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Following Paraluman

Following Paraluman

By Danica Tanjutco
Following Paraluman is not your ordinary podcast. In this series, we aim to talk about different kind of things and topics ranging from art, culture, travel, faith and so on. The word 'paraluman' means 'muse' in my native tongue, Tagalog. We aspire to follow everything and everyone who inspires us creatively, personally and spiritually.
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Stuck in Latin America During the Start of the Pandemic feat. Pius Ditachmair
I've told this story time and time again. I was in Latin America when the pandemic hit, and it has been one of the most stressful moments in my life. However, it's always great to have a different perspective when it comes to stories like this. So for this episode, I've decided to invite one of my best pals, who also happened to be stuck in Latin America early in 2020, Pius Ditachmair. Pius was in El Salvador and Guatemala for his Civil Service, which is mandatory in Austria. Due to the pandemic, he had to move back after just 7 months. Still, he stays passionate about travelling, and he likes to dive deeper into different cultures. He currently lives in Linz and works at IKEA's Communication and Interior Design Department. This fall, he'll be moving to Vienna to study Product and Interior Design. Until that, he is about to get lost travelling as far as travel restrictions allow it. Join us on this episode as we discussed our struggles, excitement, and one-in-a-lifetime experience of being stuck on a different continent as a global pandemic shooked the world.
June 02, 2021
A Way Abroad feat. Kat Smith
Nowadays, cheap airfares and accessible travel is so prevalent, making moving abroad so much easier. Although, with the decision to become an expat or a digital nomad comes the question: how am I able to move abroad and/or is it actually possible? Kat Smith is the founder of A Way Abroad, the ultimate resource for women dreaming of a life abroad, and having moved abroad 8 years ago, she is a self-proclaimed 'serial expat' who loves nothing more than moving to a new country, culture, and language. She currently lives on the beach in Da Nang, Vietnam, with her husband and pup. According to their website, A Way Abroad is "a community of hard-working travel addicted girls from around the world. We come from a plethora of backgrounds and a variety of interests but share a big passion for exploration and immersion into different cultures." In this episode, we've talked about our very first long-term trips, how we knew that travelling was something constant in our lives, travelling as a married couple, the process of visa applications, and so much more! If you're someone who's been wanting to move abroad but don't know where to start, then start by listening to this episode! To know more about Kat and her works on A Way Abroad, click here to be redirected to their website. You can also follow her on social media via a_wayabroad. To know more about Dani and her works on Following Paraluman, click here to be redirected to their website. You can also follow her on social media via @dmtanjutco. We can't wait to see you on the road once travel becomes more accessible again. For now, be safe and see you soon! Ciao!
May 13, 2021
The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking feat. Steffen Thomsen
Nowadays, hitchhiking has both a positive and a negative connotation attached to it. In the age of cheap and accessible travel, who in their right minds would want to go wandering off to hitchhike? However, there is a certain kind of thrill and excitement that this mode of transportation has alongside it. No matter how many people say that they're against it, there are still travellers out there who are keen on doing this—Steffen Thomsen and myself included. In this episode, join Steffen and me as we dive into the stories of our hitchhiking journey all around the world. I actually met Steffen Thomsen during a brief trip back to the Philippines in early 2019, and we've managed to become great friends since then. We mostly share our passion for travelling, learning about different cultures, and hitchhiking since this is something that we've done constantly on our trips abroad. To keep up with Steffen's travels, you may follow him on social media via @steffenontheroad. To keep up with my travels, you may follow me on social media via @dmtanjutco, and you may check out my website, Following Paraluman. For now, stick to staying at home to flatten the curve, and we'll surely see you on the road soon! Abrazos!
April 10, 2021
Digital Nomad at Home feat. Lukas Pekarcik
Today, it's practically impossible to go in and out of most countries due to the border restrictions that have been implemented due to COVID-19. It really is the wisest thing to do since we wouldn't want to spread more viruses, but for digital nomads worldwide, this seems like such a nightmare. I've been a digital nomad for nearly five years now, and my life has revolved around flights, co-working spaces, and days filled with unexpected adventures. So it's been quite challenging to be experiencing the necessary restrictions that we've got to go through to stop the pandemic's spread. Although there may be some good things attached to this negativity—there must be, right? On this episode, I'm joined by my great friend, Lukas Pekarcik, who's been a digital nomad for nearly seven years now! I met Lukas Pekarcik by some magical happenstance in the summer of 2017 in the most convoluted yet beautiful city in the world, New York City. We both have the same aspirations, the same work ethic, the same taste in many things, and as much as we love to work hard, we tend to play even harder. You will most probably see us every weekend going out and about in Manhattan (pre-covid, of course). Lukas and I have worked really hard to maintain a digital nomad lifestyle, and so this whole staying-at-home shebang has been stressful. Although, as we always say, it is what it is. Listen to our thoughts on being a digital nomad at home by listening to my latest podcast episode! Another fun fact: Lukas was my very first guest on this podcast, and if you really look, you can listen to our very first episode together heh. Join us on this episode as we dive into the ups and the downs that this current lockdown has brought upon our digital nomad lives. Be a part of the conversation, and if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to send us both a message! You can find Lukas on Instagram via @5peko37 and on LinkedIn. You can find me on Instagram via @dmtanjutco, LinkedIn, and via my website, Following Paraluman. For now, be safe, and let's flatten the curve by staying home! Ciao!
