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By Keith Wilson
We recognize that there are growing separations and conflicts between the "church" and the secular world. We exist to be a bridge between both groups. No matter where you come from, we are here to mend relationships between people on both sides of the church's walls. But we can't do it alone.

So, whether you are a Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Black, White, Poor, Rich, or whatever label you live under, we realize that we all have doubts and questions. We want to meet somewhere on the fence to start erasing the walls that segregate, the traditions that enslave, and the stereotypes that kill.
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Episode 31 - Religious Language and the Great Divide (feat. Tina Semmens)
In Episode 31, Keith W. and Keith H. are joined by Tina Semmens in studio in the place of Justin as he takes a week off. We talk some recommendations from music to podcast to art. We spend a little time getting to know Tina and her background, where she is going and her relationship with Keith W. She is a singer-songwriter, writer, wife, mom, and we continue but you will hear all about her. We get into our topic on religious language and how it divides us in the world. This topic has a relevant position in how we at ForgettingWalls are purposed and directed. We talk about how we take translated words to be the end all be all with the identifier with such concepts like God, Adam or man. The conversation gets a little deep and focuses on the divisive nature of how people hold to their definitions to be the only one and everyone else is wrong. Then, as we often do, we go off into left field and decide to talk about whatever we want. With Justin absent, Keith W. tries and fills the spot the best he can. We chat up naked barn stormer, the cat Boss, and a story about a real man duking it out with a shark. If you haven't go and give us a like or a follow, invite friends to the Facebook page, or please go and share your story. Show Notes: Guest: Tina Semmens - Facebook - Twitter - Website - ReverbNation Recos: The Punch Brothers  Maktub the Art of Paulo Lindh Relevant Podcast Juicy Bits: Naked Barn Stormer The Cat is Boss Shark no Surfer Attack Music: Intro - Dubstep - BenSound First Break - The Shore - Tina Semmens Second Break - Relief - Wolves at the Gate
October 23, 2020
Episode 30 - Multiple Perspectives on Christianity: Are We Really As Different As We Like to Believe?
In Episode 30, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H sit down to talk about some of their own personal beliefs. Is Justin really a super-liberal Christian? Is Keith H a hardcore conservative? Does Keith W have a weird mix of both? Are we really as different as each of us likes to think? Or do we really have more in common? Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about a controversial tweet, how the church service is only a small part of the life of a Christian, and how miscommunication can often happen on social media (especially regarding theology and Twitter). This week, they also bring recommendations of music, TV shows, and podcasts. Finally, Justin brings us stories of chicken churches (not vice versa), unfeeling women, feline presidential candidates, and raccoon memorials. As always, be sure to rate, subscribe, comment, and spread the word about the podcast! Know a friend who might like us? Tell them about it! Know a friend who might hate us? Tell them about us! We welcome all feedback! Show Notes: The Reccos: The Liturgist Podcast Mr. Robot Ask Science Mike Podcast Juicy Bits: MegaBots Chicken Church I have a hole in my leg? Demo-Cat Raccoon Memorial Music: Intro - Dubstep - BenSound First Break - The Hills - Like Monroe Second Break - Mr. Brightside - The Killers
October 23, 2020
Episode 29 - Multiethnic Megachurches (feat. Laura Veal from Transformation Church)
In Episode 29, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H sit down with the Laura Veal, the worship coordinator of Transformation Church, to talk about cultivating a multiethnic community. How does one even start? Does having a wide variety of people make leading worship raiser or more difficult? And what should churches be doing differently to reach more diverse groups? The guys (and girl) also continue some discussion on the gay marriage ruling, to which there is still contention. This is our most Christian lingo-filled podcast to date, so dive in with us as we explore these topics. Finally, Justin brings up stories of lying firefighters, toilet snakes, killer fireworks, and free nipples. So be sure to subscribe, rate, and listen to us on iTunes and tell us what you think! Are we wrong? Tell us how! Do you agree with us! Let us know! Show Notes: Transformation Church: Facebook - Twitter Fake Firefighter Death by Mortar Crappy Surprise Free Nipples - If you want to know why we were laughing so much. Music: Intro - Following Intro - Induction - Life in Your Way First Break - Found Hiding - Burden of a Day Second Break - Defender - Kings Kaleidoscope
