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Freddy Meets Lito Podcast or F*ck My Life Podcast; it's really one or the other. Some weeks, Freddy Lloyd and Lito Brigante debate about current topics relating to hip hop culture, sports, politics and whatever else gets them going at each other's necks. The pair also have on guests with dope stories that may inspire enough to say F*ck My Life, I need a new one.
Episode 79 - Body Count feat. Tracy & DD
This time around the @fmlpodcast gang joined the ladies of the @ugupodcast to touch on some of the most polarizing news of the past week. The discussion starts with Kanye West, is he in the sunken place or stringing us along? Bill Cosby was found guilty of molesting and drugging Andrea Constand in 2004. How long will he be in jail for? Last but not least, the guys dive into the world of the ladies of @ugupodcast and get into a heated convo about “The Hoe Phase”. You won’t want to miss this, Press Play & Listen! Outro: La Folle - Gaza feat MB & White-B
May 8, 2018
Episode 78 - Pull Up To Blow Up feat LK Tha Goon
On this episode, the guys are joined by an artist that has been making a name for himself on the Montreal rap scene, LK The Goon. LK starts off by explaining how, surrounded by a bunch of French rappers, he decided to get into English rap. They discuss the the many street bangers he & his collective "45 Starz" have put out so far, as well as his high profile collabos with Enima & Bilo Da Kid. Last but not least, the guys talk about the drama on social media surrounding the song Water, a song by Enima that also features The Migos. Press Play & Listen! Outro: Pull Up - LK Tha Goon & Push Cake & Bilo Da Kid
May 8, 2018
FML Podcast Episode 77 - Grown Up Talk feat. Tracy & DD
This week the guys are joined by the hosts of the Uncertified Grown Ups Podcast; Tracy & DD. They start off by discussing their new beginning on the podcasting scene. The convo transitions into the main topic of their recent episode, SEX! The guys discuss the pros & cons of openness on a public platform as well as the Tristan Thompson cheating situation. Press Play & Listen!
April 22, 2018
Episode 76 - Pull Up In A Cloud feat. Maky Lavender
This week the guys are joined by the young MC, Content creator, Youtube Vlogger and App creator, Maky Lavender. They start by discussing Jay-Z’s interview With David Letterman on Netflix. Drake’s new single and the impact of the video. Last but not least, Cardi B keeps impressing. Press Play & Listen!
April 12, 2018
Episode 75 - Socially Personal
On this episode the duo sits down and talk about the evolution of the social media age we’re living in. In 20 years, we went from MSN Chat rooms to Instagram. The guys also discuss the social media story of the week; Fabolous & Emily B’s family drama. Will Fab now be seen in a different light? FML shares their opinion. Press Play & Listen!
April 12, 2018
Episode 73 - VGang feat. Donny Vgang
Latest episode of FML Podcast
March 24, 2018
Episode 72 - Colgate Brothers feat. Renzel Dashington & Barnev Valsaint
This episode took the boys down memory lane, all while staying relevant. This week they invited veterans of the music industry. Renzel Dashington; a music manager who's recently added podcasting & stand up comedy to his resume. The other guest, Barnev Valsaint; a singer who contributed to Quebec's biggest urban hit and has been touring with Celine Dion for nearly 20 years. He might low key be one of Quebec's most successful singers. The fellas cover their careers and share opinions on the music industry in Quebec. They also address the allegations of cultural appropriations that were thrown at Bruno Mars. Press Play & Listen Outro music: In Love by Enima
March 23, 2018
Episode 71 - Lipstick And Turntables Feat Fafa Khan & Carla Kazzi
ust a few days away from Women's Day, the guys decided to share the stage with Dj Fafa Khan and her Manager & founder of The Noiize Group, Carla Kazzi. The ladies came through to talk about their respective journeys and the hurdles they've faced as women in the music industry. Now press play & listen! Outro music: City Litty by Magnum
March 23, 2018
Episode 70 - No Money Is Mo's Problem (Wakanda Forever Doe)
This week the FML duo tackled a few topics; Freddy finally went to watch Black Panther, the guys share their opinions on the movie as well as Black Hollwood. Drake dropped a video montage of all the good deeds he’s been up to, is it Drake’s plan or God’s plan? Mo’nique is at it again, the guys discuss her Breakfast Club interview. New reports came out about the Florida High School shooting, while in Dallas, a transgender creates conversation about gender & sports. Press Play & Listen!​ Outro Music: Water - Enima feat. Quavo x Offset x HoodRich Pablo x Ness
February 27, 2018
Episode 69 - Fight The Power
Lito just came from watching Black Panther while Freddy is late to the party, so he shrugs it off. The guys discuss the unfortunate Florida mass shooting that left 17 dead and the subject of gun control vs mental health comes up as it always does. Fox news Anchor Laura Ingraham had some pretty harsh words for LeBron James and he wasn't having it. Well, nobody was. And as they spoke about LeBron, the boys shifted the conversation to the NBA All Star Weekend and all it's festivities. Press Play & Listen Outro music: Time by Enima
February 20, 2018
Episode 68 - Let's Talk About Sex Feat Dr. Laurie Betito
Lifers wanted women’s input on the FML podcast. This week the guys did even better and brought in a professional. Dr. Laurie Betito, a renown psychologist, sex therapist & longtime syndicated radio host brings in her expertise to educate the guys and their listeners on sex. She starts off by explaining her educational and professional journey. The trio also attack many topics; Sex within a relationship & out, whats is a porn addict & How to bring up sex with young children. Finally, lifers sent in questions to ask Dr. Betito. The guys ask away! Press Play & Listen!
