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Flirting On The Floor "Dancing Through Life on Your Own Terms"

Flirting On The Floor "Dancing Through Life on Your Own Terms"

By Lee E Smith Jr
Power Couple and Marriagepreneurs Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata" discuss Dancing Through Life on Your Own Terms! Together for 10 years and married for 5 they have taught Latin Dance in over 800+ cities World wide, successfully producing major festivals, creating multiple brands & most importantly building a loving relationship. Listen in as they discuss Life, Love, Entrepreneurship, and how to Dance Through Life On Your Own Terms! This Podcast is Perfect for 🎙Couples looking to Spark that Flame 🎙Married couples who work together 🎙Those who want to become Power Couples
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Meet Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata"
Meet Lee & Kat! In this episode they drink wine, discuss to start a youtube channel or not to start a youtube channel, discuss business, love and a bunch of silliness. 
January 30, 2021