October 23, 2020
Episode 28 - Canada, Music, and Faith: Special Interview feat. Darcy Rumble from Giants in the Sound
In Episode 28, Keith W. and Justin sit down with Darcy Rumble from the music review site Giants in the Sound. The guys ask him questions about his past, his love of music and punk shows, and how he eventually became a Christian. Also, since he hails from the great land up North (Canada), they ask questions about the recent events in America (Charleston, SCOTUS ruling) in order to get his perspective on these issues. This is by far one of the their favorite interviews, so be sure to not miss this! Also, Justin brings in stories of high huskies, crazy contraband, and lucky lottery tickets. Be sure to rate, subscribe and leave a comment for us on iTunes! Let us know what you think! Show Notes: Featured Guest: Darcy Rumble - Giants in the Sound - Facebook & Twitter References: Same Sex Marriage Article from Canada UK Livestock Theft Report The High Husky Blind Luck Music: Intro - First Break -  Salus Suas Extanderealas Concedit - AkissforJersey Second Break - Hope - We Came as Romans
October 23, 2020
Episode 27 - Church and State: The SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage in America
In Episode 27, Keith W., Justin, and Keith H sit down to discuss the relationship between church and state. Naturally, the conversation centered around the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. What does this ruling mean for us as a society? Should we even care? What is the responsibility of a Christian in the political realm? Should Christians even vote or be involved in politics at all? Listen to find out our perspective. Finally, since we spend most of the time talking about this issue, Justin barely squeezes in some stories of accidentally scaring children, biscuit eating criminals, and prophetic t-shirts. As always, be sure to tell us what you think! Is Keith W too passive in his politics? Is Justin too passionate in protecting equality? Is Keith H too practical in his pronouncements? Comment and let us know! Also, be sure to rate, subscribe, and spread the word about the podcast! Show Notes: Here are the articles and sources that we used during the show: The RAAN quote Baby Names Biscuit Bank Robber Disney Horror Prophetic Shirt Music: Intro - First Break - August Burns Red - Wrecking Ball Second Break - 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill (Bury Me)
October 21, 2020
Episode 26 - Genetic Modification: Designer Babies and "Playing God"
In Episode 26, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, and Jack sit down to discuss science! Luckily, Jack helps us out in understanding some of the concepts. What is genetic modification? Is it ethical to modify others' genes? Is it even possible for us to "play God?" Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about the shooting in Charleston and what it shows about us as a society. Finally, Justin brings up drunk raccoons and sexy rake stabbings. As always, be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast! Also, be sure to check out our GoFundMe campaign! Show Notes: Here are the articles and sources that we used during the show: RadioLab on CRISPR Carrot Beer Drunk Raccoon Alligator riding Raccoon Music Intro - First Break - Cursing Tongue - Thieves & Kings Second Break - L.O.V.E. - Soulfree
October 18, 2020
Episode 25 - Coexist: Not Just For Hippies Anymore
In Episode 25, Keith W, Justin, and Keith H sit down to talk about the topic of coexistence. You’ve all seen the bumper sticker, but what does it actually mean? What does coexisting with others entail? Should Christians coexist with people of other faiths? Is coexistence even possible? Listen to hear what we think. Also, the guys discuss the impact of media as it relates to Akon and what he’s doing in Africa. They also briefly discuss Caitlyn Jenner, and what the story shows about media in America. Finally, Justin brings us stories of pizza box projectors, Ikea Jesus (dibs on that indie-band name), and fire ants being put in an uncomfortable place. As always, join the discussion! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to tell us what you think! Also, be sure to Subscribe and Rate the podcast on iTunes. Finally, help us out with becoming legit by going over to Music Intro - First Break - One Day - Matisyahu feat. Akon Second Break - We are the People - Empire of the Sun
October 18, 2020
Episode 24 - The Desire for Certainty
