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For Christ y Cultura

For Christ y Cultura

By For Christ y Cultura
A fun-yet-chill living room-like convo between 3 Latinos and the world. Every episode we flesh out Christianity, Cultura, and entertainment from a Latino perspective. With a grand finale that aims to leave the listener with a chewable connection between theology and day-to-day living. We call it theology for your back pocket! Come sit y tómate un cafecito with Sway, Jonathan & Caro and join the conversation!
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Deconstructing Deconstruction Pt. 2
We continue our conversation on Deconstruction. Share our thoughts of why it happens. The importance of being genuine and how we would deal with someone going through it. continue the convo and leave us a voicemail!
September 29, 2021
Deconstructing Deconstruction Pt. 1: I Feel You
We are a little late but all of us here are going through various things. Big changes but we were definitely blessed by this EP. In this two-parter we wanna tackle this modern "Deconstructing" losing faith, falling away, faith journey, Apostasy thing.  But before we talk about others and talk about people out there we talk about ourselves. We want to start by internalizing and looking within and saying we feel you.  If you wanna Join The Convo Leave us A voicemail @ 775-391-0704
September 07, 2021
Gang Signs With Rev. Rudy Rubio
Whats up Mi Gente!  Like in good Latino fashion we are late lol.  Pero we bringing you a banger and we bringing our very good friend Rev. Rudy Rubio from The Reformed Church Of Los Angeles. He comes in the living room and we talk about how us as image bears want to identify ourselves with things greater than us. And how even us as Christians try to come up with identifiers yet God has already gave us two! Follow his Podcast: Hood Grace Also his church “Reformed Church of Los Angeles” on all social media platforms.
August 16, 2021
Be Holy, Not A Weirdo! With The Gospel On Tap
This is the last of “The Birmingham Episodes”.  We had a lot of fun with the Homies from The Gospel on Tap Podcast.  This convo we have a real talk about  personal piety and how one can to be Holy without being a weirdo! Follow them here!
July 27, 2021
Reformed AND Latino! With Gospel on Tap
We bring you the second episode of our Birmingham episodes we recorded while attending the GRN conference. Shout out all them Reformed Latinos! Shout out the PCA! Shout out all the Raza in “white” spaces. Shout out all the Raza in Birmingham Alabama! From the Crew at For Christ y Cultura & The Gospel on Tap Podcast!
July 14, 2021
How The Church Can Heal With Reformed Raza
Welcome back it’s your favorite Reformed Latinos! All in one episode! This is part two of a series that For Christ y Cultura and Reformed Raza wanted to bring you all. You can listen to the first part here: iTunes: Spotify: In this one we discuss how the same church that hurt you is the same church that heals you.
June 30, 2021
Brotherhood (Crossover Episode With “Gospel On Tap”)
This week we release the first episode of “The Birmingham Episodes.” We recorded a few while Jon Da Presby was attending a conference with the homies from Pinelands Pres in Miami Fl. This cross over it is FCC and Gospel on tap! We talk about brotherhood and the importance of genuine community in The Christian life !
June 15, 2021
Bonus Episode: The Voicemail Episode (Finally)
Bonus Episode! I know I know mi gente we have lagged it! Pero we are here this responding to 3 voicemails and shouting out some Dope Christian and Latino podcasts! Naomi, Cris y Kayla you the real mvp! Here is the link to the Race , Social Justice and The church panel discussion that Jon had a privilege to host: Also closing and opening song is :
June 08, 2021
En El Cuarto De Espera With Santiago Ramírez
Back with episode 2! In the waiting room! A convo on waiting and suffering. We bring our dearest Hermano Santi to the living room and he drops some gospel truth. This is a deep dense episode. Full of personal stories, authentic struggle y Gospel hope! If you wanna get on the podcast leave us a voicemail at 775-391-0704 Check out the The Heidelberg Catechism that we were talking about.
