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Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road

By Krista Simmons
Each week Krista Simmons, founder of Fork in the Road Media, chats with tastemakers and thought leaders over cocktails, sharing inspiring stories and global ideas that you can bring into your own home. We'll talk everything from growing edible gardens to mindful eating and regenerative farming, using the hospitality industry's leading voices as our guides.

So grab a glass and join us @forkintheroadmedia @kristasimmons on Instagram. Cheers!
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Meal Delivery App Fees Are Killing Restaurants with ChowNow CEO Chris Webb

Fork in the Road

Cooking and Baking with Cannabis for 420
Today is 4/20, and to celebrate we’re taking culinary cannabis to new highs with cannabis baker Christina Wong of Baking with Chickens. I personally adore cooking and baking using the aromatic oils in marijuana called terpenes as a flavor profile to pair with, and Christina definitely shares that passion, too. She’s worked with all sorts of folks in the cannabis industry like Papa & Barkley, MedMen, and Raw Garden, and also hosts a cooking channel on YouTube called Baking with Chickens, where she showcases the other secret to her delicious baked goods —  fresh eggs from her backyard chooks. Christina is launching a culinary cannabis baking show that kicks off today, and I know she’s going to be a wealth of knowledge for us as we learn how to cook with cannabis for the 420 holiday.
April 20, 2021
Waffles + Mochi Brings Cultural Understanding, Cooking, and Michelle Obama (!!!) to Netflix
Waffles + Mochi is a new culinary kids show on Netflix that follows the adventures of two Muppet-like friends, Waffles and Mochi, who emerge from living amongst freezer food to traveling the world to learn about the bounty of fresh, real ingredients and international culinary cultures. The show is produced by Michelle and Barack Obama's Higher Ground Productions, and boasts a roster of famous food folks like Samin Nosrat, José Andrés, Massimo Bottura, and Preeti Mistry, and is filled with curiosity, enthusiasm, joy, and delight — things we could all use right now. Today we are chatting with the show’s creator, Jeremey Konner, who’s also the mad genius behind Drunk History, and co-creator and show runner Erika Thormahlen. We discuss everything from the challenges of fabricating puppets who can actually ingest food to what it's like working with Michelle Obama, and everything in between. Please support the show by subscribing on Patreon, and of course feel free to follow me on IG and Twitter, too. 
April 02, 2021
Re-Committing to Wellness Post-COVID with Kelly Leveque
Kelly Leveque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and the author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day.  She’s also consulted on hotel menus at the Montage, bringing her approach on health and wellness to travelers. (Boy oh boy did traveling wreak havoc on my body back in the day when that was a thing!) I’ve used Kelly’s tips and Fab Four Smoothies to manage blood sugar and insulin for weight management and appetite control, how to avoid jet lag via diet, and so much more. Her practical and optimistic approach to nutrition and wellness, which focusses on sustainable habits, is such a great guide to living a healthy and balanced life. I also just personally adore her as a person, and I know you will too. 
March 26, 2021
Wine for Normal People with Elizabeth Schneider
Elizabeth Schnieder is the host and author of Wine for Normal People. She is a certified sommelier who has worked in everything from winery brand management to creating waitstaff programs, and perhaps most famously, hosting one of my favorite podcasts, Wine For Normal People. Today we’re going to talk about everything from the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse and misogyny within the Court of Master Sommeliers and sexism the wine industry as a whole to debunking the myth that natural wine is as great as all the cool kids make it sound. I know you're going to fall in love with her humor and candor, just as I did years ago when I first listened in to her show. Be sure to give us a follow over on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for the latest. Cheers!
March 19, 2021
Hong Kong Could Guide Global Restaurants to Safely Reopening
Today we’ll be talking about how the restaurant scene in Hong Kong could provide a window to the future for global reopening with chef May Chow. Early on in the pandemic, Black Sheep shared their COVID Restaurant Guidelines for Safety, and folks like May lead the way in initiating protocols to keep their diners and staff safe. May is the chef/owner behind Hong Kong’s Little Bao and Happy Paradise. She was also named Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2017, and has done pop-ups here in the US with the team behind Republique, which garnered lines that snaked around Grand Central Market. My team and I filmed our "Women in Food" series the last time we visited Hong Kong, and I was so inspired not only by her delicious take on traditional baos, but her activism and leadership. We discuss how her restaurants have pivoted to survive, what she's seeing in Hong Kong that may lead us to a more informed reopening, and how she hopes to uplift women and the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong and beyond.
