links our host, Randy Lee, shares at the end - just visit (WITH ONE G IN THE MIDDLE!) ...Thank you Rosie!!
August 5, 2020
EP 28: The 6 Questions Buyers Ask Most
Flipping Genius host Randy Lee shares the six questions he is most often asked by prospective buyers. MORE IMPORTANTLY, Randy shares his time tested, thoughtful, and profit-motivated answers with his favorite podcast listeners on the planet! Save 15% On Your purchase with code AAP15OFF! Valid online only.
July 29, 2020
EP 27: AUCTION DAY! Randy took his camera and mic and he's got his head on a swivel!
It is the weekly Dealer Auction in Huntsville (in the great state of Alabama). Host Randy Lee walks us through his pre-auction homework, his pre-bidding analysis, the post-auction reality check AND talks about the next steps for a real life Flipper! ...This ones worth the price of admission folks! ...To see the forms and pictures Randy talks about during the show, visit or email us at ...and be sure to use the code word BADGER to get all the goodies Randy mentioned. ...And if you have questions, comments, suggestions or anything else to share - send it to too.   Save 15% On Your purchase with code AAP15OFF! Valid online only.
July 22, 2020
EP 26: MY WIFE tells her side of the FLIPPING story!
Randy has a candid conversation with his bride about her view of the Flipping Business. Terri Lee addresses the fears of uncertainty than can come with a new business venture. Her realistic thinking has kept Randy grounded. For those of you with a significant other who has questions about your future as a Flipper - this is a great episode to share. ...If you have questions, comments or suggestions - please send them to
July 15, 2020
EP 25: Why I AM a GENIUS...and why I'm not - Randy Lee tells all!
The host of Flipping Genius reveals how he may actually be qualified for the title in a revealing look into his strengths and weaknesses. Randy tells where he's been and how he got to where he is now. ...As the podcast hits the quarter century mark (in episodes), the Badger (as he is called at car auctions) thought he better come clean. Hopefully this is a good thing. ...If you have questions, comments, suggestions, stories, etc - send them to and you likely will hear back from Badger (Randy Lee) himself. (In other words, he's just not that important...yet.)
July 8, 2020
EP 24: Honesty and "Leaving a little meat on the bone". Garry Hargrove shares his Middle Man story.
Middle Man, Garry Hargrove shares a unique way to make money Flipping! ...Often without even getting his hands dirty - and usually making friends in the long run. Garry learned his Flipping Genius with chickens and his work ethic with bails of hay. Now he is reaching out to his 5 children to pass along this knowledge to America's future. Randy and Garry talk about the practices that not only make the money - but bring them referrals and repeat deals. (Recorded on site at Dennis Johnson's Auto Repair in Madison, AL - please excuse the shop noises)  Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself .
July 1, 2020
EP 23: Future of Flipping! Where we see this going. Special guests: Jeff Dalrymple, Jeremy Gardner, Tommy Milton and Charlie Black
Randy gets to talk with some GENIUSES about the future of Car Flipping. ...Jeff Dalrymple, Jeremy Gardner and Tommy Milton weigh in on the effects of technology, competition, law changes - and Covid-19 of course - have had and will have on our future as Flippers. ....One of the best personalities we know - Mr Charlie Black - throws in not only his insights about the car biz - but STICK AROUND until the end and learn about Charlie's ingenuity! (He really ought to have his own show!) ...if you have questions and/or want to share your thoughts - please email us at and we will respond promptly. Oh - and stay for a moment or two after Charlie's magic and there's a bonus that could help you improve your profit on your next FLIP!
June 24, 2020
EP 22: Advice to those NEW TO the BUSINESS from 150+ YEARS experience! Special Guests: Paul Kennedy, Gayla Cummings, Jimmy Johnson, K J Howard, Roger Fields and Gary Bentley
Alexa, a listener from Arizona, asks a question that prompts Randy to Interview a half dozen PROS with over 150 YEARS of real experience!! The result is informative and entertaining! HUGE thanks you to Paul Kennedy, Gayla Cummings, Jimmy Johnson, K J Howard, Roger Fields and Gary Bentley for sharing their experience and wisdom!! ...If you have a question, comment or experience to share - send it to and we just may round up a group answer for you. ...Listen to the very END and get the key to receiving a $49 value for FREE!  Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself .
June 17, 2020
EP 21: Trade-In Success Strategies!
Randy Lee uses real life to show and tell how he can make a trade-in work for both himself and his buyers. In addition, our hosting Flipper gives you a run down on what has transpired to date - to be sure you are getting the full benefit of the Flipping Genius podcast! ...And those who stay through the "closing credits" will be rewarded with a special gift. (One per Flipper please)  Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself.