June 01, 2021
God’s Fingerprints: Frankie Sandoval Aka Young Sicc
We are back mi gente!  I know. We took a while. We are excited to bring you Season 3: Conversations from "La Sala!"  We got a lot of love from you all with our "God’s Fingerprints" series last season.  So we invited a real solid dude to the living room to share his story.  Frankie Sandoval is a Husband, Son, hard-working man & low-key Hood Theologian!  He was not always that. He went by the rapper name of Young Sicc. Gained a lot of buzz in his hometown (San Diego), Southern California, and surrounding West and Southwestern states!  Homie was trying to be “that Ese in Hip Hop”.  Listen to how the Lord sovereignly called him to Himself.  See God’s fingerprints all over Young Sicc’s life! Follow Frankie @ Soli Deo Gloria! (To God Be The Glory Alone) If you enjoy the show leave us a voicemail at 775-391-0704 & leave us a review on Apple Podcast.
May 18, 2021
Bonus Episode: Todo Cristo Desde Toda La Biblia with Pastor Dan Warne
As an intermediate of season 2 and season 3. We bring you nuestra gente a special Christmas episode bonus! And we bring a good friend along with us to talk about the work he is doing in Cuba with his podcast "El Faro De Redencion" We talk about a christ centerd understand of seeing, reading and preaching the bible. Seeing Christ in all of scripture ! Todo Cristo Deste Toda La Biblia  Rev. Dan Warne Originally from Kansas, Dan spent his teenage years on the mission field in a rural Mexican village. In 2011, he married Mariana, who is from Sonora, MX. Dan and Mariana welcomed their first child, Sophia Alba, in June 2018. Dan serves as an ordained pastor in his local church. He holds a degree in Biblical Counseling and a Master of Divinity from an accredited evangelical seminary in the United States. Go search "El faro de redencion" wherever you listen to podcasts!
December 24, 2020
Season 3 Trailer!
Yoooo we are coming back 2021! Season number Tres !! Super excited for this New season. New year. New topics. New guests. Same For Christ y Cultura. Unapologetically Christian. Unapologetically Latino. Unapologetically Dope!
December 14, 2020
Bonus Episode: Redeemed Project Radio with Arturo Hurtado
BONUS EPISODE!!!!!  We are still on our season break pero we wanted to come on and tell you about something for Christ y Cultura is apart of!  We sit down and talk with our good friend Arturo from Saints Edified. To talk about: Redeemed Project Radio!  24/7 CHH Radio Station.  CHH  PODCASTS  SEMONS   SCRIPTURE READING   LIVE EVENTS Y MAS   If you would like to be apart of this with us. Support please consider donating here on our Go Fund Me:  Follow the radio at:  Follow Arturo at: Saints Edified
October 27, 2020
The Real Gospel For The Real You W Pastor Aldo Leon
For this season finale. For Christ y Cultura got the opportunity to record live in the 305! Caro & Jonathan brought two old friends along. Pastors Aldo Leon of Pinelands Presbyterian Church in Miami Florida & Yeriel Dominguez of The House of Restoration Church in Tampa Florida. We talk about how the Gospel liberates is to be ourselves, church culture taking over us. Embracing the reality of our sinfulness and brokenness to see our need of a perfect savior! Such a dope convo. Perfect ending to our season thank you so much for tuning in and we will see you in season 3! Leave us a voicemail! And you might hear yourself on season 3! Call the number (775)391-0704 or leave us a voicemail on the link below! Unapologetically Christian. Unapologetically Latino. Unapologetically Dope. Song of the week is: K. Cartel - In Christ Alone
September 14, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Jon's Story Pt. 3
We finish off our series on God's fingerprints!  Jonathan talks about being locked up in immigration detention.   Almost getting deported. His life as a backslider.  & Finally  How he Became Reformed and how Gods been so faithful even when we are not.  Closing Song : I Need Tha Gospel (feat. Paul Washer) by Sevin
August 27, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Jon's Story Pt. 2
We pick up right were we left off in Jonathan's Story. Talks about not fitting in. How a troubled kid ends up joining a gang,  How Jonathan Meet his wife. and finally the hard wake up call being an adult and undocumented.  This was a Super fun episode to record and edit. To God be the glory. Pray for us. Hit us up in the Dmz on the socials if you can guess who was the "rapper" in most of the songs was on the episode. Also any other easter eggs. Jesus Saves.