In Episode 24, Keith W, Justin, Keith H, and Miles sit down to talk about certainty. Do we, as people, have a tendency to desire certainty? Do we need to be certain of anything? Should we do whatever we can to move towards certainty, or should we embrace mystery and the unknown? How necessary is certainty for belief and relationships? Listen to find out! Also, the guys talk about humanist churches, and what they mean for the development of religion in the West. Finally, Justin brings up Roman candle warfare, garage destroyers, and golden tickets to heaven. As always, be sure to rate, subscribe, and spread the word about the podcast! Also, we now have a GoFundMe campaign! We are looking to expand and make this organization legit, but we can't do it alone! Be sure to head over to to get involved with what we've started! Music Intro - First Break - The Less You Say - Emery Second Break - Silver and Cold - AFI
August 19, 2020
Episode 23 - Converting to Another Religion
In Episode 23, Keith W., Justin, Keith H., Miles, and Skiler gather to talk about the topic of religious conversions. What does it mean to convert to another religion? What does it look like across different traditions? Should Christians always try to convert others? Listen to find out what we think. Also, the guys discuss the purpose of ForgettingWalls as they answer some questions from a listener. Finally, Justin brings us stories of crystal Poké Balls, bee suits, and BBQ stabbings. So be sure to tune in! Also, be sure to subscribe, rate, and spread the word about the podcast! Music Intro - First Break - One Hundred - Hands Like Houses Second Break - Sweet Victory - Trip Lee
August 19, 2020
Episode 22 - Christian Colleges- Isolated or Inclusive?
In Episode 22, we have Keith, Justin, Robbie, and two new guests, Miles Coster and Erin Phelps! Since most of them are college students, they discuss the differences between religious, private, and secular schools. Do private universities hinder evangelism? Do secular universities suck the faith out of students? Listen to find out! Also, the group discusses social justice and how it relates to recent situations in North Korea. Finally, Justin talks about owl lawyers, ant gin, and symphonic farts. Be sure to listen until the end to hear Keith break down in uncontrollable laughter amid all of the silliness! Also, make sure that you subscribe, rate, and spread the word about the podcast!
August 19, 2020
Episode 21 - Being Imperfectly Real
Yes, episode 21 is here and live. This week as we record the show we live stream it also. Justin is not with us this week and after you listen to the show, you will see why that was a bad idea. Skiler, Keith W., Keith H. and Graham talk about a couple of movies. They mainly focus on Jesus Camp and breakdown the insanity that pursues from over zealous children pastors. It takes us back to episode 18 about indoctrination. Also, the guys have a little too much fun with the live audience and tend to forget to stay on track. The topic this week deals with how imperfect people are, especially Christians. They cover a lot of scripture more than any other episode by far. Keith H. takes care of Justin’s Juicy Bits with a great sports story. Good thing Justin dipped out. So join us and give us some feed back wherever you would like to chat. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or go over to the website Music: Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound First Break - Consume Me Now Remix - Worth Dying For  Second Break - Vital Lens - Beautiful Eulogy
August 19, 2020
Episode 20 - Peyton Jones and Church Planting
This is it! Episode 20 is here and we have hooked a big fish. On this episode, we interview Peyton Jones, the self-described "church-planting ninja," author of Church Zero and founder of Church Planting Magazine and the Church Planter's Podcast. We talk about church planting in a local and global context, and what it means to connect with people who are different than us. Also, the guys talk about various encounters with racism that they've recently had, especially towards Asians. Finally, they discuss how video games are invading theme parks (which is awesome!!). So join in on the conversation! Comment, like, and subscribe to the podcast! Show Notes: Guest: Peyton Jones - Facebook - Twitter Church Planter Magazine  Music: Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound First Break - The Punk Rock Show - MXPX Second Break - Hello Stupid - Slick Shoes
August 19, 2020
Episode 19 - Evolution, and Weed, and Drones, Oh My!- Questions from the Crew
In Episode 19, Keith Wilson, Justin, Keith Hughes, and Skiler gather around to ask each other any question they like. Nothing is off limits! The guys joke around about hunting drones and imagine what life would be like if smoking weed were legal. So listen to find out why Keith H. owns so many cardigans, why Justin cringes whenever Keith W. talks about evolution, and how Skiler got away with being a Buddhist as a child. If you'd like to ask us a question yourself, then go and find us on Facebook and Twitter! Or, go to our website and leave us a comment! You never know; you might just hear your question on a future show! Music: Intro - Dubstep - Ben Sound First Break - Farther Along - Josh Garrels Second Break - Selah - The Ember Days
July 15, 2020
Episode 18 - Indoctrination- Should You Teach Religion to Your Child?
