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For My Wairua

For My Wairua

By Jasmine Rangi Jones
Kia ora fam, Ko Jasmine ahau. I am the Creative behind For My Wairua Creative and the goal for this Kaupapa has always been to seek a sense of peace for my Wairua (spirit) as I navigate this world. The aim for this podcast, as well as many other creative outlets I use, is to Create to Heal, Heal to Create. It is the simple idea that if I can share my story, then maybe others can find the courage to do the same. Enjoy the journey with me, nga mihi.
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9: Moko Kauae and My Journey
Kia ora whanau, today I came out into the Ngahere to korero about my Moko Kauae and the journey that led me to this point. Featuring traffic from the Motorway and my whanaunga, the Tui. 
August 15, 2020
8: The Trajectory of Faith/Life
An internal whakaaro on the trajectory (path) if faith and debunking the notion we have to always be doing more to be better versions of ourselves. Processing the notion of our current self as best self and accepting that life and faith is not a linear incline. Hope you enjoy xx
April 8, 2020
7: Covid-19 Day 4 revelations and korero with Graham Jones
A really interesting whakaaro and korero with my amazing husband about current times, Covid-19 and how life and faith all tie into this uncertain time.
March 29, 2020
6: Day on Whakaaro on Covid-19
I’m back whānau! I wanted to share my thoughts as Aotearoa goes on lockdown for the next 4 weeks for Covid-19. It’s a surreal time to say the least, but I hope you find some comfort in my korero somewhere xx
March 26, 2020
5: Colonised and Māori-ised... How this is becoming uncomfortable
How I’ve identified Colonised expectations that have normalised my life and how I am trying to intentionally push these aside to make room for Māori... easier said than done, and very draining. The Whiro continues.
July 24, 2019
4: A Credible Source
In this podcast I ask the question of what makes something a credible source and what happens when we acknowledge the credibility we have within ourselves.
June 17, 2019
3: What’s your Wai? The DEconstruction of ME
Korero from the Kitchen! Tonight I talk about my Wai, my living waters, and how that purpose has changed me and made me feel very uncomfortable as I peel back many layers to myself. I talk about having a greater calling in your life and and want you to think about how you can connect with a greater sense of purpose for your life. Whether you believe it or not, we all are destined for a higher purpose. Nga Mihi.
June 5, 2019
2: Insider/Outsider- Being Māori, Faith and Colonisation
This episode begins to dive in to my experiences of being Māori, living by Faith and the challenges trying to live indigenously means for me.
May 23, 2019
1: For My Wairua: My journey
Kia ora, Ko wai koe? Ko Jasmine Jones ahau. I’m Jasmine, also known as For My Wairua. I’m a creative and have started to intentionally focus inward on my journey through writing, blogging and creating in order to find peace within my Wairua (spirit). This podcast is an introduction to me, my journey and my Kaupapa (vision) for For My Wairua Creative. Nga Mihi, enjoy.
May 17, 2019