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Fresh Out the Cocoon Podcast

Fresh Out the Cocoon Podcast

By Dr. Joy Cox
The podcast that gets real about being Black, being fat, and being fabulous all at the same damn time! Fresh Out the Cocoon is a breath of fresh air for those ready to take life by the horns and live unapologetically!
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My Body Politic w/ Danni aka Amapoundcake
Danni, creator of Amapoundcake stopped by to talk about her journey to fat acceptance and her work as an educator and activist in this space! From going viral twerking to critically looking at how the Black community does not show up for fat Black folx like we should, we cover it all! You can find Danni at or as @amapoundcake on IG, FB & Twitter!
August 09, 2020
Liberation through Food w/ Veronica Garnett
For this episode, I sat down with Veronica Garnett, a Health at Every Size (HAES), fat-positive and culinary registered dietician to talk about her journey to body acceptance and how it shows up in her work! You can follow her on IG and check out her website at
July 12, 2020
Fit, Fat, & Unbothered with Power-lifter Kanoelani Patterson
For episode 4, I sat down with power-lifter Kanoelani Patterson to discuss her journey to body acceptance through power lifting and her life experiences. Kanoelani is best known as @yamalo17 on Instagram as she uses her platform to dispel myths about what larger bodies can do while serving as representation for the next generation. You can find Kanoelani on Instagram and Twitter at: @yamalo17 For a transcription of the episode, please visit Get into this session and be inspired!
June 13, 2020
Season 3, Ep. 3 - Finding Myself Through Creativity with Marlena Jones
I'm baaaaack! This week Marlena Jones, founder of Marlena Jones Illustration, stopped by to talk about how acceptance of her body has spilled over into her business and made her a better artist! You have probably seen her work as she is the lead designer for the Fat Mermaids brand. You can find Marlena's work at: Web - IG - @marlensjonesillustration FB - Marlena Jones- Illustration
May 17, 2020
Merbabes, Unite!
This month's episode welcomes, Che Monique the founder of Society of Fat Mermaids. Chè is a lifelong fatty. She grew up absorbing messages that she was, “fat, Black and ugly,” and “The Fat Friend.” As a teen she started the unlearning process. Through a lot of time in the mirror, learning and performing first bellydance, then burlesque and now mermaiding, Chè learned to love her body, and its impact on the world. Chè has dedicated her life to “Living Out Loud and In Color” while encouraging others to do the same. FB: @societyoffatmermaids IG: @societyoffatmermaids; @thechemonique Web:
April 22, 2019
What it Means to be Curve Conscious w/ Adrienne Ray
Season 3 kicks off with a bang! What y'all know about Curve Conscious?!? Guest Adrienne Ray stopped by to chat and discuss what it's like having the ONLY plus-size consignment shop in the city of Philadelphia! About Curve Conscious: Curve Conscious, recently named one of the best women’s boutiques in Philadelphia by, is more than just the city’s first plus-size resale store. Owner, Adrienne Ray, has turned her Brewerytown boutique into a space that celebrates the diverse shapes and sizes of its customers while also promoting sustainable fashion at friendly prices. Adrienne graduated from Temple University and worked in advertising as a copywriter for a decade before opening Curve Conscious in 2016. Since then, her mission has been to provide experiences the plus-size community has often been left out of, like a welcoming environment to shop for stylish items at reasonable prices. At Curve Conscious you’ll find gently used apparel, shoes and accessories from familiar brands like Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Eloquii, Torrid, Forever 21+ and more. Be sure to follow on FB and IG at @curveconscious Also visit the website at:
March 03, 2019
From Research to Practice w/ Dr. Lenese Stephens
For episode 6, I sat down with Dr. Lenese Stephens, a native of Alexandria, VA. Dr. Stephens has earned all of her honorary degrees from George Mason and Argosy University, and her research focuses on demystifying the correlation that fat = depressed among Black women. Most recently, Dr. Stephens has started her own practice in counseling, gearing her work towards plus-sized clients, providing a space for us to share our thoughts and grow. You can reach Dr. Stephens via her website on or by email at
October 07, 2018
"Defying Stereotypes and Gravity" w/ Ro'Yale aka Da Queen of Curves
Ro'Yale aka Da Queen of Curves stopped by to have a chat! We chopped it up about her career in pole dancing as a plus size dancer, how her life has changed since going viral, and what she does to continue to excel in spite of haters. Ro’Yale's bio: Da Queen of Curves is a plus-size certified pole dance instructor and entrepreneur. With over 35 million internet views, it's safe to say the world has seen her serenade the pole proving that “Sexy has NO Size." She has been poling for 8 years at Vertical Joe's Fitness Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. She has won and placed in several pole dance fitness competitions. Her career background as a rehabilitation therapist with a specialty in Lymphatic Therapy and Kinesio-taping further extends her commitment, love and caring of others. Her passion stems from self awareness. She encourages all women to embrace their feminine mystique! "I'm not for every​body but that's ok with me. What's important is loving yourself no matter what size you are." ~ Ro'Yale
September 02, 2018
Fat is Good for Business w/ Jai Mobley of Fat Mermaids
It was super fun having Jai Mobley, founder of Fat Mermaids stop by to discuss her journey of entrepreneurship! Fat Mermaids is quickly becoming a plus size household name that caters to individuals who want to express how they feel through what they wear without apology! Check Jai out on the following platforms: Website: Facebook: IG: @fat.mermaids
August 05, 2018
Replacing Old Visions & Making Room for the New with Aja B. Stubbs
When do you know it's time to shift gears in your vision? How do you find your place in a world that delights in cookie-cutter replications of itself? Ms. Aja B stopped by the podcast to break it down by telling us about her our journey to self-acceptance in entrepreneurship! Aja's links: IG: @bigbeautifulyoupdcast & @msajab
July 01, 2018
Channeling My Own Spiritual Awakening with Malaika Salaam
For episode 2, I teamed up with Malaika Salaam of Purple Hair and Converse to discuss spirituality and how being Black and fat has impacted this journey. We share some great ideas and laughs about finding our own paths to freedom through spiritual guidance. Find Malaika: FB - Purple Hair and Converse IG - @purplehairandonverse/ @lifeintheintersection
June 03, 2018
My Confidence Doesn't Need Your Validation
Season 2 kicks off today with an interview featuring none other than the fabulous, Erica Ware! Join me and the "Confidence Coach" as we talk about our lived experiences in these Black fat bodies and how confidence is a gift that springs from the beauty inside of you. No validation needed!
