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The Flying Goat Farm podcast

The Flying Goat Farm podcast

By Lisa Check
This podcast is for people who LOVE yarn and fiber to knit, crochet, spin and felt with. We will be talking about the crossroads between keeping sheep and goats, making yarn and expressing your colorful self
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Clothing Choices that Affect Climate Change

The Flying Goat Farm podcast

My Fibershed Journey
Lisa is speaking about her creative and fibershed journeys and how they are leading to activism. 
September 26, 2022
Episode 11: American Wool Textile Industry
Find out how a fleece goes into cloth in the factory settings.  Lisa visited 3 Carolina mills to see all that it takes to make the fabric that is used in our military uniforms. 
September 12, 2022
Season 4 Episode 10: The Fibershed Movement
Lisa talks about how the Fibershed movement got it's start and how the organization works to increase awareness of the benefits of slow, local fashion on the climate, the local economy and us, the humans wearing the clothing. Get links to the websites mentioned here. 
August 29, 2022
Clothing Choices that Affect Climate Change
In this episode, Lisa talks about how our clothing choices affect climate change for our planet. For the good or the bad, the way we clothe ourselves has an impact on climate.  Find out how.
August 15, 2022
Human Cost of Fast Fashion
In this episode, Lisa discusses the impact of fast fashion on the workers who make it.  Of course there is a call to action to support brands who are transparent about their practices and to support those workers who are working to make their lives better through unionizing.  
August 01, 2022
Season 4 Episode 7: Reducing Clothing Waste
Let's take this easiest step to turn fast fashion habits into a slow fashion lifestyle. Ideas to prolong the life of your clothes and ways to reuse and recycle those clothes that are worn out.  
July 18, 2022
Mindful Clothing
In this episode Lisa talks about the Integrity index developed by Greta Eagan in her book Wear No Evil.  Let's pick from the 16 factors to make some changes to the textiles we live with, such as clothing or home textiles. 
July 05, 2022
Slow Fashion
In this episode, Lisa talks about the origins of slow fashion. She also talks about how to start to change your wardrobe over from fast, plastic based clothing to slow, natural fiber based clothing.  She also includes a call to action. 
June 20, 2022
The Unintended Consequences of Fast Fashion
Lisa talks about some of the other consequences of our centralized global fast fashion. There are materials being used that not only harm our planet but also harm our bodies.  
June 06, 2022
Fast Fashion: How what you wear can save the planet
In this episode, Lisa explores what fast fashion is and what the issues are with this overconsumption of textiles.  She talks about what you can do to turn away from this consumerism and start to heal ourselves and our planet. 
May 23, 2022
Slow Fashion: Foundations of Fabric
In this episode, Lisa talks about all the myriads of foundations of fabric, from animal and plant fibers to plastic fibers that have taken over the market.  In each episode the call to action is to enroll in the Fibershed Clothing Challenge.  You can enroll by clicking here:
May 09, 2022
Season Four Opener: What is your style?
This season is all about changing our mindsets from fast fashion to slow fashion and having a fibershed wardrobe.  
April 25, 2022
Season 4 Trailer
Season 4 is going to be all about sustainable slow fashion.  We will explore making responsible textile choices for our planet, our bodies and the citizens of the world.  Each episode I'll give you some simple steps to take to move your wardrobe from fast throw away fashion to slow, quality fashion.
April 12, 2022
All We've Explored about Creativity
Lisa recaps the 10 episodes in this season. 
March 07, 2022
Three Kinds of Creativity
Amateur, Professional and Sacred Creativity... What are these and how do you work within them. 
February 21, 2022
Avoid Creative Burnout and Find Your Inspiration
In this episode, Lisa talks about the causes of creative burn out and how to combat it.  She also talks about how, where and when you can find inspiration for your creative soul.  Of course there is another creative exercise for you to try.
February 07, 2022
Obstacles to Our Creativity
What is stopping you from expressing your creativity? Lisa talks about fear, perfectionism and inertia and gives you some ways to get creative again.  Of course there is a creative exercise for you as well. 
