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Food on the Table

Food on the Table

By GiftAMeal
Food on the Table brings you behind-the-scenes to meet the people who drive the food industry and keep our communities fed. From restaurant owners to food critics, food tech entrepreneurs to hunger relief nonprofits... these are the stories of those who are working hard to put more food on the table, for all.
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Ujima - Nick Speed, Founder and President
Nick Speed's nonprofit Ujima is dedicated to cultivating community through food justice, environmental stewardship, and youth empowerment in St. Louis.  From his own time at Americorps and EarthDance Farms, through overseeing Ujima's apprenticeships, founder Speed joins us to share stories of programs that are making a real difference.  Learn about vermiculture, building a home garden that flourishes, and hear about Ujima's plans for expansion and collaboration throughout the region.   EPISODE LINKS Donate to Ujima today or learn more on Follow Ujima on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram
May 28, 2021
Kimberly Neil — Director of Marketing, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in St. Louis + Columbia, MO
The wonderful Kimberly Neil joins us to share her Fuzzy's favorites, how they've grown through the challenges of the past year, and what's in development among the chain's ever-expanding array of tacos.
April 30, 2021
The Fit and Food Connection - Joy Millner and Gabrielle Cole, Co-Directors
We're joined by Joy Millner and Gabrielle Cole, who together run The Fit and Food Connection (FAFC), a nonprofit based in St. Louis that serves people living in food and fitness deserts. Their two main areas of programming -- wellness (group fitness, nutrition classes & 1-on-1 help) and food access (an organic garden & delivery-based healthy food pantry) support healthy living in low-income communities and impact hundreds of families. In today's episode, they share the story of their nonprofit, and how the pressures of the pandemic led them to rethink their offerings -- and what this new digital strategy means for their future and the people that they serve. Episode Links: Connect with The Fit and Food Connection on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Explore The Fit and Food Connection's website
January 15, 2021
Aaron Teitelbaum, Owner of Herbie’s and Kingside Diner
Aaron Teitelbaum's restaurants in St. Louis and Clayton, Mo. have grown to be a beloved staple of local dining. He joins us for a timely conversation about the current situation for restaurants in December 2020. Topics covered include: How his restaurant concepts have grown and changed since opening Herbie's 15 years ago and the first Kingside Diner 5 years ago The emotional rollercoaster of being an employer in a pandemic What top-tier safety measures look like and what they mean to staff & guests Relief measures & the needs of the industry ... and fascinatingly, he shares how his establishments use a water treatment system to keep guests and surfaces safe without sacrificing hospitality.  Episode Links: Buy gift cards for Herbie's or Kingside Diner Check out the Herbie's website, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter See the Kingside Diner website, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
December 11, 2020
Vicia and Winslow's Table - Tara Gallina, owner
Tara Gallina, owner of St. Louis' Vicia and Winslow's Table in University City, joins us to discuss the state of the industry and share how she and her husband Michael have been keeping their beloved restaurants alive and relevant from the initial weeks of the pandemic throughout all the difficult trials of 2020. Hear how they've kept afloat and true to their ethos of wonderful food, supporting local food systems, and great hospitality... from finding ways to keep staff employed to creating all-new giftable experiences as an alternative to holiday gift cards. Links from the episode: Vicia website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Winslow's Table website, Facebook, Instagram
November 26, 2020
BARcelona Tapas - Karl Schmitz
NFL athlete. Apparel entrepreneur. Bar manager. Karl Schmitz of Clayton, MO's venerable BARcelona Tapas Restaurant and ❤︎OMS Clothing has a background like no other. He joins us to share his story -- from growing up in Bermuda, to working with his family to weather the pandemic, and much more. Episode Links BARcelona Tapas Restaurant: website, Facebook, Instagram Heart On My Sleeve Clothing: website, Facebook, Instagram
September 09, 2020
Food Pedaler - Alex Ward, owner