August 18, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Jon's Story Pt. 1
This week we bring you Jonathan's Story! He goes over being a immigrant and outcast.  Mom's conversion to Christianity and finally two events that affected his childhood.  Thank You for listening  Closing Song: I Surrender by Sevin
August 05, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Sway's Story Pt. 3
The final episode of Sway's Story! Sway talks about how he met his wife, moving to Phily y Where he's at now. Soli Deo Gloria! To God be the glory. Thank you for listening! Leave a voicemail!  Tune in Next Week to hear Jonathan's Story! Closing Song: KB- 10k
July 29, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Sway's Story Pt. 2
Parte numero Dos of Sways story! We get into Sway's adolescence. Joining the Latin Kings. and finding the Lord. After years of knowing about him. Gracias For listening! Soli Deo Gloria! 
July 22, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Sway's Story Pt. 1
This week we contine our series: Gods Fingerprints! Y ès Josue’s turn! He shares his testimony. Where he grew up. His earlier years and how he went from a good kid to un delincuente... this is part one ! Like always leave us a voicemail and you might get on the show!
July 15, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Caro's Story Pt. 2
Back with part Dos of Caro's story! Listen to our gospel Bangin Co-host continue to share how she found redemption and where she's at now! We continue this new series: God's Fingerprints! leave us a voice mail you might get on the show! Hola Mami! Transition Song: Pin Pun by Santiago Benavides Closign Song: You are God by Sevin
July 07, 2020
Gods Fingerprints: Caro's Story Pt. 1
By listener request we start a new series called Gods fingerprints! We share our testimonies and life story. We see how God has been faithful and what he has brought us from ! 1st up is Caro! Support our sponsor and save 10% when using the offer code “CULTURA” at check out .
June 30, 2020
How you feelin’? (Racism, Injusticia & The Gospel.)
Bonus Episode! This was a Facebook live. The team sits down and talks about all the crazy stuff going on. Our thoughts and feelings over The murder of George Floyd. Injustice, Racism. The problems we see In the Christian church and finally give the only solution to all this: The Gospel. Don’t forget to support our sponsor Righteous Ragz Clothing and Use the Code “CULTURA” at checkout to receive 10% of your order!
June 22, 2020
Cumbia, Corridos, y Salsa (Worship Pt. 2)
Part Dos of this Worship series is finally here! We talk about worshiping in Spirit & Truth! And finally Answer the question: Is there room for Latin musical expression in corporate worship? We have the song of the week at the end ! Caro brings us a Dope song of the week! Closing song: Thank you for listening share it with your homies! Tune in and leave us a voicemail (775)391-0704
June 15, 2020
Cumbia, Corridos, y Salsa (Worship Pt. 1)
This Week we thank and celebrate Mr. Solo From Gospel Gangstaz. By having them as the song of the week!  Do or Die by Gospel Gangstaz Then we try to answer the question: Is there space for Latin expression of worship in corporate worship?  Which starts our 2 part series on WORSHIP as a whole. Closing song: Mobbin by Gospel Gangstaz If you like the show please leave us a review! Give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704 We take a lot of time and effort editing. If you would like to help us out in postproduction. Please feel free to help! $6 goes a long way!
June 02, 2020
Happy Birthday! W Lauren Padilla
This episode we did a Facebook live for our 1st birthday! For Christ y Cultura is one year old! We brought back an old friend to the show! Thank you for all you who have been rocking with us since day one!  Also thank you for those that have presently tuned in and are liking the show!  Closing Song: Smoke Signals N Morse Code by Peace 586 ft Krum  If you like the show please leave us a review! Give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704 We take a lot of time and effort editing. If you would like to help us out in postproduction. Please feel free to help! $6 goes a long way! Click Here^^^^
May 18, 2020
La Sagrada Familia Part 2
We continue our convo on the tension between our family and the family of Christ. Closing Song: Corona by Joey Vantes (ft. Ruslan) If you like the show please leave us a review! Give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704 We take a lot of time and effort editing. If you would like to help us out in postproduction. Please feel free to help! $6 goes a long way!