March 12, 2021
Can Raising Cattle Be Good For the Climate? with Belcampo's Anya Fernald
Anya Fernald is co-founder and owner of Belcampo Meat Co, a regenerative farm raising beef, pork, and chicken. Belcampo hopes to revolutionize meat for the wellbeing of people, the planet, and animals through their method of regenerative agriculture. Whether you're vegan, keto, vegetarian, flexitarian, whole 30, or just want to source better meat, you'll want to hear about Belcampo's organic, carbon-positive farm. Their Northern California ranch is home to 2,500 heritage-breed animals that are grass fed and grass finished. Fernald addresses some of the messaging issues about raising beef and climate change, meat consumption, carbon footprints, and greenhouse emissions, and how these things can be countered with their method of farming.
March 05, 2021
Returning Wealth to Coffee Growing Regions With Black-Owned Speciality Coffee BLK & Bold
Pernell Cezar is the CEO and Co-Founder of BLK & Bold, the first-ever black-owned, nationally distributed coffee business that makes social impact a priority. BLK & Bold won the NAACP Small Business of the Year Award in 2019 and their new partnership with Ethiopia-based Keffa Coffee highlights the quality, prominence, and diversity of coffee grown in regions across Ethiopia, which is known as the motherland of coffee.  Today we chat about why their end-to-end black owned coffee company is essential the landscape and the story of how coffee goes from seed to cup. You can continue to follow along with stories like this @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse. 
February 26, 2021
Mindful Eating With Harvard University Dr. Lilian Cheung
Dr Lilian Cheung is a lecturer and director of health promotion and communication at Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition and an expert on the practice of mindful eating.  She is the co-author of the book “Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life” with Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn. Lilian is an active practitioner of Buddhism, and is passionate about understanding the science and practice of mindful eating, which is much different than intuitive eating and is a moving meditation in its foundations. I know a lot of us — self included —  have been mindlessly stress eating throughout the past year and could really use the practice in our daily lives. These ancient Buddhist practices also give us insight as to how to eat more mindfully for the future of our planet. She’s going to give us the rundown on how to bring this practice of mindfulness simply and seamlessly into our lives, including a one-on-one chocolate eating meditation. I can get with that!  As always please feel free to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse @kristasimmons. See you next week!
February 19, 2021
Meal Delivery App Fees Are Killing Restaurants with ChowNow CEO Chris Webb
There’s been a lot of talk about meal delivery apps like Uber Eats and Postmates gauging small restaurants with fees. Some of them even have slick Super Bowl ad campaigns that pretend to support local businesses, and meanwhile they're charging more than 30% fees to the already-struggling industry, as well as withholding customer data from the restaurants. ChowNow is an LA-based meal delivery app that offers a solution to the struggling industry. Its services are not on based on a percent of sales, but rather a flat monthly fee, and the company shares user data from its platform with the restaurants so that their customers remain, well, their customers if they decide to de-platform, rather than being shuffled over to the next restaurant willing to pay the fees on their app. We sit down with ChowNow CEO Chris Webb about how and why he started this business, his proposed solutions to the inequity within the delivery sphere, and where they see the platform going in the years to come. Be sure to give us a follow over on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more updates.
February 06, 2021
How to Eat for Optimal Sexual Health for Valentine's Day
We've all thought about having good sex, great sex, better sex, or heck, just *any* sex in these isolated times. But did you know that diet and certain foods can drastically impact your sexual health? We talk everything from natural, scientifically proven aphrodisiacs to bonafide boner killers in a saucy Valentine’s Day episode with author of the new book “Diet for Great Sex,” Christine DeLozier, L.A.C. DeLozier discusses the important connections between hormones, nerve pathways and blood flow, and how integral nutrition is to keep all of those juices flowing. Christine is a practitioner of acupuncture and blends ideas of traditional Chinese medicine with modern nutritional science to help patients achieve optimal sexual health. She’s going to share with us some tips to help us eat our way to better sex. Who could argue with that, right? Be sure to give us a follow over on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for the latest, and do be well!