Could you carry 40 lunches on a bicycle? Keep a pizza balanced while you pedal around town? Food Pedaler is St. Louis' only locally-owned food delivery service... and they do it all on bikes! Owner Alex Ward comes on to share: - How a chance encounter at lunch led him away from the world of PR and down a different (bike) path  - How to carry 40 lunches or a stack of pizzas on a bicycle - The impact of COVID-19 and how he kept his customers and couriers safe - Giving back locally: Meals for Meds and GiftAMeal - What the future holds for Food Pedaler and the industry ...and more! Episode Links: Food Pedaler Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Get the Food Pedaler app (App Store | Google Play) Take a photo of your delivery on GiftAMeal (App Store | Google Play) to heal hunger locally for free
August 15, 2020
Ful. - Kenneth Mao, founder and head chef
Ken Mao joins us at Food on the Table for our longest and most in-depth episode yet.  Ken started his career in education, traveling the world and creating his own test prep company before working as a teacher on a private yacht. He learned to cook delicious healthy meals for himself, and when he came to St. Louis for his MBA, his classmates at Wash U wanted in on his meal prepping. And that's how he got the idea for what became "Ful.", a health-focused meal prep company with pickup locations all over St. Louis. He's also done a ton to lift up the community, from coaching kids to feeding healthcare workers to applying educational models to difficult conversations about social issues.  He came on the show to share his story - from the educational background that infuses everything he does, to the creation of Ful., to how he's weathered the storm that has been 2020. It's a fun, wide-ranging episode that covers a lot of ground. Episode Links Check out the Ful. website at Connect with Ful. on Facebook and Instagram TeenLIFT website
July 10, 2020
Turn Restaurant - David Kirkland, Chef/Owner
David Kirkland is the owner and Executive Chef of Turn Restaurant. His background is far-ranging: He spent years honing his craft in the kitchens of acclaimed cafes and restaurants throughout St. Louis before his decade-long career as a DJ in San Francisco. In 2007, he returned to STL where he helmed Cafe Osage before opening Turn Restaurant and David Kirkland Catering in 2016. Since then, he's delighted customers with his health-centered and unique takes on American comfort food.   He sits down with GiftAMeal founder Andrew Glantz for a timely discussion about his background, the genesis of Turn, and how the community has risen up to support him throughout recent events. Episode Links: Turn Restaurant & David Kirkland Catering website, facebook, instagram See David and Andrew together in a 2018 television segment
June 19, 2020
Pappy's Smokehouse - John Matthews, co-founder and owner
In 2008, John Matthews opened Pappy's Smokehouse in St. Louis, MO. Today, customers drive hundreds - sometimes thousands - of miles just to eat their award-winning 'cue. The Pappy's Family of Restaurants is has grown substantially, and is commonly credited with putting the St. Louis barbecue scene on the map. There's a reason the Food Network named them the "The Best Ribs in America" Their Memphis-style BBQ has won too many awards to list, and in early March of 2020, things were looking great. Southern Living had just named them the 'Best BBQ' in the state of Missouri; Pappy's and sister restaurant Bogart's were also named to Ian Froeb's prestigious Top 100 St. Louis Restaurants for the year. And then COVID-19 disrupted it all. John Matthews joins us to share his story -- from the moment he and his business partner first decided to open up shop, all the way to how they managed to survive through a pandemic. Get ready to get hungry, on this episode of Food on the Table. Episode Links: Pappy's Smokehouse website, facebook, instagram, twitter Support Pappy's with a gift card Order Pappy's famous ribs - shipped nationwide
June 16, 2020
Hot Box Cookies - Ryan Rich, CEO
CEO Ryan Rich has a sweet tooth for helping his community. With a career path like no other -- from transactional law practice to food tech investor to cookie entrepreneur -- he's applied everything he's learned into building and operating his company, Hot Box Cookies.  People love his product and Hot Box Cookies has grown quickly as a result. 2020 was poised to be a year of huge growth... and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Ryan sits down with GiftAMeal founder and CEO, Andrew Glantz, to discuss what it meant to face this disruption and how he came out stronger.  Hear about how he used his company to lift up the community, take care of his employees, and feed thousands, on this episode of Food on the Table. Episode Links: Hot Box Cookies website