April 30, 2020
La Sagrada Familia Part 1
Join us for a conversation about family. Our birth/natural family and our family in Christ. We will be discussing what that looks like for us personally, the joys, and the challenges of being part fo two very important systems! Song of the week:  GAWVI - Who You Gon' Be feat. Israel Houghton & Trip Lee If you like the show please leave us a review! Give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704 We take a lot of time and effort editing. If you would like to help us out in postproduction. Please feel free to help! $6 goes a long way!
April 23, 2020
For Christ y La Raza W Special Guests Reformed Raza
We got a special episode we have special guests "Reformed Raza Podcast" We talk about "The importance of Latinos knowing their faith." Follow them on FB & IG Song of the week: Spanglish - Arize Ft. EGR, Zee, and Joey Vantes Closing song: Never Fail - Taelor Gray If you like the show please leave us a review !  Give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704
April 06, 2020
You Wanna Get High? Part 2
Bonus Episode 4 Season 2! You Wanna Get High? PART 2! We have a special guest! Pastor Yeriel Dominguez from The House of Restoration Church in Tampa Florida.  Links:  FB:  LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST!  leave us a voice mail on the Anchor app or @ 775-391-0704!  Ending song: Taelor Gray - Most High
March 27, 2020
You Wanna Get High? W Special Guest Pastor Yeriel Dominguez
Episode 3 Season 2! You Wanna Get High?  We have a special guest! Pastor Yeriel Dominguez from The House of Restoration Church in Tampa Florida. No song of the week but we introduce our guest. Play a game to get to know him and finally, we talk about: The Christian and Marijuana. Links: FB: Some of Yeriels Sermons can be found here: Gospel on Tap Episodes Pastor Yeriel Recommended: Christian Liberty, Pt 1 & Pt 2 LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST! leave us a voice mail on the Anchor app or @ 775-391-0704! Closing song (Sehla da corner - high potenoose):
March 16, 2020
You Sure Homie? W Special Guest Pastor Aldo Leon
 You sure homie? This week we talk about Assurance! We talk about why we in Miami, We introduce our special guest: Pastor Aldo Leon from Reconcile Church Miami.  "How do we know we are really saved"? Where does true Assurance come from? What about doubt? all this and more  Our 1st live in-studio Recording! In the 305! Miami Florida! Tune in! such a dope convo!  If you like the show please leave us a review ! and give us a call and leave a voicemail and you might end up on the show! (775)391-0704
March 02, 2020
Halftime Takeover
Welcome to season Dos of FCC! We are glad to be back! We start off reintroducing ourselves and the show! Song of the Week is Sevin - Broken Mirror Lastly, we talk about the 2020 super bowl halftime show! #LatinoGANGGANG
February 18, 2020
Season 2 Trailer!
We are so excited for season 2!  So many great things coming!  We have a new Co-Host! Caro Neira! Dope relevant topics! Special guests! More Theology for your back pocket!  New segments! All the fun things you loved about season 1 but MEJOR!
February 03, 2020
Exciting Announcement!
We are now a network and have a new show! “The Word Con Sazón” is on all podcasting apps subscribe and share it now!
January 29, 2020
The Christmas Episode!
What's up mi gente!  We are on break waiting for season 2!  Pero in the meantime we have a bonus Ep for you guys. The Christmas episode !!! We have a special guest all the way from Maimi Florida! We play  "Worship song or Secular love song?" (Sway sings his little heart out lol.) Song of the week....... and finally we talk about why we like Christmas and our view of it.  Finally, we get to the meat of things and we talk about Jesus's birth narratives and why the incarnation is important to us as Christian Latinos. Thank you for listening! leave us a voicemail! on your web link or @ 7753910704 Please enter to get your free For Christ y Cultura Stickers! Closing song: Gawvi - Angels See you in 2020! 
December 19, 2019
La Cena.
This week we talk about La Cena!  The main convo starts at 16:52 pero before that we have....Some exciting and sad news. We get into how we have and experience La Cena at home, with relatives y con strangers. We ultimately compare and nerd out talking about the Lords supper. This is the last episode of the season. So thankful to have all y’all show us love and listen to our show! Please share, like us, and rate us on iTunes. If you have something to say or a suggestion on a topic you wanna hear us tackle call us at 775-391-0704 Song of the week is Caged birds from the live NPR tiny dest performance by Toby Nwigwe Also our closing song is suprasubstantiation by Through Hymn see you next season!!!
