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The Found Her Podcast

The Found Her Podcast

By Found Her Productions
The Found Her Podcast is where badass, trailblazing boss ladies will expose the ups, the downs, and everything in between on their journey to pursuing the career and life that they truly desire. Join hosts Kelsey Blake and Shannon Laliberté,—the photographer, filmmaker, and co-founders of Found Her Productions. Together we capture the essence of women so they can communicate their truth with confidence and ease. Through working with our clients, we have learned that each of them has a unique story of how they came to find their life's purpose and we think those stories deserve to be heard!
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05 | Let It Be Easy
Carrie Fisher is a Contemporary Painter and Founder of 'The Curated Mind' where she helps individuals shift their mindset so that they discover their true purpose, and create success, abundance and prosperity in all areas of their lives. In this episode, we discuss Carrie's experience shifting careers, the power of decision making, and how to have fun pursuing those juicy goals.
February 25, 2021
04 | You Are What You Attract
Jen Arron is a Toronto-based Fibre Artist and founder of Jen Arron Studio and Open Hearts Weaving Workshops. In this episode Jen shares her story of transitioning from one successful creative career to another, balancing business and the freedom of expression as an artist, and utilizing the Law of Attraction to continuously expand and evolve herself both personally and professionally.
February 9, 2021
03 | Trust The Winding Road
On episode 3 of The Found Her Podcast we hear from Kelsey Blake, the co founder and filmmaker of Found Her Productions.  Kelsey shares her seemingly unconventional journey to finding her passion, trusting her intuition, and discovering that sometimes knowing what you don't want can be just as valuable as knowing what you do want.
December 29, 2020
02 | Eye On The Prize
On this episode we are talking all things Shannon Laliberté. Shannon is the photographer and co founder of Found Her Productions. Shannon shares her story of self discovery, and learning to empower herself to take the leap and become the badass boss lady she is today! 
December 16, 2020
01 | Done Is Better Than Perfect
Welcome to the Found Her Podcast! We are Shannon Laliberté and Kelsey Blake, photographer, filmmaker, and co founders of Found Her Productions. In this perfectly imperfect first episode, we'll share the story of our partnership and why we felt inspired to turn these stories into a podcast. 
November 26, 2020