February 01, 2021
Zero-Proof, Alcohol-Free Spirits with Optimist Botanicals CEOs Tom and Lisa Farr Johnstone
Today we're talking about the rise of zero-proof spirits with the CEO/Founders of Optimist Botanicals, whose alcohol-free offerings are catering to a rapidly growing market of the "sober-curious" here in the US. I've been seeing a ton of non-alcoholic bottlings entering the market — think Seedlip, Proteau, Som Cordial and more. And it had me wondering: are more people choosing the sober lifestyle these days, or is there something bigger at play here? Optimist's flavor profiles are reminiscent of Southern California’s coastlines, desertscapes, and chaparral. Whether you’re just wrapping up your Dry January like I am and looking for more balance after a crazy year, or are abstaining all together, I think there are some interesting things to be gleaned from their insights on the zero proof spirits trend.
January 29, 2021
2021 Travel Predictions, Plus Hacks on When and How to Book Cheap Flights and Fares
Travel expert and seasoned industry leader Nissy Atassi — host of Expedia’s Out Travel the System podcast —  is giving us data-driven trend predictions for travel in 2021. Her team at Expedia dug into a deep pool of booking data to get a top level view on everything from the best days to book flights affordably, to the cheapest days to actually travel on, as well as destination trends coming our way in 2021. So grab your passport and pencil, you’re gonna want to take notes on this one. Trust me, your wanderlust will thank you. Give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to check in next year for more episodes! 
December 18, 2020
Wine, Athleticism, and the Pursuit of Excellence With Wine MVP Will Blackmon
Former NFL player and Super Bowl winner Will Blackmon has shifted his attention to the world of wine with his company, the Wine MVP, where he’s now building cellars for high end clientele and pro athletes including Reggie Bush, Matt Ryan, and Josh Allen. In this episode we chat about the similarities between the athletic mindset and training your palate, plus his favorite under the radar wines for the holiday season.
December 11, 2020
Franch Lessons With Chef Daisy Ryan of of Bell's Restaurant Los Alamos
This week, I have the pleasure of chatting with chef Daisy Ryan, chef/owner of Bell’s in Los Alamos. Bell's reminds me of some of the great destination dining in Europe, where the journey to the Michelin-level meal is part of the experience itself, and the sense of place is just as important as the food. And folks are taking note: Bell’s won Esquire’s Best New Restaurant and Food & Wine’s Best New Chef for 2020 for their crave worthy culinary experience, which is inspired by casual French bistros and a style that they like to call “Franch." Their wine-friendly menu is all the things you want to eat — think chicken liver mouse, egg salad sandos, and the perfect steak tartare — but they're not just making delicious food. Daisy and Greg are also using their success for good, providing healthful meals to families in need through their program Feed the Valley. In our interview Daisy gives me the scoop on their new restaurants coming down the pike and so much more. You can follow along to check out video of the episode @kristasimmons on Instagram and YouTube. 
December 04, 2020
California Wagyu, Land Stewardship, and Sustainability with Rancher Katie Parker
Today on the Fork in the Road podcast, we're continuing our road trip with RV Share in the Santa Ynez Valley, visiting Katie Parker, a California wagyu rancher at Fess Parker Ranch who spearheads their  Wine & Wagyu program, where the cattle are fed grapes and grains from the family’s wineries and breweries in the Central Coast. Katie is the granddaughter of Fess Parker, who famously played folk heroes Davie Crocket and Daniel Boone, then cashed out his Hollywood winnings to open up a stunning ranch situated in Foxen Canyon. Their property is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen — complete with giant oak trees, spectacular vineyards, and undulating golden hills that make for the most epic sunrise. After wrangling cattle together in the early morning, we sat down in the vineyards to chat about her perspective on land stewardship and what makes CA wagyu so unique. You can check out the video of our conversation over on YouTube and get some of the BTS on Instagram @kristasimmons. 
