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By Egg
News translations for corona in red for the visually impaired, meditation audios, my blog stories, my books, in Greek, French, English. The citizen, the mother, the woman, the cranky, the sexy, the kind, the bitch, the child, the old, the fears and the hopes. All my eggs in one basket.
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Α κασσε στα ελληνικα
Τι ανακαλυπτω με τις ερωτησεις μου. Αν εχετε διαφορετικες πληροφοριες μην διστασετε να συμμετασχετε.
March 01, 2022
10-05 one meter is an experiment says virologist, but will give more room to schools and work places
Translation of P. Conferences and news from and voice over
May 10, 2020
09-05 covid is a circulatory virus and a new hotline for travel info and
May 10, 2020
09-05 Covid -19 est un virus circulatoire, reouverture le 8 mai et
May 10, 2020
05 Mai un anticorps bloque le passage du corona dans les cellules
Et lea dentistes peuvent refuser des patients posotifs. En collaboration avec coronaindenmatk et Abonnez vous au podcast a spotify piur ne pas manquer lea highlights auditis ( c est sans profit)
May 06, 2020
05. Μαιου αντισωμα κοβει υην εισοδο του ιου στο κυτταρο.
Οι οδοντιατροι ζητουν απο τους πελατες να εξεταστουν. Οι θετικοι με επειγον προβλημα δοντιων παιρνουν το 1813. Απο το cironaindenmark και το ivoice. Dk
May 06, 2020
An antibody might stop covid from entering the cells.
108 vaccines are been tried worldwide. More at Voice from
May 05, 2020
May 4 Audio Translation of the News in English and French
Corona in Greece brings you the highlight of the news and press conferences in an effort to help the vision impaired and the expat communities in Greece
May 04, 2020
Eody directives in english and french regarding self isolation.
We thought you may need some directives in case someone is sick at home. This is a voluntary action from fwoa and corona in greece
May 02, 2020
Dk english translation podcast of the danish PM’s press conference.
Translation ( nicki just) and voice by ( nicole forup)
May 02, 2020
Dk French audio of the danish Pm press conference
Mortality rate increased. Drug has 31% success against placebo given to patients. Investment towards apartments and houses.
May 02, 2020
Dk 29-04 audio - Dentists in breach of hygiene rules
Compensation salaries, and other news in French, English and Greek
April 30, 2020
29-04 Strikes in means of transportation
French and english highlights of Greek news
April 29, 2020
Greek news 28-04 in english and french
Lifting of measures for schools, shops, a new tracking app
April 29, 2020
Dk prohibition to stay around Island Brygge and other news
Highlights of the news and guidelines in denmark foe the expats via coronaindenmark and
April 25, 2020
Greek News 25-04 in Fr/En
Highlights of the news for the expats in Greece in French and English
April 25, 2020
Reconnect with your inner self
A meditation I use often with my clients, in order to strenghten self acceptance and eradicate criticism
April 24, 2020
Dk Denmark opposes a shared financed loan/debt proposed by the EU
French english and Greek highlights of the danish press conference of the 23 April, as translated by and voiced by
April 23, 2020
Dk re entry of spouses and relatives in denmark and anti-inflammatory lung vaccines available.
French, english, greek podcast in that order, of the highlights of the danish press conferences. Based on translations of coronaindenmark
April 22, 2020
Mini meditation
Made with a phone a mini meditation to give you pause. In English
April 22, 2020
Blog danias. Erotiseis kai apories oson afora ta nea tou apriliou
Ena ena ta shmeia twn S.T tou apriliou kai ti de kollaei kata th gnwmh mou. Giati kleinoun to Icu sto righospital enw perimenoun anodo, kai alla polla.
April 22, 2020
Blog english Commentary on this past month’s press conferences
My personal questions and a bullet point resume of the info that was diffused from the beginning of April.
April 22, 2020
Blog- Compte rendu et questions perso sur les infos d’ Avril
Mes questions personnelles et reflexions sur les mesures et presses conferences d’ Avril.
April 22, 2020
Dk Sex is good but contact sports are not?
Highlights of the ever changing guidelines. The only constant remains to not gather more than 10 people in a place.
April 21, 2020
Dk, loss of smell and taste, sex is not off limits
Press conference, 66000 mask given from Chinese restaurateurs to health professionals, translation coronaindenmark. Voice :
April 20, 2020
Dk Righospital covid icu ward closes and businesses reopen
French, English Greek highlights of the news regarding the covid crisis. Apple is under criticism by the aithorities as the new surveillance app to track citizens goes in hibernation when not used.
April 17, 2020
Dk Press conference 15 children have been hospitalized.
The age 0-18 represents 2,6% of all infected. The ssi justifies the return of 27000 people to work. French english greek highlights from traslations of Press conferences. Voice
April 15, 2020
Your phone is now legally tracking your movements...
... and your data is -anonymously- used by the ssi. We have 7 less people in respirators than yesterday, and 7 less in the hospita (but 14 more have passed on). The curve is flattened but priority is given to those in need. We will reopen but the pandemic will last a long time.
April 14, 2020
Dk Children with sick relatives are finally exempt from school but patient rights...
... are not re-established. 4000 new toilets and 2000 new sinks ordered for schools. Trains resume their functions.
April 14, 2020
Confirming "significant" contagion when asymptomatic, possible relapses, and guidelines for pregnant women
 Getting sick again, false negatives, pregnancy guidelines, internships, statistics as usual in French English and Greek
April 12, 2020
Dk Cats can get infected and doctors charge double to treat released patients.
Brief unedited news done on my phone due to time restrictions. English long version French and Greek via google translate. Voice via
April 10, 2020
08/04 Denmark Children go back to school
A lot of contradictions regarding children going to school even with a sick member in the family. Denmark estimates the death rate differently than the WHO.    Please forgive the many many many mistakes in expressions and whatnot, there is simply no time for proper editing and google translate is tricky. English translation Nicki Just for Coronaindenmark, French and Greek translation via Google translate, VO Artist via
April 08, 2020
DK 06/04 PM's Press conference in 3 languages
Danish PM plans on reopening schools. The face mask experiment. Numbers are expected to go up.  In collaboration with who provided the English text. This is a joined and combined volunteer effort to spread info so forgive any mistakes possible.
April 07, 2020
DK Ρεζουμε σ.τ 06/04
Το ρεζουμε Σ.Τυπου 06/04 οσον αφορα σχολεια στη Δανια και τακτικη, προβλεψεις
April 06, 2020
BloG DK Thoughts and questions on p.c 06/04
My thoughts and commentary regarding the P.C of the P.M of Denmark the 06 of April
April 06, 2020
Danish PM Press conference bulletins ( 05/04) in French, English and Greek
This is in collaboration with Ivoice  and , and it is a voluntary effort to bring information to the majority of non-Danish speakers, as well as those with eyesight disabilities. Please forgive the numerous mistakes in Grammar or enunciation but the Press Conferences take time to translate and record, and we usually work till the middle of the night to bring out the news in a timely manner.
April 06, 2020