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Out and About

Out and About

By Josh Libman
The natural world is loaded with interesting learning opportunities, and the Forest Preserve District of Kane County has over 20,000 acres to explore! Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the District, and have some fun with Naturalist Josh Libman as we highlight the wonderful ways to enjoy our open spaces.
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Episode 8: Singing Insects Redux
The hot and humid conditions of a Midwest summer provide the perfect stage for insect activity. Let's tune in and see what these critters are up to! This episode originally aired on September 17, 2020. Thanks for listening!
August 10, 2021
Episode 7: Spring Wildflowers
Step off the trail and into a fairytale as we learn about spring ephemeral wildflowers! Thanks to Noel, Connie, and April for providing audio this episode. Music in this episode comes from The Four Seasons Ballet by Giuseppe Verdi.
March 30, 2021
Episode 6: Maple Sugaring
Celebrate the coming of spring with a deep dive into the process of maple sugaring!  Special thanks to Noel for contributing audio this episode.
February 25, 2021
Episode 5: New Year's Nature Resolutions
Ring in the New Year with Ranger Josh! We’ll explore the health benefits of spending time in the great outdoors, and hear some nature resolutions from our listeners. See you all next year! Special thanks to April, Owen, Amelia, Noel, Burt, and Connie for contributing audio this episode. You guys are awesome!
December 17, 2020
Episode 4: Halloween Special
Get ready for some tricks and treats as we dispel the spooky myths surrounding some of our local wildlife. Thanks to David and Connie for contributing audio this episode. Happy Halloween!
October 28, 2020
Episode 3: Insects
Let's get to know the creepy, crawly inhabitants of our woodlands, prairies, and households! Special thanks to Kelli, Marissa, Nate, Jeanette, Rachel, and my Momma for providing audio this episode.  For more information check out Singing Insects of North America
September 17, 2020
Episode 2: Amphibians
We're getting wet n' wild with our local amphibian friends! For more information, check out the Calling Frog Survey through the Chicago Academy of Sciences.  A big thanks to Connie, Noel, Brittany, Theo, Ben and Jeanette for contributing audio this episode!
July 09, 2020
Episode 1: Spring Bird Migration
The pilot episode of Out and About is all about birds! Species mentioned in this episode include: Blackpoll Warbler Cedar Waxwing Wood Thrush A big thanks to Connie, Chuck, Noel, Marissa and Vivian for playing along with me - I couldn't have done it without you!
May 21, 2020
Out and About - Trailer
We're trying our hand at making a podcast!
May 06, 2020