November 27, 2020
Growing Culinary Cannabis and the Future of Weed Tourism with Hanna Brand
Hanna Brand is a cannabis entrepreneur and co-founder of Autumn Brands, a pesticide-free cannabis farm in Carpinteria, California. The Fork in the Road Podcast explored their greenhouses in Carpinteria and chatted with Hanna — at a safe distance and outdoors, of course — about the local cannabis industry, how terpenes impact the flavor profiles of culinary cannabis, and if there may come a day when California becomes the new Amsterdam, with weed tourism being the new wine tasting.  What drew me to Hanna's story is not just that she’s killing the game as a woman in a male dominated industry, but the fact that the Autumn Brands cannabis takes a culinary approach when it comes to flavor profiles. Think flavors like wedding cake and watermelon gelato! It’s so delicious. We also have some really cool video content touring the cannabis farm on my Instagram and Youtube, so feel free to give me a follow to check it out @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia.
November 20, 2020
Tips for RVing and How to Live the #VanLife With Kelsey Darragh
Kelsey Darragh is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and former star at Buzzfeed Studios and currently, she’s making a documentary on mental health and social justice using an RV as her production vehicle for the #Justice4Saraya film, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk tips and tricks on how to RV than her, since we are taking Fork in the Road on the road in an RV in the next episodes. We talk everything from RVing essentials (don’t forget the tool box and camping towels!) to why the #vanlife is an ideal way to travel in the pandemic in this episode.  Have a listen and give us a follow @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram.
November 13, 2020
Food, Politics, and Progress in the Post-Election Age
This week's guest is Jenny Dorsey, a chef and writer that’s the head of Studio Atao, a non-profit think tank that focusses on live experiences at the intersection of food, art, technology, and social justice. We cover a lot of ground in this episode,  from cultural appropriation of cuisines and the lack of diversity and representation in food media to how to continue making progress in the post 2020 Election era. Have a listen and give us a follow @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram.
November 06, 2020
How to Honor and Celebrate Dia De Muertos Like a Local with Anais Martinez
On today’s Dia De Muertos themed podcast, we’re chatting with Anais Martinez, a Mexico City based food expert also known as The Curious Mexican.  Anais and I first met two years ago while I was filming my series Regional Eats and Women in Food in Mexico City during the Dia De Los Muertos holiday, where she was our local fixer. I wanted to get a handle on how she felt about tourists and travelers painting their faces and dressing up as Catrinas, and if there is a way for non-Mexicans to honor the holiday without being offensive to the local culture.  Anais was such an authority not just on local food, but also on Mexican culture, so I knew she'd be the perfect person to speak to for this episode. You can listen to our podcast episode, which talks about the origins of this indigenous holiday, and how to honor the traditions without being appropriative, here. And of course give us a follow @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram.
October 31, 2020
Sparking Wanderlust in the Kitchen And Keeping Date Night Cute During Lockdown with Gaby Dalkin
In this episode we sit down with famed food personality Gaby Dalkin, the cook behind What's Gaby Cookin. Gaby is so great at keeping a work/life balance with her husband and business partner Thomas, and I've always been inspired that they somehow stay balanced even while working together -- and going through a pandemic.  In this episode we discuss everything from our dream destinations and favorite trips to some of Gaby's all time favorite kitchen hacks.  And of course give us a follow @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram.
October 15, 2020
What is Smoke Taint, and How Will Wildfires and Climate Change Impact the Future of California Wine?
