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Floods of Justice

Floods of Justice

By Kevin Sage
The Floods of Justice Podcast, lead by Reverend Doctor Kevin Riggs and co-host Kevin Sage, looks at the issues of our day from a biblical perspective without the labels. (The FOJ Podcast is a proud member of The TN Holler Podcast Network.)
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An Active Peacemaker (S3 E7)
Pastor Kevin talks about what it means to be an active peacemaker in a violent society. He also shares a letter he wrote to Gov. Lee that was signed by 47 other pastors, but was rejected by Gov. Lee.
June 02, 2022
The Wrong Horse (S3 E6)
A sermon preached at Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN on Sunday May 22, 2022.
May 24, 2022
Homelessness in Williamson County (S3 E5)
A talk Pastor Kevin gave at the Williamson County Library about Homelessness. The talk was given on Sunday, March 27, 2022.
April 05, 2022
A Conversation with Bishop Todd Hunter (S3 E4)
A conversation with Bishop Todd Hunter. A bishop in the Anglican Church and founder of The Center for Formation Justice and Peace (
March 10, 2022
A Pastoral Talk about Ukraine. (S3 E3)
In this episode Pastor Kevin discusses some of the issues going on in the world, especially in Ukraine. Follow Pastor Kevin on twitter @riggs_kevin, or email him at
March 03, 2022
Wit & Wisdom (S3 E2)
A discussion with Williamson Strong about our local school board and the controversy surrounding Wit & Wisdom.
February 24, 2022
Williamson Social Justice Alliance (S3 E1)
A conversation with Amy Duncan and Dr. Eve Boger of the Williamson Social Justice Alliance.
January 06, 2022
Williamson Strong (S2 E14)
A discussion about schools, teachers, and school boards with Crystal Freeman and Anne McGraw, co-leaders of Williamson Strong
December 16, 2021
Rolanda Holman (S2 E13)
A conversation with Rolanda Holman, the sister of Pervis Payne
December 07, 2021
The Unveiling of the USCT Statue in Franklin, TN
The Unveiling of the USCT Statue in Franklin, TN on Saturday October 23, 2021.
November 05, 2021
S2E11 - The Story behind the Fuller Story
S2E11 - In this episode, the Fuller Story team share their experiences over the last four years. It’s the story behind the Fuller Story.
October 27, 2021
S2E10 - COVID & the Church
A discussion with Pastor Roger Russell about the challenges churches face during COVID.
September 13, 2021
S2E9 - All about COVID-19
Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs talks COVID-19 with Dr. Alice Thornton, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Kentucky.
September 08, 2021
S2E8 - Afghanistan (with John Weaver)
Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs talks to Afghanistan humanitarian John Weaver.
August 30, 2021
S2E7 - Homelessness in Franklin, TN
In this episode Pastor Kevin discusses homelessness with the members of Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church.
August 26, 2021
S2E6 - A Quick Update
A quick update on what’s going on with Floods of Justice
August 23, 2021
S2E5 - Immigration at the US Southern Border (Special Guest: Gustavo De Los Rios)
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss Gustavo De Los Rios' work with Abara Borderland Connections and the immigration reality on the ground in El Paso, TX.  Experience a Border Encounter with Gustavo and Abara by visiting this link:
April 22, 2021
New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments w/ Guest Dr. GB Howell (S2E4)
FOJ is delighted to speak with guest Dr. GB Howell to bring his archeology expertise to the recent discovery of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments in Israel (story here: At the end of the episode, Dr. Howell recommends further reading for those interested at the following links: "The Book and the Spade" = a 15-minute podcast The ESV Archaeology Study Bible The NIV Archaeological Study Bible The CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible Twitter: @GBHowellJr
March 27, 2021
Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust Removal (S2E3)
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss Tennessee's current status of the proposed removal of the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust removal from the State Capitol Building. 