May 06, 2018
Episode 14 - Black Fat Girls Deserve a Place at the Table!
It's the last day of the year aka my birthday! Join me as I do a quick year in review and offer some encouragement to my folk as we embark on the greatness that is 2018!
December 31, 2017
Episode 13 - I'm No Mammy, But Nurturing Is My Thing!
Finding peace within yourself and your own identity is imperative! In this episode, I discuss the ways that being Black, fat, and caring can lead to labels (like that of a mammy) being placed on us that are undeserved. I also share information on what I do to help maintain balance as a nurturer and giver to avoid burnout!
December 17, 2017
Episode 12 - Making Body Peace: An Interview with Ivy Felicia
Is it REALLY possible to accept your body at any size? Does your body lose its worth if it's been through trauma? What about if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see? Join me & The Body Relationship Coach, Ivy Felicia for the first episode of December as we discuss the importance of making peace with your body, her journey to body acceptance, and so much more!
December 03, 2017
Episode 11 - Fattitude Premiere Review
For this episode, I headed out to Brooklyn for the premiere of Fattitude the movie! After 2 hours of happy and somber moments, I headed home to record my thoughts. This is what I had to say!
November 05, 2017
Episode 10 - To Cuff or not to Cuff: Vagina Strong w/ Cecily Alexandria
This week I'm back with comedian and author, Cecily Alexandria as we discuss "cuffing season" and her new book, Vagina Strong: Faith, sex and life through the journey of a virgin.
October 15, 2017
Episode 9 - My Voice & My Fat Make a Helluva Combination!
This week's episode features fat activist, Tiana Dodson as we laugh in between issues about fat activism abroad, her journey to self-acceptance and the fat activism conference.
October 02, 2017
Episode 8 - The Gift of Authenticity: Using Your Super Power
What does it mean to be "real?" Have you spent time unearthing the treasure that rests on the inside of you? Perhaps you are still wondering where you fit or how to better connect with others? Join me in this episode as I'll be addressing how authenticity is not only a gift but imperative to your mental health and quality of life.
September 03, 2017
Episode 7 - "Some Like it Nerdy!" Interview w/ Nichelle Gunby
It was great to have Nichelle on the show! Nichelle Gunby from "Some like it NERDY" blog is featured in episode 7 where we talk comics, movies, blerding, Comic Con, and what it's like being in these arenas as a fat Black woman!!
August 20, 2017
Episode 6 - How Much for Your Birthright
In episode 6 I discuss the subtle ways we often relinquish the magic that is inside of us in exchange for the mediocracy society tells us we should settle for. Encouragement is given to never, NEVER settle or snuff out your shine for the sake of making this world comfortable. Listen. They gon get all these rolls honey glazed in Blackness whether they want to or not!
August 06, 2017
Episode 5 - This Week in Review
Whew! What a week we had in Black culture! You know a sista couldn't let this opportunity pass without sharing some of my thoughts! Episode 5 is a lil bit of everything about a lil bit of everything that went down this week! Let's laugh to keep from crying and then go see Girls Trip with the homies! Get into this!
July 23, 2017
Episode 4 - Worry Bout Yourself! The Toxicity of Healthism & the Importance of the HAES Paradigm
Constantly having to hear about why people are "concerned about our health" is exhausting & when you find that the health and fitness moves folks are making is actually rooted in bogus nonsense that no one should use, it's time to address the foolishness and lay some arguments to rest! Episode 4 gets into all of that, including why the Health At Every Size paradigm is a useful tool and departure from everything that is toxic diet culture.
July 09, 2017
Episode 3 - Do it for the Gram, or Nah? Fat Bodies, Social Media Pressures & the White Girl Gaze
Sometimes, some things just need to be addressed! Episode 3 is one of those times, and some things include Photoshop & the illusions of the perfect fat body. We gon' also get into the commercialization of Black culture without the representation of Black bodies aka, "The White Girl Gaze."
June 25, 2017
Episode 2: Summatime Fine: A Fat Girl's Survival Guide to Beat the Sun, Heat & Humidity
Listen. East Coast summers are hard lol! If it ain't the heat, it's the humidity! The weather gets extremely disrespectful June - August out here, but have no fear! I got remedies! In this week's episode, I'm back spilling tea on what us fat girls can wear, do and all the places to shop at to beat this heat!
June 09, 2017
Episode 1: Welcome!!
Episode 1: Welcome to Fresh Out the Cocoon! Meet the host, learn about the agenda of the podcast and how to stay connected after each episode!
May 26, 2017