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Bruce Newbury, New England's Radio Food Dude - You're Dining Out with Bruce - Tasty with a 100 Percent Chance of Hungry!
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Bruce Newbury, New England's Radio Food Dude - You're Dining Out with Bruce - Tasty with a 100 Percent Chance of Hungry!

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Ted Talkin and Eating Our Way Through Dave's Marketplace
And what are we gonna eat in the year 2030? Ted Karousos has been doing some research. The Tastiest Talk Show is at the Local Taste Of RI Day at Dave's Marketplace, Smithfield Crossing. We talk to Lily Scott of Lily's Bone Broth, Christina McDonald from Gotham Greens and talk about Sacred Cow and Palm's Mojo Sauces. Also Chef George and his Air Fryer Turkey, more Thanksgiving help, the Question du Jour and Food Dude FB Poll and tons more good eats from Montauk to Montreal.
November 13, 2019
Look At That Puppy Eat!
Record breaking food and a great time at The Spanked Puppy in Colchester, Vermont with Ted Tomlinson, Marcus Certa, Ben Newbury, Walt Palm and others on a brisk sunny fall Saturday. As broadcast on Food Dude Radio.
October 22, 2019
The First Place Third Place Episode
You know the "Third Place"? Do you have one? Did you know you have had one all your life? Ted Karousos and I talk about what it used to be called. Also the most recent Food Dude Dining Out with Bruce Newbury radio episode as broadcast from the counter of the Blue Plate Diner with Southern Vermont deli, chowder winners, Sacred Cow Granola, Cora and Patrick at their County Cork Irish Pub, the Question du Jour (and the answer) and much more amazing food. 
October 16, 2019
Food Dude Eats Vermont
Everything tastes better in Vermont. BBQ, Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup, Amazing Oats, Brisket Baked Potato, Cider Doughnuts And The Last Creemee of the Season. From Middlebury to Essex Junction to the Champlain Islands and from The Waybury Inn to the Spanked Puppy to Mark BBQ and beyond. This is my food footprint as broadcast live September 28, 2019 on WVMT and Food Dude Radio. 
October 2, 2019
What Wine Goes With Beyond Meat?
Ted and Bruce talk Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger. Then its off to the Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival with guests Trudy Coxe, Annie Copps, Chefs Robert Sisca and Terence Feury, wine expert Robin Kelley O'Connor, restaurateur Lou Perella and the sounds and tastes from the 2019 Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival as broadcast live Saturday September 21, 2019.
September 24, 2019
Newport Mansions Wine and Food(Dude) Festival
Bruce reveals Boston chef Robert Sisca' s "go-to" dish. Then a Ted Talk about what makes a Diner a Diner at the Blue Plate Diner, Chef George Duran with Tailgating 101 and then we are off to a real Rhode Island clambake with Bakemaster TR McGrath whose company is celebrating 50 years.
September 17, 2019
Live From The Waybury Inn or Emily, You Won't Believe The Dream I Just Had
Food Dude Radio direct from the deck at Waybury Inn, Middlebury, Vermont - the exterior of Bob Newhart's inn in "Newhart." (You got the reference!) As broadcast August 24, 2019 with Brianna, Chef Donna, Innkeeper Joe Sutton and Marcus Certa from WVMT and a lot of amazing food.
August 27, 2019
Iron Man Ben ..and Food Dude and Cheese Man Bruce
What a great show as broadcast LIVE from the Iron Works in Warwick RI. And did we have food! Ben and I tore through that menu like the Kool-Aid Man and ate enough to look like him. Chef Joe Calderone did the cooking, General Manager Derek Emery was our host. Also, a chat with Tom Bivins at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival and Alex Allen with some Summer Sippers from Allens Wine and Spirits. And Ben signs off to head for college. So dig in and don't forget to try the house dressing!
August 14, 2019
How About Some Cheese With That Iron (Works)?
A great show from Iron Works in Warwick RI. And so much food! We busted through that menu like the Kool-Aid Man and ate enough that we should have looked like him! So great with Chef Joe Calderone and General Manager Derek Emery and Ben Newbury before he goes off to college! We visit with Tom Bivins at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival and Alex Allen with Summer Sippers from Allens Wine and Spirits too.