November 14, 2019
This week we talk about Hell, Racism, and Machismo! You don't wanna miss it! Song of the Week: Closing Song:
October 23, 2019
Homeschooling or Nah!?
This episode we talk about homeschooling ! what are the pros and cons? do we homeschool?  We Shout out the homies at "Reformed Raza" also we have a new segment "whats your beef?" and we talk about the song of the week WHATUPRG ft. Gawvi - Gloria Tune in like always! Leave us a voice mail at 775-391-0704! We would love to hear from you !
October 01, 2019
Viva La Raza
This is the longest episode we have ever put out!  Pero everything we talk about is fire! lol The crew gets a new voicemail! (shout out the homie!) thank you for showing love! we wanted to show you love too. So we put you on our episode art! we talk about Area 51!  song of the week is KB no chains! and we dive into our main topic: Latino Representation in the church (specifically in our circles within  Christianity) and academia. You dont wanna miss out! Our cosigns: Rudy Rubio and Chris Márquez From RCLA Aldo Leon From Reconcile Church Miami DA Horton from Reach Fellowship Richard Perez from  Christ Crucified Fellowship Jose A. Hernandez Jonathan Reyes David Rosa Jr. Yeriel Dominguez Viva la RAZA!
September 10, 2019
Decolonizing Discipleship?
This week we talk about  our week, democratic Spanish fail! and  Sway gives us game on why we should Decolonize Discipleship! song of the week Eshon Burgundy - Never Fold Ending song
August 16, 2019
¿Why is Church Important?
This week we talk about CHURCH. Why its important? We talk about church membership  y we have nuestro primero Voicemail!!!!! song of the week: Membership - Stephen the Levite closing song: Voltron (feat. Mac The Doulos & Zae Da Blacksmith) by Stephen The Levite leave a comment & subscribe!  call and leave a voicemail @ 775-391-0704 
July 23, 2019
When They See Us.
This Episode we are down a co-host. Jonathan & Sway talk about the Song of the week: Love Theory by Kirk Franklin We talk about David Platt praying for Donald Trump in front of his church. Platt's response to his church and his critics: Lastly nuestos latinos talk about the netflix Series "When they see us" Police brutallty, Social Justice ,  and our unjust criminal system. and our experiences as Latinos. It gets deep! thank you for supporting  Follow and subscribe! IG & FB Voice mail # is 775-391-0704 Gracias!
July 04, 2019
We play a fun "do you know your bible" quiz. Song of the week: Jackie Hill Perry - I just wanna get there Finally we talk about Our Latin Traditions (Parranda, La Rosca De Reyes, Dia de los muertos... ect) and how being a christian effects us and our traditions. Shout out to Hector Dominguez ! his song is our closing song its called "La Cultura ft. JoseDaniel" go watch the video its dope!
June 19, 2019
Ni De Agui Ni De Allá!
This episode we talk about the tension we feel being Latino & also from the US.  We talk about Rats and police? lol Low key guest visitor and lastly we had a REALLY DOPE “#TheologyForYourBackPocket”. You need to listen to it!  As always thanks for listening! Please subscribe and like! Call us and leave us a voice mail (775)391-0704!  Song of the week is God flex tedashii .  Special thanks to Timothy Infinite for some background instrumentals. Fat Cat Beats for our intro beat. and Gio Da Gift for the Outro song
June 06, 2019
The Beginning and the END!
WE ARE LIVE!!!  Thank you so much for following us. This is our 1st episode!  We talk about who we are?  Why this podcast? WHATUPRG 's 4 AM y Spoilers para Avengers Endgame!!!!!! Special Gracias to Fat Cat Beats for our intro beat. WHATUPRG 4 AM and Gio Da Gift for the Outro song Hi mom! Leave us a voice mail at 775-391-0704! We would love to hear from you !
May 17, 2019
For Christ y Cultura Promo!
Coming Soon  05/17/2019!!! like and share!
May 14, 2019