We’re  kicking off season 2 speaking about smoke taint, wildfires, sustainability and climate change as it relates to wine. Our guests are incredibly inspiring women in the wine industry, Shalini Sekhar of Neely Wine, and Annie McHenry of McHenry Vineyards. Both Shalini and Annie work in the Santa Cruz Mountains region, which was hit incredibly hard by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. McHenry sadly lost a great deal of their wine library, as well as their cabin, and winemaking equipment in the fire, and the region is now fundraising to help others similarly impacted through their Mountain Wine Program. Thankfully the fire is now contained, but Northern California’s wine country continues to burn at record breaking levels, which is becoming increasingly common. As a wine-loving, homegrown Californian I find myself wondering, is this the new normal? How can the industry adapt to prepare for future quote unquote “catastrophic weather events?” What is the impact of “smoke taint” on wine, and what does that even mean, anyway? Sekhar and McHenry answer these questions and more on our first episode. A special thanks to our sponsor for this episode,  JYBE. You can find out more about their app, which allows diners to find restaurants that use sustainable packaging for their take-out options, here. And of course give us a follow @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia on Instagram.
October 08, 2020
Diving into Sustainable Travel and Oceans Exploration with The Science Channel's Danni Washington
Today I’m chatting with Danni Washington, a Correspondent on the Emmy-nominated Mission Unstoppable, the Host of Exploration Station and The Science Channel. Danni is a real advocate for the oceans, and she makes science not only fun, but dare I say sexy. She’s the very definition of #blackgirlmagic. In this episode we chat about everything from our favorite dive sites to the importance of sustainable travel and her tips for making it through one of the world’s craziest parties — Caribbean Carnival. So make yourself a mimosa, and join us. Hungry for more? You can follow us on IG and Twitter @kristasimmons and @forkintheroadmedia.
August 21, 2020
Combatting COVID Stress and Anxiety Through the Art of Tea
These are some pretty divisive times, but I think we can all agree that  the past 5 months have been nothing short of anxiety-inducing.  Our next guest, Steve Schwartz, is a trained Ayurvedic practitioner that’s going to talk to us about the value of stress-reducing rituals, and share some insights as to how we can ground ourselves in these crazy times through the Art of Tea. Steve has spent years sourcing tea in some of the most far flung locations and the Art of Tea products are in high end hotels and restaurants internationally — from the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo to Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. Steve’s gonna give us the rundown on what tea actually is, how the terroir impacts its flavors, and how you can use tea in your daily practice to keep calm during the times of COVID. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
August 07, 2020
Fixing Global Food Systems Through Uplifting Female Farmers
Today Danielle Nierenberg, the cofounder of FoodTank,  comes on the show to discuss her nonprofit dedicated to cultivating justice within global food systems. Danielle is literally the definition of a game changer, and the Julia Child Foundation agrees.  She now joins the ranks of Jose Andres as a recipient of their annual award,  in recognition of her work towards building a more sustainable and equitable food system. Danielle and I talk about everything from the rise of community supported agriculture to the future of restaurants and why empowering female farmers is essential to food security and development around the globe. I think you’re going to leave this conversation feeling enriched and inspired, just like I did. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
July 31, 2020
Food, Film, and Keeping Cocktails Classy with Director Paul Feig
Today we’re sipping martinis with Paul Fieg, the director behind Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, Freaks & Geeks, Mad Men and more. The IMDB credits alone are a tome, and it’s safe to say that if you’ve ever set foot in a theater, you’ve probably seen his work. But what you *might* not know is that Paul is also the host of the hilarious IGTV show Quarantine Cocktail Time, and the creator of Artingstall’s Gin. Not only is the bottle gorgeous, but what’s inside is pretty special too; consider it a gentle, gateway gin for juniper-wary drinkers. So shake yourself up a martini, and join Paul and I as we chat about booze, the beauty of hotel bars, and our dream locations to film around the globe. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
July 24, 2020
Rashida Holmes Serves Real Talk on Barbados Cooking and Representing the Queer Community
This week I’m chatting with Rashida Holmes, the chef/owner of Bridgetown Roti. Rashida has worked at some legit spots in LA including the Freehand Hotel (which I named as one of my favorites for Conde Nast Traveler), Rustic Canyon and Botanica, but she’s shifted to showcase food from her Bajan background including patties and rotis — two iconic Caribbean dishes I fell in love with during my time in Barbados. She and I chatted about everything from the flavors of Barbados, to the innovative business model she’s planning for her upcoming brick-and-mortar in LA, and we also have candid conversation about both of our experiences coming out in the queer community. I really loved chatting with her over pina coladas, and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing her story too.