March 25, 2021
Being A Modern Christian Woman in Today's World feat. Gabriela Yareliz
In today's world, what does it mean to be compassionate and to love one another without the fear of being judged? In today's world, what does it mean to be good and do good without expecting anything in return? In today's world, what does it mean to be a modern Christian woman? These are some of the topics that Gabriela Yareliz of Modern Witnesses and I talked about throughout this podcast episode. Today is International Women's Day 2021, and we wanted to share with you all what we think it means to be a modern woman who has faith as strong as her visions and continually believes in Jesus. To know more about Gabriela and the work that she does on Modern Witnesses, you may follow her on social media via @modernwitnesses_, and you may check out her website by CLICKING HERE. As for me, join me on my 'round the world adventure by following me on social media via @dmtanjutco, and you may also check out my blog, Following Paraluman, by CLICKING HERE. Today, tell a special woman that you admire her and tell her why you're grateful for her. 'Til the next and blessings!
March 08, 2021
Why Cooking Food Whilst Travelling is as Important as Immersing Yourself in a Country's Local Cuisine feat. Bernardo Rojas de Luna
I used to share a kitchen with my great friend, Bernardo Rojas de Luna. We used to volunteer in the same hostel in Ciudad de México, and we've shared so many great memories whilst we bonded over food. I can't wait to share with you this conversation we had in where we talked about food, cooking, and our fondest food-related memory while growing up in Mexico and the Philippines. Most of us tend to forget that hanging out in hostel kitchens whilst conversing with people from all over the world is super important. Not only will you get to know more about food in that particular place, but you will also get to discover the different flavours that people from all over the world are used to. In this conversation, we mainly talked about our favourite food from our country's cuisine, what we liked to eat growing up, and what we loved cooking whilst we were on the road. Needless to say, this is one of the most special episodes that I've ever recorded. I can't wait for you to get a taste of what Mexico and the Philippines are like. For this episode, Bernardo Rojas de Luna joined me. Not only is he one of my coolest friends, but he's also a stop motion creator and music video editor. He's currently focused on sharing inspiration through creative ideas. If you want to know more about his works, you can find him on social media: @bernardo.rdl. If you want to tag along on my adventures, follow me on social media: @dmtanjutco, and visit my blog at! 'Til the next!
February 27, 2021
Walking into 2021 with Plans, Goals and a Grateful Heart
Hello, friends, and welcome to another episode of Following Paraluman Podcast Series! As you all know, I'm still trying to create more amazing content for all of you, and this is just a glimpse at what my plans are for the coming year. As my friend, Nick, always said, "We're making big moves this year!" So for this episode, I'm giving you all a little peak at what I'll be doing this year in terms of blog, career, shop and travel plans. So make sure to stay tuned for all of these! I've also mentioned the name of my web designer in this episode. So if you need anything done (web-related), Nathan da Silva is the man to go! His website is Tell him Dani sent you! I can't wait to share more things with all of you, but for now, here's a little sneak peek. Let's connect on social media; my username for almost all social media platforms is @dmtanjutco and my website is still Can't wait to connect and talk to you all! For now, besos y abrazos virtual. Nos vemos muy pronto y cuídate! Love, Dani x
February 01, 2021
What Kept Me Going: Odd Jobs, 9 to 5's, Freelancing, and Volunteering
"How are you always travelling? How can you afford it? Is it hard?" Finally, an episode where I answer some of these questions. It really took some time for me to be able to record this particular episode, because I really wanted to think about the things that I'll be saying. I didn't really want to give y'all a bunch of crap or little white lies, so I made sure that this episode and my experiences will be as truthful and as authentic as it can be. It's a given that travelling long term is a dream, but just like any other dreams, you have to work hard for it. So here's my two cents on how I've survived the past four years of living on the road. If you want to learn more or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to give me a buzz on any of my social media pages (@dmtanjutco). If you want to read some of the articles that I've written, go to and simply search for my name. If you want to know more about my current projects and if you want to keep up to date with announcements, head over to, and sign up for my newsletter! I promise I won't spam you! For now, another chill day at home. I hope y'all are alright, and chilling too. Besos, abrazos y bendiciones, Dani x
September 19, 2020
A Conversation feat. Acacia Mitchell