January 24, 2022
Raising Creative Kids: A Conversation with Kerstin Zurbrigg
I love this last part of my conversations about raising creative kids.  Kerstin talks about how to make creativity a part of you and your family's daily life.  Of course there is a creative exercise for you to try with or without little ones.  
January 10, 2022
Raising Creative Kids: A conversation with Annie Marshall
Lisa talks with Annie Marshall, owner and founder of Veggie Annie, a catering company. We talk about developmental stages, cooking with kids and talking to children about what they have made (or not)!
December 20, 2021
Raising Creative Kids: A Conversation with Dalis Davidson
In this conversation with Dalis of Dancing Leaf Dyeworks, Lisa and Dalis talk about raising creative boys, being part of a creative family and as usual there is a fun exercise for you and your family can try to build your creative muscle.  
December 06, 2021
Season 3 Episode 4: Resources to Guide Your Creative Journey
Lisa shares her favorite books and podcasts about creativity.  These books are the ones on Lisa's bookcases or in her iTunes and Spotify libraies.  If you would like to get the PDF with links to these resources, click here.  
November 22, 2021
So Much Creativity, So Little Time
What is holding you back from your creativity?  Lisa talks about the obstacles to your creativity and how to get past those obstacles.  There is, of course, a creative exercise to build up your creative muscle. 
November 08, 2021
Season 3 Episode 2: But I'm not an Artist
Lisa continues to talk about creativity and artistry. She gives you ways to train your creative spirit.  And of course there's an exercise to strengthen your creativity at the end. 
October 25, 2021
Creativity: Myths and Realities
In this first episode of Season 3, Lisa talks about creativity. What is it? She talks about the societal myths that surround creativity and artistry.  She also gives you an exercise to begin to bring your creative spirit into your daily life.
October 11, 2021
Season 3 Trailer
Season Three is all about creativity!  Listen to find out more
September 20, 2021
How to Defeat Festival Overwhelm
Lisa talks all things festivals from the point of view of a visitor, not a vendor.  Do you want to stop the overwhelm and stress at a festival? Well you can. Listen to these easy steps to take to make your festival more enjoyable.  Lisa even has a printable worksheet on the website for you to use now to plan for the next in-person show.
August 16, 2021
18 months later: Who are You Now?
As we try to put the pandemic behind us, Lisa talks about all the factors that have changed our whole beings. How have you changed? How will you go forward into the world?  
August 02, 2021
Spinning Tips and Tricks
In this episode, Lisa shares 9 tips and tricks that she has learned in 30 years of spinning. From preparing your fibers to even redoing yarn you don't love.  Listen and learn today.
July 19, 2021
Beneficial Resources for Hand Spinners
Lisa talks about resources that spinners want to have at their fingertips.  You can find a list of these on the website: Join our Tour de Fleece group.  Don't spin but want to? Reach out to us at and we can arrange a beginning spinning class.
July 05, 2021
Spinning our way through France Tour de Fleece 2021
Lisa talks about the Tour de Fleece. How did it come about? What is it? How to do it?  You are also invited to join the Flying Goat Farm team!
June 21, 2021
A conversation with Dalis of Dancing Leaf Dyeworks
In this episode, Dalis and I talk about sheep, yarn, color and how the pandemic has changed the world of indie dyers.  Dalis also shares how she achieves balance as a solopreneur.  
June 07, 2021
Color Explorer Part 4
In this episode, Lisa goes in depth on complementary colors and other multicolor harmonies.  
May 10, 2021
Be a Color Explorer Part 3: Color Harmonies
In this episode, we explore color harmonies. From monochromatic to complementary...  Lisa talks about how you can use these in your textiles and also the pitfalls to avoid.  Build your color confidence!
April 26, 2021
Be a Color Explorer Part 2
From the original 12 hue families that we talked about in the last episode, hundreds of colors explode out with just a few additions.  Lisa talks more about how colors work together and how more colors are born within that hue families.  
April 12, 2021
Taking a Look at Color
In this episode, Lisa talks about the physics and biology of color as well as the symbolism and cultural meanings of the 12 color families.  