July 17, 2020
Take A Virtual Vacay With Filipino Flavors with Chef Ria Dolly Barbosa
This week I’m chatting with Ria Dolly Barbosa, a phenomenal Filipino American chef and the brains behind Petit Peso in Downtown LA.  I’ve been a fan since trying her dishes at Sqirl, where her recipes and ideas -- which often called on her heritage -- were instrumental to the restaurant's success.  Her adobo is so good, even Jon Hamm is a fan!  I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines, and this interview definitely reignited my wanderlust. Ria and I talk about how the mix of indigenous, Malaysian, Chinese, and Spanish influences has made Filipino cuisine some of the most interesting in the world, and why it’s important to protect your intellectual property and ideas not just as a chef, but a creative. We also chat about why, no matter what your profession, we should get over what she calls the “crab in a bucket” mentality. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
July 10, 2020
Bringing the Spirit of LA's Immigrant Communities to Canned Cocktails
If you’ve cruised the liquor aisles at Trader Joe’s as of late, you’ve probably seen a whole lot of canned cocktails taking over the shelves.  But there’s nothing like Vervet — a craft cocktail in a can using high quality hooch from Ventura Spirits, packed with local LA market produce and international ingredients. I literally want to fill fridge with these MTV Cribs style for the holiday weekend, guys. They are that good! These canned cocktails are on a totally different playing field from White Claw or Truly— which BTW, is technically brewed like beer, they are not cocktails — as founder Tuan Lee breaks down. What’s more is that the flavors in Vervet are inspired by immigrant stories here in LA.  In this episode, Tuan’s going to give us the 411 on all this and more so you can get geared up for your next socially distanced picnic and of course the holiday weekend. And bonus: they’re offering free delivery on Drizly this weekend! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
July 03, 2020
Korean Drinking Culture with Makku Makgeolli
This week I’m cracking open a can of Korean makgeolli with Carol Pak, the founder of Makku. This fermented sparkling rice wine is super popular in Seoul, where makgeolli bars are having a major moment, similar to the craft beer movement in the US a few years ago, or the natural wine bars that are cropping up all over the place today. After a recent trip to Korea, Carol noticed that all we could get Stateside were super synthetic versions of makgeolli in green bottles. So she knew she had to make her own using more natural, traditional ways of brewing using a fermentation agent called neruk. Carol and I chatted about everything from from coin op karaoke to Korean culinary culture and why makoli is the fermented beverage that you should definitely be ordering with your next meal. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
June 26, 2020
Celebrating Global Cooking Traditions Through Social Enterprise with Our Place
Shiza Shahid is the founder of Our Place, a social enterprise cookware company that celebrates global culinary traditions. Shiza went from founding Nobel Laureate Awarded Malala Fund and advocating for girls' and women's education rights in her native Pakistan to creating a mission-driven social enterprise. At Our Place, they're making beautifully curated, multi-purpose pieces like the Always Pan which doubles as a steamer, a saucier, a fry pan, and a spoon rest. Think of it as the capsule wardrobe for your kitchen! Shiza and I chat about everything from the ancient healing techniques of Ayurveda, to why socially-conscious business is the way to make real and sustained change, and why kitchery is not just one of the most fun dishes to say, but to eat, too. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
June 19, 2020
Widening Perspectives in the World of Wine with Rick Arline
Sommelier Rick Arline and I had booked a chat a while back, and I’m so thankful that amidst a week of political uprising for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, he was still open to the interview, because it allowed us space to have a candid — and very necessary — conversation about diversity in the wine industry. Rick shared everything from the unsung historical contributions that the Black community has made to wine and spirits, to pairing Texas Tempranillo with Hill Country BBQ, and why Marvin Gaye may just be the perfect musical pairing for the moment. Plus, spoiler alert: he also drops the scoop on opening his own spot in LA soon. Listen for his tips on unsung wine regions, unexpected wine pairings, and more here.  And of course follow on IG, Twitter and FB @rickeatsstuff @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
June 12, 2020
Pausing Because #BlackLivesMatter
This week, we're stopping down to honor this time of powerful uprising, taking time to to look in INWARD before moving FORWARD. Now is the time for radical change, and I really want to reflect on how to not just talk about it, but BE about it.  In the meantime, please feel free to donate to the following organizations:  NAACP Legal Defense Fund  Black Lives Matter Black Emotional And Mental Health Fund
June 05, 2020
Are Ghost Kitchens The Future of Restaurants?