Hello, friends! It's been a while since I did a conversation with a friend on this podcast series. Forgive me, this was the very first interview I did after breaking my hiatus so I was still finding my voice again after a long time of taking a break. You'll also have to forgive the random car noises in the background since I'm at my grandma's house and she lives right next to a highway. Aside from that, all is well...I think? For this episode we were joined by my good friend, Acacia Mitchell. We basically talked about life, COVID-19, Christianity, mission trips, and Acacia's upcoming book of poetry. Acacia is a very talented writer and if you'd like to check out her work and even buy her new book, the details are as follow: [BOOK TITLE: Waiting Spaces The release date will be on the 31st of August 2020. Acacia will also be giving away goodies to the first 50 people who will buy her book. All you'd have to do is buy her book (obviously) and send Acacia a screenshot of the receipt. You can buy her book by clicking HERE.] You may follow Acacia on Instagram at @acaciawritespoems and you may check out her website to see more of her work! As per usual, my socials are @dmtanjutco and you may check out my works at - I hope y'all had a wonderful August, and I'm excited to see what September will bring. Ciao and blessings!
August 31, 2020
Tales from San José del Pacífico feat. Miles Müller
A few weeks before Christmas, a couple of friends and I decided to head over to this mountain town called San José del Pacífico. There we spent a weekend filled with laughter, adventure, and magic mushroom. Before coming to Oaxaca, I had never heard of San José del Pacífico. But now that I have been there and have made memories with my amazing friends, it is now one of my favourite places in Mexico (if not, the world). For this week's episode, I am joined by my good pal, Miles Müller. He also happens to be with me in San José del Pacífico too! Stream this week's episode if you want to find out why I almost got fired from my hostel job in Oaxaca de Juárez or if you would like to know what happened when we took our very first magic mushroom. Ah, San Jose. We really enjoyed recording this episode. The burst of memories from our past trips have given us enough good vibes to endure another month at home...quarantine, am I right? We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it! - To find out more about what Miles' is up to, you may follow him on Instagram via @s_miles_. To find out more about what I am up to, you may follow me on my social media at @dmtanjutco. For more travel stories + photographs, head onto!
August 17, 2020
Why I'm Choosing to Stay Single in My Mid-Twenties
Singlehood. Ah, such a dreaded word. Honestly, whenever people ask me why I'm still single, I just feel like I'd rather crawl back into the earth than answer their question. Well, not really, but you do get the picture. So instead of explaining myself over and over again, I figured that a podcast episode should suffice. I'm really not one to explain myself nor my choices in life, but this is a topic that I feel like I should speak about. So here it is. Why I'm choosing to stay single in my mid-twenties? The reason is in the episode. Listen now! - For more travel, lifestyle, and faith photographs and stories, head over to:
August 05, 2020
Why We Left the Philippines feat. Eugene Velasco
I cannot think of any episode to publish that is more apt to what is happening today. So, if you are wondering what today is, well, it is the 122nd Independence Day in the Philippines. But to be quite honest with you, we do not really feel independent. What are we really from? On this episode, I am joined by my good friend from university, Eugene Velasco. Join us as we talk about the Philippines, moving to a completely different country, and the reason why we left our motherland. Eugene, who is now based in Auckland (NZ), is such an inspiration to many, and I am so glad that he got to join me on this very important and emotional episode. You may now stream Following Paraluman on 10 different podcast listening platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more! Rate us and share our show to your friends and family. To my fellow Filipinos, padayon!
June 11, 2020
Travelling in the Time of Corona
Before this pandemic started, I was travelling through Latin America with a bunch of friends. We paid no mind to the Corona Virus when we first heard about it in January, and this lead to all of us going our separate ways but still travelling through the Americas. By the time March came, I was already getting settled into my new home in Medellin, Colombia, but one unexpected thing happened: I got massively sick for two weeks. My house mates thought it was Corona, and at one point, I had thought that too. So I scrambed to get out out of South America and into Asia...well, I tried. With the pandemic comes the price of many cancelled flights and countries closing its borders. Will I get home alive? Well, you would have to listen to this newest episode to find out! - This is the debut episode for the second season of the Following Paraluman Podcast Series. I am so excited to get back into podcasting again, and I hope you guys love it as much as the episodes on the first season. - For more travel stories and photographs, head onto
June 02, 2020
Becoming a Sacred Woman feat. Saniya Rao
After a few months of hiatus, I am back with yet another podcast episode! For this episode, we are joined by my good friend, Saniya Rao, as we talk about how to become a Sacred Woman. We recorded this podcast episode in the mountains of Morocco, so forgive me for all the cow's moo-ing. Ha! To know more about Saniya's works, you can find her teaching yoga in Dakar, Senegal. More details about her website will be put on soon. For now, I hope you enjoy this episode and have a great day wherever you may be!
