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Talking Feet Podcast

Talking Feet Podcast

By English Diabetes Footcare Network
The Talking Feet Podcast addresses the hot topics of debate surrounding diabetic footcare and welcomes leading academics and top healthcare professionals to share their expertise around the issue.

Different aspects of diabetic footcare will be in the spotlight as we talk about the key issues facing those working in this field.
Episode 4 - Jayne Robbie
In the fourth episode of the ‘Talking Feet Podcast’ we spoke to Jayne Robbie about the ACT NOW programme.  During the episode, Jayne also shared her career highlights and the biggest challenges currently facing teams working in diabetic footcare. Jayne is a Senior Podiatrist at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion.
March 24, 2022
Episode 3 - Richard Leigh
In the third episode of the ‘Talking Feet Podcast’ we spoke to Richard Leigh about diabetes footcare services.  Richard is a Consultant Podiatrist at the Royal Free Hospital and the chair of the English Diabetes Footcare Network (EDFN).  During the episode, Richard discusses what is needed to improve diabetes footcare, the role of the EDFN and the biggest challenges currently facing those working in diabetic footcare. 
February 22, 2022
Episode 2 - Naseer Ahmad
In the second episode of the ‘Talking Feet Podcast’ we spoke to Naseer Ahmad about vascular surgery. During the episode, Naseer discusses the role of a Vascular Surgeon, the inequalities of lower limb amputations and the relationship between vascular surgery and podiatry. Naseer is a Vascular Surgeon who specialises in complex lower limb surgery which often prevents amputation. 
January 18, 2022
Episode 1 - Dr Paul Chadwick
First up in the Talking Feet series is EDFN committee member Dr Paul Chadwick, a Consultant Podiatrist and Clinical Director at the Royal College of Podiatry. The main focus of Dr Chadwick’s podcast is offloading, which he describes as “the Cinderella of diabetic foot disease management – it’s the thing that often gets missed out in terms of the management of diabetic foot.” He talks about the importance of improving training and access to total contact casts and non-removable knee-high walking devices, and the barriers which prevent vital early offloading.
November 24, 2021