March 21, 2021
Important Legislation & The Southern Christian Coalition with Special Guest Elizabeth Madeira (S2E1)
Dr. Riggs and Kevin Sage speak with Elizabeth Madeira from the Southern Christian Coalition in new season of FOJ. Find the Southern Christian Coalition at You can now support FOJ online at
March 16, 2021
Covid, Christian Nationalism, and CPAC--oh my! (S2E1)
Dr. Riggs and Kevin Sage catch up on 2021 and launch the new season of FOJ.  You can now support FOJ online at Episode links:
March 05, 2021
(#051) - Mary's Song from Luke 1:46-55
Luke 1:46-55. New International Version Mary’s Song 46 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord 47  and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, 48 for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed, 49  for the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is his name. 50 His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation. 51 He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts. 52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. 53 He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty. 54 He has helped his servant Israel, remembering to be merciful 55 to Abraham and his descendants forever, just as he promised our ancestors.”
December 23, 2020
(#050) God at work in Honduras - (Special Guest: Cesar Lopez)
Honduras has been hit by two major hurricanes, bringing massive destruction and loss of lives. Cesar Lopez pastors a church in Honduras supported in part by Franklin Community Church. In this episode of FOJ, we chat with Cesar about the heartbreak, the loss, and how God is moving in Honduras.  To support Cesar and his church family, please direct donations to Kevin Riggs at Franklin Community Church.  Checks payable to: Franklin Community Church Mail to: 200 Devrow Court, Franklin, Tn 37064 Thank you in advance for your support. The beautiful people of Honduras need our help...
December 05, 2020
Truth vs Conspiracy
Pastor Kevin Riggs examines the concept of conspiracy surrounding the 2020 Election from a biblical perspective. 
November 19, 2020
Twas the Night Before Election (Special Guest: Justin Kanew)
Justin Kanew, Founder of The Tennessee Holler, joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage on the Eve of the Presidential Election to discuss the state of affairs... Support The TN Holler HERE.
November 03, 2020
Critical Race Theory - Part 2 - (Special Guest: Dr. David Dark)
American Writer and Belmont Professor Dr. David Dark joins Pastor Kevin Riggs for a continuation of the conversation about Critical Race Theory. Find David Dark on Twitter: @daviddark  And his books on Amazon.
October 29, 2020
Critical Race Theory - Part 1 of 2
Pastor Kevin Riggs lays the foundation for a discussion on Critical Race Theory. 
October 21, 2020
Kelley Henry and The Pervis Payne Case
Attorney Kelley Henry joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage to discuss her work as a Death Row Attorney, specifically with the urgent Pervis Payne case. For more information on how to help Pervis Payne's case, visit 
October 15, 2020
John, Jesus, and Justice
Pastor Kevin Riggs preaches at All Souls Church in Nashville from the book of Malachi. A warning from the prophet...
October 02, 2020
Elizabeth Madeira & TN Politics
Elizabeth Madeira, TN Democratic Candidate (State Representative, District 63), joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage to discuss her platform and current events in Tennessee. 
September 24, 2020
The Cash Bail System - (Special Guest: Rev. Davie Tucker)
Rev. Davie Tucker, Board Member of The Nashville Community Bail Fund, joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage for a discussion on the current cash bail system and mass incarceration.  Support The Nashville Community Bail Fund here. 
September 17, 2020
Pence's RNC Speech & Nationalism
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the final few minutes of Vice President Pence's RNC Speech mixing scripture and nationalism. 
September 02, 2020
Things to Consider As You Prepare to Vote
Pastor Kevin Riggs presents some Biblical principles to guide Christians as they approach the polls in 2020.
August 24, 2020
I Doth Protest
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the idea of protests in light of Gov. Lee's recent bill to introduce felonies for certain protesters in Tennessee. 
August 24, 2020
A Biblically Pro-Life View of The Death Penalty
With the recent revival of federal executions, Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the death penalty further from a Biblical perspective. 