March 04, 2019
Travelling as a Vegetarian feat. Kaitlyn Magnus
Hi, guys! Sorry for the hiatus last week...the internet here in Morocco is not the best. But we are back with yet another episode of the Following Paraluman Podcast Series, and this week, we talked about travelling as a vegetarian. We are joined by my co-teacher, co-volunteer, and all-around friend, Kaitlyn Magnus. I am currently in Chefchaouene, Morocco and the wifi is very limited but I will try to continually post a podcast episode every week, as always. Ha! You can find Kaitlyn on social media by using the handle: @kaitlynmagnus. You can find Dani on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco, and her blog, We would love to hear your thoughts on travelling as a vegetarian, and what you would love to hear on the podcast. Let us know by sending a message! Have a blessed week ahead, everyone. Blessings!
November 19, 2018
Hitchhiking in Morocco feat. Sania Palacios
Hello, everyone! Greetings from Agadir, Morocco. I am currently on a weekend trip with my new friend, co-volunteer, and this week's podcast guest, Sania Palacios. The vibe here is so serene, a bit touristy, but vibrant, and we love it here so much! Although we have to go back to reality tomorrow and head back to Taroudant for the last week of my volunteer journey as an ESL Teacher. Anyway, on this episode we talked all about hitchhiking in Morocco. To be honest, I did my very first hitchhiking experience today and it wasn't as scary and as weird as people pertain it to be. It was fun...but we all ought to be very careful. Stream this podcast episode to know what went down during the trip! You can find Sania on social media by using the handle: @sania_plcs. You can find Dani on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco, and her blog: See you all next week for yet another episode, and have a great week ahead! Blessings.
November 04, 2018
Passport Series: Germany feat. Leon Kitzmann
Hey, everyone! How are you all doing? Hope everything is fine! As for me, I'd like to apologise at how 'bad' I sound in this podcast. I was currently battling a very bad cough + cold as we were doing the interview. But nonetheless, I think that this is a great episode where you will get to learn a lot about Germany. Not only that, we are joined by my amazing pal, Leon Kitzmann, whom I met in the Lion City of Singapore earlier this year. In this episode, we talked about how having a German passport has helped Leon in his travel choices, breaking stereotypes on Germans, tips on travelling Germany, how I got detained in Germany a week ago (crazy, i know), and so much more! So don't forget to give this podcast episode a listen. As Leon is a very private person, he requested that all questions you would like to ask him be sent to me directly. You can find me on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco, and my blog, Still in chilly Morocco, but I hope you are all having a wonderful time wherever you are. Blessings!
October 29, 2018
A Conversation feat. Joseph Kennedy
Hey, everyone! How are you all doing? I hope all is well, and you're all doing great. As for me, I am currently battling a cold and a terrible case of rice's a thing. I am currently in Taroudant, Morocco, and I am so happy to have finally set foot in Africa. For this week's episode, we are diving into a new approach. Normally I talk about a specific topic with my guests, but this week, we will be talking about different topics. We are joined by Joseph Kennedy of Content Pathway from U.K.'s #1 Environmental Copywriter. We talked about everything from his experiences whilst living in the U.K., having a traveller as a mum, how he got into environmental copywriting, and so much more. Make sure to grab a pint of cold beer or a hot cup of tea as your stream this episode. You can find Joseph by using the handles: @capturejoseph and @stingynomad. You can visit his website and know more about what he does at You can find Dani by using the handle: @dmtanjutco. You can visit her website at I hope you all have a great week ahead, and blessings!
October 21, 2018
Travelling with Family feat. the Lopez Family
Hey, everyone. I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I would say that I love it here...too bad I'll be headed to Morocco in a few days. For this week's episode, we are joined by the Lopez Family from Traveling Our Roots and we talked about how they travel as a family. Is it doable? Is it possible? How do they deal with their children on the road, and so much more! You can find the Lopez Family on social media by using the handle: @travelingourroots. Their blog is, You can find Dani on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco. Her blog is, See you all next week for yet another awesome podcast episode! Blessings!
