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Through The Forest Counseling Podcast

Through The Forest Counseling Podcast

By Felicha Laforest
Through The Forest Counseling's weekly 10-minute video podcast series unpacks various therapy types and counseling services. Episodes will feature video, audio, and show notes at Call 1 (866) 540-1290.
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Ep.2 DBT, EMDR, Therapist Specialty Training, Spoken Languages
Felicha Laforest speaks about the languages her clinicians speak and specialty skills they have trained in, and DBT and EMDR therapy types. Podcast episode page: Through The Forest Counseling of Boston 100 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114 1 (857) 299-1123 Through The Forest Counseling of Quincy 859 Willard St Ste 400b, Quincy, MA 02169 1 (617) 845-0990 Felicha Laforest answers six questions: 00:13 What are the languages spoken and the cultures represented amongst your clinicians? 01:19 What are the specialties and the training that your clinicians have? 02:43 What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy and how does it help? 03:07 Why is there a demand for DBT? 05:12 Can you share more about EMDR? 06:13 Are there any clinicians that currently practice EMDR in the clinics? 06:38 What is a popular question that your clients seem to be asking these days? #bostontherapist #quincytherapist #newhaventherapist
May 16, 2022
Ep.1 - Anxiety, Depression & Secret Sauce
Felicha Laforest answers six questions: 1. What kind of therapy or counseling clinic is Through The Forest Counseling? 2. Where are your counseling clinics located? 3. What are the top three types of therapy that many of your clients request or that clinicians have been working with since 2022? 4. Have you seen a big increase in anxiety, depression & trauma requests, or cases compared to two years ago? 5. What specialty or secret sauce differentiates Through The Forest from other clinics or clinicians? 6. How can one get in touch with Through The Forest Counseling?
April 20, 2022