August 06, 2020
Pro-Life Bicyclist Rides From Santa Monica to DC (Special Guest: Mike Washington)
In memory of his late wife, 66 yo retiree Mike Washington rode nearly 3,000 miles across the country to raise money and awareness for Save the Storks and a mobile pregnancy unit. Find Save the Storks online here.  Email Mike Washington here. 
July 29, 2020
Biblical Protest and The (&) Campaign 2020 Presidential Election Statement
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss protesting in reference to Romans 13, and a statement released by The (&) Campaign regarding the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Find The & Campaign online here.
July 22, 2020
Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust, Schools Reopening, and more...
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss a few of the many issues facing Tennessee and America in the current pandemic.
July 16, 2020
FOJ joins The TN Holler Podcast Network (Special Guest: Justin Kanew)
Back for another discussion on social justice and current events in Tennessee, Justin Kanew joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage for the first official episode as part of The TN Holler Podcast Network.  Find us online at: Twitter: @thetnholler, @riggs_kevin Facebook: @thetnholler, @floodsofjustice Instagram: @thetnholler
July 09, 2020
Justice - All Souls Church | Nashville
Our first episode as part of The TN Holler Podcast Network, we are sharing a recent message Pastor Kevin Riggs delivered to All Souls Church in Nashville.
July 01, 2020
Defund the Police - (Special Guest: Jeannie Alexander)
Rev. Jeannie Alexander joins Paster Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage for a discussion on the topic of defunding the police and police reform. Learn more about Jeannie and her work HERE.
June 25, 2020
Conversations on Racism - (Special Guest: Anthony Hendricks)
Co-Founder of The Public, a grass roots organization having the tough conversations on racism, Anthony Hendricks joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage.The Public Franklin Facebook Page, click here.To listen to the entire Robin DiAngelo video, click...
June 09, 2020
George Floyd...Matters - (Special Guest Howard Garrett)
Local Franklinite Howard Garrett joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage to discuss the tragic murder of George Floyd and share his feelings on race and racism in America.
June 02, 2020
Sunday Edition: Serve One Another
Continuing the One Another Series, Pastor Kevin Riggs preaches on serving one another. Download Study Guide
May 29, 2020
Sunday Edition: Admonish One Another
Why are we called to admonish one another as community? And how do we actually do it? Pastor Kevin Riggs discusses...
May 29, 2020
Individual Rights vs The Common Good
In the context of the pandemic, Pastor Kevin discusses the history of this battle between freedoms and how we wrestle with it today.
May 29, 2020
Black People Are So Tired - (Special Guest Rae Sanchez)
In this episode, FOJ welcomes Rae Sanchez, a member of the Franklin, TN Community, to share her thoughts on race relations, reconciliation, and Armaud Arbery. Watch the video referenced in this podcast here:...
May 18, 2020
Forgive One Another: Guided Meditation
Jessica Folsom Davis narrates a guided mediation based on Pastor Kevin Riggs' sermon, "Forgive One Another."
May 14, 2020
Sunday Edition: Forgive One Another
Pastor Kevin Riggs continues the series on the One Another statements in the Bible with "Forgive One Another."
May 13, 2020
Voter Suppression
Pastor Kevin Riggs outlines the history of voting and voter suppression tactics in America, addressing our current situation going in to election season.
May 13, 2020
Homelessness in Quarantine
Pastor Kevin Riggs discusses the homelessness situation in Williamson County and what it has taken to care for them in the midst of the the shutdown.
May 06, 2020
Sunday Edition: Encourage One Another
Pastor Kevin discusses God's call to us to encourage one another.PDF Study GuideAlso, listen to the Audio Study Guide in the episode following this one.
May 05, 2020
Guided Meditation: Encourage One Another
Jessica Folsom Davis narrates a guided meditation and study guide on Pastor Kevin Riggs' sermon on the same topic.
May 05, 2020
Economy: What the Bible Says
Pastor Kevin Riggs lays out a foundational understanding of Socialism and Capitalism along the continuum, and discusses the Biblical stance along that continuum.
