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Artist Scientist

Artist Scientist

By FloVerse
Conversations with various music artists and technology enthusiasts on topics related to artistic experimentation, finding your 'flow state' (creative zone) and the future of music.
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FloVerse & Michael Fraser: Finding your flow state using imagination & the future of music and sampling
In this episode we interview FloVerse Artist Scientist Michael Fraser, a Producer, Gypsy Violinist and DJ who is passionate about helping artists find their own unique sound. In this Podcast, Michael shares his personal experience on the importance of using emotion when playing and creating music. He also provides suggestions on how to tap into your ‘flow state’ (aka 'creative zone') using your imagination and internal imagery. Finally, Michael provides his thoughts on the next generation of music creators and how sampling has evolved the creative process. In this conversation: 01:40-Putting your emotional self into music production 03:28-Finding your ‘Flow State’ through imagination and internal imagery 06:39-The future of music and sampling, the blurring of the line between DJs & music creators 9:58-Michaels’s lifelong quest to help other artists find their authenticate sound and flow state More on FloVerse: IG: @official_floverse, FB: officialfloverse  Twitter: @thefloverse  YouTube: FloVerse Connect with Michael Fraser at: FB: mfraserviolin Twitter: @fraserliveshow Website IG @micahelfraserviolin
August 09, 2021
FloVerse & DJ Denise Fraser: A DJ’s flow state and the future of music & motion
In this episode we interview FloVerse Artist Scientist DJ Denise Fraser, a radio, music, and event production producer from Vancouver, BC.   She is also the Radio Host for Canada’s longest running LGBTQ+ show, called QueerFM on CiTR. In the podcast, Denise provides advice for the next generation of DJs by comparing the analog and digital learning approach. She also talks about getting into the zone, aka the DJ ‘flow state’ and provides her perspective on the future of music with motion. In this conversation: 01:17 - 1999 How DJ Denise first started rocking the crowds 03:35 - Leaning new gear: tinkering and making it work 05:43 - The next generation of music will be digital and easier to learn online 07:31 - Tips for becoming a DJ: listen 08:14 - The DJ flow state = being in the zone 08:55 - How DJs are like painters 11:10 - Using motion for music creation on a dance floor More on FloVerse: IG: @official_floverse, FB: Connect with DJ Denise Fraser: URP: Urban Renewal Project on Co-op Radio / Queer FM on the CiTR (UBC Radio) / FB: DJ Denise & Denzin 8 Productions IG: @djdenise35
July 31, 2021
FloVerse & DJ Dain: Finding your creative voice, the flow state and the future of music
In this first episode we interview Artist Scientist Andrew Bowers, a.k.a. DJ Dain from Vancouver, Canada. We talk about finding your creative voice, tips for entering the 'flow state' and his cautious optimism about the emergence of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In this conversation: 01:21 - DJ Dain's personal story about finding his creative voice 02:56 - Addressing your imposter syndrome 03:38 - Making things silly and using a stage persona to overcome inner judgement 04:50 - Trust that you have great taste 06:56 - Getting and staying in the zone (flow state)   13:07 - The future of music tech and Andrew’s thoughts on NFTs   15:30 - The need for accessible technology More on DJ Dain - & IG: @djdain More on FloVerse - & IG: @official_floverse
July 14, 2021