August 14, 2019
Amy Traverso and Anna Maria Alberghetti In A Taxi Honey
How many of you are gonna get the reference? A great chat with Yankee Mag's Food Editor Amy Traverso, the highlight of the "hour" of Food Dude Radio-Dining Out with Bruce Newbury as broadcast on Saturday July 27 2019 from 1149 Restaurant in East Greenwich, Rhode Island
August 6, 2019
Houston, We Have Lunch and Dinner
The Food Dude broadcasting on Moon Day with Tang Soft Serve, Lobster and much more from Dave's Marketplace in Rhode Island. Do you refrigerate your ketchup and mustard? What was James Beard's favorite fruit? What wine is best at a clambake? And Tang soft serve, really? With foodie friends, Ted Karousos, Alex Allen, and Lou Perella. As broadcast July 20, 2019
July 23, 2019
What Wine Goes With A Glitch - Or A Clambake?
Summertime and the drinks are chilled and...the Uber Eats driver is on his way. It's the summer of 2019 and our deck or boat picnic may be delivered by an app-based service. And there will be a glitch or two. Luckily and keep a good thought that it is good luck for us that a clambake can't be brought by Uber Eats or any of the other delivery apps. So what wine goes with a clambake or at a cookout? With Alex Allen of Allen's Wine and Spirits and Ted Karousos. Brought to you by Gaspar's = the best on the grill!
July 12, 2019
Nothin But The (Summer) Show
The first show of summer with beautiful weather (at last) and great food adventures to have. The radio show live on June 22 with Ted Karousos, Alex Allen, Lou Perella, some great restos some new, some tried and true - and the Food Dude to describe it all and make us hungry! Sponsored by Gaspar's - great on the grill!
June 26, 2019
How About A TAB With Your Hollywood Bread
Remember Hollywood Bread? TAB? Bruce does. Ted does not but recalls some eating and diet habits from the past that maybe should be brought back. Sponsored by Gaspar's, the Portuguese sausage that is great on the grill!
June 21, 2019
The Show And Nothin But The Show
The Food Dude in his native habitat - upon the radio! Thinking Person's Radio of course (also known as AM). We name the Oldest Restaurant in your state, taste wine, food, doughnuts and put some seriously tasty ideas for dining out in your foodie head. As broadcast live Saturday June 8 2019 on the Food Dude Radio Network heard from Montauk to Montreal. Enjoy!
June 14, 2019
Chefs Behaving Badly - Recipe for Redemption Or Self-Cooked Goose?
Ted Karousos and I have a great discussion on the "chef redemption" story. Ted opens up about how and why he got into the business and has some thoughts on the whole "ex-bad boy chef but now I'm good" story that has become the flavor of the month. Sponsored by Gaspar's the Portuguese Sausage that the whole world can enjoy!
June 6, 2019
Award-Winning Ted - Alex and Bruce Drink To That
Ted Karousos answers those questions award-winning chefs get asked. We veer off into food trucks. Then Alex Allen and Bruce talk summer rose and what is an RTD? (Btw its very good!)
May 26, 2019
Food Dude Radio Live At The Blue Plate
The Big Broadcast - live as it was served up Saturday from the Blue Plate Diner in Middletown RI with Ted Karousos, Janet Prensky, Kelley McShane, Elizabeth Beisel and Lou Perella.
May 20, 2019
All About The Guest and Steve and Sausage and Being Successful and Everything
The great Steve DiFillippo, founder of Davio's came to Rhode Island to visit the Food Dude and kick off Davio's authentic Italian Sausages now featured at Dave's Marketplace. Steve and Bruce talked about guests and being successful and sausage and being from Rhode Island!
May 15, 2019
Happy M-Day Mom!
A Mother's Day Shopping Stroll around Le's Isle Rose, Dave's Marketplace Floral, Basket and Gift Shop with Sue Bev and Bruce Newbury.
May 7, 2019
Nothin Succeeds Like Ted and Cindi and Teachers and Tea
It all started at a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast at the Blue Plate Diner. Ted got to thinking about what teachers mean to us and who else teaches us. Then Cindi Bigelow, CEO of Bigelow Tea, talked about her successful company and some secrets to its success.