June 15, 2020
Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe - Jules Karagiannis + Tracy Calabro, co-owners and Chief Happiness Junkies #1 & #2
Jules and Tracy are sisters who opened Espresso Yourself with a simple mission: to create good vibes and serve great coffee & food. Located in the Macklind Business District of St. Louis, their joy-inspiring cafe lifts up the community, the people, and the businesses around them.  They joined us on this episode of Food on the Table to share their story, and it's a fun one.  And their story is great --- we talk about:  How they came up with the idea and what it took to open Espresso Yourself /  What it's like working together and how they play to their individual strengths /  The impact of COVID-19, and how they continued to build community despite a 6-week closure /  How they became published authors and what they learned in telling their individual stories /  What they had to do to re-open their coffeshop and cafe, and what the future holds. This is a freewheeling episode with lots of laughter. Get ready to get happy. And stick around for a special postscript segment about how a television show proved just how much their customers care about stepping up for what's right! Links from the episode: Connect with Espresso Yourself on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit the Espresso Yourself website for gift cards, logo merchandise, and to learn more about their story. Fearless and Fabulous: Finding Your Way Through Change & Beyond (their book)
June 01, 2020
Gerard Craft - Niche Food Group
Gerard Craft is an incredible chef, a James Beard Award—winner and the owner of Niche Food Group, whose 7 restaurants have delighted St. Louis and Nashville alike. He comes on the show to share some of the uplifting things his restaurant group has done recently, like staffing a nonprofit community kitchen and raising more than $1,000,000 for local small businesses and workers displaced by COVID-19. Links from the episode: Brasserie web, facebook, instagram Pastaria (STL) web, facebook, instagram brassWELL web, facebook, instagram Sardella web, facebook, instagram Taste Bar web, facebook, instagram Cinder House web, facebook, instagram Pastaria (Nashville) web, facebook, instagram Donate to the Gateway Resilience Fund
May 22, 2020
Napoli 2 - Ande Pietoso, owner
What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for family-owned fine dining establishments? Napoli 2 owner Ande Pietoso and his family at Café Napoli and Bar Napoli have spent decades perfecting the art of consistently delighting guests with wonderful meals and impeccable service in a refined, inviting atmosphere. With dining rooms closed across the state, they had to move quickly and thoughtfully to keep serving their community. We asked Ande to share his story, from growing up polishing silverware in his parents' Clayton restaurant, to opening Napoli 2 in Town and Country, to the challenges and triumphs of the last few months.  Hear what it was like crafting a whole new take-home Napoli experience, how the community has responded with support, and what the future holds for family-owned fine dining.  Links from the Episode: Napoli 2 website Cafe Napoli website Connect with Napoli 2 on Facebook and Instagram
May 16, 2020
Blood & Sand - Brad Phillips, GM and Beverage Director
How do you take fine dining and hand-crafted cocktails to curbside? At Blood & Sand in downtown St. Louis, Brad Phillips and his team started preparing months in advance to find the answer. From menu redesign to wine tastings held online, hear the story of how this restaurant, once a private club, rose to the challenge of staying relevant in a time of pandemic. Links from the episode: Blood & Sand website Virtual Wine Tasting with Fred Dame, M.S. Check out the Wine Club Blood & Sand: Instagram Blood & Sand: Facebook
May 15, 2020
Kristen Wild, Executive Director of Operation Food Search
What does it take to heal hunger during a pandemic?  Operation Food Search collects and distributes nearly 50 tons of food daily to those in need throughout the St. Louis region. And with hundreds of  distribution sites and partner agencies depending on their continued work, they've had to really adapt quickly to the unique pressures of COVID-19. Executive Director Kristen Wild joins us for an interview about how the organization has risen to the challenge with new distribution methods and strategies to make sure the community we love stays safe and fed. Learn more and see ways to help at:  Download the free GiftAMeal app for iOS or Android
April 30, 2020