October 14, 2018
Life as a Student Leader feat. Ron Canimo
Hey, everybody! Greetings from the beautiful place that is Bangkok, Thailand. This week, I am joined by Ron Canimo, a good friend and former university school mate, and we talked about everything about his life, and life as a student leader in general. Also, I would like to apologise for the random noises. I recorded this episode on the rooftop of my hostel so city noises can be heard. Heh! You can find Ron on social media by using the handle; @roncanimoph. Here is the link to the article he mentioned in the podcast: You can find Dani on social media by using the handle; @dmtanjutco. Follow her on her around-world-adventures at Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you next week. Blessings!
October 07, 2018
Balancing Career and Academics feat. Charie Valerio
Hey, everyone! How are you all doing? As for me, just packing and taking in every moment spent in my beautiful Philippines. I will be heading off again on my next great adventure, so I don't know when I'll be back. *sad* Speaking of Philippines, I am very proud to say the our guest for this episode is my very first Filipino guest! Wooot! In this episode, we are joined by my friend, Charie Valerio, and we talked about balancing her life as a career woman and also as a student. To be honest, I still don't know how she does it. If you want to know, don't forget to give this podcast episode a listen! You can find Charie by following her on social media by using the handle: @charievalerio. You can find Dani by following her on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco, and her blog; I hope you enjoyed this episode, and wow, we survived our first month! Yay! More episodes soon and have a great week ahead. Blessings x
September 30, 2018
Life as a Digital Nomad feat. Mariano Martene
Hey, everyone! Another Sunday means another episode for the Following Paraluman Podcast Series. For this episode, we will be talking about life as a digital nomad. How does one become a digital nomad? Are there any limitations? Also, what exactly is a digital nomad? We are joined by a very special friend, Mariano Martene, an Argentinian whom I met in the Lion City of Singapore earlier this year. We also talked about how the digital nomad lifestyle makes one a minimalist, so make sure to stream this episode! You can find Mariano by following his social media using the handle: @marianomartene. Also, his Facebook page: You can find Dani by following her on social media using the handle: @dmtanjutco. Also, her Facebook page:, and her blog, Also, don't forget to stream my other episodes! Have a great week ahead, and stay tuned next Sunday for another episode! Blessings x
September 23, 2018
Teaching English Abroad feat. Melody Brocke
Here we go, another Sunday. This only means one thing; another episode of the Following Paraluman Podcast Series is live! This week, we interviewed Melody Brocke, a good friend and an upcoming school mate of mine. In this episode, we talked about working and/or volunteering as an English teacher abroad. We also talked about getting the TEFL, breaking language barriers and so much more. She also shared about her experiences in the beautiful country of Costa Rica! So if you are aspiring to teach English abroad, then make sure to stay tuned for this week's episode. You can find Melody on social media by using the handle: @melshmallow046. You can find Dani on social media by using the handle: @dmtanjutco, and her blog, Again, so sorry if I sounded so lame and dazed in this episode. It was the sinus infection. Ugh! But I will see you next week for yet another episode, and thanks so much for tuning in!
September 16, 2018
Answering God's Calling feat. Hannah Hornibrook
Welcome back to yet another episode of the Following Paraluman Podcast Series! You already know it, this is not your ordinary podcast series. For our second episode, we will be talking about God's calling. How do we know that He is calling us to do something? How are we supposed to feel? How do we obey? In this episode, we will be joined by a very special guest; a good friend, and a very inspiring woman, Hannah Hornibrook. This will be a very interesting topic, so get yourself a comfortable seat and some drinks, because this podcast is about to begin. You can find Hannah on social media by using the username: @joyzs. She is currently working on a blog, so I will post it here once it is done. You can find Dani on social media by using the username: @dmtanjutco, and you can check out her blog at Make the most out of the coming week, and come back next Sunday for yet another episode! See ya!
September 09, 2018
Managing and Balancing a Remote Career feat. Lukas Pekarcik
Welcome to the very first episode of the Following Paraluman Podcast Series! As I would like to say, this is not your ordinary podcast. For our very first episode, we will be talking about remote work: how to start, manage and balance a remote career. We will be joined by a very special guest, friend, and amazing internet marketer, Lukas Pekarcik. So go get yourself a nice cup of hot tea or a cold pint of beer, sit back, relax and we hope you enjoy the show. You can find Lukas by following him on social media using @5peko37. His blog is currently under maintenance, but as soon as it is up, I will post it here. You can find Dani by following her on social media using @dmtanjutco, and her blog, Have a wonderful week ahead, and see you next Sunday for yet another episode. Ciao!
September 02, 2018