May 5, 2019
The Philharmonic (Ph)inale
Music is the food of love, right? The Rhode Island Philharmonic rocks Providence with its 2018-19 season finale featuring Tschaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Bruce talks with the conductor, Alexander Mickelthwate pre-concert. As broadcast on WADK-AM Newport RI.
May 3, 2019
Look Out Ben and Jerry, The Food Dude's Taking Over Vermont
Sounding good and making you hungry on our second broadcast reaching from Montauk to Montreal! As broadcast on WVMT Burlington with Vt Resto Week, Food Trucks, James Beard award winning chef Edward Lee and a taste of Kentucky Bourbon.
April 30, 2019
Two Races - One Julep
Like bourbon? Like a race? Bourbon is connected in a big way to one race - the Kentucky Derby. But there is another race going on this weekend, the 5K Walk or Run for Children's Friend. Bruce talks to Stacy Couto about that one and with Alex Allen about the perfect mint julep and great bourbon whiskey.
April 30, 2019
Sparkling Spotlight
Alex Allen talks about a couple of sparklers - Prosecco and Cremant - at Allens Wine and Spirits
April 29, 2019
A Beer Called Prosecco
Wine and beer merchant Alex Allen of Allen's Wine and Spirits spotlights this week's special - Carpene Malvolti Prosecco - and Alex and Bruce talk some local beer!
April 3, 2019
First Taste of New Coffee Cafe At Hotel Viking and Food Trucks IN in Newport
Take a first taste of the new Hill Market Cafe in the Hotel Viking featuring Stumptown Coffee with Henry Payne the F & B Dude then hop on the food truck with Eric Weiner of 
March 18, 2019
Food Dude Radio St Pattys 2019 at Dave's March 16 Part 4
Know the difference between corned beef, pastrami and Montreal smoked meat? The Food Dude knows. Dave's Marketplace for St Patty's and St Joseph's - Waysider St Patty's - Allen's Wine and Spirits -Gaspar's Portuguese Sausage - A St Patty's Day Throwback chat with Birgitta Curtin of Burren Smokehouse Salmon in County Clare!
March 16, 2019
Food Dude Radio Dave's St Patty's March 16 Part 3
Quahog Week, Newport Restaurant Week, Asparagus Fest and Shake Shack opening in RI - all in Bruce's 20/20 Food News - RI Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Fair Next Week - Robert's Music Woodwind Fair and All-State Orchestra Concert and Dave's has Fish and Chips
March 16, 2019
Food Dude Radio St Patricks Day March 16 Part 2 WITH WINE!!
Bruce Newbury Radio Food Dude doing the podcast thing "live" at Dave's Marketplace East Greenwich - Our Question du Jour - What Rhode Island Food Do You Have To Explain To Out of Towners? Spotlight Spirit of the Week with Alex Allen at Allen's Wine and Spirits - CAV/Most Beautiful Resto in RI - Dave's Marketplace for St Patty's and St Josephs! - Gaspar's Instead of Corned Beef? - Allen's Wine and Spirits - Sardella's Throwback Thursdays and Waysider St Patty's Day Menus
March 16, 2019
Food Dude Bruce St Patricks Day Live At Dave's Part 1
Bruce Newbury Radio Food Dude doing the podcast thing "live" at Dave's Marketplace East Greenwich - Our Question du Jour - What Rhode Island Food Do You Have To Explain To Out of Towners? Throwback to St Patty's Day In Ireland with a Kerrygold Cheesemaker in Tipperary Sardella's Throwback Thursdays and Waysider St Patty's Day Menus
March 16, 2019
Star Wars: The Orchestra Strikes Back
More chefs, more music, more Chefs of the Orchestra and a little Star Wars on the side. Chef Lou Rossi, executive chef of Castle Hill Inn in Newport RI and Matt Koons, CHI's food and beverage director, each describe an amazing weekend at Castle Hill. You might say North is gonna meet South in your mouth. A Southern Soul Weekend with a top-flight dinner and a big-time brunch all with Southern style with two chefs from resorts in Georgia and Florida. There is much more to the story and Matt and Lou will tell it all. Then, its off to a galaxy far far away with the Star Wars score performed live by the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra while "Star Wars: A New Hope" plays on the big screen at PPAC! Conductor Lucas Richman swings a mean baton and Bruce and the maestro break it down.
