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Flyover Future Presents: Innovators

Flyover Future Presents: Innovators

By Flyover Future
There is more innovation happening in the Midwest than you think. Hear from the innovators at the largest companies, emerging startups, universities, and civic organizations that are shaping the future.
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Julie Messer of Hornbeam Insurance and Jennifer Callahan of Livefire
How does data keep your refrigerator from breaking down on you? Can data select the best colors for your company logo? Hear  different data-centered perspectives from two longtime collaborators -  creative marketer Jenn Callahan (liveFire) and fintech veteran Julie  Messer (Hornbeam Insurance) on this week’s episode of Flyover Future’s Innovators podcast.  These guests have a conversation about data culture, legacy systems,  and solving problems with hosts Ben Reno-Weber from Louisville’s Future of Work Initiative and our executive producer Brian Eichenberger.
October 16, 2020
Meet Len Napolitano, CEO of Capture Higher Ed
If it wasn't for the GI Bill, Len Napolitano wouldn't be our guest on this week's Flyover Future Presents: Innovators podcast. Instead this U.S. Army veteran and EdTech pioneer (now CEO of Capture Higher Ed) talks with us about how data can align students with the right schools and schools with the right students. Join our hosts Ben Reno-Weber from Louisville’s Future of Work Initiative and our executive producer Brian Eichenberger, in a fascinating podcast on how data is redefining the way students find the best education options.
October 9, 2020
Rebecca Brown Rice, Director of Operations for Louisville Healthcare CEO Council
Can loneliness kill you? What’s the difference between treating diabetes and treating the diabetic? Can where I live impact the future of my health? These are among the vital questions being answered today through a new approach to gathering and analyzing healthcare data. This week we sit down with Rebecca Brown Rice, neuroscientist turned data expert, and Director of Operations at the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council (LHCC). Hosts Ben Reno-Weber from Louisville’s Future of Work Initiative and our executive producer, Brian Eichenberger, talk with Rebecca about how LHCC’s new data collaboration is using social determinants of health to reduce loneliness and social isolation in aging care.
October 2, 2020
Judy Nichols, CEO of Breakpoint Technology
Predicting cardiac arrest, discovering why ER admissions increase for one town when it rains, and optimizing supply chain — thank you data revolution! Frontline data worker turned CEO Judy Nichols of Breakpoint Technology is our guest in the inaugural episode of Flyover Future Presents: Innovators podcast, we talk with Judy about how harnessing data fundamentals and fostering a data culture through change management will transform our future.
September 24, 2020
Introducing: Flyover Future Presents - Innovators
A new podcast that has conversations with fascinating innovators who are pushing the boundaries, whether that’s starting a company from scratch, getting a multi-billion dollar company to reimagine its industry, or finding new ways to look at emerging technology.
September 7, 2020