Ghost kitchens might sound spooky, but these delivery-only culinary concepts — which remove dining rooms and front of house staff from the equation — are a HUGE emerging market in the restaurant industry. Today we chat with Chef Martin Heierling and COO Brad Reynolds of SBE — a hospitality company that traditionally has operated in the hotels, nightlife, and restaurants space. SBE plans to open 250 ghost kitchens globally by end of next year, including inside some of our favorite hotels, providing turn-key culinary concepts for hoteliers and travelers alike.  Follow us on IG, Twitter and FB @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
May 29, 2020
Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry With LEE Initiative's Lindsey Ofcacek
Lindsey Ofcacek is by all counts a visionary. Alongside chef Edward Lee ("Mind of a Chef," 610 Magnolia), the Kentucky-based team founded the LEE Initiative, a nonprofit geared towards fostering diversity and opportunities for women in the restaurant world.  At the onset of the COVID crisis, LEE's mission quickly pivoted to serving nearly 150,000 meals to unemployed restaurant workers nationwide. Now, LEE is in phase two, and in tandem with Markers Mark, they're granting cash infusions and zero interest loans to small farmers and purveyors to prop up what  Ofcacek envisions as a new model for the industry. And she's doing it all as a mother homeschooling a child, no less! Lindsey lends tips on how to leverage partnerships with ethically focussed brands in order to get funding for social initiatives — a useful strategy not just for restaurant owners, but for any of us entrepreneurs out there. We also discussed why we could potentially measure success in impact and equity in addition to profit, and the simple joy of what she calls “breakfast wine.” Follow along @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
May 22, 2020
What Will The Closure of Wet Markets Mean For Global Culinary Culture?
You’ve heard a lot about “wet markets” during the coronavirus pandemic, but what exactly *are* they? What would their closure mean for global culinary cultures, and the people whose lives depend on them for food? And why is it our own meat processing facilities — which are massive outbreak hubs with countless human rights violations — are not under the same scrutiny and threat? Today we chat with with Elaine Chan, a Hong Kong-born food entrepreneur of Pearl River Delta in Los Angeles, getting her global perspective on this issue and beyond. We sipped on some CBD cocktails and chatted wet markets, politics, and the future of restaurants.  Follow us on social @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more.
May 15, 2020
How to Start an Edible Spring Garden for Self-Sufficiency (Even in Small Spaces!)
Today we're chatting with Agronomist Ian Beger of Castle Hot Springs, a bohemian boutique hotel known for their sustainable gardening program, which focusses on regenerative agriculture and flavor-first farming.  Beger gives us some serious tips on growing our Victory Gardens, even in small spaces — from “cut and come again" produce to finding the best online seed sources and regenerating scraps like celery and lettuce right in your windowsill.  I’ve talked to so many friends who are scared of starting a garden, but as Ian says, it DOESN’T have to be perfect. As with most things in life, it’s the process that's important. Follow us @kristasimmons @forkintheroadmedia for more tips and tricks as we grow our own Victory Garden on the Gram using Ian's tips!
May 08, 2020
Launching May 8: Fork in the Road Podcast
Grab a glass and join us at the Fork in the Road on May 8, where we'll be exploring the future of food, travel, and hospitality. Each week host Krista Simmons (Conde Nast Traveler, Top Chef Masters, Modern Luxury) chats with tastemakers and thought leaders over cocktails, sharing inspiring stories and global ideas for the culturally curious. We'll talk everything from self-sufficiency through spring gardening to the future of air travel and how to stretch your budget by minimizing food waste, all while using the hospitality industry's leading voices as our guides. Be sure to follow along @kristasimmons @forkintheroad on IG for updates.  We can't wait to see you here. Cheers!
May 05, 2020