March 5, 2019
Chefs of the Orchestra
We are wicked cultured with pianist Ran Dank - soloist with the Rhode Island Philharmonic. Then it's instant gratification as we give away tickets to his and the Phil's performance along with a Chapel Grille gift card at my Broadcast Bistro at Dave's Marketplace Quonset (RI). More good stuff with Joe Barone, restaurant personality and host at Chapel Grille and another Corner Booth chat with chef Lou Perella at Perella's Ristorante. Gaspar's Sausage too.
February 24, 2019
What Colors Of Roses REALLY Mean
Valuable Valentine's Day Advice with Sue Bev and Sandy from Le's Isle Rose along with Lou Perella and his Italian deli slicer and Ted announces Uber Eats. Brought to you by Gaspar's Portuguese Sausage
February 10, 2019
Who Invited The Robots To The Super Bowl Party?
Bruce and Ted at the Blue Plate Diner on the eve of the biggest food holiday of the year next to Thanksgiving and maybe just the biggest period. What rituals have we developed? What will the next generation do for a Big Game Party without cooking? And do the robots get to come to the party?
February 2, 2019
Made Good Granola and Snacks
As broadcast at Dave's Marketplace, Wickford RI with Made Good Snacks and Granola including interview with founder of Made Good,  Nima Fotovat  
January 31, 2019
Coach Ted
From The Blue Plate Diner - Ted puts on his Coach's hat and gives us all a pep talk to stay on our programs.
January 31, 2019
Resto Week and Zimmern
And Natalia too! Your Food Dude Dining Out at amazing CAV for Providence Restaurant Week and the premiere of the new season of The Zimmern List all about PVD! And we meet Natalia Paiva-Neves, proprietor of O Denis where Zimmern visited - stay tuned for future visits!
January 15, 2019
The Holiday Shop and Stroll At Le's Isle Rose
An annual tradition at Christmastime - strolling and shopping at Le's Isle Rose, Dave's Marketplace's gift and floral and legendary basket shop. Bruce is strolling this year with Sue Bevilacqua who you'll hear referred to as Bevvy by some of the Le's Isle elves they meet during their stroll. Enjoy!
December 17, 2018
True Merry and True Happy - A Ted X-MAS Talk
Ted and Bruce start out talking about holiday food traditions and end up getting downright philosophical - and by the way under the influence of nothing more than a diner breakfast at the Blue Plate! Enjoy.
December 16, 2018
Hanging Proscuitto and Getting Chowdered
With Lou Perella in the kitchen at Perella's Ristorante and Foodie Friends of Bruce launching Blount Clam Shack Seafood Soups (Chowders) at Dave's Marketplace in Rhode Island
December 7, 2018
Turkey Talkin Ted and Mia and Evoo and Les Isle
It's Thanksgiving and Ted says you gotta brine. There are guys from Italy and Spain who know more than you about EVOO. Mia Byrnes brought some touches of Vegas to the historic Wilcox Tavern in RI and let's go shopping with the girls at Le's Isle Rose in RI.
November 18, 2018
CranOliveTurkey Wine and Lidia Is A Bada**
Thanksgiving Help and Wine Pairing - Decas Farms Cranberries - Chef Rob Andreozzi from the new SARTO restaurant - Lou Perella Back From Italy - Broadcast Bistro at DAVE'S Marketplace Smithfield (RI)
November 12, 2018
WADK Candidates' Chat Room 2018
Monday Nov 5 - 9 AM to Noon - Bruce Newbury hosts candidates for local and statewide office at the Blue Plate Diner to chat about their issues and why they deserve votes. Candidates appearing: Jeanne-Marie Napolitano (Npt City Council), Lynn Ceglie (Npt City Council), Wick Rudd (Npt City Council), Amy Veri (State Senate 12), Justin McLaughlin (Npt City Council), Jim Dring (Npt City Council), Sandra Flowers (Npt School Cmte), Larry Fitzmorris (Ports Town Council), Jamie Bova (Npt City Council), Ray Gomes (Npt School Cmte), Marco Camacho (Npt City Council), Susan Taylor (Npt City Council), Ken Mendonca (State Rep 72)
November 5, 2018
Dave's Marketplace Local Taste Of RI Tasting Day
On location at Dave's Marketplace Smithfield Crossing with select food artisans sampling their creations and telling their stories. From a refreshing drink to no-cheese cheese to pet treats you will want to eat - really! - and all made in Rhode Island the Foodie State!