March 29, 2021
Collection Curator Episode 5: Let's have a Swap
In this episode, we'll talk about what to do with the yarn, roving, needles, patterns and notions that you have removed from your collection. You can have a yarn swap party or simply donate to organizations.  
March 15, 2021
Curate your Collection Episode 4
In this episode, Lisa walks you through your needles, hooks and notions. We're almost at the end of really having the collection that you love. So join in and address all those needles, stitch markers and gauges. 
March 01, 2021
Curate your Collection: Episode 3
In this episode, Lisa talks about becoming more confident putting skeins together for a beautiful garment. Lisa also talks about what you can do right now to build your confidence in combining colors of yarn or roving in your collection.  If you are joining Lisa on this adventure to finding love within your collection, she outlines some specific steps you can take this week to move from stash shame into full and unadulterated love of your collection.
February 15, 2021
Collection Curator Episode 2
It's time to have a meaningful visit with your collection. It's time to really use your senses to make sure that what you have brings you joy and what brings shame or regret get re-gifted or donated elsewhere.  Lisa leads you through the steps to start to fall back in love with your collection all over again. 
February 01, 2021
Curate your Collection: Episode 1
Lisa discusses stash shame and changing your vocabulary and mindset.  This is the first installment to help you go from stash shame to curating the collection you love!
January 18, 2021
Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 is just about ready to go. This season Lisa will be helping you to banish stash shame and develop your color confidence!
January 15, 2021
Episode 15
What are you feeling? How has your life changed? Let's talk about how making with our hands can help us feel more balanced. Lisa talks about making with friends and making for others. What will you be making this winter?
December 08, 2020
Episode 14:
During this presentation, Lisa gives some gift suggestions for friends and relatives. These gifts range from kids to a new knitter and from friends that love mysteries and those who are history buffs.
November 23, 2020
Episode 13
Lisa is planning a natural dye garden.  She'll tell you her thoughts about the planning and what to do while the plants are growing to make progress in your natural dyeing and Fibershed wardrobe.
November 09, 2020
Episode 12
In this episode, Lisa talks about natural dyeing and how to add some color into your local wardrobe.
October 26, 2020
Episode 11
In this episode, Lisa talks about slow fashion: what is it and how can it help to heal our planet.  She also introduces the Fibershed movement and their call to action.  You can join our Wardrobe project in a special facebook group.
October 12, 2020
Episode 10
A bonus episode about hitting the wall, dealing with it and how we crafters are uniquely poised to survive this in tack.
October 02, 2020
Episode 9
Lisa and Emily talk about shepherding. They talk about making yarn, raising healthy animals and what it takes to be a shearer.
September 28, 2020
Episode 8
In this episode Lisa talks about fast fashion. What it is and the consequences for choosing these clothes for the world, culture and our own bodies.  This the first in a series about fast vs. slow fashion as well as the Fibershed movement.
September 14, 2020
Episode 7
Lisa talks about how to pick the right yarn for your next project, whether that's for a picky teenager or for yourself.  She walks you through design decisions and the right kinds of yarn for cables, lace and other kinds of stitching.
August 31, 2020
Podcast 6
Join Lisa and Karen as they talk about art, goats and yarn.
August 17, 2020
Episode 5
Lisa walks through all the steps to make Flying Goat Farm Yarn.
August 02, 2020
Episode 4:
Lisa discusses how to substitute farm yarns into patterns that feature commercial yarns. In light of the current controversy surrounding designers and the yarns that they use, it's increasingly important to learn how to substitute yarns.
July 20, 2020
Episode 3
Lisa discusses sheep breeds and classes of fleeces. There's a purpose and project for every kind of wool.  Really!!
July 16, 2020
Episode 2:
In this episode, I discuss what it takes to make great farm yarn. If you've had the dream to have a small flock or if you love to knit with wonderful, local yarn, this episode is for you.
July 08, 2020
Episode 1
I'm answering a client's question to did you get into this fiber farming life.
July 08, 2020