May 01, 2020
Sunday Edition: Love One Another
Pastor Kevin Riggs explores the first of the One Another statements in the series. Study Guide
April 26, 2020
Current Events in TN (Special Guest Justin Kanew)
Pastor Kevin Riggs is joined by TN Holler Founder Justin Kanew to discuss the issues facing Tennessee in the midst of the pandemic.Visit TN Holler's websiteWatch Rev. Dr. Barber's MLK Sermon
April 21, 2020
Sunday Edition - "One Another" Series Introduction
Pastor Kevin Riggs sets the stage for a multi-week series exploring the "one another" statements in the Bible.  DOWNLOAD STUDY GUIDE
April 19, 2020
Easter Sunday Edition - Come and See - (Guest Pastor: Kevin Burns)
This very special Easter Service at Franklin Community Church features a sermon by Kevin Burns, one of FCC's Pastors and the Chaplain Aid while currently incarcerated on Death Row in Nashville, TN. Click to read Kevin Burns' "Prayer From Death Row"
April 12, 2020
The PPP and Non-Profits (Special Guest: Mark Judkins)
Pastor Kevin welcomes Christian Community Development Association's Finance & Administration Director Mark Judkins to discuss the government's stimulus package and the pros and cons for non-profits. Visit for more information.
April 10, 2020
Sunday Edition - A Young Colt or a War Stallion
Pastor Kevin preaches on Palm Sunday that it was a juxtaposition of choice; an either/or decision that had to be made by the people of that day. Worship Music by Michael Ricks. Download Study Guide
April 05, 2020
Coronavirus - The Effect on Non-Profits (Special Guest: Marie Moy)
Pastor Kevin Riggs welcomes special guest Marie Moy from Jericho Road Community Health Center in Buffalo, NY, as they discuss the effect of the coronavirus on her non-profit.If you would like to financially support Jericho Road Community Health Center,...
April 02, 2020
Sunday Edition: Vipers and Viruses
Pastor Kevin looks to Numbers 21 where a den of vipers attacks the Children of Israel, and God brings healing in the midst of their suffering. **Study Guide**
March 29, 2020
Coronavirus - Shelter in Place
Pastor Kevin discusses the current state of "Shelter in Place" in Middle Tennessee, and what serving Jesus' mission may look like moving forward.
March 24, 2020
Sunday Edition: Once in a Lifetime, But NOT Unprecedented
In lieu of Sunday Service, and in respect of social distancing, Franklin Community Church is broadcasting from the local community center, Natchez Social. Today's topic is a more indepth study into the church's response to pandemics of the past and how...
March 21, 2020
Pastor Kevin and Special Guest Curtis Zachery (CZ) discuss the complexities of finding connection and fellowship in the midst of the coronavirus. Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
March 19, 2020
Pastor Kevin discusses Deuteronomy 15, "There will always be poor people in the land," and the personal and systemic causes of poverty, referencing the work of Dr. Ruby Payne.Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on...
March 12, 2020
Immigration (Special Guest: Luis Sura)
Pastor Kevin and Special Guest Luis Sura discuss their recent trip to El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico to experience the immigration situation at the border.Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
March 04, 2020
Justice as Evangelism
Building more on the foundations of social justice, Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs discusses two chapters from his book, "Evangelism in the 21st Century."Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
February 27, 2020
Capital Punishment - Part Two
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the spectrum of viewpoints held by Christians regarding the Death Penalty, and his personal journey to becoming an abolitionist. Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
February 19, 2020
Capital Punishment - Part One
Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the spectrum of viewpoints held by Christians regarding the Death Penalty, and his personal journey to becoming an abolitionist. Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
February 19, 2020
Mass Incarceration
Pastor Kevin and Kevin Sage discuss the U.S. Mass Incarceration issue and how Christians are called to prison ministry. Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
February 13, 2020
Introducing Floods of Justice
Reverend Dr. Kevin Riggs and host/moderator Kevin Sage discuss the goals and intent of the Floods of Justice Podcast. Connect with us online at the Floods Of Justice Website and Pastor Kevin on Twitter.
February 13, 2020