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Found in Fanslation

Found in Fanslation

By Chris Hatala
Telling the story of the storytellers -- interviewing videogame fan translators who toil to translate foreign games into their native tongue.

Beginning with those who've contributed to the Phantasy Star and Lunar fandoms with their efforts, and eventually focusing on those who've translated some of gaming biggest titles.
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E01: Vivify93 - Inside the Phantasy Star Remake translations, plus PSIV hacks

Found in Fanslation

E05: "Phrenchasy Star" with BGE - Talking translation choices with the fanslator of the Frech PSIV
BGE, creator of the French fan version of Phantasy Star IV, on why he loves Phantasy Star enough to take this on, and how he made it happen. Great insight on fan translations from a bilingual programmer! Part 1 of 3, covering: -How do you make someone speak "old timey" in French? -The things we do for our kids (e.g. translate an entire videogame) -How do you translate already-poorly-translated things into another language?  
August 24, 2020
E04: "Translating Treasures" - Rebecca Capowski Answers my Burning Questions about Phantasy Star, Lunar, and Japanese
Rebecca Capowski has contributed mightily to English-speaking fandom for Phantasy Star and Lunar (among other series) by translating and analyzing many Japanese texts from both these amazing (but limited) gaming universes. She is JLPT certified, credited as contributor to SEGA's Phantasy Star Online 2 English release, and she's got searing insight on the nature of Japanese-to-English translation.  If you ever learned some basic Japanese because of videogames, you'll enjoy her ProTips and perspective of gaming localizations. And she's a fabulous writer, which I probably don't do full justice too with my one-take reading of our email interview.
July 22, 2020
E03: "Laquering Laconia" - Maxim & SMS Power's Phantasy Star 2.0 Retranslation Patch
It's been 15 years since SMS Power release its last update to the Phantasy Star 1 (SEGA Master System) retranslation. Why a 2.0? A look into a comprehensive "fanslation" in 2020 -- decisions made, resources used, and quality-of-life updates.  -Updating an '80s JRPG for the modern videogamer -How a team can be transparent and invite fan-feedback into the localization process. -The difference between a "writer" and a "translator". -Using resources outside of the game text itself for a translation project I hope you enjoy this talk with Maxim (his real name) as he talks about his lifelong passion for Phantasy Star 1.  Apologies for the sound quality -- had mic problems before we went live (which are now fixed). More exciting fanslation news coming for Phantasy Star fans in future episodes!
May 26, 2020
E02: Squirrel - Decisions, decisions - Relocalizing & Editing Phantasy Star IV
Squirrel was the chief editor of the Phantasy Star Generation 4 relocalization, so we talk about the process, programming and choices we made throughout hundreds of hours of working on the project.
April 29, 2020
E01: Vivify93 - Inside the Phantasy Star Remake translations, plus PSIV hacks
I'm Chris Hatala, and like you probably, I love retrogaming. What started as a simple change in Phantasy Star IV romhacking became a project spanning hundreds of hours and attracting multiple collaborators, all working to make a game they love as great as the Japanese developers intended. Today I'm interesting a key contributor to Phantasy Star English fandom -- Josh, aka vivify93 -- who's also completed dozens of fanhacks for various RPGs. Join to learn why Phantasy Star is the coolest multi-game story in classic gaming, and also why normal people spend hundreds of hours of free time to mess with classic games.
March 24, 2020