November 4, 2018
Ted and Bruce talk sustainability literally from the inside out. This ain't about thinking you just saved the world cause you said no to a plastic straw...
October 29, 2018
May I Have The Envelope Please
Award show season is underway including the food world. Ted and Bruce talk about what kind of awards are most meaningful, the one question food award winners must ask and how long to celebrate.
September 21, 2018
Where's Your Emily Post
Table manners being taught in college, the "soft skills" and can a robot get a job in a diner? Bruce and Ted talk about all of it and get wicked philosophical about the whole thing!
September 20, 2018
Another Hour Of PATiO Power
Chef Thinks Bruce is Casey Kasem! We're at PATiO At Jamestown FiSH on a great summer weekend in Rhode Island. Wine tasting and beer tasting advice from Cork N Brew, the Dave's Marketplace Taste of the Week, and is someone really going to win breakfast for a year at the Blue Plate Diner?
August 23, 2018
Hello Peekytoe! Live from PATiO At Jamestown FiSH
A Peekytoe Crab Roll, a little Rose and what kind of fries? Plus Chef Matthew MacCartney at PATiO At Jamestown FiSH in Rhode Island
August 23, 2018
A Sandwich Makes It To The Big City
The story of a special sausage-and-pepper sandwich with a Portuguese accent from chourico and how it made it to NYC. Plus a new wine-tasting series begins and more from Dave's Marketplace in famous Hoxsie, Rhode Island...a real place!
August 13, 2018
Episode 10 Nitro Cold Brew and American Fusion
We were doing a radio broadcast and a podcast broke out! Ted and Bruce at the Blue Plate Diner counter over a Nitro Cold Brew iced coffee talking about what is American food
August 2, 2018
Takeout - Or Won't You Be My Kitchen?
With Ted Karousos in the Podcast Booth at the Blue Plate Diner in Rhode Island talking "to-go". Episode July 1, 2018
July 2, 2018
The Sell By Date
Ted Karousos and Bruce and friend discuss the Sell By Date and return to their Farm to Table discussion
June 20, 2018
What Is Real?
Ted and Bruce are getting Zen but sticking to food. Real, authentic, certifiable food with your Real, Authentic, Certifiable Food Dude(s).
May 15, 2018
You Are A Vision
Dr Kathy Rispoli from Specs Eye Care and Nicole Platt from Cooper Vision talk contact lenses and sailing and looking good by seeing well in the latest Vision of Newport County episode at the Volvo Ocean Race Village Newport
May 14, 2018
What's Difference Between A Chef And A Cook?
Ted Karousos knows the difference. Ted and Bruce talk about how NASA affects our food today and when you should stay home instead of dining out! From our booth at the Blue Plate Diner in Newport Rhode Island.
May 3, 2018
Ted Karousos But We Can't Call It A Ted Talk
Bruce and Ted from the pro side of the table talking about what we know and don't know on the diner side of the table. Recorded at Blue Plate Diner, Middletown RI
April 20, 2018
John Delgado - Dave's Marketplace Seafood Dude
Johnny Delgado - Seafood Buyer for Dave's Marketplace - he's like the fish whisperer! Bruce was at Dave's in East Greenwich RI with John and some excellent ideas, recipes and tips on preparing great Rhode Island seafood.
March 8, 2018
Newport Restaurant Week
Food Dude Bruce Newbury talks to Newport chef Simone Ferrara and restaurateurs Carly and Sean Smith of 15 Point Road for Newport Restaurant Week. More minestrone from Perella's and Gaspar's Linguica, Dave's Coffee and the Blue Plate Diner all from the Dave's Marketplace Broadcast Bistro.
March 8, 2018
The Corner Booth At Perella's After The First Nor'Easter!
The very first episode of the Food Dude Bruce Newbury Podcast! With Bruce and Lou Perella, a bowl of Minestrone, Buffalo Meatballs, Beet Ravioli and more. The Dave's Marketplace Broadcast Bistro is at Perella's Ristorante in Warren, RI
March 8, 2018
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