June 10, 2020
EP 20: Other People's Money! With special guest Danny Kirkland of Westlake Floor Planning
Randy talks with his friend Danny Kirkland about a system that can help you utilize other people's capital to build your FLIPPING business! Danny's career in banking prepared him brilliantly for his current role with a top notch floor planning firm: Westlake Flooring Services. Danny breaks down the honest facts in a way that only a financial expert can. Randy Lee uses his Flipping Genius brain to simplify things in the way only a Flipper can! ...In the end, we hope this episode opens more options for all of our Listeners. ...If you have questions, send them to and see shownotes at for contact information to Danny Kirkland and Westlake Flooring Services.
June 3, 2020
EP 19: Legal Opportunity during and after the pandemic. Part 2 of 2 of our with Randy Jones of AIADA
The word FELONY got my attention within the first 10 seconds of this second part of my conversation with Randy Jones. Randy offers us opportunity and guidance as we navigate forward. Randy has the ear of his state's and our nation's most influential law makers - and therefore, is a tremendous ally to all of us. Randy even offers an opportunity for FREE TRAINING and guidance to those considering going all-in in the Car Flipping business. You won't want to miss a second - and share this with your friends and family too. Send your questions to and Randy Jones AND Randy Lee will go to work for you.
May 27, 2020
EP 18: LAWS, LICENSES and OPPORTUNITY unfold in our talk with Randy Jones, CEO of AIADA #1 of 2
From early days on "Bondo Hill" to rubbing shoulders with power brokers on "Capital Hill" - Randy Jones has learned HOW TO and HOW NOT TO flip cars! As the CEO of the Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Randy influences legislation at the state and federal level. JUST as importantly, he keeps us informed of law changes that could cost us our livelihood. PLUS, Randy and the AIADA help forge a path to success for those that stay informed and follow the rules. ...There was simply no way to squeeze all of this into one episode and honor our commitment to the listener to keep the podcast a "listenable length". These episodes will help you make money, make good decisions, make good friends and more. And stick around until the end and the other Randy (host, Randy Lee) gives you a bonus secret to boot. ...THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!! Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself .
May 20, 2020
Episode#17: Interview with Flipper Extraordinaire - Jeremy Hammond! Making money is so much Fun!!
For 20+ years Jeremy Hammond has bought and sold, traded, bartered and flipped his way to a fortune! Randy got Jeremy to take a break from stacking cash (almost true) to tell us all about how he does it, where he learned it and how he plans to do it some more! From inside his Flipping Shop (which is larger and nicer than a lot of folks homes) Jeremy talks about the current economic and social environment - and how he plans to do his part to make it better. (Part 1 of - - - we hope many more) NOTE: Flipping Team Members keep an eye on your email for more.  Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself.
May 13, 2020
Episode #16: Interview with Lisa Welch, of Midway Auto Auction in Madison, Alabama
Randy has a great conversation with Lisa Welch, one of the owners of this successful Vehicle Auction in North Alabama. Midway Auto Auction is one of the longest running car auctions in the nation. Lisa and Randy Welch carry on a family tradition that welcomes the Public as well as licensed auto Dealers to buy and sell twice weekly. LISA shares some valuable input that can make you money and save you trouble. Great Stuff!!   Please send your questions, answers, comments, suggestions, etc to us at and you will likely hear back from Randy himself.
May 6, 2020
Episode #15: New ways! Interview with Lisa Smith of Tradebank. ...PLUS the BIG ROLL OUT!
Randy Lee calls this "the best money making episode yet!" Lisa Smith, Regional Owner of Tradebank International joins Randy for an in depth conversation at how thinking outside the box can put thousands more dollars in flipper's pockets! Lisa and Tradebank's #Barter network are a big part of the Flipping Genius success story. ...Next, Randy can barely wait to announce new opportunities via the Flipping Genius system! Immediate expansion is occurring in Orlando, Omaha and Detroit! Further expansion is coming! Flipping Genius announces the roll out of its PARTNERSHIP and TEAM MEMBER plans! Learn more by emailing or visit or click the SUPPORT button at Anchor.FM/FlippingGenius
April 29, 2020
Episode 14: Part 2 of 2 - "5 of My Favorite Ways to Make a Flipping Profit!"
Randy keeps his promises, by sharing #1 and #2 on his list of his 5 favorite flips! They include a BEACH HOUSE and somebody else's yard. And just when you thought he couldn't do any better, he does! Randy announces a potentially life changing guest that is coming to the Flipping Genius podcast in Episode 15.
April 22, 2020
Episode 13: Part 1 of 2 - "5 of My Favorite Ways to turn a Flipping Profit!"
Randy decides it's time for FUN and begins this 2 episode series sharing #5, 4 and 3 of his top 5 list of REAL Flipping stories. We are certain these will both inspire and entertain. ...It was difficult to narrow it down to 5, so we anticipate there will be more of these down the road. ...And if you'd like to have some input in future episodes, either send an email to or record a MESSAGE at our main podcast page at
April 15, 2020
Episode 12: Accounting & Wonderful People!
In this episode Randy shares some insight into sound money management strategy. He also addresses dealing with things when they may not be as the seem. AND STAY TILL THE END because a just a terrific thing happened to Randy right in the middle of all this Coronavirus craziness. God has made some good people!