February 13, 2018
Episode 67 - I Ain't Mad At Cha Feat. Cici B. & Baby Kennedy
Listeners have been asking for a woman's point of view for weeks now and the guys finally give them what they want. Cici B., a self-published author of 6 books, joins the show to tell her journey as a writer and how the stories about her life affected her environment. The trio also dives into DJ Vlad's interview with Ayana Jackson, the woman who in 1993, accused Tupac Shakur of sexual assault. Freddy, Lito and Cici all have very different opinions on the topic as well as the interview itself. Oh and baby Kennedy also chimes into the conversation. So Lifers, Press Play & Listen #fmlpodcast Intro Music by: Blicky & Loss One - Swerve Outro Music by: Shay Lia feat. Kaytranada & BadBadNotGood - Blue
February 6, 2018
Episode 66 - Finessin' Feat. Pat Boogie
The guys had a return guest this week, DJ Pat Boogie. But before he joined the pod, the boys talk about Lito's family trip to Toronto and readdress the Mo'nique VS Netflix saga. Pat joins as they discuss Pastor Patrick Isaac, a pastor who's allegedly been robbing his church members blind for years. The episode then dives into the Grammy's. Did the Grammy's Finally get it right this year? Now Press Play & Listen! #fmlpodcast Intro music by: On Deck by @novakane Intro music : G.G. by @izzys feat Salimo
January 30, 2018
Episode 65 - Boycottin' Or Nah?
This week, the guys go back to playing 1 on 1. Lito starts the convo by discussing his issue with daycare prices. Then the guys go on to talk about Mo'nique's race/gender equality fight against Netflix. They also dove into one of the biggest stories in the media; Aziz Anzari's sexual misconduct allegations. Finally, Freddy brings up his problem with part time boycotters. Now Press Play & Listen Intro music: G-SHIT by Rambo Jefe Outro music: Pull Up by LK Tha Goon & Push Cake & Bilo Da Kid
January 24, 2018
Episode 64 - Podcast To Podacst feat. Gaby Michel & Stevens Charles
At their beginnings, the boys were invited to another local podcast named "Le Podcast Mtl" hosted by Gaby Michel & Stevens Charles. A year later, they finally get to return the favor. Gaby & Stevens tell us how the idea of podcasting came about, the changes they've had to go through, as well as how they've worked together despite their different personalities. They also discuss the Lavar Ball phenomenon and the lack of diversity in Quebec media. Now Press Play & Listen! Intro music: Goofies by @antianxy Outro music: I Want It All by @IamMyleslloyd
January 17, 2018
Episode 63 - Down With The King Feat. Eddy King
This week, comedian Eddy King joins the guys to chop it up and talk about his career; Where he came from, how he got into comedy, the struggles of being a black comedian in Quebec and much more. They discuss Oprah's speech and the impact it had on women. The guys also discuss the infamous H&M ad that went viral for all the wrong reasons. Was it done deliberately? Being a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, Eddy King gives his opinion on the rumors of Floyd Mayweather joining the UFC. Hope you enjoy the episode. Now Press Play & Listen #FMLPODCAST Intro music: @Davidleemusic feat @nate_husser - Odyssey Outro music: Ryan feat Lost - Slow Motion
January 10, 2018
Episode 62 - New Year, New We
1st podcast of the year, this finna be a breeze! Freddy starts off by telling us about his altercation with the police at a New Year's eve party & Lito follows up with stories of his own. The boys then move on to talk about hip hop's new queen Cardi B and how the industry is changing. They then transition into the changes that we are also seeing in the movie industry. Happy New Year! Now Press Play & Listen. #FMLPODCAST
January 5, 2018
Phone Tap 7
Phone Tap 7 by FML Podcast
December 31, 2017
Episode 61 - RIP Combat Jack
The boys have been gone for a while but they're back and nothing has changed (aside from the soundcloud link). They start off by tackling the Keaton Jones bullying drama. They also address the fake news report about a mosque by TVA in Montreal. What is net neutrality & how does it affect all of us? Diddy is making a case for himself as an NFL owner for the Carolina Panthers. Now press Play & Listen. #FMLPODCAST Intro: New Power by @shashu Outro: Loud Boys ( Prod. by @Dirtwork) by @Trehlamonte
December 27, 2017
Influence Toronto X Thierry Lindor -
Few weeks ago the boys recorded a short episode the night before the Influence Toronto conference. The next day they had the chance to interview a slew of influencers/entrepreneurs. From marketers, to renewable energy, youtubers, tech and finance specialists, designers and so much more investors.These are their stories... Press Play & Listen
December 20, 2017
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