This was an interesting conversation. Everyone has the right to teach the children they raise what they determine is right in their eyes. However, does this produce the best members of society? I don't know! Being a parent is not an easy job. 
July 15, 2020
Episode 17 - Church Taboos: What Is Off-Limits?
This may have been more interesting of a title than the show....or is t? Check it out.
July 10, 2020
Episode 16 -Buddhism and Vampires- A Conversation with Skiler Miller
Mmmm, well if you are thinking this is weird then maybe you should give a listen. 
July 10, 2020
Episode 14 - Conformity, Luther Insults, and Mean Girls (feat. Jade Wilson)
When you're daughter joins you on your show. It's a great experience. And I get a great text tone out of the show. 
June 16, 2020
Episode 13 - The "Christian" Label- Helpful or Harmful?
This was one of those episodes that needed to happen. How we use the word "Christian" and how that is portrayed to the pubic can be problematic. 
June 16, 2020
Episode 12 - Seven Guys in a Garage Part 2
Well you know its the second half of the chaos that you already started. 
June 9, 2020
Episode 12 - Seven Guys in a Garage Part 1
A bunch of guys in the garage talking trash, reminiscing and getting deep.  
June 9, 2020
Episode 11 - Camp Stories, Denominational Divisions, and Church Membership (feat. Robbie Bolin)
Robzy is hanging out with us today. Never a dull moment with him in the house. 
June 4, 2020
Episode 10 - Morality, Sin, and Supernatural Experiences
Episode 10 wow we actually made it this far.....well guess we beat the averages. 
June 1, 2020
Episode 9 - Are We Wrong?: Admitting Ignorance, Space Spoofs, and More on Music (feat. Andy Austin)
We are still in that phase figuring out ourselves and our direction. Also, we get real with our understanding of truth and faith. 
June 1, 2020
Episode 8 - Dating Debacles, Facebook Funerals, and Slippery Slopes (ft. Kelsi Bryant)
When you listen to a later episode you will understand why this is super funny.
May 29, 2020
Episode 7 - Atheists:Agnostic Antics, Hell Hounding, and Facebook Freakouts (feat. Jack Leff)
Introducing our non-christian friend Jack....ha he is great. You should enjoy this one for sure. And yes we are still trying to get our act together!! 
May 27, 2020
Episode 6 - Word Worries, Military Meditations and Fun with Flash
Really I don't know where we come up with these titles.....Oh that would be Justin. 
May 27, 2020
Episode 5 - College Conundrums, Dastardly Doctors and He-Man Heroics
Honestly, you never know what you gonna get with us. Just hope it gets better from here. We are still trying to find our groove. 
May 27, 2020
Episode 4 - Preacher Punches, Kung Fu Gospel, and Extending Grace
What is the world is going on here??? The craziness that we encounter in our lives is unreal. 
May 27, 2020
Episode 3 - Music, Missions, and Andy Austin
Joined by our friend Andy Austin talking music and church. More music than church but we talked a a lot. Of course!! Hope you enjoy. 
May 27, 2020
Episode 2 - Faith, Friendships, and iPhone Propaganda
Join us for Episode 2 as you get to know us more and as we fumble around still trying to find our way. 
May 25, 2020
Episode 1 - Two Dudes, The Ministry, and Batman as Moses
This is the flagship episode for our podcast. Join us for our Journey.
May 25, 2020