April 8, 2020
EP #11: Adjustments to make $ & Answers to Listener's Questions
Randy gives money making adjustments that you can implement right away. Then, listeners from Alabama & Massachusetts ask some timely questions. Randy's helps these Flipper's make wise choices that will help increase they're bottom line ...and avoid legal troubles.
April 1, 2020
EP #10: What to do when things get slow. Plus - the state of the podcast. BIG stuff to share!!
Randy shares some tremendous news about the Flipping Genius podcast! Great things are happening! AND the Corona Virus locking us all in our houses has revived Randy's GO GET IT SKILLS! He shares how to MAKE IT HAPPEN when ain't nothin' happening. ...This is real good!
March 25, 2020
Episode 9: Winning! Get back up America!
Randy Lee talks about lessons he learned in his Football days - and how what he learned then helps now. In this episode, Randy talks about some specific "victories" and shares some of the game plans he uses today to WIN!
March 18, 2020
Episode 8: Buying and Selling Systems that work. AND some LAW changes we ALL need to know.
Randy shares some upcoming legal considerations that will be vital to your success ...or could cause you trouble. THEN, Randy gives a break down of Systems that have afforded him hundreds of thousands of dollars in Flipping Profits!
March 11, 2020
Ep #7: TAX TIME!! ...Branded Titles. ...And WIN/WIN NEGOTIATING like you've NEVER heard!
FIRST, host Randy Lee let's you in on the $540,000,000 per day secret of TAX TIME! NEXT, Randy gives the lowdown and upside of investing in BRANDED TITLED vehicles! AND, we learn Randy's secret to WIN/WIN NEGOTIATING in terms you may have never heard before. sure to subscribe, like, comment, share and download. Send your questions to Randy at
March 4, 2020
Episode #6: Addressing state limits, Dealer's license considerations and DEALS in YOUR neighborhood!
Randy talks about the state laws regulating the number of flips an individual can do each year. We discuss the costs and benefits of becoming a licensed auto dealer. AND TO MAKE SURE YOU GET PAID, we unveil THREE deals that can be found RIGHT IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS!
February 27, 2020
Episode #5: FOUR ways to SAVE MONEY on your car flips! a BONUS!! 3 D-I-Y MONEY makers!!
Host Randy Lee shares 4 great ways to SAVE SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS OF MONEY on your car flips!! And, as a bonus, Randy gives you 3 do it yourself techniques that can INCREASE YOUR SELLING PRICE and therefore increase YOUR PROFIT!
February 20, 2020
Episode #4! ...3 MORE ways to get deals to COME TO YOU!
In this episode, Randy gives you three (3) great ideas for getting deals to come to you!  Included is a BONUS IDEA that can turn you into a professional athlete! It really is sort of true!!   Please Remember to subscribe. ...Download and carry the Flipping Genius podcast with you on your walks without using your data!  ...Tell your friends and share the Flipping Genius every chance you can!  ...If you have questions, suggestions, or any other input - send it to and we will get back to yo ASAP.  Thanks!!
February 12, 2020
Quickie #3: Answering more listener emails
I received a couple more questions via email (, so I thought I'd answer them in another mini-episode.  Look for another full episode (#4) soon - hopefully by Wednesday. If you have a question you'd like answered, please send it directly to me at
February 10, 2020
Episode #3 Goal Setting and Management
In this episode, host Randy Lee talks about creating GOALS that will get you where YOU WANT TO GO! After decades of success, Randy knows a thing or two about a thing or four. This episode is one for keeping, sharing and revisiting. So DOWNLOAD it now for free. SUBSCRIBE now so you don't miss a future episode. SHARE the Flipping Genius podcast with your friends - even your competition! - there's plenty of success available for all of us!! ...Let's all become FLIPPING GENIUSES!
February 5, 2020
Quickie #2 - Answers to Listener Emails!
Randy answers Listener Emails of Guyo from Kansas, Victor from Alabama and Doug & Vicky in Wisconsin! Thanks for submitting your questions and insights to
January 29, 2020
Quickie #1 ...Turn your Mistakes into Wins
Turn your mistakes into lessons, not punishment. Randy talks about how to cut your losses - or even make a buck or two on your bad buys. Email questions to
January 26, 2020
Flipping Genius episode #2: Auctions
In this episode of the Flipping Genius podcast we discuss Auto Auctions! We talk about the most common types of auctions, how to be prepared for success in advance, knowing you personal limitations, having a game plan for success and making it happen (Cap'n)! Host Randy Lee, will give a "live" example of a fresh flip along the way! This is going to be great!!
January 19, 2020
Flipping Genius, episode #1
Flipping Genius is all about making money buying and selling used vehicles. Randy Lee hosts and introduces you to a variety of successful players in world of used car flipping! Together we will learn, earn and have a lot of fun along the way! ...Please send questions and input to
January 17, 2020